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6 Advantages of Call Center Agents from Other Customer Service Channels

13 December 2021

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Developments in the digital era make the way of communicating also develop. In companies that provide products or services, they have always had a call center as a bridge between the company and its customers. However, the various ways of communicating make the customer service channel also more diverse.

Even so, there are still many companies that rely on call center agents as their main form of customer service. They maintain call center agents because they see various advantages. Check out the following review to find out the six advantages of call center agents compared to other customer service channels.

Deliver information directly and in real-time
Call center agents are people who deal directly with customers. Usually, customers want to get information directly from company employees. A call center agent is a right person to do this task. They can convey information directly to customers so they don't have to wait long to get a reply from the company.

Can provide clear and detailed information to customers
There are times when you want to buy an item, you are not sure about the item, and need more information. This is where the role of the call center is needed. Compared to asking questions via social media or email, verbal explanations will certainly be clearer and less time-consuming. Customers simply press the company number and will be connected to the call center agent. Then, the customer can ask anything and get a detailed explanation from the call center officer.

Become a bridge between the company and the customer
One of the functions and advantages of a call center is as a bridge between the company and the customer. Call center agents are people who provide information about products or services that the company offers to customers. They also handle calls to respond to criticism and suggestions from customers. These criticisms and suggestions are important to make the company even better.

The customer gets a definite solution
Generally, customers who want to complain will contact the call center agent. If there is a problem in ordering a product, the customer wants a sure and fast solution. Call center agents are here as a solution to this problem. They must immediately provide solutions to problems faced by customers.

If customers are satisfied with call center services, even if they have problems they will not leave your business because they get a definite solution. In other words, it also increases customer confidence in your business.

Call centers can help increase customer loyalty
When customers shop online, they usually want to make sure that they are making a transaction with a company that they can contact if there is a problem with the product they ordered, the order has not arrived, or there are questions regarding the order. The problem is, not all companies are able to meet these needs. That's why some customers prefer to order over the phone. The survey even shows that 49% of people are reluctant to shop online. They don't want to write long emails or wait for a reply when they have questions.

The solution is simple, they just want a number to call to answer their questions. It can also increase customer trust in you. When customers talk to a call center agent, they are more likely to return to make their next purchase. In addition, they will not hesitate to recommend your business to others.

Can be a professional representative of the company
Customers can assess the company's professionalism from the service of a call center agent. Good service will respond to customer complaints or questions in a friendly manner and provide definite solutions. An organized call center system can also show the professionalism of a company. For example, when a call comes in, there is a greeting for the customer and asks the customer to wait a moment because the call center agent will immediately serve them. Things like this make your business look more professional

Those are the six advantages of a call center agent. Despite many other ways, call centers still survive as the main customer service. Compared to other customer service channels, call center agents can provide answers to customer questions in a short time. The existence of a call center agent also allows companies to build good relationships with customers.

So that call center agents can provide optimal service as one of the mainstay customer service channels, equip your team with a good quality contact center system like the one offered by VADS Indonesia. For both inbound and outbound call needs, VADS Indonesia has the solution for your business. Click here for more information!

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