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Currently VADS Indonesia  manages 2 big telecommunication operators in Indonesia. Not only managing inbound and outbound contact centers, but also solutions for walk in centers, omni channels, digital solutions, and providing end to end customer service. With PT VADS Indonesia, you can develop the digital customer experience innovatively for optimal and cost efficient.

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Use Case

The new wave of digitalization has offered new prospects of growth, increased innovation, and opportunities for communication services. Telecom industries are undergoing massive structural change turning to digital services. The telecom industry is poised to undergo a digital transformation due to the swift emergence of IoT and 5G. Telecommunication services need to be customer-centric, improve efficiency, and gradually moving from traditional services to meet customer’s needs and wants in this digital era. These are things that you're looking for some best practices to enhance the service of Telecommunication customer experience. 

The Challenge : 

Providing education and inviting customers to switch from Call Centers to Digital Channels such as Correspondence and Social Media

The Solutions : 

  • VADS provides digital customer service according to the agreement with clients from social media channels and correspondence
  • VADS conducts a digital channel campaign during interaction in a call center (traditional) so that customers are more familiar with digital channels
  • VADS maintains the customer experience when interacting through digital channels so that customers still feel comfortable and fast when interacting on digital channels

Highlight : 

  • Currently, the majority of customers have used digital channels to interact with Customer Service.
  • Customers get a better experience, this can be seen from the better Net Promoter Score results.
  • VADS continues to make innovations related to improvements in digital channels, including the development of the OMNI Channel customer service system and the development of Customer Service capabilities to improve customer experience by better understanding and understanding customer needs.

We supports any channels and tools to meet your needs based on your customers personalized preferred channels.

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