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What is Blockchain Secure Authentication from PT VADS Indonesia?

08 April 2022

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Blockchain Secure Authentication is one of the new solutions provided by PT VADS Indonesia, a company engaged in business process outsourcing (BPO). Blockchain Secure Authentication aims to improve the security of transaction data.

With this solution, the security of customers' data is expected to increase so that everyone can make transactions safely. To find out more information about what Blockchain Secure Authentication is from PT VADS Indonesia, let's look at the following review!

What is Blockchain secure authentication?
Blockchain Secure Authentication is a notoriously advanced passwordless authentication technology to avoid credential attacks, a condition where cybercriminals bypass business security measures and steal important data. Apart from being passwordless, Blockchain Secure Authentication is also free from SMS OTP codes, making it different from other authentication technologies. This authentication technology has been used in several companies to manage account logins to websites, webmail, mobile applications, and so on.

Understanding the various challenges that must be considered regarding data and information security issues, PT VADS Indonesia has implemented and provided the latest solutions to maintain data security through Blockchain Secure Authentication. By using this latest technology, everyone can share valuable data in a secure and undamaged way because blockchain stores data using advanced mathematics. Blockchain also uses innovative software that is very difficult for attackers to manipulate.

System in Blockchain Secure Authentication
To understand more about the latest service from PT VADS Indonesia, let's know the system used in the following Blockchain Secure Authentication.

1. Cryptography fingerprint
Cryptographic fingerprints are unique short keys in each block and can help identify longer public keys. Fingerprints are used for key authentication and other elements of cryptographic security, providing efficiency with smaller data sets. When fingerprints are used for key authentication, the system can inspect smaller data sets more easily thereby ensuring proper access to public keys.

The fingerprint is also more efficient for storage. Security certificate systems can manually authenticate keys providing best security practices. Cryptography fingerprints are important in public-key cryptography and other types of modern digital security because they help improve the way cryptography works in modern systems, where simplification of data sets is critical.

2. Consensus protocol
Blockchain Secure Authentication provides a consensus protocol that is used to validate transactions. The process of validating transactions in the blockchain requires the permission and "agreement" of all users connected to the network. This consensus can be used to approve or reject transactions that will be recorded on the blockchain. That way, you can make transactions safely without worrying about the possibility of hacking or fraud.

Get Blockchain secure authentication at PT VADS Indonesia
If you are interested in using a Blockchain Secure Authentication solution, then you can get it from PT VADS Indonesia. This BPO company has the latest technology called Blockchain Secure Authentication which uses blockchain technology for distributed security random check, passwordless, and encrypted data. The use of this technology makes the user not have to bother remembering the login password.

As mentioned earlier, the technology used in Blockchain Secure Authentication also provides efficiency because it can eliminate SMS OTP costs. Although it is a relatively new technology, Blockchain Secure Authentication has become a trend in developed countries such as Korea, the United States, Japan, and China. You can get a Blockchain Secure Authentication solution from PT VADS Indonesia which is proud to bring this technology to Indonesia and offers free POC.

Now you can use Blockchain Secure Authentication from PT VADS Indonesia to avoid cases of burglary or data hacking. Blockchain Secure Authentication provides security that reduces the level of cybercrimes such as hacking and fraud.
If you want to know more about the Blockchain Secure Authentication service, please contact You can consult about various other PT VADS Indonesia services to help your company's various needs.

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