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Streamline processes. Enhance customer engagement.

Digital Transformation is not an option but a mandate to all vertical sectors as it emphasise stronger customer engagement with public-serving agencies/organizations at all times.

PT VADS Indonesia (PT VADS) started its operations in Indonesia on December 1, 2008 under the Investment Coordination Board permit No.1869/I/PMA/2008 dated 19 November 2008 and the Minister of Law and Human Rights decree No.AHU-0022197.AH.01.09 April 30th, 2009 known as the Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia RI. PT VADS Indonesia already has a financial audit report and complies with government regulations.

With PT VADS Indonesia, public service organizations can be digitally enabled so that the people can easily access government services and the nation’s data is highly secured. 

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Use Case

Public sector organizations are recognizing the fundamental importance of the citizen experience and devoting resources to making it better. However, while citizen experience remains vitally important, organizations will look inward to redefining service delivery efficiencies. Technologies will have a significant impact on the public sector. While this means more sophisticated citizen satisfaction and better mission outcomes, it also necessitates the need for solutions built for purpose with security. These are things that you're looking for some best practices to enhance the service of government and public sector customer experience. 

The Challenge : 

  • Development of Call Center Services, in order to optimize Call Center Services in the Community with the aim of realizing Call Center Service operations to support optimal Community Service operations.
  • Carry out the procurement (lease) provision and management of Call Center systems, equipment and infrastructure, along with single access numbers including telephony lines for the implementation process of Call Center services.
  • Provide and manage personnel / HR who act as inbound agents and front liners to meet the operational needs of the Call Center.

The Solutions : 

  • VADS has experts who have contact center certification from leading contact center certification bodies (COPC).
  • VADS carries out basic softskill agent contact center training, and continuous product and service training procedures.
  • VADS provides and manages Call Center services and solutions to serve communities throughout Indonesia.
  • VADS provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a 24-hour information service through one door which aims to monitor and record information distribution properly.
  • Receptionist Agent on duty in the office using the 24-hour shifting method.
  • Customer Service Officer in charge of serving guests visiting the office with service times according to working hours.
  • Social Media Officer who is responsible for social media interactions. Designing and interacting with customers and potential customers by providing interactive content, analyzing, testing, optimizing strategies, and monitoring with the aim of maintaining a brand that is connected to CRM.
  • Bilingual Call Center Operators / Agents in charge of receiving incoming calls to the call center, listening carefully to any complaints submitted by consumers, providing the correct answers to any questions about problems raised by consumers regarding company products, providing the best solutions to problems faced by consumers, serving consumers quickly and friendly. In addition, the Bilingual Call Center Operator / Agent is also responsible for following up on the escalation of the CRM application.
  • VADS provides Call Center Facilities consisting of infrastructure, interconnection media, online tools, work tools, human resources, and other supporting infrastructure facilities needed for services to operate optimally (High Availability).

Highlight : 

  • The availability of a Contact Center that can be accessed by the public through 24-hour Telephone Service, CRM, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).
  • The contact center operational work achievements are in accordance with the KPIs stipulated in the cooperation agreement:
    1. SLA Inbound Call with a minimum target of 90%,  Actual SLA 2019 reaches 93%
    2. AHT targets for a maximum of 05:00 minutes,  Actual AHT 2019 reached 03:22 minutes
    3. CE / Quality target of at least 95%, Actual CE 2019 reached 100%
    4. Minimum NCE / Quality target of 90%, Actual NCE 2019 reaches 95%

We supports any channels and tools to meet your needs based on your customers personalized preferred channels.

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