PT VADS Indonesia Won a Silver Award at The Best Contact Center Indonesia 2022

Posted on 29 Sep 2022

PT VADS Indonesia won a silver award at The Best Contact Center Indonesia (TBCCI) in 2022 for the corporate category "The Best Technology Innovation".

This national-level contact center world award event in Indonesia has received international recognition from the Contact Center Association of Asia Pacific (CC-APAC) and this year more than 40 companies from various industries participated.

The achievements obtained by PT VADS Indonesia are inseparable from the trust of clients who have entrusted their customer service to PT VADS Indonesia. This success is of course also thanks to the help of the VADSters who have contributed to the TBCCI 2022 event. And with the achievements that have been obtained, PT VADS Indonesia is committed to continuously improving and maintaining its service excellence as a contact center provider BPO company in Indonesia.

Thank you to ICCA Indonesia and all VADSters who have supported VADS Indonesia in this event. Semakin MANTAP!


Kartu Prakerja Collaborates with VADS Indonesia for Contact Center Services

Posted on 11 Apr 2022

On Friday (01/04/22) the Implementing Management of the Kartu Prakerja Program in collaboration with PT VADS Indonesia inaugurated a contact center service in Jakarta. This collaboration aims to improve information services to applicants and recipients of Kartu Prakerja.

In this fast-paced world, consumers expect a fast and effective way of communicating. The presence of an integrated contact center service will provide convenience in obtaining information related to various needs and constraints experienced by users so that they can be handled more quickly, precisely, and measurably. Contact center services are at the forefront of responding to the needs of Kartu Prakerja users in getting the best quality service regarding the needs and constraints experienced. Therefore, the contact center is expected to be one of the bridges to build a good relationship with Kartu Prakerja users by providing easy services for its users.

Saravanan Belusami, Chief Executive Officer of PT VADS Indonesia said “Kartu Prakerja plays a major role in developing the skills of the Indonesian workforce by providing access to job training and entrepreneurship. This contact center service is a manifestation of the government's seriousness in having a dialogue with citizens by providing valid information. This is certainly an important point because it means the state is here for the community and the community is helped by the Kartu Prakerja.”

Currently, the Kartu Prakerja has a centralized contact center service to provide services and answer all user needs to be supported by experienced and trained agents who are integrated with the latest technological innovations. This contact center service consists of handling all needs, complaints, and complaints from its users.

Simon Charlie, Head of Operations Management of the Kartu Prakerja Program said “The Kartu Prakerja is the first government start-up institution in Indonesia that is 100% digital-based. This program was initiated by Pak Jokowi 2 years ago to answer the needs of Skilling, Upskilling, and Reskilling. During these 2 years, the Kartu Prakerja has set a total of 11.6 million participants from 80 million registrants. We have a moral responsibility to this country so that the Kartu Prakerja always innovates with the best service to be able to improve the achievements that were already good before to be even better.”

With this contact center service collaboration, it is hoped that the Kartu Prakerja will continue to grow and provide the best service for Indonesian citizens and become a catalyst in achieving the vision of an Advanced Indonesia.


PT VADS Indonesia Won "2021 Industry Champion Awards"

Posted on 15 Feb 2022

PT VADS Indonesia won the "2021 Industry Champion Awards" held by Contact Center World. PT VADS Indonesia won two categories at once, namely for the Company and Individual categories which were won by Ts. Saravanan Belusami as CEO of PT VADS Indonesia.

This award is given to professional contact center companies as key in helping to shape and develop the industry through outstanding products, services, or leadership/education in this sector.

The success of PT VADS Indonesia in winning this award is certainly not without the trust of clients who have entrusted their customer service to PT VADS Indonesia. This success is of course also thanks to the help of the VADSters who have trusted PT VADS Indonesia and cast their votes. With this award, PT VADS Indonesia is committed to maintaining its service excellence as a contact center provider BPO company in Indonesia.

Thanks to all VADSters and semakin MANTAP!


Open Tender for Legal Advisory Firm

Posted on 21 Sep 2021

Open Tender for Legal Advisory Firm

Job Scopes: 

  • Conducting legal analysis and researching legal matters, specifically but not limited to,
    corporate laws, labor law, company law
  • Providing advice on legal matters specifically but not limited to, corporate laws, labor
    law, company law
  • Drafting legal opinions, memoranda, and briefing documents
  • Reviewing legal material.
  • Formulating formalities regarding settlements of disputes.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the legal clauses.
  • Have worked with BPO office

Deadline for Submissions: 15 October 2021

If you are interested, you can contact


Bank OCBC NISP Collaborates with VADS Indonesia to Strengthen 24-Hour Contact Center Services

Posted on 02 Feb 2021

As a form of commitment to providing excellent service to customers, Bank OCBC NISP strengthens its 24-hour Contact Center by collaborating with VADS Indonesia as an experienced human resource provider partner to provide more optimal information services to Bank OCBC NISP customers.

The inauguration of this collaboration took place at the OCBC NISP office located in Gunung Sahari on February 1, 2021, while still observing strict health protocols. Also attending was Zuraida Rahmawati, the Contact Center Senior Manager of OCBC NISP who was accompanied by M. Riski Ferdian, as the Contact Center Assistant Manager of OCBC NISP. VADS Indonesia itself is represented by Maranatha RS Abraham as Group Head of Operations.

In this inauguration, Bank OCBC NISP together with VADS Indonesia also gave appreciation to Contact Center agents who have become #PahlawanPerbankan by continuing to provide excellent service to customers in the midst of a pandemic. This collaboration between Bank OCBC NISP and VADS Indonesia is expected to build a new benchmark in providing excellent customer service in the financial industry by emphasizing service that is WoW (Trustworthy, Responsive, Warm). VADS Indonesia and Bank OCBC NISP recognize that customer experience in resolving customer complaints is an important key to increasing customer satisfaction. With the strengthening of this 24-hour Contact Center service, Bank OCBC NISP & VADS Indonesia is committed to providing multiplatform customer service, starting from telephone, email, WhatsApp, or social media for 24 hours. Customers can get information about the Bank's products, registration process to reporting complaints anytime anywhere for 24 hours.


PT. VADS Indonesia and TM ONE Collaborate to Improve Digital Security through Blockchain Secure Authentication with FNSV Korea

Posted on 26 Jan 2021

PT. VADS Indonesia together with TM ONE signed a business agreement with FNS Value Co., Limited (FNSV), a Blockchain Secure Authentication provider company from Korea for the appointment of VADS Indonesia as the sole distributor of FNSV Blockchain Secure Authentication products and solutions (BSA) for Indonesia, Malaysia, and other strategic partners for the ASEAN region. This event takes place virtually via Microsoft Teams on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

This cooperation agreement was signed by Ahmad Taufek Bin Omar, Executive Vice President / Chief Executive Officer, TM ONE, Mohamad Yusman Bin Ammeran, Head of Product and Innovation, TM ONE, Saravanan Belusami, Chief Executive Officer, VADS Indonesia, Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer, VADS Indonesia, Jeon Seung Ju, Chief Executive Officer, FNSV, and Kim, Senior Managing Director, FNSV. This signing uses TM ONE Digital Signature (TMODS), which is an online signing platform developed by TM ONE which has been legally recognized.

The agenda that took place this afternoon discussed additional agreements between TM ONE and FNSV as well as business agreements between TM ONE, PT VADS Indonesia, and also FNSV. FNSV offers the first patented solution in the world, namely blockchain technology that does not require a password in authentication, is easy to use, and has a high level of security that can secure company business.

Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA) is a database that is shared across computer networks. Using Blockchain Secure Authentication technology can protect data against manipulation. Blockchain Secure Authentication provides the world's first passwordless authentication solution based on blockchain verification technology that verifies users and their phones. This solution provides a strong and trusted authentication service for websites, mobile logins, and secure access to be performed online. The various advantages of using Blockchain Secure Authentication technology are Secure authentication with hacking prevention, only using One Time Security Key (OTSK) based on some information from the device we use and then logging in without a password, reducing costs by managing a security program, convenience, and fast easy login, and optimal reliability for cost savings

Through this collaboration, PT VADS Indonesia, TM ONE, and also FNSV will work together in developing technology and business through BSA solutions for the Indonesian, Malaysian and ASEAN markets in the fields of web, cellular, Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G. It is hoped that this cooperation can also help other sectors, especially in cyber threats, which increasingly require companies to improve security in the cyber world.


VADS Indonesia Prevention of Covid-19 in the New Normal Era

Posted on 09 Nov 2020

The condition of the situation and the Covid-19 pandemic has made all levels of society have to be able to control this situation by strengthening and uniting each other in going through this difficult time, including the company. The economy must continue to run in the midst of this pandemic by remaining vigilant and complying with health protocols in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Health number HK.01.07 / MENKES / 328/2020 concerning Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 in Office and Industrial Workplaces in Supporting Sustainability Effort on Pandemic Situations.

Companies must contribute to breaking the chain of Covid-19 transmission because the number of workers and the mobility of their workers has risk factors that need to be anticipated. For this reason, it is important for companies to strengthen internal and unite in preventing the transmission of Covid-19.

VADS Indonesia applies work guidelines during the new normal for the Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang sites such as providing information related to the Covid-19 virus, what information should be done during the new normal, providing various new normal facilities, and also establishing a Covid-19 handling team. Some of the health protocols to prevent Covid-19 transmission include:

  1. Employees are required to wear a mask and wash their hands diligently while in the office area
  2. Check body temperature and sense of smell before entering the office area
  3. Limitation on the number of people in certain areas such as in elevators, smoking areas, and dining rooms
  4. Regular cleaning of several places such as workspaces, door handles and stairs, elevator buttons, PCs, headsets, work desks, shared equipment, and other public facilities in the building

In addition, VADS Indonesia opens a service for complaints and questions about Covid-19 for employees or external parties who want to ask questions regarding Covid-19 information updates. VADS Indonesia has a special hotline for #KitaJagaKita as a forum to inform employees around the VADS Indonesia office such as employees who are unwell, do not comply with health protocols, and show symptoms that point to Covid-19. If employees have solutions, innovations, technology, information, or want to help fight Covid-19 and keep the VADS Indonesian family together, contact the contact below :

No. Phone: 14003 (Jakarta Ext.30301, Yogyakarta Ext.30302)


PT VADS Indonesia prioritizes health and safety as the number one priority at this time to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and provide optimal protection for the health of workers. Let us always protect ourselves, our families, and colleagues from the spread of Covid-19!
We Take Care of Us! Kita Jaga Kita!


VADS Indonesia Implements the Covid-19 Prevention Health Protocol

Posted on 21 Oct 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic situation is indeed not an easy situation, the risk of spreading and transmitting the virus is still a threat. However, under these conditions, the company must be able to control this situation and strengthen the internal components to unite through this difficult time because the economy must continue to run amid this pandemic while maintaining high vigilance by complying with and implementing health protocols.

To prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus in the new normal era, the government has appealed to companies to implement strict health protocols. The government has also issued a circular through the Ministry of Health which is contained in the Circular of the Minister of Health Number HK.02.01 / MENKES / 335/2020 concerning the Protocol for the Prevention of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) Transmission in the Workplace of the Service and Trade Sector (Public Area) in Supports Business Continuity.

Based on this, VADS Indonesia also has a working guide during the new normal for the Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang sites covering the development of information related to the Covid-19 virus, information about what to do during the new normal, providing various new normal facilities, and also establishing the Covid-19 virus handling team.

Each site is required to implement health protocols to prevent transmission of the Covid-19 virus, such as:

  • Always wear a mask while in the office area
  • Always wash your hands before entering the office area
  • Check body temperature before entering the office area
  • Restrict the lift to a maximum of 5 people and follow the instructions on the lift
  • Maintain a distance during work including desks and chairs with a minimum distance of 1 meter
  • Wearing a mask while in the work area
  • Maintain a good distance in work areas, public spaces, dining areas, smoking areas and follow health protocols in office areas
  • Provide special signs on various floors of the work area such as queues to enter buildings, elevators, toilets, and other areas as a distance barrier
  • Regulating the number of workers who enter (shift) in order to facilitate implementation in maintaining distance
  • Regular cleaning of several places such as door handles and stairs, elevator buttons, shared equipment, and other public facilities in the building
  • Keeping the work area clean, such as PCs, headsets, and desks by using the disinfectant wipes that have been provided
  • Give distance from other employees when in the dining room, and don't forget to wash your hands before eating.
  • Smoking areas throughout the VADS office are only limited to 5 people with a distance of approximately 1 meter each.
  • Employees are not allowed to go to the project work area or other divisions if there is no work-related need.
  • Temporarily, public spaces such as the common dining room (mezzanine) were closed to prevent crowds

All employees of PT VADS Indonesia, both in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang, before entering the work area, are required to check the temperature and also fill out the personal data form before entering the work area which can be scanned from each employee's cellphone.

Employees who violate the health protocol will be sanctioned in the form of a warning letter by Human Capital PT VADS Indonesia. The Security Officer on duty also has the right to make an on-the-spot warning if there is a health protocol violation.

Various actions taken by PT VADS Indonesia in handling and preventing the Covid-19 virus include always providing information in the form of socialization and education about maintaining distance and the importance of using masks via email blasts to all employees, having separate hotlines and email services to provide updates and reports on Covid-19 in the office environment for employees, as well as forming a Covid-19 handling team with the aim of:

  • Take steps to prevent Covid-19 within VADS Indonesia
  • Accelerate the handling of Covid-19 cases with detailed procedures that have been established for reporting Covid-19 cases
  • Take steps to deal with positive cases of Covid-19, make a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) plan at the company and project level
  • Accelerate decision-making in all matters related to Covid-19.

PT VADS Indonesia prioritizes health and safety as the number one priority at this time to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and provide optimal protection for the health of workers. Let us always protect ourselves, our families, and colleagues from the spread of Covid-19!


17 VADS Indonesia Employees Successfully Pass COPC HPMT Certification

Posted on 14 Jul 2020

Along with the increasing number of customers and a variety of services, VADS Indonesia also continues to improve the quality of customer service. In line with this, VADS Indonesia successfully participated in the COPC HPMT training and certification to increase knowledge about contact centers for selected Heads and Operations Managers of several Projects on June 23-26, 2020.

This training focuses on providing education in the contact center industry ranging from operations to supporting these operations so that it is expected to improve the performance of operations and be able to provide better and quality services to customers. Overall training and certification are held in a virtual format, using the Zoom application to interact with trainers from COPC in Kuala Lumpur. The training and certification were attended by a total of 17 Head and Operations Managers of VADS Indonesia with details of 9 participants from the Jakarta site and 8 sites from Yogyakarta, along with a list of employees who successfully passed the COPC HPMT certification:

  1. Lisa Parlina
  2. Yohanes Wisnu
  3. Cokorda Gede A
  4. Hafyid Priangga
  5. Hendra Lesmana
  6. Ferri Apriandi
  7. Lukman Nul Hakim
  8. W Reyza
  9. Susanti
  10. Komarusitta
  11. Ganies
  12. Dian Ratna Furi
  13. Bayu Istiaji
  14. Eko Sudarmo
  15. Nur Falaq Isbah
  16. Azwar
  17. Faruk Ali Roni

COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center) is a training consulting company that has its headquarters in Winter Park, Florida specializing in customer experience transformation. COPC provides consultation, training, and certification. One of them is COPC certification. COPC certification is the most prestigious recognition in the customer experience operational industry. The COPC certification process is with an independent and objective assessment of the contact center's operational performance. Certification by COPC will validate the company's commitment to providing the best service to its customers. By obtaining COPC certification, customers can be assured of the company that the company uses consistent processes and best work practices to encourage and maintain improvements in the areas of leadership, human resource management, processes, and performance, especially in the field of contact centers. Already more than 500 companies in 56 countries have received COPC certification since 1996. One of the COPC certifications is for COPC HPMT (High Performance Management Techniques).

COPM HPMT training and certification is a multi-day training that covers all operational areas and contact center management processes with good performance. The training included analyzing transaction and performance data for all contact channels such as voice, chat, and email, looking at customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction factors, seeing the importance of implementing and simplifying the system according to needs, seeing quality and accuracy in understanding customer and business differences and manage teams for service, quality, cost, productivity, and efficiency. This training was also conducted to improve performance and also improve ROI for service, quality, customer satisfaction, revenue, costs, productivity, and efficiency. The training was provided by expert facilitators who had an average of 15 years of experience in the contact center operations.

VADS Indonesia continues to improve operational performance in the field of contact centers. Of course, in addition to improving service for customers, it can provide insight to employees who are also one of VADS Indonesia's priorities.


VADS Indonesia Policies in Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on 12 May 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the global challenge. This pandemic has affected so many countries, including Indonesia. Governments all over the world are implementing stringent preventions and control measures. In Indonesia, the government has implemented a social distancing policy to urge people to limit their activities outside the house, one of them being what we know with Work From Home. All elements of society ranging from governments, companies, and individuals are struggling to fight this virus. Not even one industry can escape it.

In the midst of such condition, VADS Indonesia has set priorities to improve the internal capabilities of the company in order to keep everything safe, so that the agents and employees of VADS Indonesia remain productive. VADS Indonesia continues to strive to provide the best service for our customers and clients. We are aware that VADS Indonesia’s accomplishment is not obtainable if it is not for the agents who faithfully and wholeheartedly serve customers. For this reason, VADS Indonesia is committed to protect both the personal hygiene and nutrition of the agents.

Since the beginning of this outbreak, VADS Indonesia has tried to take some anticipatory steps to prevent the spread of the virus, especially in the company environment and among employees. In dealing with this pandemic, VADS Indonesia responded in the following ways:

  1. Forming a COVID-19 Special Team for the rapid handling and responding of Business Continuity Plan project as requested by the clients.
  2. Conducting a Business Continuity Plan by implementing social distancing and Work From Home for our agents and employees. We apply this in all our operations while ensuring data security and accuracy as well as maximum service speed.
  3. Holding socialization for COVID-19 prevention by bringing in experts according to criteria given from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. Providing a hotline and email service that works 24/7 to help connecting our employees or agents if they have issues related to COVID-19 and provide the latest updates on COVID-19 to agents and employees.
  5. Periodic cleaning and spraying of disinfectants in the work environment of PT VADS Indonesia throughout all sites.
  6. Checking and recording the body temperature of each employee and agent on daily basis so that it can be monitored properly.
  7. Providing health facilities on every floor such as hand sanitizers, masks, vitamins to agents and employees who come to the office.
  8. Updating to local health agencies to ensure that the protocols implemented are in accordance with government directives.
  9. Intensively communicating and coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure all employees and agents can work safely. We are also releasing guidelines for maintaining healthy living, work from home work guidelines to be productive, and guidelines for health protocols in the office environment.
  10. Providing solutions to help your company to work from home safely and stay productive by using VADS Cloud Solutions. (Read: Microsoft 365 for Productive and Effective Activities When Work From Home)

Check out the following video from VADS Indonesia to anticipate the spread of COVID-19:

Those are some of the concrete actions that VADS Indonesia has taken in order to help dealing with this pandemic. VADS Indonesia believes that health and safety are number one priorities and when we are working together there will be good results. Along with that, VADS Indonesia also raises social actions initiated under the name “Vadsters Peduli COVID-19” in maintaining the vision, mission, and human values ​​by raising donations to help alleviate the struggle of those affected by covid-19.

In this period of time VADS Indonesia will always follow the directions of the government and related agencies and will communicate all updates and latest news. Also, you do not have to worry, VADS Indonesia still continue to operate to serve your needs. Contact us on the phone (+62) 21 799 1445, email, or Instagram @ptvadsindonesia.


#StayHealthy #StaySafe #StayAtHome


VADS Indonesia Get 27001:2013 Certificate

Posted on 23 Apr 2020

VADS Indonesia successfully obtained ISO 27001: 2013 certification. The certification shows that VADS Indonesia has met all standards related to the Information Security Management System in operating business, especially in terms of Facilities and Data Center Operations for Contact Center Services.

VADS Indonesia received ISO 27001: 2013 certification because it was considered to have implemented various strategies, one of which was in the field of information security to ensure the resilience of VADS Indonesia in data security both corporate and customer.

Getting this certification is not easy, it takes a long process and goes through a comprehensive audit process. This Information Security Management System Certification is a concrete manifestation of VADS Indonesia's commitment to improve information security and improve the quality of information technology.

Given that cyber security is currently a challenge in the industry, especially in digital in Indonesia. The threat of cyber can target companies both providers of products and services with the aim of accessing data of users of these products or services and stealing or selling the identities of users to third parties.

ISO 27001: 2013 certification is an international standard in implementing information security management systems or Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). By applying the ISO 2700: 2013 standard, companies can protect and maintain the confidentiality and availability of information and to control information security risks to the company.

The application of ISO 27001: 2013 is also expected to increase client's trust and information security guarantees that will have an impact on increasing productivity, motivation, morale, and employee performance.

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