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Virtual Call Center, Call Center Service in the New Normal Era

19 April 2021

Image of Virtual Call Center, Call Center Service in the New Normal Era

A virtual call center is a call center that provides customer service without being in one location. They are in various locations, can work from home or work in different offices but remain connected through virtual call center software. Virtual call centers can be used by companies to provide support to their customers in various time zones needed so that they can provide cost-effective solutions for call center solutions.

Various advantages of using a virtual call center include no geographical restrictions so agents can log inflexibly, can be accessed via phone or laptop, can be set up quickly using a virtual phone system, and can be monitored live. In addition, a virtual call center agent does not require a telephone device but can be accessed via a browser using a laptop or mobile phone. The system used by the virtual call center can also be easily integrated with other systems such as helpdesk, CRM, billing software, analytics, and others. Virtual call centers only use IP Networks such as LAN and WAN to ensure data and voice have good quality.

The way a virtual call center works is basically having a call center that can be accessed remotely. The virtual call center platform can be hosted in the cloud or on specific premises depending on the needs of each company. Once the system is complete, the call center virtual agents log into the system from their respective locations and are ready to handle customer calls just like in an office environment.

The job of a virtual call center agent is the same as what a call center agent does in general, namely handling incoming and outgoing phone calls, and usually requires the ability to handle the following tasks:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Reply to emails or online chat messages
  • Handling customer problems
  • Directing customers to resolution when complex resolution is required
  • Doing telemarketing and sales
  • Make a call for data verification

Call center virtual agents need appropriate computer equipment to meet their needs in servicing customer relationships. In addition, experience and training are needed to provide agents with sufficient provisions in managing the company's customer service. Apart from being knowledgeable about the company they work for, they should also be trained on how to handle common customer-related issues. So they must have the following skills:

Interpersonal skills

Communication skills so agents must be smiling, professional, and friendly especially in speaking on the phone in a clear tone. So call center virtual agents must be proficient in responding to calls.


Virtual call center agents must be patient, especially in dealing with frustrated or angry callers related to their complaints. So the virtual call center agent must be able to overcome the situation.

Ability to solve problems

A virtual call center agent must be able to think quickly, assess the situation, and find the best solution to every problem experienced by their respective customers.

Organizational skills

Call center virtual agents need a lot of information and switch from one call to another with different problems, so they need people who can manage and are always ready for each of these different calls.

VADS Indonesia provides virtual call center services that serve customers of various companies on various channels. VADS Indonesia recognizes and ensures that customers have a support experience using a virtual call center that can increase the productivity and efficiency of your company's customer service. Call us, and we'll demonstrate how a virtual call center can enhance your customer service support efforts. Convinced by the various benefits of a virtual call center but confused about where to start? Kindly contact for a consultation regarding a virtual call center to improve your company's customer service.

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