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3 Stages of Social Media Analytics to Measure Digital Marketing Success

06 April 2023

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Marketing products through social media is now very common because digital marketing has taken over the business world. To make your business marketing tips more effective, you need to learn more about social media analytics (SCA), which is a process for analyzing target audience data on social media networks. This has a positive impact on the development of branding and advertising of your business products, what are they? Here are the two main functions of social media analytics:

1. As a form of responsibility

Social media analytics helps your business have real digital marketing history and reports. Thus, at a later stage, this report will be used by the marketing division for the evaluation and advertising development stage. This report is a form of responsibility for the process and performance evaluation of the marketing division which will be reported to the manager.

2. As a basis for decision making

From evaluations and social media analytics reports that have been compiled, the marketing division can determine the big picture of the temporary state of social media content, is it on target or not? That way, decision-making for further social media marketing can be prepared immediately.

In developing a coherent social media marketing strategy, the involvement of social media analytics is needed as a tool to help analyze the development of quality content. With a strategy that is good and adapted to the target market, your productive time will not be wasted. There are two main stages of social media analytics that are commonly used in the process of developing digital marketing strategies, including:

1. Set goals with the SMART method

SMART is a formula or method that has been proven to be effective and efficient in the world of digital marketing. SMART stands for 5 main components, namely specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and, time-bound. In developing a marketing strategy, you must be specific, not too general. So that the content you create is included in the appropriate social media algorithm so that your content appears on the timeline of the target market.

In addition, set concrete and measurable indicators of your marketing goals so that the total reach and impressions received reach or even exceed the target. The preparation of a marketing strategy must be realistic or attainable and readjusted to your business conditions. After understanding the current state of your business, you can define a relevant target audience. In addition to the target audience, you also need to determine the timeframe for setting the strategy from planning, executing to finishing.

2. Regular social media analytics tracking

After the first stage is well executed, then you need to estimate social media activity constantly. There are two measurement techniques that you can adapt, namely ongoing analytics and campaign-focused metrics. Ongoing analysis is the process of monitoring social media activity continuously or continuously from time to time. Meanwhile, campaign-focused metrics monitors with specific start and end limits.

The most effective technique for monitoring or measuring social media in social media analytics involves both techniques. That way, the measurement results will be more accurate. In addition, a clear overview of your social media traffic will give you a better understanding of your social media content needs and marketing strategy.

3. Make a report at the end of the period

Every job that involves an official assignment is always equipped with a report preparation. This social media analytic report contains the performance and results of social media marketing activities within a certain period of time, both in quantitative and qualitative reports. As mentioned earlier, apart from being useful for evaluation, this report is also a concrete form of responsibility during the work process on social media analytics.

So that the results of social media analytics in your company or business are more optimal, take advantage of social media analytics services from PT VADS Indonesia which are able to present accurate quantitative and qualitative reports. This support can help you understand the overall picture of your social media marketing needs in a practical and of course efficient way. Thus, achieving digital marketing content success is no longer complicated for your business development. Immediately check the details of the service here!

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