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VADS Indonesia Government Seminar 2022 "Increase Customer Satisfaction by Optimizing Digital Public Services"

31 August 2022

Image of VADS Indonesia Government Seminar 2022 "Increase Customer Satisfaction by Optimizing Digital Public Services"

Jakarta, 31 August 2022 – PT. VADS Indonesia again held the 2022 Government Seminar with the theme "Increase Customer Satisfaction by Optimizing Digital Public Services". This seminar is an annual activity of PT. VADS Indonesia with the aim of sharing knowledge and strategies on how to improve public services in each unit or institution through digital media, especially in government.

This seminar presents speakers who are experts and competent in their fields ranging from regulators as well as practitioners who provide important insights on how to increase customer satisfaction by optimizing public services digitally such as Marvels P. Situmorang, Director of Broadband Development of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia, Simon Charlie, Head of Operations Management of the Pre-Employment Card Organizer, Ginanjar Endra Prasetiyo, Head of Operational Section for the Financial Services Authority's Consumer Services, and Evasari Sitorus, Managing Director of Dataxet Sonar.

"Based on the survey results, problems, and challenges from McKinsey 2019, there are 3 main issues that are often faced by operators in both the commercial and government sectors in improving digital service results, namely:
1. Acceleration of service waiting time
2. Increase customer confidence
3. Reducing customer dissatisfaction

These three main problems have been answered by PT VADS Indonesia by presenting solutions such as voicebot services, chatbots, whatsapp bots, omnichannel, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to speed up services on digital channels and turnaround time (TAT). Then to increase customer trust and customer satisfaction, we also present value added such as Learning Management System (LMS), Quality Monitoring System (QMS), data security and confidentiality services in accordance with ISO 27001: 2013, PCI DSS, customer survey services (CSAT and NPS), and the Center of Excellence (COE). “ said Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of PT VADS Indonesia.

The solutions mentioned above have been implemented by our clients in various sectors of government, banking, e-commerce, and telecommunications. And provide service improvements in terms of performance, targets, and customer satisfaction. This is proven by the loyalty of our customers who are still using the services of PT VADS Indonesia for more than 5-13 years.

Even in this umpteenth session, we updated our latest solutions and VADS Transformation which consists of 5 pillars namely VADS Academy, VADS ICT, VADS COE, VADS Digital, and VADS Analytics. For VADS Digital, we provide smart solutions such as smart retail, smart building, smart water information management, digital workspace, metaverse solutions, and 3D data technology. Deddy Hermansyah added that these five pillars of transformation are carried out to support and accelerate digital transformation services for our clients and potential clients. As President Joko Widodo has stated through his official Twitter account, “In the future, it will not be big countries beating small countries, rich countries beating poor countries, but fast countries beating slow countries. Indonesia's three foundations to compete in the future are infrastructure, downstream industrialization, and digitalization." This is where PT VADS Indonesia is here to support and ready to help improve quality, satisfaction, and transformation in digital public services.

Participants attending this seminar consisted of various government agencies such as Bank DKI, Transjakarta, Ministry of Finance, KLIP DGT, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OJK, Health BPJS, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and many more.

It is hoped that this seminar will add insight to the participants in increasing customer satisfaction through digital media and also get to know more about the solutions that PT VADS Indonesia can provide in improving public services in the digital era.

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