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5 Benefits of Personalizing Customer Support Via WhatsApp Voice

16 April 2024

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WhatsApp has become a hugely popular communications platform worldwide, used by millions of people to send text messages, share files, and even make voice and video calls. However, along with the development of digital business, WhatsApp also provides special features for business purposes known as WhatsApp Business. One very useful feature in WhatsApp Business is WhatsApp Call or WhatsApp Voice

WhatsApp Voice as a Personalized Customer Support Tool

WhatsApp Voice is a feature that allows customers to make direct voice calls to companies or businesses via the WhatsApp Business application. With this feature, customers can communicate directly with the company, provide customer support, answer questions, and even make presentations or offers via voice call. Using WhatsApp Voice in a customer support context provides significant advantages, especially in terms of personalization.

Benefits of Personalized Customer Support Via WhatsApp Voice

1. Customers can communicate directly with the company and provide clearer and more detailed explanations without having to wait a long time to get a faster response

2. Customers can easily contact customer support via WhatsApp Voice, without having to type at length, increasing convenience and speed in getting help.

3. Through WhatsApp Voice, customers can communicate more easily and responsively, thereby increasing customer satisfaction

4. By using WhatsApp Voice, the expressions and personalities of customer support agents can be more pronounced, thereby creating closer and warmer relationships with customers

5. Customer support agents can better understand the nuances of customer emotions and needs so that the responses given can be more appropriate and satisfying.

Steps to Implement Personalized Customer Support Via WhatsApp Voice

• Customer Support Agent Training
Provide training to customer support agents in using WhatsApp Voice effectively, including how to convey information clearly and friendly.

• Use of AI Technology
Integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze voice conversations and provide faster suggestions or solutions to customer support agents.

• Customer Database Development
Build and update customer databases to ensure that the information provided to customers is personalized and relevant.

• Monitoring and Evaluation
Regularly monitor voice interactions between customer support agents and customers, as well as carry out evaluations to continuously improve service quality.


Personalized Customer Support via WhatsApp Voice is an effective strategy for building closer connections with customers. By utilizing the voice features of WhatsApp, companies can provide more personal, fast, and efficient service to customers, increasing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. With proper implementation and continuous evaluation and improvement, companies can achieve great benefits from this strategy.

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