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Strengthening Corporate Culture, VADS Indonesia Implementing New Values with MANTAP

28 January 2021

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Value is an important thing that must be owned by a company in order to become an organization that can develop and continue to compete. In addition, by having value, the company has an identity in the eyes of its employees, clients, and competitors. A value must also be a habit, behavior, and company culture in achieving company goals. Value is the basis or footing of a company in shaping systems, processes, policies, and strategies for running the company.

Chief Executive Officer of VADS Indonesia, Saravanan Belusami introduced and inaugurated VADS Indonesia's new values ​​with “MANTAP” at Townhall in early 2021. Activities that took place virtually through the Microsoft Teams Live application were attended by all VADS Indonesia management and also all employees.

In his remarks, Saravanan Belusami said that in 2021 VADS Indonesia will focus on three pillars, namely:

  1. To become a BPO company that is growing and beyond the BPO client base for a healthier Indonesian and regional target market.
  2. Providing operational excellence to create customer and client satisfaction.
  3. Improve the skills possessed by employees.

The new value that is carried is in the form of MANTAP which is a new mantra and will be used to start the year 2021 with full strength and energy. The presence of nicely packaged values ​​aims to make the company have character and be able to demonstrate its existence. MANTAP is not just a word, but provides a strong meaning with the following details:

M - Move from our complacent zone
A - Aim high with greater purpose
N - No Turning Back continue to march forward
T - Target to achieve goals
A - Accelerate in delivering the goals
P - Precise, accurate execution

These values ​​not only provide a strong identity and character but also become a reference for VADS Indonesia in carrying out activities and everything that is done within and related to the company to create a conducive work environment, a solid team, and have a good impact on the company.

With the implementation of these new values, it is hoped that the management and all employees of VADS Indonesia will be prepared to face challenges in the future to continue to work hard, stay enthusiastic, and together become a solid "MANTAP TEAM" and make 2021 an enjoyable year for all VADS Indonesia stakeholders.

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