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Check out the 2024 Social Media Trends You Need to Know!

19 January 2024

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In a world that is constantly changing at the fast pace of technology, 2024 promises an exciting evolution in social media trends. Drastic changes in user behavior, increasingly innovative platforms, and the integration of new technologies will shape the social media roadmap going forward. This article will discuss various trends that are expected to dominate social media in 2024.

Authenticity as the Main Key
The biggest anticipated trend is an emphasis on authenticity. Social media users are increasingly looking for honest and personal content. Companies and individual users who are able to show their human side will gain greater trust.

TikTok Will Become More Popular
TikTok's success in attracting the attention of the younger generation keeps it relevant. In 2024, the platform will continue to grow in popularity with more creative and innovative content.

Micro Influencers and Content Creators Hold the Power
The role of micro influencers and content creators is increasingly important. They have a strong influence because they are more authentic and can reach a more specific audience.

Social Commerce is Experiencing an Increase
Direct transactions via social media platforms are increasingly popular. The company will utilize integrated shopping features to increase sales and speed up the purchasing process.

Personalized Advertising on Social Media
With advances in technology, advertising on social media will become increasingly personalized. Smart algorithms will analyze user preferences to serve more relevant ads.

Social Listening & Brand Engagement
Companies will increasingly utilize social listening to understand user sentiment. Brand engagement in online conversations will be key to building stronger relationships with consumers.

Increasing Community
The formation of small communities with the same interests will increase. This allows for deeper and more meaningful interactions between community members.

The Emergence of Content Generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI Generated Content)
AI will play an important role in generating content, from text to graphics, automatically.

Instagram Reels Will Introduce New Video Lengths
Instagram Reels will feature new variations in video length, providing more flexibility for content creators.

Shares will be more important than likes, comments, or followers
In assessing the popularity of content, the number of shares will be a more valuable parameter than likes or comments.

SEO on Social Media Will Be More Powerful Than Hashtags
Search Engine Optimization on social media platforms will be the main focus to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

LinkedIn Isn't Just About Jobs and Professional Content
LinkedIn will evolve beyond just a job search platform, becoming a place to share various types of content and build a personal brand.

The Return of Long-Form Content
Long-form content, whether in the form of articles or videos, will return to demand as users increasingly seek in-depth information.


The future of social media in 2024 will create new spaces for deeper and more meaningful digital connectivity. By combining authenticity, cutting-edge technology, and more engaged interactions, social media will continue to serve as the primary platform for individuals and brands to communicate, share, and build community. Adoption of these trends will be key in bridging the gap between the virtual world and the real world, bringing user experiences closer and more relevant to everyday life. Discuss your social media management for customer service with PT VADS Indonesia. Contact now!

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