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Choose The Right Call Center Company

13 February 2020

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Is your company in need of call center / contact center services? Is your company looking for an outsourcing partner for the right call center? Choosing the right call center outsourcing partner is very important because when you get the right partner, you will be confident in quality service from partners and will automatically increase the customer experience for your company.

Here are some factors that can influence your company to decide who is the right call center outsourcing partner for you.

1. Cost Effective

A call center outsourcing company that can provide cost effective services can help your company reduce operating costs. You must ensure that the services provided by outsourced partners are clearly justified by the costs they offer. Do not exceed or be less than what your company actually needs. Cost is the main element why there is an outsourcing business. Ask for a free trial before signing the contract where this will give you an idea of ​​how the outsourcing company call center level is.

2. Good communication

This is another important factor before choosing a call center outsourcing company for your company. How has your communication with the call center outsourcing company gone so far? Can they communicate in your language? Do you understand how they communicate? Because without good communication, your project will not succeed.

3. Check Quality

The reason behind outsourcing is getting the best out of the costs your company is spending. Re-check whether the outsourcing call center company has a quality assurance (quality assurance) for each service they provide? The call center outsourcing company will be the voice your customers hear, so they get a call center outsourcing company partner who can provide call center / contact center services.

4. Reference

This stage is like your company's prospective partner's background check. You need to do a little market research about the call center outsourcing company that you will be using. First check who the clients who have outsourced the call center services. Are these clients happy or not with the call center outsourcing service company. Feel free to ask the call center outsourcing company or ask for some references from the clients they have. This stage can give you information about the quality and experience of the call center outsourcing company that you will use.

(Bukalapak's Experience in Collaborating with VADS Indonesia)

Your company is in need of a call center / customer service provider?

If so, your search ends here, at PT. VADS Indonesia. We are one of the world class BPO call center providers in Indonesia. PT VADS Indonesia has more than 10 years experience in the call center industry and currently serves more than 50 clients, most of whom are market leaders from various industries. We provide various call center / contact center services such as:

Inbound call center
Outbound call center
Technical support services
Omni-channel support services
Email support services
Chat support services
Chatbot support services
Social media support services
and others.

Choose PT VADS Indonesia as a partner call center service provider for your company and get a quality customer experience for your customers. Contact us for more info


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