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Business Process Outsourcing Trends 2022

07 January 2022

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The increasingly competitive challenges in the market and the ever-increasing technological advances are changing the way companies work by utilizing and maximizing available resources and technology efficiently and effectively. One way that companies can help to do this is by outsourcing. Outsourcing can play a strategic role and also provide significant changes to the short-term and long-term growth of a company. By using outsourcing, companies can reduce overhead and operational costs, increase efficiency, improve service quality, save time, and most importantly, companies can focus more on the company's core business.

The following are some of the outsourcing trends in 2022 that are promising for business growth by leveraging advances in technology, flexibility, and globalization:

1. The trend of working remotely is increasing
The pandemic has forced businesses to be more efficient in operating costs, restructure companies, and also quickly switch to working remotely. This is a continuing trend as many companies are realizing the benefits of working remotely. By leveraging cloud technology and infrastructure, companies can easily run their workflows anytime and anywhere.

2. Greater emphasis on cybersecurity
BPO companies work with sensitive data so they are expected to have strong data security. Moreover, the current situation where the pandemic makes data security must be stronger to ward off cybercrime so that strong cyber security is important to have to protect data and business applications from data and identity theft. The BPO must have adopted multi-level security such as multi-factor authentication to prevent cases of security breaches.

3. Use of cloud-based technology
The use of the cloud makes it easier for companies to perform such easy access to files and data without having to wait long, companies do not need to invest in traditional hardware in data storage so that it will reduce maintenance costs. By using the cloud, it is also easier for companies to make their employees work collaboratively and in real-time anytime and anywhere.

4. AI is growing
Artificial intelligence or AI will drive efficiency both in terms of operations and costs. In customer service, AI is very useful and helps in handling large volumes of data and reduces average handling time so this is needed to provide a better customer experience. In addition, AI can help customer service agents to focus on more difficult problems in helping customer problems.

5. The use of RPA is growing
Robotic process automation (RPA) has started to have an impact on the BPO industry. RPA is a bot or artificial intelligence in the user interface to get work done faster at a lower rate. This RPA can save costs, be faster, more efficient, and will be able to fit into all industries and all types of business processes. RPA can be used to manage small tasks such as claims processing, data entry, and so on which are repetitive and easy to handle tasks. In customer service, this RPA can be used to create a customer service team with RPA, especially for automated work.

Technology will continue to develop, especially in the BPO industry. Outsourcing trends will always change so you can improve your customer service even more.

That is why it is important for companies to have outsourcing partners who are always up to date. Make sure that you choose a partner who provides services based on your business needs.

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