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4 Chatbot Technology Advantages to Increase Your Business

20 February 2020

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Today's world has become more advanced. Modernization and technological progress are developing rapidly. The role of technology is increasingly important in facilitating human work. From waking up to going back to sleep, technology is timeless in human life.

The importance of this technology also affects the business world because it has a beneficial positive impact. With the presence of technology, businesses can do work easily and quickly so they are able to adapt to the desires and habits of modern consumers who want to get a fast and dynamic response. These technological developments change the pattern of consumer behavior, especially in patterns of interacting with companies. In responding to changes in consumer interactions, companies no longer just favor their products but must be able to provide a good customer experience and have a positive impact.

Some of these positive impacts are the use of artificial intelligence technology, namely chatbot. Chatbot is a technology designed to have a chat service with the aim of having a function or providing information via voice or text. Even for now, chatbot technology already has features for video calls. "Bot" which is short for internet robot in which artificial intelligence technology is inserted (Artificial Intelligence) such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) which follows the pattern of human work and can do analytics and answer questions and have the ability to understand and comprehend language of a question. So chatbots can respond automatically and quickly when someone is talking to the chatbot. By using chatbot, companies can do work efficiency so as to create a good customer experience.

Many companies experience obstacles related to matters relating to consumers. For example in increasing brand awareness, it takes a large cost so consumers can get to know the company's brand. Another example is when promoting products and campaigns, it also costs a lot of money. With the presence of chatbot, companies can be helped in increasing brand awareness through digital marketing strategies and promotions and campaigns, one of which using Facebook Messenger chatbot can be done at a cheaper and more effective cost. This is because chatbots can target the right target audience according to the brand. Other advantages of chatbot-based artificial intelligence technology such as customer surveys, customer databases, buying processes, customer retention, customer loyalty, and also customer support.

Chatbot has several advantages and advantages in using it to be applied in a company or business. Here are the advantages of chatbot technology:

  1. Reducing Operational Workload. Chatbot can answer repeated questions (repeatable queries) so that it can make it easier to answer for the same question more quickly.
  2. Increase Customer Engagement and Customer Experience. Chatbot can answer the needs of consumers within 24/7, so consumers do not have to wait long to get the answers they want.
  3. Save on Operating Costs. By using chatbot, companies only need to make one chatbot that can be connected to various chat applications, so that the costs incurred are more efficient in terms of manpower.
  4. Can Provide Insight About Consumers. Chatbot can understand how consumers talk so they can respond according to consumer needs. This can be used to be able to find out the pattern of consumers (consumer behavior) of the product / brand. The analysis is certainly to improve product / brand services to consumers.

With chatbot technology, all questions can be answered automatically 24/7. Companies can more easily manage their business from reducing costs to increasing revenue. In the future chatbot will definitely be used more and more because of its ease and use that can reduce business costs.

VADS Indonesia provides chatbot solutions to facilitate your company in serving customers. In addition, VADS Indonesia can also provide Indonesian chatbot solutions according to your needs. The various features available in the chatbot are:

  1. Give rewards / points to customers
  2. Can provide information on the location of branch companies
  3. Can do reminders to customers
  4. Can do transactions for your company's needs
  5. Can make video calls that can be used for data verification
  6. Can be used for customer care and customer engagement

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