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Omni Channel is a Different Communication Channel from Multi Channel

28 January 2022

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Omni channel is one of the methods used by business people in carrying out business activities. In addition to omni-channel, there is also a multi-channel method. At first glance, the two look similar. However, in reality, omni channel is a different method from multi channel.

Both omni and multi-channel relate to communication channels that connect a business and its customers. Literally, omni channel is all channels. Meanwhile, multi-channel is many channels. To understand the difference between the two methods, consider the following explanation.

Difference between omni channel and multi channel
In practice, omni-channel is a completely different communication channel from multi-channel. Here are some basic differences between omni-channel and multi-channel.

- Service consistency
When compared in terms of service consistency, omni channel is the winner. Just as the name suggests, the communication channels in the omni channel have been made comprehensive and integrated. As a result, customers can get the same good service even if they contact the business through different channels.

On the other hand, the communication channels that exist in multi-channel are different and not integrated. That is, each existing channel is not related to each other. The impact on customers, services and interactions in each communication channel is inconsistent. Different channels, different customer experience.

- Service focus
The difference between omni-channel and multi-channel can also be seen from the focus. Omni channel focuses on customer service through various communication channels. Meanwhile, multi-channel focuses on the many types of communication channels that can be provided to customers.

The main goal of multi-channel is to provide as many types of communication channels as possible for subscribers. The more channels available, the more potential customers are expected to come. Meanwhile, omni channel is more focused on consumer experience in the various channels provided. That way, the opportunity for consumers to make transactions will be even greater.

- Ease of service
In terms of ease of service, omni-channel and multi-channel are different. As you already know, omni channel applies communication channels that are integrated with each other. All customer service is controlled through one centralized customer service. So, the communication between the customer and the company is smoother.
In multi-channel, there are many different but unrelated communication channels available. This can sometimes make customers feel confused. This is because the form of services or solutions provided between communication channels may differ.

- Information shared
Multi-channel communication channels that are not connected to each other also have an impact on information for customers. Say a customer contacts the company via e-mail as well as social media. However, since the two channels are not integrated, the information provided may differ

In contrast to omni-channel channels that are already connected to each other. No matter what type of communication channel customers choose, the information they receive will remain the same and consistent. This is because omni channel has been regulated by a special system so that it can provide uniform information even though customers access different communication channels.

- Customer insight
Customer insight is one element that can help develop the company. By applying the multi-channel method, you can more easily get customer insight. This is because multi-channel has developed by paying attention to data and customer behavior. By paying attention to these two factors, the company can provide a better experience and service to customers.
Meanwhile, multi-channel focuses on the number of communication channels. The development of this communication channel method only focuses on the location of potential customers. The addition of communication channels is solely done to improve customer accessibility, not to improve the quality of services provided.

From this discussion, it can be seen that omni channel is an integrated method of communication between companies and customers. Meanwhile, the difference between omni-channel and multi-channel can be seen from several factors such as service focus, information provided, to customer insight.

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