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The Importance of Social Media Analytics from PT VADS Indonesia

04 April 2022

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Social media is a digital platform used by the majority of people around the world. Not only for exchanging news and information, social media is also used for promotional media, especially for business people in this digital era.

Various innovations make social media have new features that can be used to increase sales of products or services from business actors, one of which is social media analytics. Understanding this, PT VADS Indonesia also provides social media analytics services for business people. Indeed, what is social media analytics and why is it important?

What is social media analytics?
Social media analytics is a method of collecting data on social media that is processed in a structured manner in order to increase company engagement or the like. These data are used to see customer responses and opinions on a product or service being offered.

Social media analytics is needed by business people to review the market comprehensively, from brand awareness, and competitor analysis, to customer experience. This social media analytics feature can be found on various social media, such as Instagram Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and Facebook Insight.

The main task of social media analytics staff
Meanwhile, there is the term social media analytics staff or it can also be called a social media analyst. They are the people in charge of assessing the company's success in offering products by analyzing social media analytics. Usually, social media analytics staff understand SEO (search engine optimization) to optimize social media and increase online traffic from various social media platforms.

The importance of social media analytics for business development
As a business actor, social media has various benefits for developing a business, especially through social media analytics features. Moreover, currently, the function of social media analytics features is much more diverse than a few years ago. Here are some social media analytics functions for your business continuity, which are also offered by PT VADS Indonesia.

1. Helping marketing work
Within a company, of course, there is a marketing division that is responsible for marketing. In addition, there is also a customer service division or customer service. The tasks performed by the division will be more difficult if done manually. Therefore, the use of social media analytics is very necessary.

Social media analytics helps marketing work to find out the flow of customers on social media pages, for example, more to promo pages, sales pages, or other pages. That way, customer behavior can be analyzed effectively so that marketing is carried out in accordance with the targets to be achieved.

2. Track campaign performance
By using social media analytics, the launch of product offering campaigns on social media can be tracked, whether it produces a positive impression or vice versa. That way, the performance of the campaign can be measured by its success rate.

This certainly helps product or service campaigns to be properly promoted to customers according to the target market. Social media analytics also helps companies to maximize campaign performance so that they are successful and on target.

Social media analytics service from PT VADS Indonesia
Based on the explanation above, social media is one of the best platforms to market your company's products or services. You can monitor the success of the promotion by analyzing the social media analytics of the company's social media accounts.

Use social media analytics services from PT VADS Indonesia to make business matters more practical, fast, and precise. PT VADS Indonesia can ensure that your company's business processes run smoothly and according to the expected target by optimizing the company's social media.

In providing social media analytics services, PT VADS Indonesia protects and maintains the confidentiality and availability of information from the analyzed data. Therefore, you don't have to worry about information security risks for your company.

For more information about social media analytics services from PT VADS Indonesia, please contact You can also consult about various other PT VADS Indonesia services to help with your various business needs.

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