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3 Website Maintenance Strategies from PT VADS Indonesia

04 May 2022

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For business owners, having a website will be very helpful for company growth. The problem is, that having a website that is interactive and free from bugs or technical defects is certainly not easy. You need a great team to do website maintenance. Moreover, there are not many human resources who are careful in doing this.

If you are one of the business people who find it difficult to maintain your company website, check out this article from PT VADS Indonesia! This article will discuss thoroughly website maintenance which is very useful for improving your business performance. However, before entering into the explanation of various website maintenance, it helps us understand what exactly website maintenance is.

Website maintenance is a way to keep your business website stable. This means that you will need people to take care of your business website. You need to make sure that the components of your website run according to their needs and that there are no technical flaws that make it difficult for visitors. To prevent unwanted things, here are strategies for doing website maintenance for your business!

1. Website maintenance weekly
Website maintenance should be done regularly within a certain period of time, for example, two weeks or once a month. Of course, this can be tailored to your business needs. The more complex the website you have, then it's a good idea to do maintenance as often as possible, or at least monitor whether there are bugs that need to be fixed.

To perform maintenance on a weekly basis, you can check if the links and pages are working properly. Usually, if you do not do periodic checks, failures can occur such as links not found and so on. When this happens, customers can think that you are not a professional running a business.

Also, make sure your website displays the required and appropriate information. Perform functional updates so that website components are maintained properly. If the website components are not updated, then your site's loading time can slow down. Visitors might wait too long until they finally get impatient and switch to competitors' websites. You certainly don't want this to happen, do you?

In addition, you can also delete spam that is not needed every few weeks. The spam in question can be in the form of unnecessary comments. This could lead your customers to other dangerous and irrelevant sites. Prevent this from happening by doing regular checks.

2. Monthly website maintenance
In addition to weekly maintenance, you can also perform monthly maintenance. In monthly checks, you should check your website's SEO performance.

SEO is the main key so that search engines like Google display your business website at the top of online search results. Good SEO performance will certainly go in the direction of better traffic. Do this on a monthly basis and evaluate if your website's performance has not shown improvement.

Next is reviewing the existing content on your website. Usually, in addition to selling the products or services that you offer, you also have a section to increase customer knowledge. Well, the content contained in that section must be relevant to customer needs and have a big influence on improving SEO.

3. Quarterly maintenance website
The last is doing quarterly website maintenance. This means that you have to do maintenance every three months. Ideally, when doing this website maintenance, you will review things that cannot be completed in the short term. For example, if you put your business contact information, then don't forget to check if the contact is still valid.

This is needed so that customers can reach you easily. Imagine if you put a WhatsApp number for customer needs, but the number is not active. Surely customers will feel that you are unprofessional.
In addition, you can also change the design of your website. It's a good idea to know in advance how to make the right website with responsive navigation and design. That way, customers can use your site better. Don't forget to check your domain's expiration date and test your site's speed.

Well, that's an explanation of easy ways to do website maintenance with PT VADS Indonesia. If you have difficulty performing maintenance on your business site independently, you don't need to be confused because now there is a Website Maintenance service from PT VADS Indonesia. Handled by professional and experienced personnel, this service can maintain the appearance and effectiveness of your website so that it can always meet the needs of the target audience!

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