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Maximum Benefits of Using a Human Augmented Bot

17 December 2020

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The use of Artificial Intelligence in customer service is increasingly being used because of its function which greatly helps human tasks and can also increase productivity. Artificial Intelligence does not completely replace conventional customer service but becomes a compliment that can be integrated between machines and humans to create more optimal productivity. AI can simplify the process and streamline time in solving problems experienced by customers, and contact center agents can help solve more complex customer problems. So that the use of artificial intelligence which is equipped with contact center agents or other terms is a human augmented bot, will increase the productivity and efficiency of the company's customer service. The following are the benefits of using a human augmented bot, including:

1. Provide customer insight
Customer service using human augmented bots will get insights about customers through AI which provides relevant data, insights, and suggestions to contact center agents who interact directly with customers so that the love center agents can respond to customers quickly and precisely without the need to access large amounts of data. very much.

2. Improve the quality of contact center agents
AI via chatbot or voice bot will serve customers by handling customer inquiries at the beginning, which are usually simple and easy to understand requests. If there are complex questions, the bot immediately redirects to the contact center agent through an automatic customer service process flow, so that the contact center agent can be more productive and solutions or problems experienced by customers can be quickly resolved.

3. Save budget
In today's digital era, companies must be able to prioritize customers by providing good service. Using a hybrid model such as a human augmented bot can meet growing customer demands while still improving customer service functionality with more accurate, faster, and data analysis. Using a human augmented bot allows a higher volume of interactions without adding more human labor and will reduce the average cost per interaction so as to save on the company's budget without reducing the quality of the company's customer service.

4. Increase customer satisfaction
Using a human augmented bot solution in customer service can reduce the risk of customers being disappointed by interacting with a chatbot or voice bot, which most likely only results in the usual customer experience because it cannot help solutions or more complex problems, by combining AI and contact center agents. , the customer will feel satisfied because the chatbot responds quickly and continues to solve the complex problem with the help of a contact center agent.

Human augmented bots contribute to improving your company's customer service. The service is able to support 24/7 so that it can respond to customers quickly and whenever customers call. Convinced of the various benefits of a human augmented bot but confused about where to start? Please contact for consultation on human augmented bots to improve your company's customer service.

VADS Indonesia presents a human augmented bot service that serves various companies in various channels. VADS Indonesia knows and ensures that customers have a support experience using a human augmented bot that can increase the productivity and efficiency of your company's customer service. Contact us, and we'll demonstrate how a human augmented bot can improve your customer service support efforts.

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