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Check Out 5 Customer Experience Trends in 2021!

19 January 2021

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Currently, companies must be able to place their customers as a top priority in a business. When a company puts its customer experience as a top priority, its customers will feel heard and the company will benefit and also win the hearts of its customers. The key to success in getting consumers' attention is not only the quality of the products and services provided but also the easy interaction process and attracting customers is also the most important thing. This can increase consumer loyalty and also an indicator that the company is growing. The following are customer experience trends that can be applied as a strategy to improve the company's customer service:

1. Digital Transformation
In keeping with this digital transformation, companies must be able to adopt a centralized strategy by placing personal messages at the core to adapt to changing consumer behavior. Using digital channels will make customers have a better experience. At least 70% of the relationships between companies and customers are happening digitally and potentially more after nearly a year of the pandemic. With this pandemic, remote work such as cloud-based and digital services is increasingly being implemented as a rapid response to customer needs. In 2021, digital transformation initiatives must be implemented immediately. The key is to digitally map the contact center and customer experience.

2. Service is more important than price and quality
Based on a report from Conversocial's State of Customer Experience Trends 2020, it was found that 25% of consumers value CX with good quality, not much different from choosing product quality by 29% and even beating consumers who consider price by 22%. This predicts that the customer experience will be the difference between the company and its competitors in 2021.

3. Real-Time
In 2021, real-time insights will be key in determining a good customer experience strategy. Information that is presented in real-time can provide input to the company about customers, help companies understand their needs, solve problems, and also optimize the company's customer experience. That is why Real-Time Interaction Management will become one of the most important trends in 2021 as companies gain further insights to identify customers, investigate their needs, and provide products and services according to customer needs.

4. Artificial Intelligence
Zendesk found that 67% of customers preferred their interactions to be completed with a perfectly designed bot to human interactions. However, companies can use bots that are equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology which is of course also equipped with human agents simultaneously (Human Augmented Bot) that work on a large scale to be more proactive in responding to messages from customers and be able to respond faster because of the use of automation without losing the ability to use the human sense of empathy that customer service will still need.
It's no secret that artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence can change the way companies interact with customers. The company is available 24/7 as well as on every customer's journey. Companies will use this technology a lot to unify customer data and provide a personalized customer experience that also results in higher conversion rates, better customer satisfaction, and increased customer loyalty.

5. Personalization
It's no surprise that 2021 will bring more focus to personalization in the customer experience area. Consumers have hopes for better personalization. Nowadays it is no longer possible for businesses to generalize the needs of their customers. Consumers are more aware of how they interact with companies so it is important to differentiate and personalize each customer without disturbing privacy. An example of personalization is using the customer's first name and greeting them so that the customer feels personalized to the communication. Not only that, to be able to create moments, companies must focus on customers as individuals and be able to predict their needs and be able to interact in real-time. 70% of customers buy based on how they feel treated by a company no longer in terms of price and convenience, so the company must have control over personalization and the technology used in the company's customer experience.

During its development, a company must always be updated on trends, especially in terms of customer experience so as not to be left behind and lose the loyalty of its customers. Companies that can understand their customers and take advantage of technological developments will get the opportunity to get closer to customers with more personal relationships, which will increase the number of customers and also the loyalty of their customers. Learn more and consult your company's customer experience service via now.



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