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Chatbot vs Voicebot

15 December 2020

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Chatbot and voice bot both have a very important role for companies, especially in communicating with customers. Communication made by chatbot and voice bot can be done at any time and customers can feel satisfied because they communicate easily and comfortably to the company. Currently, the use of chatbots and voice bots is a technology trend that is developing rapidly lately. Based on a report from on the CZentrix website in 2018, 40% of respondents surveyed said that they chat with chatbots every day, another report shows that 64% of internet users say 24-hour service is the best feature of a chatbot. Both of these solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's review each of them about chatbot and voice bot.

What is a Chatbot?
Chatbots are artificial intelligence software that can have conversations with customers in human language using text messages. The artificial intelligence in it ensures that the experience that the chatbot gives in communicating is closer to that of having a conversation with a human. Chatbots can be integrated easily on various messaging application sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Live Chat, and others.

What are the benefits of Chatbot?
Chatbots have an important role in interacting with customers. Various other advantages that chatbots have include:
- 24/7 standby: chatbots can save you a lot of time because of their fast response and are always ready whenever customers ask for information and ask for help.
- Increased customer satisfaction: because customer support is fast and the chatbot can respond around the clock, customers will be very helpful in meeting their needs so that customers will be more satisfied because they can be helped by customer service at any time.
- Assisting contact center agents: the chatbot can easily take over the usual and repetitive tasks of an agent. This can streamline your company's business and also save costs because chatbots can help contact center agents in handling common questions during peak hours so that contact center agents will focus on more complex customer problems.

What is Voicebot?
Voicebot is a voice channel based on artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to communicate with customers by means of audio. The AI ​​technology in it can help voice bot to identify keywords in a conversation and deduce the best response for dialogue and then the text to speech (TTS) engine then converts the response into audio to complete the interaction. Voice bots are trained to complete entire conversations with a response process similar to how humans interact. Voicebot can be integrated into various service tools such as IVR, chatbot, self-service, and others.

What are the benefits of Voicebot?
Voicebot has various advantages that can help human work, especially in customer service, as follows:
- Using voice: voice bot will issue voice as a mode of communication to customers. Customers will feel heard about their complaints and questions because they use their voice so that customers will find it easier to convey their concerns or questions.
- Can be integrated: Voicebot can be easily integrated with various services such as CRM or other devices so that it can be used for sales or to support campaigns conducted by the company.

Voicebot can also be used for authentication. Industries that require important authentication such as banking and insurance are very important and are a necessity in providing proper authentication. Voicebot can be trained to understand the frequency in authenticating callers such as mentioning phone numbers, personal IDs, and other authentication.

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