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Check out the Social Media Trends You Need to Know!

07 January 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted people from gathering and meeting in large numbers. There is a shift in activities from offline to online, one of which is the use of social media. If your company manages social media accounts, surely you will feel that it is time for you to use social media more intensively to serve the needs of customers and audiences appropriately and efficiently. Some of these are trends that are expected to be used especially in terms of social media in 2021:

1. Social Commerce
In 2021, competition among marketers will use a wider range of social media advertisements to connect their products and services to customers. Customers can make new purchases in posts, via stories, and also streaming. Based on a survey conducted by Hootsuite, 73% of respondents indicated that increasing new customer acquisition is the most important goal of corporate social media use. So it is important to establish a sales strategy through company social media.

2. Live Streaming will become New Normal
The COVID-19 pandemic situation requires everyone to be able to use and be familiar with their daily online activities. Even though the pandemic is expected to improve in 2021, live streaming will still be there. Customers are used to interacting with brands online and in real-time. They can see the products and experience the services provided by the company without leaving their home. Currently, more and more customer service is carried out with live streaming and video calls, such as opening a bank account that was never thought of before.

3. Growing Augmented Reality
Currently, the adoption of Augmented Reality or AR has been developed in several major platforms such as Snapgram and Instagram. It is used to enhance the visual content shared on social media. This technology has begun to be utilized and continues to be developed. Currently not limited to photo filters and interesting posts and stories, companies can also take advantage of this AR to provide a better shopping experience to their customers. This trend will continue to be encouraged to expand on social media platforms to add more usable AR functions.

4. Social Media as Customer Service
Social media is now a retail, product discovery, and customer service platform. Many companies have started using social media as a platform for providing customer service. This behavior begins when many customers try to reach the company through social media because they may not be responsive through other channels so a more direct way to reach the company is through contact via social media.

5. Increasing Digital Disinformation
Many people rely on social media as a source of news, but this is potentially dangerous. Talkwalker in his research said that digital disinformation on social media has continued to increase since February 2020, especially regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and more and more people are accessing social media, thus creating opportunities for the spread of fake news. In addition to misinformation, there are also articles on growing conspiracy theories. Various social media platforms have measures in place to combat the spread of misinformation such as providing warning labels. Control of digital disinformation will continue to increase until 2021.

6. Increasing Community on Social Media
Although the community on social media is not new, it will still be more popular than the previous year. Social media communities are basically social groups created by companies or brands to provide a networking platform for their customers. These are usually private groups that like-minded people can join to talk about their common interests. Companies or brands can also leverage their social media communities to launch new products, seek feedback from customers, and gain valuable customer insights.

Whether your company wants to change your social media strategy or just keep up with social media trends, some of these trends can be considered to help you and your company understand how your customers engage with social media. Social media trends will continue to evolve. Companies must keep making sure that they are following the latest social media trends so that your company can be one step ahead of the business competition. Contact to discuss the use of social media as customer service in your company.


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