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Reasons Using Artificial Intelligence is Important for Business Progress

07 March 2022

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Artificial intelligence is a system that allows machines to have intelligence so they can think like humans. No need to think too far to imagine intelligent robots acting like humans in sci-fi films, the use of artificial intelligence is now very close to life. For example, when you are using a digital map and the application will automatically display the closest route. It can also be said of the application of artificial intelligence.

Then what about the use of artificial intelligence in business? Is it true that with artificial intelligence, a business can progress? This review will discuss what are the reasons for using artificial intelligence in business. Let's study together.

Help understand consumer tastes and behavior
Each consumer must have different tastes and consumption behavior. Both can help business people in developing product marketing strategies. The use of artificial intelligence can be a solution to these challenges. Artificial intelligence will study consumer spending history. For example, the products that have been purchased, the time of shopping, to the promos used.

That way, personalizing the customer's shopping experience can be done easily. You no longer need to guess what the tastes and behavior of customers are like. This is an efficient strategy for increasing sales.

Simplify data analysis
The reasons for using artificial intelligence are further related to data analysis. Every business must have important data, especially data related to customers. If the business is just starting up, the existing data may still be analyzed manually, but what if the business has been around for a long time and the scale is large?

Artificial intelligence can be programmed to analyze large-scale data or in other words, big data. Artificial intelligence data analysis capabilities can even bring up important information such as market trend predictions to consumer behavior patterns when shopping. You can use all of this information to formulate an efficient business strategy and of course, bring big profits.

Can serve customers 24 hours
Customer service is the spearhead of a company in maintaining customer satisfaction. No matter how good the quality of the products you sell, if the customer service provided is not satisfactory, customers will be reluctant to come back.

One indicator that determines the quality of customer service is availability. Customer service will be considered good if it is ready to serve customer complaints at any time. Unfortunately, providing customer service who is always on standby for 24 hours is not easy.

Customer service supported by artificial intelligence can work 24 hours non-stop so that it can serve customers anytime. One example is the application of chatbot technology for customer service that you can get at PT VADS Indonesia.

Predict trends in business
The reason for using artificial intelligence in business is also inseparable from the ability to predict trends in business. You certainly understand how business trends move. This month, product A can be very popular in the market, but the following month it will be shifted by product B. Trends move so dynamically and are difficult to predict.

If you are also experiencing these obstacles, the application of artificial intelligence can be considered. The benefits of artificial intelligence will be to study data related to trends that were once popular. The data is then processed until a special pattern appears. Well, from that pattern, future business trends can be predicted.

Improve the efficiency of the recruitment process
The recruitment process is very important for businesses. With a good system, you can get the best talents to support the production process. Unfortunately, often the optimal recruitment process can be time-consuming.

The use of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process will help your HR team select potential candidates in no time. Applications submitted by candidates will be filtered by artificial intelligence until potential talents emerge. This is certainly much more efficient than manual application filtering systems.

From this discussion, it can be seen that there are many benefits of artificial intelligence for business. In addition to the reasons for using artificial intelligence that has been mentioned above, there are several other benefits such as automation of interactions with customers.
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