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Check Out How to Increase Your Customers Through WhatsApp Business

30 March 2021

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In marketing to your prospects, it is important to determine what channels are appropriate to reach your target customers. Is it using social media like Facebook or Twitter or maybe LinkedIn? Or maybe using email and contacting by phone? Now we will discuss one text-based platform that also has many users, namely WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the channels for interesting marketing. WhatsApp is an application that allows users to send messages for free to anyone who wants them. Not only for sending text messages, but WhatsApp can be used to send images, voice messages, locations, videos, documents, and also GIFs. You can even make voice and video calls.

Currently, WhatsApp also provides WhatsApp Business which is specially made with small business owners in mind so that it can help companies to connect with customers and provide personalized customer service. The WhatsApp Business app is available for Android and iOS. Your business can interact with customers efficiently by being able to automate messages, sort, and also how to quickly respond to messages. Some of the features available on WhatsApp Business include:

  • Business Profile: Companies can create a business profile by providing useful information such as address, company name, business description, email, and website.
  • Quick Replies: by using the quick replies feature, companies can save and reuse messages that are frequently asked by customers and which you send frequently so that this way, you can easily answer the most frequently asked questions in no time.
  • Automated Messages: just like chatbots, by using the automated messages feature, you can respond to messages of your customers any time and any time even outside your company operating hours. Or you can create a welcome message to introduce a potential customer to your business at the start of a conversation so that it is personalized and your customers will have a good time communicating with you.
  • Message Statistics: You will get insight into how many messages your customers successfully sent and read.
  • Labels: this feature can make it easier for you to organize contacts or chats with labels so that you can easily find them again based on those labels.
  • Product Catalog: this feature allows customers to view your products on WhatsApp. This feature can sort several products depending on your company's products with a maximum of 500 products or services. Each product or service may include a title, price, description, product code, and a link to your company website.

Once your WhatsApp Business account is ready, the next step is to think about ways to reach your customers. How can your business adjust to using conversations via WhatsApp? Use a more personal conversation so that it gives the impression that the customer is talking and communicating with you. The next stage is to start increasing consumers through WhatsApp Business.

While you may already have a whole list of contacts on the phones of people you've contacted before, you can't send them any messages if they don't have your (new) business number on their phone. One way to start communicating with your company's customers is by placing a WhatsApp button on your company's website so they can quickly start a conversation with you. Apart from putting it on the website, publish your WhatsApp Business number on various social media owned by your company so that more and more people will know that you have WhatsApp to communicate in an easy and fast way. Another great common way is to offer something of value in exchange for their phone number. This can be a promotion one and also provide some valuable information they might want. You can create a compelling promotion that makes it easier for people to share their numbers with you.

Using the automatic message function, you can send them promo offers right away. However, don't forget to offer more than just automated messaging with promo deals, engage them from the start so you can start building a good relationship with your customers.

What can we do using WhatsApp Business? By using the WhatsApp Business service, your company can provide better and faster customer service. In addition, the company also gets feedback from good relationships with customers so that this can be used to find out and dig deeper into the wants and needs of your company's customers. Using WhatsApp Business can also help your company do other work, such as sending information regarding order status, payment reminders, and also send special offers to your company's customers.

With a variety of advantages that WhatsApp Business has that can answer your company's needs, especially in increasing consumers, it's time for your company to use WhatsApp Business to become one of the best solutions to maximize your business. Contact for consultation regarding the WhatsApp Business needs of your company.

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