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Getting to Know Artificial Intelligence Technology in Social Media

11 March 2022

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Artificial intelligence, also known as artificial intelligence, is a science related to activities to improve machine intelligence. In other words, in order to make a machine smart, humans who basically have the ability to move, think, speak, see, and hear, must teach and familiarize the machine so that it can provide more benefits for humans.

In everyday life, we actually often use artificial intelligence or AI technology. AI turns out to be used in social media and even has an important role because it is a key component. In fact, now there are many marketing companies that focus on the use of social media to use artificial intelligence technology to obtain maximum profits.

Check out the capabilities of artificial intelligence technology used in the following social media!

1. Automation
Usually, it takes a long time to create and distribute content through social media. Not to mention the need to process engagement data obtained from the content you share.
However, with artificial intelligence technology, you will be able to automate by scheduling content to be shared. In fact, you can share the content simultaneously on various social media that you have so that the process of managing social media becomes easier and more focused.

2. Advertise more accurately
One of the advantages of social media is the opportunity to show ads to specific users of the platform. The process of displaying this ad is done by utilizing AI technology.
Artificial intelligence uses the demographic and behavioral data of social media users so that paid ads can appear on accurate targets and make the ads displayed more optimally. That way, the chances of buying the product are even greater.

3. Recommend relevant content
AI technology support in social media can provide insights in the form of relevant content. These relevant content recommendations are important to support business development within your company. With relevant content recommendations, you can study and analyze content on social media to the fullest. So, later you will be able to carry out promotions by paying attention to customer interest in the content you produce.

Relevant content recommendations will also be able to attract customers and potential customers. With AI technology constantly evolving, customers who are interested in content about your business products will receive recommendations so that they become the right target audience.

4. Analytics service
Artificial intelligence technology provides analytical services that are of course very much needed by companies. This analytic service can be used to see responses and also feedback from customers on the products offered by the company.
With this analytical service, artificial intelligence technology in social media can help companies to measure and collect much-needed data from social media, from the number of likes, and comments, to the time when your content is crowded. This data can be used to develop further marketing strategies.

With regard to this analytical service, VADS Indonesia provides Social Media Analytics services that can make it easier for you to analyze various data obtained from social media. The VADS Indonesia team will process the data so that it provides more value for your company.

With artificial intelligence technology, companies will be able to obtain comprehensive data regarding customer insights, customer responses to company campaigns, brand sentiment, analysis of competing companies, and so on which of course can help support the company's development.

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