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5 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence for Business Marketing

02 February 2022

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Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) or commonly referred to as artificial intelligence, has been widely used in various sectors of life, including health, media, economy, and government. The advantages of artificial intelligence are able to help and facilitate human performance so that work can be completed more quickly, practically, and efficiently.

Artificial intelligence, which has been developed since the 1960s, is one of the results of technological developments that are designed to be able to imitate human cognitive abilities, such as being able to recognize voices, recognize faces, read data, follow directions to find something, and so on.

In the economic field itself, artificial intelligence is needed for the development of a business. Artificial intelligence is usually used in the world of marketing so it really helps marketing performance. Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing) jobs include data analysis, content creation, automated decision making, and the like. In addition, the advantages of artificial intelligence for business marketing are various, including the following.

1. Advertise online more effectively on social media
In the world of marketing, advertising is one of the mandatory things as a tangible form of marketing a product or service. Determining the elements of how, when, and wherein placing an ad requires a separate strategy so that the ad is right on target. In addition, advertising also needs to be adapted to the current market lifestyle.
Nowadays, people's lifestyles are starting to change by spending most of their time on social media. Therefore, placing online advertisements on social media is very effective. Social media itself has used artificial intelligence to process and process data. That way, this artificial intelligence works by selecting social media users who have the same preferences as the ads to be installed.

In addition, artificial intelligence capabilities can reach a wider market by accessing wider data. The promotions used are also more strategic because you can explore potential by looking for targets through user profiles, word searches, trending things, and other online data.

2. Can study consumer behavior through deep learning
The next advantage of artificial intelligence is that it can study consumer behavior through deep learning. Deep learning itself is used by a machine to be able to learn images, sounds, text, patterns, and other online data. These data are important information needed in marketing.

The information obtained is very helpful for marketers to determine the current and future behavior of consumers or target markets. That way, business people can more easily and quickly reap profits because the targeted market is right on target and is able to adjust consumer behavior patterns.

3. Determine buying pattern predictions with predictive analytics
In addition to knowing consumer behavior forecasts, another advantage of artificial intelligence is the ability to make predictions about buying patterns. Predict this buying pattern using predictive analytics. The way it works is by predicting future sales from a large amount of data available online. That way, business people will no longer have difficulties in managing sales and marketing strategies.

4. More even distribution of promotional content
With artificial intelligence, advertising, including the distribution of promotional content, can reach the market more evenly. This is because artificial intelligence is able to analyze consumer data that requires products or promotional content. In addition, artificial intelligence can help marketers understand individual consumer behavior. That way, business people don't have to bother choosing consumers who match their marketing targets manually.

5. Improve customer service with bots
Another advantage of artificial intelligence that has helped many business people is the existence of customer service with bot features. The chatbot feature, for example, is really needed to serve consumers because business people cannot stand by 24 hours to serve them. The presence of this chatbot feature certainly adds to customer satisfaction in terms of service with a fast response.

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