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Provides strong and trusted authentication services.

Blockchain technology is simple to use and extremely secure. The solution provides strong and trusted authentication services for website, mobile login and secure access for online. Block chain is a database that's shared across a network of computers. When a record is added to the chain, the technology's design or structure doesn't allow for any alteration.

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Security Solutions

Blockchain Secure Authentication

Lately, the case of data breaching or hacking increasing rapidly as all activities are currently conducted online. The level of cybercrime is increasing every year, such as hacking and fraud on digital transactions. The other problem such as : 

  • The use of usernames and passwords is susceptible to be hacked through brute force credential attacks
  • Verification using a centralized database does not guarantee extra security
  • Huge costs for authentication using OTP via SMS

Don't worry about those problems! Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA) is the right answer to solve them!

Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA) is a passwordless authentication technology known as sophisticated passwordless to avoid credential attacks, a condition when cybercriminals bypass organizational security measures and steal important data. Apart from being passwordless, BSA is also free from OTP SMS codes like other authentication technologies.

This authentication technology has been used in several companies to manage login accounts to its website, webmail, mobile applications, etc. BSA is extremely secure, passwordless, and at no cost for OTP SMS!




  • Login approval is given via smartphone users
  • Approval of login using a smartphone that is owned and registered by the user.
  • Patented and proven safe technology, used in cryptocurrencies.
  • Two-factor authentication with icons and fingerprint recognition
  • Efficient! No authentication via SMS OTP fee

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