What is a Call Center: Definition, Functions, and Duties

Posted On 01 Nov 2021

What is a call center? Actually, what is the function of a call center in a company? For a company, the existence of clients or customers is very important. Without customers, it is impossible for a company to grow.

Therefore, maintaining good relationships with customers is a must. The existence of a call center will help you carry out these functions. The call center will act as a bridge that connects you with your customers. To answer the question of what is a call center and its function in the company, let's look at the following explanation.

What is a call center?
What is a call center? Call center itself is a phrase in English that means "call center". As the name suggests, the call center is a part of the company that is the center for receiving or making calls.

Generally, a call center in a company is a form of service to customers. Through the call center, customers can communicate with the company. Whether it's providing feedback, submitting a complaint, or even asking for information related to the products being sold.

In the conventional model, the call center is carried out by the company internally. That is, the company recruits employees who are given a job description as a call center. However, along with the times and technology, call centers can also be outsourced to third parties outside the company.

Call center function in the company
Then, what is the function of the call center itself? The call center function is closely related to communication with customers, here are the details:
1. As a liaison between the company and customers.
2. As a provider of information needed by customers related to the company's products.
3. Carry out marketing activities to prospective customers via telephone.
4. Conduct market research by analyzing data obtained from communication with customers.

Call center duties and responsibilities
After discussing what a call center is and its functions, it is now dead to discuss their duties and responsibilities. The main task of the call center itself is to receive and answer calls from customers so that two-way communication occurs between customers and the company. The following are some of the duties and responsibilities of a call center:
1. Receive and answer incoming calls to the company.
2. Listen to complaints submitted by customers carefully.
3. Provide solutions to customer complaints.
4. Convey complete information about the products or services offered by the company.
5. Respond to all customer calls with good service, agile, friendly, and of course solutions.

In addition to these tasks, there are times when the call center also has to make outgoing calls. The call is addressed to potential customers and is a form of company marketing.

Types of call centers
There are various types of call centers. Here are some types of call centers that are commonly found in Indonesian companies:

1. Inbound call center - This is the most common type of call center implemented in companies. The incoming call center is in charge of receiving all incoming calls to the company.

2. Outbound call center - The opposite of an incoming call center. The function of this type of call center is to make outgoing calls. Generally, calls are made to contact potential customers.

3. Domestic call center - Domestic call center has a specific task, which is to receive incoming calls with numbers from the same country.

4. International call center - As the name suggests, the international call center is in charge of receiving calls from overseas numbers. This type of call center is common in multinational companies.

The reason companies need a call center
Why should a company have a call center? With a call center, you can maintain a relationship with customers. You can determine whether customers are satisfied with the product or find it difficult to use the company's products.

Good quality with customers will increase the potential for repeat orders from customers. In fact, it is possible that customers will become "marketing" companies because they are satisfied with your product. That way, you can increase customer satisfaction while increasing sales and even achieving business efficiency.

From this review of what a call center is and its function, it can be seen that the role of a call center is very important for a company. Because the call center is a bridge between the company and the customer. The call center makes communication with customers well established.

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6 Advantages of WhatsApp API for Customer Service Needs

Posted On 27 Oct 2021

WhatsApp is known as one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world with two billion active users worldwide. Its direct, personal and global reach makes it one of the best apps for customers to reach businesses. Brands that focus on omnichannel strategies can use WhatsApp for customer service solutions because it really helps engage with customers privately and securely.

From handling customer inquiries to displaying products, sending notifications, to providing updates, various business activities can be carried out through WhatsApp to improve customer experience with brands. Now there is even a WhatsApp API that can strengthen customer service performance. Let's look at some of the advantages of the WhatsApp API chat for the following customer service needs!

Get closer to consumers through two-way communication
Today, customers expect personalized answers and engage in real-time communication. The secure WhatsApp makes it ideal for meeting those needs. Various brands use the WhatsApp API as one of the best applications for customer service to get closer to consumers through two-way communication.

WhatsApp Chat API itself is an application that helps interactions between consumers and companies run more efficiently. Brands must be present on almost every channel to fulfill the customer experience. By using the WhatsApp API, your business will find a customer service channel that brings your business closer to consumers and can offer quality customer support.

Messages can be received faster
Speed ​​is important in customer service because customers don't want to be made to wait long. One of the most important attributes of a good customer experience is fast response times. Therefore, responding quickly means that you are meeting customer expectations. By using the WhatsApp API, you can ensure your business sends messages that are more quickly accepted by customers.

Fast and real-time message delivery times without any delays will make customers more satisfied with the services provided. If it takes a long time to send a message, it is not impossible that you will lose customers because they switch to competitors. However, every time you respond in a timely manner, you show that your business does put customers first.

Equipped with various features for interactive communication
Interaction with customers is important because it can drive customer satisfaction. Each customer interaction not only provides insight into a specific customer experience, it also adds other data to the satisfaction of your business's overall customer base.

Most companies use interactive communication via the WhatsApp API because it makes customers more active. It also allows for a smoother exchange of ideas and information. Various excellent features of the WhatsApp API Chat such as greeting messages, scheduled messages, quick replies, and so on, build more efficient communication between companies and consumers.

There is a chatbot for optimal service
Chatbots help your business build brand loyalty by knowing what customers need and driving them there. By automating routine tasks and being available around the clock to answer customer questions, chatbots reduce the need for more customer service agents.

The chatbot feature of the WhatsApp API also helps improve the efficiency of existing support teams by reducing their workload and performing repetitive tasks. Of course, this will lead to the provision of optimal service to customers. This feature allows businesses to automatically reply to messages, even outside of business hours.
The artificial intelligence technology in the WhatsApp API Chat chatbot feature allows businesses to reply to a wide variety of messages sent to customers. That way, you no longer have to worry about being late in responding to customers, thereby increasing satisfaction.

Easy to integrate with other apps
The advantage of the WhatsApp API for customer service needs is that it is easy to integrate with other applications. There are many applications that can be integrated with the WhatsApp Chat API. You can easily connect online data synchronization with other applications, such as Pipedrive, GetResponse, Google Sheets, SMS or voice calls, messengers, and more.

Strong security system to protect data
It is very important to manage data security for your business because the more secure your data system is, the more effective your business will be. Business data is the lifeblood of a business, so you need to ensure it can perform tasks without the threat of data insecurity.

Using the WhatsApp API is the right step because there is a layered level of security so you don't have to worry about the data and information you share through the WhatsApp API Chat. Its multi-layered security system ensures that you and your customers can share messages safely.

With the various advantages of the WhatsApp API for customer service needs above, now is the right time for your business to start using the WhatsApp chat API. No need to be confused, you can get it by contacting VADS Indonesia right now!


Know Call Center Responsibilities and Duties

Posted On 25 Oct 2021

In a highly competitive market where brands are constantly competing for customer loyalty, the role of call centers in supporting customers is even more prominent. Call center is a solution to provide effective customer service. Every business cannot ignore the importance and effectiveness of call centers in providing and delivering efficient customer service for brands.

Given the importance of call centers, it is important for businesses to recognize the duties and responsibilities of call centers so that you can run them well. Starting from agents, managers, to call center supervisors, each has their own duties and responsibilities. Let's get to know in more detail about the following call center tasks!

Duties and responsibilities of call center agents
Call center agents have a huge impact on the customer's perception of the company in general. These agents serve at the forefront of the business, handling complaints, resolving issues, and ensuring satisfaction at every point of the customer journey. The list of general duties and responsibilities of call center agents includes:

  • Answer incoming calls in a timely and friendly manner.
  • Evaluate caller problems and complaints and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Respond to customer needs and provide personalized service.
  • Provide product or service information and generate interest in the offering.
  • Upsell products and services.
  • Research the required information using available resources.
  • Process orders, forms and applications.
  • Route calls to other team members when needed.
  • Keep relevant records of customer interactions.
  • Identify any problems the customer may face.
  • Report customer feedback.
  • Complete call logs and reports.
  • Manage and update customer database.
  • Follow up on customer calls.
  • Increase customer loyalty by offering the right experience over the phone.

Duties and responsibilities of call center supervisors
Call center agents do a lot of the heavy lifting inside the call center. While call center duties are customer focused, call center supervisors are agent focused to ensure every professional is trained and motivated to carry out their work. To support call center duties in their role as agents, call center supervisors need to do the following:

  • Hire, train, and prepare call center agents to solve customer problems or promote company products and services.
  • Ensure agents are equipped with capabilities to achieve call center goals and objectives.
  • Answer agent questions and help them handle challenging calls.
  • Identifying call center operational problems and suggesting improvements.
  • Prepare operational reports and analyze data to assist and advise management.

Duties and responsibilities of call center managers
Managers have more responsibilities than supervisors and call center agents. While supervisors may only have a team of agents to look after, managers usually have the burden of the entire call center organization to oversee. Some of the duties and responsibilities of a call center manager in general are:

  • Establish call center operational strategy through needs assessment, performance review, capacity planning, and cost/benefit analysis.
  • Evaluate call center technology, customer service standards, and organizational structure.
  • Monitor call center performance to identify operational problems and solutions.
  • Meet the financial goals of the call center and explore opportunities to add value.

The customer service application can simplify the tasks and responsibilities of the call center
Quality products and services are not the only factor to secure customer loyalty. As an entrepreneur, you know that it is very important for companies to provide customers with reliable customer service. The thing is, queuing requests, accommodating queries, and resolving issues can be difficult if you handle them manually.

That is why customer service applications can simplify the tasks and responsibilities of a call center. The customer service application helps manage customer inquiries and problems and stores contact information and customer data. It serves as a network of organizations that help you deliver services to meet customer needs and wants.

By recognizing the responsibilities and duties of a call center, you can build a business with the best call center. So that the process is efficient and the performance is optimal, use customer service from VADS Indonesia, which can bring customer experience to a higher level. Hope it is useful!


The Importance of Having Good Customer Service Capability for Company Progress

Posted On 22 Oct 2021

The importance of having customer service skills is the same as the importance of profit for the company. Good customer service supports the company's progress by retaining existing customers and solving problems faced by customers.

Many brands like Amazon, Apple, Disney, or Starbucks are better known for the way they treat their customers than what they sell. So, customer service plays a very important role in business progress. Let's look at the information about the importance of having the following customer service skills!

Identify problems experienced by customers
Customers who are dissatisfied with your business services are usually less likely to return. A single customer bad experience spreads much faster than a positive experience, so it's important for businesses to have good customer service skills.

If you want to drive your company forward, you need to be able to identify the problems your customers are experiencing. There are many ways to identify the problem apart from receiving a direct complaint, either by asking the customer or checking the feedback provided.

By identifying the problem correctly, you will be able to help customers provide the solutions they need. Customers who are satisfied with customer service because the problem is solved properly will make them loyal so that they contribute greatly to the progress of your business.

Educate customers about the product
Good customer serviceability is also important because it can help educate customers about the products offered. Educating customers about products is an important part of marketing, especially for innovative or new products in the market. Through education, customers become more familiar and familiar with your business.

Customer education ensures that customers understand the benefits and value of your business products based on an understanding of real needs. Customer education also enhances the product experience which helps increase engagement. High levels of engagement make customers more likely to renew or repurchase your product.

Become the company's brand image
Brand image is the customer's perception of your brand based on their interactions. The company's brand image may change from time to time and does not necessarily relate to customers who make purchases or use your products and services. For example, even if you are not an iPhone user, you may have a positive view of the Apple brand.

You must be able to build a positive brand image because a negative brand image can lead to business failure. More than 50% of businesses fail within five years, mainly due to the reputation of the business not being handled properly. Invest in brand image management, one of which is having good customer service skills. Customer service reflects the company's values ​​so it is important to prioritize.

Maintain customer trust in your business
Having good customer service skills also includes maintaining customer trust in your business. Most customers admit that they will gladly recommend a brand to others if they have confidence in the brand. Not only does it help generate positive word of mouth, but trust also creates customer loyalty which helps your business thrive. This is because returning customers will usually spend more than new customers.

Customer trust and loyalty go hand in hand and both are important factors in the company's progress and the long-term success of a brand. There are many ways to build customer trust and loyalty, one of which is by treating customer service like a friendship.

Like most relationships, friendships take time and are built on trust and respect. So, business relationships with customers should not be much different. By treating your customers like friends, you can build a strong foundation of trust with your customers, which will give them a reason to stay loyal to your business.
Accommodating suggestions and criticisms from customers.

Many business owners just want to see positive reviews and comments about their business. However, the truth is, you will still get negative feedback no matter how hard you try to please your customers.
Negative reviews about a business can be painful, both emotionally and financially. However, the ability to accommodate suggestions and criticisms from customers is very crucial for the progress of the company because it can be used as evaluation material to develop the business.

Through good customer service capabilities, your business will be able to constructively accommodate suggestions and criticisms from customers for future business improvements. Leveraging customer feedback can help you manage customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve your business products and services.

The various points above prove that the ability of good customer service can have a positive effect on the progress of the company. That's why it's time for you to start investing to improve the performance of the customer service team. Equip them with work support tools such as special customer service software provided by VADS Indonesia.


5 Reasons Customer Service Applications Can Help Grow Your Business

Posted On 21 Oct 2021

If you want your business to be successful, then all aspects need to be considered. One of the things you need to prioritize is customer service or customer service. In short, happy customers can generate more revenue, growth, and sustainability for your business.

However, how to provide the best customer service? The answer is simple, you need to use a customer service application that can help grow your business. There are many reasons why you should use this app. Here are five of them!

Improve the performance of the support team
Customers can easily contact the support team through the customer service application. By improving the performance of the support team, your customers will also get the help they need when experiencing problems. Not only that, if they have questions about the products and services that your business offers, the customer service team can provide them with answers and solutions.

Just make sure you choose a customer service application that is easy for the team to use to help grow the business. The customer service team needs to provide faster, consistent, and detailed services through easy-to-use applications so they can focus on providing the best service and assistance. In this way, customers can also be more satisfied with the services provided.

Customer service available 24/7
In this digital era, customers have the desire to be able to buy products and services whenever they need them. That's why providing 24-hour customer service can significantly increase customer satisfaction. Just as your business accepts purchases 24/7 through the company's website or online shop, your business should be happy to answer questions or deal with any issues throughout the day.

Well, customer service that is available 24/7 is only possible if you use a customer service application. Through this application, your company's customer support team can stand by all day to answer all questions or obstacles that customers may face. You will also earn a reputation as a professional, reliable and caring business for customers.

Conversation history with customers can be saved
As customers, they want the business or brand to value their time. The key, of course, is to provide the best service. Although it may be quite challenging, the good news is there are many ways you can do to make this happen. One of them is to save a history of conversations with customers by using a customer service application.

The customer service application allows the history of conversations with customers to be stored so that you can find out:
1. What did the customer say before?
2. How did the team respond and who responded?
3. Has the customer experience with your business so far been positive or negative?
4. What internal case records are left with the customer?

This can be used as evaluation material or research needs for business development strategies. Various information stored in the history of conversations with customers helps the customer service team to provide appropriate responses.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
Because you get the best service, of course, customers will be satisfied with your business. They have a positive experience so that it has a good effect on loyalty. Continue to maintain these conditions. Make sure customers are always satisfied with the services you provide, especially in terms of customer service.
The three main factors that impact customer satisfaction are customer understanding, service, and technology. By leveraging these factors, you can provide a consistent and positive customer experience and create customer loyalty.

Most customers will return to businesses that provide excellent service so you need to improve customer satisfaction and service through a reliable customer service application. Developing a business will be easier if you are able to provide satisfaction to customers that make them loyal to your business.

Make it easier to assess the performance of the support team
The final reason customer service applications are important for businesses is the ability to make it easier to assess support team performance. You can make sure the support team is doing a good job by using an application that helps assess the performance of each customer service agent.

This is because all agent activity history is recorded automatically in the customer service application. So, when it's assessment time, you can simply access the data in the app. By assessing the performance of the support team, you can monitor the progress of the team and make improvements to the necessary aspects.

Those are five reasons why customer service applications can help grow your business. Make sure you use an application whose track record is trusted and the quality is proven to be good. VADS Indonesia can help you to get the best customer service application to be able to grow your business. Immediately contact for a free consultation!


6 Customer Service Capabilities that Must Be Mastered in the Digital Era

Posted On 19 Oct 2021

Customer service is the support you offer your customers, both before and after they buy and use your product or service, to help them have an easy and enjoyable experience with your business. Customer support is more than just providing answers, it's an important part of promises your business makes to customers.

In this digital era, there are several customer service skills that must be mastered so that your business can provide the best customer service. The best customer service means being able to meet customer expectations, from good language skills to the willingness to continue learning in order to continuously improve the quality of service.

Good language skills
If a customer contacts you, it's likely because they encountered a problem with your product or service. So, it is natural for them to feel disappointed or even angry. However, despite customer anger, customer service agents must remain positive and have good language skills. The ability to steer the conversation toward positive outcomes with the use of positive language is critical to providing customers with the service they expect.

Furthermore, the ability of customer service that must be mastered is problem-solving. Problem-solving involves a lot of customer service skills, characterized by a professional approach and constant and clear communication overall.

One of the main keys to successful problem solving is a clear identification of the problem. When a customer raises a complaint, try to summarize the problem the customer is having to make sure you capture their story correctly. Only then can you analyze the problem and provide solutions as needed.

Patience and empathy
Customer service agents have to get used to and be patient with angry customers or maybe even rude when conveying problems and complaints. Keeping calm is very important to provide the best customer service. If you are impatient and get emotional, it will be more difficult to deal with the customer. That is why patience is one of the customer service skills that must be mastered in the digital era.

In addition, the list of customer service skills that must be mastered will not be complete without empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand the emotions of others and understand their point of view. 70% of customer experiences are based on how they feel treated. It doesn't matter if the problem has been solved or if there is a refund, customers generally value emotional help more. This indicates that you understand their feelings.

Quickly adapt
Next, the customer serviceability that must be mastered in the digital era is adapting quickly. Your business may have standard policies or scripts designed to serve customers. However, keep in mind that every customer has a unique character. Therefore, customer service agents must be ready to adapt to various situations. In addition to strong adaptability, flexibility in responding to various situations in a way that customers prefer will increase their satisfaction.

Product knowledge
Having product knowledge is also customer serviceability that must be mastered and no less important. Customers can get very frustrated when they meet a customer service agent who doesn't have the necessary product-related information. In such a situation, admitting that you don't know can make the customer even angrier, while pretending you know and providing the wrong information will make the situation worse.

Therefore, train customer service agents to be able to answer all questions related to products and services so that they can respond appropriately. Customer service agents who have extensive product knowledge will not only provide solutions to customer problems but also ultimately help businesses get maximum sales.

Willingness to keep learning
Finally, the customer serviceability that must be mastered in the digital era is the willingness to continue learning. Being satisfied too soon after reaching a target or answering all customer questions and complaints can be a problem in the future. Because there will always be new challenges that may be faced later. Customer service who has a willingness to continue learning can help realize the excellent service that your business can offer.

Those were at least six customer service skills that must be mastered in the current digital era. Make sure your agents have the best customer service capabilities to provide optimal service to your customers. VADS Indonesia can help you to get the best customer service to optimize your company's customer service, see in full here!


What is BPO: Definition, Purpose, Types, and Benefits

Posted On 18 Oct 2021

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a type of outsourcing in which a third-party service provider is hired to perform one or more business functions in a company. These third parties are responsible for carrying out all operations related to business functions. BPO is also known as subcontracting or externalization which was originally used in the manufacturing industry, but now it has also been used for various business processes. Let's find out what BPO is, its purpose, types, and advantages through the following review.

What is BPO?
To know what BPO is, you need to know that business contracts with BPO vendors are carried out for two main areas, namely:

Back office operations - cover payment processing, information technology services, quality assurance, and so on.
Front office operations - covers marketing, sales, customer relations, and complaint handling.

In many cases, businesses outsource one or more functions. For example, instead of outsourcing all HR functions, the company will only outsource the payroll process. However, now the BPO industry has grown rapidly so that it is able to offer a variety of services and functions for businesses and organizations.


Type of BPO
Business Process Outsourcing companies can be divided into several types based on their location. Here is the explanation.

Onshore outsourcing - When a business hires a service provider located in the same country. This is also called domestic outsourcing.
Nearshore outsourcing - When a business hires a service provider from a neighboring country.
Offshore outsourcing - When a business hires a service provider in a different country. This is also called offshoring.


Advantages of doing BPO
So far, you have known what BPO is and its types which are divided by location. Then, what are the advantages of implementing a Business Process Outsourcing system for your company? Here are some of them.

1. Improve service quality
Most companies, especially start-ups, will usually be overwhelmed if they have to carry out various additional business activities. Shifting non-core work to a BPO company can allow businesses to have more time to focus on their core business activities while improving the quality of services handled by BPO professionals.

2. Increase work productivity
BPO companies are ideally experienced in various fields and perform at the highest level while adopting best practices and using the latest technology. These advantages naturally result in higher efficiency and greater work productivity.

3. Time and cost-efficiency
In terms of time and cost efficiency, one of the main reasons many businesses undertake Business Process Outsourcing is cost reduction. Instead of buying IT equipment and hiring more employees to perform different tasks, they can outsource tasks to service providers, reducing or even eliminating overhead costs.


Business activities that can be helped by BPO
After knowing what BPO is, its types, and various advantages, now you also need to know what business activities can be helped by Business Process Outsourcing. These are some of the areas that BPO professionals often work on.

1. Taxation
The time spent on filing and reporting taxes is quite large and requires a special set of skills that are generally only owned by tax consultants. The taxation process can be made easier with BPO so that you avoid significant tax burdens and can save large amounts of costs. It also allows in-house employees the opportunity to focus more on other business activities.

2. Recruitment
The higher the business needs to hire more people, the more complex and time-consuming the recruitment process will be. Various processes, from selection, interview, selection, background check, salary negotiation, to the preparation of employee contracts, will take a very long time. You can save time by taking advantage of what is a BPO that has a ready database so that you can choose the right candidate for the next process.

3. Accounting
Avoid wasting expenses just because of minor accounting mistakes that accumulate over time. The good news is that Business Process Outsourcing can help you keep all your accounts organized so that towards the end of the year, your business finances don't have to be confused about bookkeeping. BPO will also ensure that all financial transactions are accurate.

4. Technology 
Not all businesses can immediately hire a strong technology team, such as IT specialists, to address business needs. While there is a lot of technology-related issues to be resolved, training non-technology-savvy employees to handle IT activities can be much more expensive than outsourcing.

5. Customer Service

Companies can outsource things related to customer service in handling business needs, so companies can focus more on their core business. Business Process Outsourcing can help your company to manage your customers' services such as call centers, contact centers, telemarketing services, and other customer services needed by your company. BPO will ensure your company can continue to connect with your customers with the best service.


That was a variety of information about what BPO is, starting from its definition, purpose, types, and advantages that you need to know. VADS Indonesia with BPO as its main business can be a solution for your business that needs outsourcing services now, especially for those of you who need customer service. Come on, find out more complete information about VADS Indonesia by clicking here!


Know the Difference between Call Center and Contact Center

Posted On 15 Oct 2021

The call center is a department that serves incoming and outgoing customer calls. Call center agents to become customer service representatives who handle customer inquiries. It usually also provides other services such as remote marketing, billing, and other customer-related functions. Call center operations can be in-house or outsourced to vendors or external partners who are experts in their fields.

Meanwhile, the contact center is a department that handles incoming and outgoing customer interactions. Like call center services, contact centers operate within the organization or can be outsourced to partners. However, the difference is that contact center agents interact with customers through various channels, such as messages, telephone, applications, text, email, social media, and the web.

Communication channel used
Historically, a call center was a service designed to serve as many customers as possible in the shortest time possible through a single channel, namely voice calls. In many cases, customers call the business the last resort. In contrast, contact centers are designed with the understanding that customers expect fast responses, personalized interactions, and timely results from the channel of their choice. So, the main difference between the two lies in the customer service channel used.

However, adding more channels to a call center does not make it a contact center. The contact center is the central point for managing all customer contacts. This requires coordination and integration of human resources (HR), processes, and technology across the business. Contact center agents, for example, need to be trained on the best practices of each channel to increase customer engagement.

Information about problems facing customers
The call center is a customer service that focuses on answering incoming requests as the only means of communicating with customers. This makes the call center only able to collect various information about the problems faced by customers based on incoming calls that are not necessarily comprehensive.

On the other hand, the contact center is more integrated with the help of software and history from various channels. This factor allows agents to maximally know the specific problems or complaints of each customer so that they can solve problems easily.

Implementation of self-service procedures
Most call centers and contact centers use automation through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR is a feature of an automated business phone system that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via menus. IVR performs actions based on the caller's response via a telephone keypad or voice response.

Both use IVR, the difference is that the call center has an IVR design that tends to be complicated so that customers cannot easily talk to agents directly. Meanwhile, contact centers design IVR with brands and customers in mind which helps predict caller intent and directs it to the best agent. Sometimes, the needs of the caller can also be resolved without human contact.

Implementation of self-service procedures is also provided at the contact center via keyword-based two-way text messages or by chatbots. Regardless of the method used, the implementation of this self-service procedure serves to reduce the time agents spend on the phone thereby minimizing costs and waiting time.

Access to customer profile data
Both contact centers and call centers are services that can track customer profile data collected from each time a customer contacts your business. However, the digital channels used by the contact center make it much simpler, not to mention the software used can collect all customer data from all channels into one customer display.
All that customer profile data is used by businesses to offer predictive services or suggest new products.

Compared to call centers, contact centers generate more data thanks to the use of multiple channels. Your business can provide outstanding service during interactions with customers because various customer data are available every time a customer connects to the company's contact center.

Easy routing to the right agent
The last difference between a call center and a contact center is the ease of routing to the right agent. Directing customers to the most appropriate agent is done by utilizing various customer information obtained from each channel.

Call centers can actually direct customers to the most appropriate agent, but contact centers are easier to do this routing because of the use of software that pulls data from various channels, making it easier for the contact center to predict the destination of calls, texts, webchats, and so on.
All customers don't want to spend extra time explaining their problem, so it's important for your business to make sure the customer is connected to the right agent for faster troubleshooting. In this case, the contact center is superior because its software allows business routes to be faster and more accurate.

By now, you have learned that a call center is a department that handles incoming and outgoing customer calls, while a contact center is a department that handles incoming and outgoing customer interactions through multiple channels. Both are equally important to support your business's customer service. To make it more optimal, equip your contact center agent with customer service support software such as those made by VADS Indonesia.


What Work Attitudes Should a Telemarketer Have?

Posted On 14 Oct 2021

The job of a telemarketer is to sell a product or service over the phone. Generally, telemarketers only have a few seconds to convince someone to keep listening to an offer, so it's important to know the work attitude a telemarketer must have to develop a set of sales skills.

The best telemarketers know the product being sold and can answer detailed questions about the product. They complete extra training courses and know how to maintain an optimistic attitude when talking on the phone. Let's look at the information about the work attitude that a telemarketer must have below.

Communicate in a positive tone
One of the work attitudes that a telemarketer must have is communication with a positive tone. When your voice and words are the only tools you can use to promote a product or service, understanding and maintaining communication in a positive tone is critical.

The tone is the quality of your voice that can be managed with concentration and practice. When handling calls, remember to always be polite and speak positively. Greet customers in the way they like, use “Sir” or “Madam” as appropriate. Then, under no circumstances should you be rude. Remember that you are the professional face of your company as well as an ethical professional salesperson.

Understanding target consumers
Understanding the target consumer can be done by doing the research before making a phone call. Telemarketing activities often make most people feel annoyed because they feel they do not need the goods or services offered. In addition, they are also not familiar with the telemarketing staff who contacted them.

As a solution, you must spend time understanding the target consumer so that communication can be right on target. For example, if you want to offer a bank savings product, look for information about the age, name, type of savings that your target consumer might already have. By doing research, you can provide offers that match the needs of target consumers so that they will be more welcome and feel familiar with the offers you provide.

Efficient time management
A telemarketer must also be able to do time management efficiently. This is the work attitude that a telemarketer must-have. This relates to the many tasks that need to be done, from checking email, recording customer data, and making phone calls. Many tasks can only be completed properly if you can manage time efficiently.

Knowing the right times to contact customers by telephone is also very important. Every business usually has a customer demographic that provides information about customer peak hours, so a telemarketer can make calls outside of peak hours. Knowing the right time to make a call can help you get a better response from your target customers.

A good listener
A telemarketer must also have the ability to be a good listener because customers want to be heard. Although telemarketing basically consists of marketing or promotional messages delivered over the phone to customers or potential customers, target consumers may have questions, complaints, or feedback that need to be listened to.

Telemarketing aims to promote or advertise the company's goods or services. The ability to listen to customers can have an impact on the success of a telemarketer in realizing potential prospects through promotions.

Thorough understanding of the product
A thorough understanding of the product is one of the work attitudes that a telemarketer must-have. With a good product understanding, a telemarketing agent can convince customers better. Correct information about the product is used by a telemarketer to follow up on prospects.

This working attitude that must be owned by a telemarketer encourages effective marketing strategies because customers can get detailed information on the products offered so that they can be taken into consideration.

Helpful answer every question
Target consumers may have questions, that's why a telemarketer must be helpful in answering every question. You should be prepared to talk about any concerns or concerns that your target customers have. Telemarketing isn't just about "calling, getting an answer, and hanging up."

While some people may not be happy to receive calls from telemarketing, it is possible that others will respond positively. That's why you need to master the ability to answer questions to the fullest.

That's information about some of the work attitudes that a telemarketer must have that you need to know. Becoming a successful telemarketer is not difficult if you are willing to keep learning and trying. Of course, don't forget to be equipped with supporting software for telemarketing activities such as those provided by VADS Indonesia. Success for you!


Healthcare Call Center As Key to Upgrade the Healthcare Industry

Posted On 27 Apr 2021

The Health Industry is an industry that can be the main aspect so that the life of an individual becomes even better, especially for the patients or clients they have. They must be able to provide services that can of course be provided and also be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is known that the already very high demand for health services such as patient care or handling and also hospitals is very worrying because the amount of costs and energy required is very large. This is where the role of the healthcare call center is used as the main weapon in order to meet the lack of resources and certainly meet the needs of diverse patients. That way the role of the healthcare call center here can be the main solution so that the health and care industry becomes more stable and continues to increase.

Why is Healthcare Call Center said to be the main key to Developing the Health Industry?

1. Customer Service and Patient Satisfaction

It is clear that the main purpose and function of any existing call center is to serve customers who in the world of health are patients. The relationship with each existing customer/patient is very important, so the agent from the call center that is owned becomes the main face to start a relationship with these customers so that they form a sense of comfort for the services that have been provided. For this reason, diverting each call center to agents who have been trained and of course trusted is highly recommended because they are the main foundation for achieving things such as customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and also business profit.

2. Support Resources With High-Quality Performance

To make the level of service, especially in the aspect of call services at health institutions, continue to increase, tools and support resources are needed, such as a Cloud-based Call Center which can improve data optimization, Omnichannel Support to communicate through various media such as Email, Website and also Social Media. , Modern IT Support, Chatbot Services, Facilities, and also Trainers who can help agents by providing training and mentoring to help them maximize all the services provided later. Of course, all the resources owned will meet the standards required by the institution. That way, using a healthcare call center itself will maximize the given business performance.

3. Reducing and Saving Cost

With so many costs involved in the aspect of care and also the implementation carried out by a health institution, of course, they have to find a way so that the customer service and customer care provided remains of high quality. Outsourcing itself can help healthcare organizations to save on expenses. Any reduced operating costs themselves do not mean the quality that will be obtained will be lower, because the outsourcing service providers themselves are always trying to improve the services they have.

4. Decrease Business Risk

The Healthcare Call Center will ensure that there will be no more errors such as missed calls so that every incoming call will always be ensured to get a response from every agent on duty. The Healthcare Call Center is also possible to answer calls at any time because many customers or patients have urgent medical needs or questions. By paying attention to each of these customer calls, it is certain that it will not cause loss of business opportunities and can also affect the reputation of the health institution.

By having the right and appropriate Healthcare Call Center service, it is concluded that it is very helpful and provides significant benefits to health institutions/organizations to handle complaints given by customers/patients. The Healthcare Call Center also has an impact on the relationships that will be had with customers which is very necessary to achieve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. VADS Indonesia itself certainly provides Call Center service solutions to help improve and develop your business plan by having satisfactory services. Please contact to find out more information about our Call Center solutions.


The Importance of Call Centers for Health Services

Posted On 22 Apr 2021

Call Centers have changed over the years and continue to be developed to be better at providing customer service and also tailored to the needs of the company. Call Centers today are usually connected in the cloud or via the internet. Today's modern call centers can also be integrated with email, webchat, SMS, and video calls. The goal is for call center agents to engage with new patients as well as existing patients through the channel of their choice. So that there are more channel options that patients can choose from.

For most healthcare organizations, call centers are at the forefront of providing services to patients. It is important for call centers to provide efficient services to assist health organizations in providing the best service to patients. Health care call centers help ensure that patients get the right service. Patients usually have urgent needs such as having to make an appointment on the same day. So that a quality health service call center will make patients receive a positive experience.

The benefits that can be felt by using a health service call center include:

Improve Relationships with Patients

While the internet and social media have emerged as new and popular communication channels for providing healthcare customer service, access to talking directly with call center agents is still the most preferred channel for people seeking help quickly. But over time, the use of email and social media can be adopted to serve the needs of patients so that patients are more satisfied and can also increase the value for health services.

Call Center Increases Patient Satisfaction

Having a telephone number for patients to call is not enough to provide satisfactory patient care. So that it takes a real, reliable, and personalized patient service so that it can make patients get a good patient experience. Thus, healthcare call centers that can provide fast, accurate, and personalized attention not only help reduce call abandonment rates but can also lead to better brand perception and referrals.

Call Center Improves Hospital Management

The expansion of alternative payment models such as integrated payments or value-based care requires hospitals to continue to prioritize follow-up with patients to ensure satisfactory outcomes. The health service call center can be used for post-discharge follow-up, appointment reminders, making appointments with health workers, and also for patient satisfaction surveys.

Call Center Increases Hospital Brand Awareness and Doctor Referrals

Hospitals or healthcare services are unique in that their patients are not “customers” in the traditional sense of business because they are not treating them to be “permanent servants”. However, universal marketing such as word of mouth plays an important role. Nearly three-quarters of patients said they would recommend a hospital with good service to friends and family.

Modernization of health service call centers must be supported by increasing human resources who can provide the best service to patients. Various features and benefits of a modern health service call center are that it can be integrated with online systems and other medical billing so that everything is designed to provide the best service to patients. In addition, the health industry can also save costs, increase agent productivity, provide self-service for patients, and also have better access to patient care.

PT VADS Indonesia can help your health service to be better. Discuss your health service call center needs with PT VADS Indonesia, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the contact center, and customer experience fields with professional call center management services that can improve customer support for your health services. PT VADS Indonesia provides free POC to improve your health service customer experience. Immediately contact and improve your customer experience with PT VADS Indonesia.


Virtual Call Center, Call Center Service in the New Normal Era

Posted On 19 Apr 2021

A virtual call center is a call center that provides customer service without being in one location. They are in various locations, can work from home or work in different offices but remain connected through virtual call center software. Virtual call centers can be used by companies to provide support to their customers in various time zones needed so that they can provide cost-effective solutions for call center solutions.

Various advantages of using a virtual call center include no geographical restrictions so agents can log inflexibly, can be accessed via phone or laptop, can be set up quickly using a virtual phone system, and can be monitored live. In addition, a virtual call center agent does not require a telephone device but can be accessed via a browser using a laptop or mobile phone. The system used by the virtual call center can also be easily integrated with other systems such as helpdesk, CRM, billing software, analytics, and others. Virtual call centers only use IP Networks such as LAN and WAN to ensure data and voice have good quality.

The way a virtual call center works is basically having a call center that can be accessed remotely. The virtual call center platform can be hosted in the cloud or on specific premises depending on the needs of each company. Once the system is complete, the call center virtual agents log into the system from their respective locations and are ready to handle customer calls just like in an office environment.

The job of a virtual call center agent is the same as what a call center agent does in general, namely handling incoming and outgoing phone calls, and usually requires the ability to handle the following tasks:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Reply to emails or online chat messages
  • Handling customer problems
  • Directing customers to resolution when complex resolution is required
  • Doing telemarketing and sales
  • Make a call for data verification

Call center virtual agents need appropriate computer equipment to meet their needs in servicing customer relationships. In addition, experience and training are needed to provide agents with sufficient provisions in managing the company's customer service. Apart from being knowledgeable about the company they work for, they should also be trained on how to handle common customer-related issues. So they must have the following skills:

Interpersonal skills

Communication skills so agents must be smiling, professional, and friendly especially in speaking on the phone in a clear tone. So call center virtual agents must be proficient in responding to calls.


Virtual call center agents must be patient, especially in dealing with frustrated or angry callers related to their complaints. So the virtual call center agent must be able to overcome the situation.

Ability to solve problems

A virtual call center agent must be able to think quickly, assess the situation, and find the best solution to every problem experienced by their respective customers.

Organizational skills

Call center virtual agents need a lot of information and switch from one call to another with different problems, so they need people who can manage and are always ready for each of these different calls.

VADS Indonesia provides virtual call center services that serve customers of various companies on various channels. VADS Indonesia recognizes and ensures that customers have a support experience using a virtual call center that can increase the productivity and efficiency of your company's customer service. Call us, and we'll demonstrate how a virtual call center can enhance your customer service support efforts. Convinced by the various benefits of a virtual call center but confused about where to start? Kindly contact for a consultation regarding a virtual call center to improve your company's customer service.

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