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Human Augmented Bot, Innovative Solution to Increase Productivity of Your Contact Center

10 December 2020

Image of Human Augmented Bot, Innovative Solution to Increase Productivity of Your Contact Center

Technological development is one of the things that is needed in customer service. The customer service industry really makes technology one of the tools to meet the needs of its customers. One way is by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. AI technology that is often used in serving customers is by using chatbots. Chatbots are virtual robots with artificial intelligence that can serve conversations quickly and anytime 24/7. This computer program is designed to be able to respond to conversations with customers via text. This chatbot feature can be used by companies to serve customers because of its function that can respond quickly and whenever customers ask for information and the problems they are experiencing.

Artificial intelligence continues to be developed to maximize its useful use in helping human work. After the development of chatbots that can help in serving customers, various technology companies developed chatbots not only based on text but also began to expand by voice or what is known as voice bot. Voicebot is an artificial intelligence-powered software that helps callers communicate like an interactive voice system (IVR) that can respond naturally. Callers or customers do not need to listen to the menu and press buttons on the keypad in accordance with the direction of the IVR, but customers talk directly to the IVR in a simple systemized call simulation with direct operators.

Voicebot uses recorded and text-to-speech responses to answer customer questions. Voicebot's job is to help direct what the customer wants in an effective response by using machine learning to increase his capacity and also to improve service to customers. Examples of popular voice bots include Amazon Poly, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, IBM Watson, and also Google Assistant.

Both chatbots and voice bots can help companies improve their customer service because they can operate 24/7 so that whenever a customer calls they will always be assisted by a chatbot or voice bot. However, currently, both of them are limited to only being able to answer recurring questions and questions that are commonly asked by everyday customers. For more complex questions and problems, a customer service agent is needed as a complement in solving the problems experienced by your customers. A chatbot or voice bot solution that is equipped with a customer service agent as a complement to customer service is called a Human Augmented Bot.

Hybrid development, Human Augmented Bot is a combination of humans and machines developed to perform functions that are more optimal and productive. Chatbots and voice bots in customer service that have AI systems do have the advantage of being faster in responding than interacting with humans. Robots are better at processing data, looking for patterns, performing repetitive tasks, and viewing records or customer journeys in seconds. However, on the other hand, there must be humans who provide customer data processing and also interact with customers in terms of more complex problems and dealing with certain subjects. This Human Augmented Bot will make the company provide better customer service and of course at a lower cost.

Human augmented bots make customer service fast, efficient, and can be integrated with systems owned by the company. The combination of digital channels, automation, AI, and human engagement makes human augmented bots a breakthrough to improve company services in communicating with customers.

Chatbot and voicebox technology will continue to be developed because this technology is a technology that facilitates human work in various industries, especially in the field of customer service. Improve your company's customer service with the Human Augmented Bot provided by VADS Indonesia. VADS Indonesia will help your company develop a live chat in a hybrid manner, follow up, and also bill through human augmented bots that can be used in various channels such as WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Contact for further discussion and consultation regarding improving your company's customer service to make it more productive and efficient.

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