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What is a Call Center: Definition, Functions, and Duties

01 November 2021

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What is a call center? Actually, what is the function of a call center in a company? For a company, the existence of clients or customers is very important. Without customers, it is impossible for a company to grow.

Therefore, maintaining good relationships with customers is a must. The existence of a call center will help you carry out these functions. The call center will act as a bridge that connects you with your customers. To answer the question of what is a call center and its function in the company, let's look at the following explanation.

What is a call center?
What is a call center? Call center itself is a phrase in English that means "call center". As the name suggests, the call center is a part of the company that is the center for receiving or making calls.

Generally, a call center in a company is a form of service to customers. Through the call center, customers can communicate with the company. Whether it's providing feedback, submitting a complaint, or even asking for information related to the products being sold.

In the conventional model, the call center is carried out by the company internally. That is, the company recruits employees who are given a job description as a call center. However, along with the times and technology, call centers can also be outsourced to third parties outside the company.

Call center function in the company
Then, what is the function of the call center itself? The call center function is closely related to communication with customers, here are the details:
1. As a liaison between the company and customers.
2. As a provider of information needed by customers related to the company's products.
3. Carry out marketing activities to prospective customers via telephone.
4. Conduct market research by analyzing data obtained from communication with customers.

Call center duties and responsibilities
After discussing what a call center is and its functions, it is now dead to discuss their duties and responsibilities. The main task of the call center itself is to receive and answer calls from customers so that two-way communication occurs between customers and the company. The following are some of the duties and responsibilities of a call center:
1. Receive and answer incoming calls to the company.
2. Listen to complaints submitted by customers carefully.
3. Provide solutions to customer complaints.
4. Convey complete information about the products or services offered by the company.
5. Respond to all customer calls with good service, agile, friendly, and of course solutions.

In addition to these tasks, there are times when the call center also has to make outgoing calls. The call is addressed to potential customers and is a form of company marketing.

Types of call centers
There are various types of call centers. Here are some types of call centers that are commonly found in Indonesian companies:

1. Inbound call center - This is the most common type of call center implemented in companies. The incoming call center is in charge of receiving all incoming calls to the company.

2. Outbound call center - The opposite of an incoming call center. The function of this type of call center is to make outgoing calls. Generally, calls are made to contact potential customers.

3. Domestic call center - Domestic call center has a specific task, which is to receive incoming calls with numbers from the same country.

4. International call center - As the name suggests, the international call center is in charge of receiving calls from overseas numbers. This type of call center is common in multinational companies.

The reason companies need a call center
Why should a company have a call center? With a call center, you can maintain a relationship with customers. You can determine whether customers are satisfied with the product or find it difficult to use the company's products.

Good quality with customers will increase the potential for repeat orders from customers. In fact, it is possible that customers will become "marketing" companies because they are satisfied with your product. That way, you can increase customer satisfaction while increasing sales and even achieving business efficiency.

From this review of what a call center is and its function, it can be seen that the role of a call center is very important for a company. Because the call center is a bridge between the company and the customer. The call center makes communication with customers well established.

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