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Delivering high quality services. Highly secure environment.

With PT VADS Indonesia, you can ensures customer experience at good quality are optimal and cost efficient. The good news is that we have the solutions to keep your business line going at an optimal pace.

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Use Case

One of the largest transportation companies in Indonesia is collaborate with VADS to develop its business. Starting from a small business to become one of the decacorn companies in Indonesia. Not only managing inbound and outbound contact centers, but also solutions for walk in centers and providing end to end customer service. These are things that you're looking for some best practices to enhance the customer experience. 

The Challenge : 

The data is expected to be surveyed quickly and accurately and that one of the major transportation companies in Indonesia has high data security standards.

The Solutions : 

  • VADS provides a Call Center service to invite partners to join the training.
  • VADS Provides Call Center services to validate partner data whether the data is valid or not, & to activate partner user accounts.
  • VADS Provides Call Center services to socialize new programs to all partnersitive solutions by providing services at one of our sites in Yogyakarta and Semarang at a good price with good quality.

Highlight : 

  • Flexibility (multi skill agent that have the ability to up-sell and cross-sell products/services)
  • Well managed campaign and database with 100% data touched
  • Real-time results

We supports any channels and tools to meet your needs based on your customers personalized preferred channels.

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