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Top 7 Contact Center Trends 2023 to Optimize Your Business

10 January 2023

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The pandemic has made all movements and jobs in the world that used to be traditional turn digital. However, customer behavior and expectations for fast and efficient service have not changed. Therefore, companies that use contact centers must also follow the latest technology, so they can survive and compete with others. Because consumers judge a brand based on their experience, this digital transformation really helps them evaluate a brand, where all their complaints and problems can be resolved quickly.

In order to provide a good customer experience and generate higher revenue for the company, we must continue to monitor the trends that are currently developing, especially in the contact center industry. Following are the contact center trends in 2023:

Integrated use of AI in customer conversations

Artificial Intelligence or artificial intelligence is a trend that can help contact center agents to immediately detect customer sentiment and provide feedback. So that customer service becomes more qualified, fast, and good. Data from Gartner estimates that by 2026, conversational technologies using AI including chatbots and IVR will reduce agent labor costs by $80 billion and in some reports, AI will increase contact center productivity by 35%.

Remote Contact Center

The pandemic has triggered a remote working style, so that contact center agents can also work remotely. Implementing hybrid and mobile work is one of the company's work alternatives. The benefits are reduced operational costs, quality agents with a wider range, and also the expansion of global services. However, there are several challenges that must be considered such as maintaining and monitoring productivity levels, agent training and development, maintaining customer data security, and effective communication.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics can help companies gain insight into agent performance as well as customer behavior. The data helps companies focus on analyzing conversations between agents and customers, using only keywords or phrases and also performs emotional detection. So that companies have insight to solve their problems and improve efficiency and customer experience. The contact center also requires real time performance analytics to generate employee productivity reports for business growth and success.

The Cloud Contact Center

Cloud technology can help contact center service operations to ensure a smooth transition to the hybrid work model. Cloud technology can be an effective workforce management tool that enables contact center agents to work remotely, anywhere and provide 24/7 customer service. The cloud can also help companies to build fast workflows because they can handle high call volumes. Investments in cloud technology can help companies create flexible work environments and improve customer data security.

Customize Customer Experience

Personalized customer experiences go a long way in building customer loyalty. This can also be used to improve customer experience metrics such as customer satisfaction scores, customer retention rates, and so on. According to data from McKinsey's 2021, 71% of consumers expect a personalized experience. Agents can find customer data in one solution so they can personalize customer interactions. Personalized customer experience can generate positive reviews for your company's contact center services and can offer a more competitive experience compared to contact centers that don't prioritize customer needs.

Provide support with Omnichannel

Omnichannel enables the contact center industry to meet customer needs across multiple platforms. In this way, customers can easily access information regarding communications with the company and customers do not have to repeat their problems when they switch from one channel to another. So that this omnichannel support becomes a good way of communication and provides a better customer experience.

Contact Center Automation

Automation is emerging as one of the major trends in contact centers. Automation can save costs and also increase efficiency. In addition, it can grow the customer experience by providing solutions that can be personalized at any time. Automation can also automate repetitive agent tasks so agents can focus more on solving customer problems. Automation in the contact center can be in routine activities such as data report export, ticket transfer, and accelerate reach with a predictive dialer or IVR.

Contact center technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help contact centers automate routine, repetitive tasks. RPA bots can answer common customer questions and output relevant customer data when placing phone calls.


Adapting to the contact center trend will help companies meet customer expectations and increase agent productivity to deal with all customer issues. PT VADS Indonesia provides contact center services to provide the best customer experience for your company which is equipped with multiple channels, customizable features, and platform integration to make it easier to manage all your company's contact center activities.

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