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Difference between Call Center Job Desk and Contact Center

31 January 2022

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What are the call center job desks? Then, are the call center and contact center job desks the same? Many people think that call centers and contact centers are the same things. In fact, when viewed from the job desk that must be done, the two have some significant differences. You can see the full explanation below.

What is a call center?
Call center is a communication line that connects customers with the company. The term call center itself refers to the communication system, while the person who operates it is called the call center agent.

To be able to connect with this communication service, customers contact the company via a telephone line. Usually, the system will provide several types of services that can be selected according to customer needs.

One measure of the success of a company's call center is the duration of problem-solving. The more calls that are made per day, the better the performance of the call center. This relates to cost efficiency as well as time that must be spent by the company.

What are the call center job desks?
Then, what exactly is a call center job desk? The duties of a call center agent are very broad. They are not only tasked with making outgoing calls to contact customers, but also other tasks that are still related to the relationship between the company and the customer. Here are some call center job desks:

  • Receive incoming calls from customers.
  • Receive complaints or other input from customers via telephone lines.
  • Provide appropriate and fast solutions for every complaint submitted by customers.
  • Handle every call in a friendly manner to improve customer experience.
  • Make outgoing calls to contact potential customers. This job desk is one of the marketing strategies that many companies do.

With the job desk, the call center agent must have good communication skills. In addition, they are also required to really understand the products offered by the company. This is because they not only market these products but also have to be able to solve problems with products that customers complain about via telephone.

What is a contact center?
Now let's move on to the contact center. At first glance, the call center and contact center look similar. Moreover, they both use the same term. The most obvious difference between a contact center and a call center is the type of communication channels offered.

The call center communicates with customers and prospective customers through telephone lines. Meanwhile, the contact center offers more varied communication channels, not only limited to telephone lines. In addition to the telephone, usually, the contact center also provides communication channels through social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, to Twitter. Many contact centers also provide communication channels via customer e-mail.

Although the communication channels offered are very diverse, the contact center implements an integrated system. That is, all channels are interconnected and provide consistent information. Such a system will obviously make it easier for customers to contact the company.

For example, when customers who contact via Instagram have difficulty getting solution details, they can switch to telephone service easily without having to repeat the process from the beginning.

What are the contact center job desks?
If seen from the explanation in the previous point, the job desk contact center itself is similar to the job desk call center. However, the contact center must also manage the integration between one communication channel and another.

Even so, contact center agents don't need to have trouble compiling and managing the integration system. This is because the integration system is already available and the contact center agent just needs to run it.

Call center and contact center, are similar but not the same
The explanation above shows that call centers and contact centers are actually similar but not the same. The similarity lies in the function of both, namely as a communication channel that connects companies with customers.

However, at the same time, the two are also different. Call centers only provide communication channels through telephone lines. Meanwhile, the contact center offers more varied communication channels via e-mail to social media such as WhatsApp.

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