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6 Solutions from VADS Indonesia to Improve Your Business Customer Service

10 January 2022

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VADS Indonesia or PT VADS Indonesia is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM Group) which provides business solutions for companies and the public sector. Established in 1991, VADS then started operating in Indonesia on December 1, 2008, ago. This company is the best choice for companies that need customer experience management services. Not only emphasizing technology, but VADS Indonesia also combines processes and people to achieve the goals of its loyal customers.

Here are six services that VADS Indonesia provides to improve customer service for your business.

1. Inbound Contact Center
Inbound Contact Center is an agent service that can receive calls from customers, whether in the form of complaints, criticisms, suggestions, or requests related to products or services sold by the company. VADS Indonesia provides this service to improve the company's services to its customers.

There are three choices of features in the Inbound Contact Center that can be tailored to your needs, namely customer service, service desk, and walk-in center. All three have their respective advantages that can answer various problems in your company.

2. Outbound Contact Center
Outbound Contact Center is an agent that provides call services to consumers to improve business progress. Not only providing agents who will make calls, but VADS Indonesia also provides a place and network system to make these calls. There are four service options provided to increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty to your company.

The four Outbound Contact Center services are Telemarketing, Telereminder, Teleretention, and Telecollection. Telemarketing is a service that is used to get new customers and expand the target market. Meanwhile, Telereminder is a service whose job is to remind customers regarding credit payments according to a predetermined time.

Then, there is also a Teleretention service which aims to retain old customers. Do not miss the Telecollection service, which is a continuation of call reminders for customers to pay creditors on time. Telecollection can also study consumer habits and create new strategies so that companies can obtain payment of receivables from consumers.

3. Omni Channel
Omni Channel is a useful service to increase customer satisfaction with the company. The methods used can be in the form of FAQ web pages, social media, live web chat, applications, and others. This service makes customers do not need to repeat their complaints and criticisms because the system has saved all conversations and transactions made. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, Omni Channel also has the potential to increase company revenue.

4. Customer Relationship Management
Another service from PT VADS Indonesia is CRM, a system that includes complete information about customers so as to maximize the company's relationship with customers through cross-selling and up-selling. This system can increase the company's income by identifying what customers like, interacting directly, and retaining existing customers.

5. Smart Chat Assistant
Another service provided by PT VADS Indonesia is Smart Chat Assistant. This service is a program designed to resemble normal human conversations. This program can improve employee time efficiency because they do not need to answer questions that are repeatedly asked by customers, by providing relevant answers that will automatically be sent. This feature allows customers to interact with the agent on duty if they need more detailed answers.

6. WhatsApp for Business
WhatsApp is one of the most widely used digital means of communication in all corners of the world. Therefore, WhatsApp for Business has a good impact on corporate marketing because it can reach more people for promotion. In addition, this also makes it easier for customers to interact with the company because they can send answers with the company name that automatically appears in the customer's WhatsApp message.

Those are six solutions from VADS Indonesia related to customer service. Using the services of PT VADS Indonesia is one way to support the progress of your business. For more information about various business solutions from VADS Indonesia, visit the website at this link!

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