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What is Call Center?

30 September 2020

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Business competition is getting tighter, making companies compete in providing the best service to its customers, one of which is by providing a call center. Almost all companies have a call center because it is a necessity for companies and customers. The need for a call center is very important as a means of communication between customers and companies so that companies can meet customer needs both in terms of fulfilling information needs and to meet customer needs. In addition, call centers can also provide information and data in the form of customer needs so that companies can see these insights and can be the right solution to meet customer needs so that they can improve company services to customers.

What is a Call Center?

A call center is a call center for the telephone that originates from the customer. Call centers can receive incoming phone calls from customers or can make outgoing calls to customers. The company's goal of having a call center is to increase sales to customers, to answer questions raised by customers, be it questions related to services and products from the company, and to provide assistance to customers for the problems they face. Call centers are the company's front line in communicating with customers and the public because of its two-way communication. Customers can tell about their experiences and constraints so that the company can help solve these problems, on the other hand, the company can communicate directly with customers regarding its products and services so that customers can choose and buy products that are according to their wishes.

Call centers are operated based on the needs of each company, can be through long working hours or can be up to 24x7 by involving call center agents and equipped with work stations in the form of tools such as computers, telephones, headsets, routing, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response ( interactive voice response - IVR), outgoing calls, voicemail, and various other components.

What Are the Duties of a Call Center?

The duties and responsibilities of the call center are as follows:

  • Receive incoming calls to the call center
  • Providing fast and precise solutions to any questions asked by customers
  • Listen carefully to all complaints submitted by customers
  • Serve customers in a friendly and precise manner
  • Provide answers to any questions about the problems raised and about the company's products
  • Provide complete information about the company's products and services

What Are the Benefits of a Call Center?

Call centers are a way to increase customer satisfaction by maximizing the use of technology to interact with customers, especially in solving problems experienced by customers. If the problems experienced by customers can be resolved on time, customers will be satisfied. Other benefits of having a call center are:

  • Cost-Effective. By using call center solutions, companies can save costs because with call centers the company has directly communicated with customers, creates customer loyalty so that customers will continue to use the company's products and services, and can increase sales. In addition, using a call center service company can be a solution to the efficiency of the company's budget because call center service providers can assist companies in managing company service services.
  • Understanding Customers. Call centers can be used as corporate media to find out and understand what customers need. By using a call center, companies get access to data and see facts related to customer information such as personal information and purchases of company products or services. So that the company can understand customers and interact in a timely manner and meet customer needs.
  • Improve Relationships with Customers. Call centers are a means for companies to communicate with customers who focus on telephone lines so that by interacting with customers directly, they can find out what customers need and solve customer needs. Call centers that can meet customer needs properly will ultimately create customer loyalty so that customer relationship will increase.

What Are the Types of Call Centers?

Overall, there are two types of call centers, namely Inbound Call Centers and Outbound Call Centers.

  • Inbound Call Center is a time when a company will get phone calls from customers both to ask about company products and services and to listen to complaints and problems they experience. The number of calls received by the inbound call centers of each company is not fixed and varies widely. On certain days the number of customers calling the inbound call center can be very high but on other days it can be a little. Inbound call centers are important in order to meet customer satisfaction. Services performed by inbound call centers include customer service, walk-in centers, and service desks. (What is Inbound Call Center?)
  • Outbound Call Center is a time when a company must make phone calls to customers to carry out sales activities or to validate customer data. Outbound call centers can be used to carry out promotions, expand sales leads, and customer retention programs. Outbound call centers can also function as customer data through information obtained from surveys conducted. Services provided by outbound call centers include telemarketing, telesales, telecollection, telereminder, teleretention, and surveys. (What is Outbound Call Center?

Apart from these two types, call centers can also be distinguished from in-house call centers and outsourced call centers.

  • In-house Call Center is operated by the company itself to provide services to its customers. The advantage of using an in-house call center is that the company can see for themselves how close the customer and company are to the company's main business. In addition, if there are obstacles, it can be discussed internally and more quickly.
  • Outsourced Call Center is operated by professional call center service providers. The advantage of using an outsourced call center is that companies do not need to bother providing infrastructure and also recruiting agents who will spend more time and money if everything is arranged in an in-house call center.

VADS Indonesia As a Call Center Service Provider

The presence of a call center is now very necessary. Not only for selling products and promotions, accommodating claims and protests, but also for communicating with customers. Customers not only choose quality products and good prices but also need good service. If your company needs a solution to build and improve customer experience with call centers in various industries, VADS's Call Center solution is the right choice. VADS Indonesia can help your company to improve its customer experience with a complete solution for both large and small business companies. VADS Indonesia has an integrated solution that can be tailored to the needs of your company, such as how much human resources are needed to meet sales targets or handle your customers. You will get data and reports about your customers so that you can increase your customer satisfaction. VADS Indonesia as a call center service provider can provide all customer service solutions including inbound call centers and outbound call centers and can also be integrated with other systems, one of which is CRM and Omnichannel. Contact for consultation and call center services for your company.

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