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How to Get Customer Feedback?

12 March 2021

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In every service/product that we provide, of course, customer satisfaction is the main target so that the business we do will always grow. From all the experiences that customers have, later they will provide feedback such as providing positive or negative reviews of the services/products we provide. That way we must always provide our best service in order to have a good image in the eyes of customers.

The feedback itself is a form of feedback to measure how good and bad the services/products we provide are based on customer experience. Then, how important is the feedback? Why should we maximize all feedback from customers?

The feedback given by customers can be an aspect for you to know what things need to be improved from the services/products provided, to know the wishes of the customer, and of course to find out the response from the customer regarding the quality of your service/product. Therefore, how do we get feedback from customers? Here are a few methods you can use to get the perfect feedback.

Powerful Methods of Getting Customer Feedback

1) Conducting a survey
The survey itself is one method that has been frequently used to get feedback from customers. There are various kinds of tools or media that you can use to create interesting surveys such as Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Zoho Survey, and many more.

Later, the survey will contain questions which of course can provide information about customer responses to the services/products you provide. That way, ask collective questions in order to allow you to get the information you need. Also make the concept of more interesting and varied questions such as Multiple choice, Short answer, and Linear scale so that customers take more initiative in the process of filling out the survey.

2) Using Social Media
What we all know is that social media is one of the main keys to marketing the services/products we provide. Social media itself can allow you to get feedback from customers about the business we have. There are several methods, such as using polls, via the comment / Reply column of the posts you share, or direct messages.

Platforms like Instagram and Twitter can be the main media for you to get feedback from customers. Instagram itself has a feature called Stories, which later you can add a poll column to each story you create. Twitter allows you to add a poll column to each tweet you want to publish.

Comment / Reply
In every post that you provide on Instagram or Twitter, there will always be a comment column so that your followers/customers can provide reviews or insights on the experiences they have regarding the services/products they receive. That way you can read every existing comment and make it feedback for your service/product.

Direct Message
Not a few customers prefer to interact via direct messages because the information provided is clearer and more detailed. That way you can ask them if the information provided is clear and if they are satisfied with the information. Later, the answers they give can be used as feedback for you. As a result, you can evaluate your service from each answer that has been collected.

3) Provide a Feedback Box
Many of the customers or prospective customers do not use social media very often and of course, they will look for information through the official website. You can provide a feedback box on your websites such as a Suggestion / Comment column or an Emoji column that shows a happy or sad expression for the information you have provided.

4) Contacting by email
Of course, email is one of the main data if customers want to use the services you provide. In addition to informing you about the development of the services you provide, the email itself is a place to get feedback from customers.

You can send an email in the form of asking if the service they received is what they wanted or also asking if they were satisfied with the service they received. Using email allows them to provide feedback in the form of text or attachments in the form of images/videos.

5) Offer and Provide Rewards
Providing rewards or attractive offers such as discounted prices, free shipping, free trials, or giving samples can be one solution for you to get feedback from customers. Give them access to these offers by filling in questions about customer responses regarding the services/products you provide.

These are some of the methods you can practice to get satisfactory feedback from customers. Hopefully, these methods will help you to make the services/products provided even better. VADS Indonesia certainly provides services that can help improve your business. Contact to consult your business plan and further information regarding the needs of your company's customers.

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