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Blockchain Secure Authentication, World's First “Password-less” Authentication

14 September 2020

The development of information technology has grown rapidly with various features contained in digital technology, especially internet-based ones. These technological advances make it easier for us to get the information we need using only the devices we have. With the ease of obtaining and accessing this information, anyone can easily access the information. Social media and connected devices can be the perfect avenue for hackers to carry out a tailored, sophisticated, and difficult to detect the attack. Based on research from the Pew Research Center, it is possible that information about national security will be accessed by unauthorized parties and the state must be prepared to handle major incidents in cybersecurity. This proves that the ease of access to information has another side, namely the occurrence of attacks in cyberspace (cyberattack). Cyber ​​attacks such as account hacking, identity theft, and cyber extortion. The techniques used in cyberattacks are constantly evolving, so countries and companies must certainly improve their defense and security as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated in their ability to evade detection by security equipment as well as law enforcement tracking. In his research, Gartner published 7 security and risk trends that will occur in 2020, one of which is the "password-less authentication" password-less authentication request. Passwordless authentication is a market or societal attraction driven by the demand and availability of biometric authentication and robust hardware-based authentication methods. One of these technologies is Blockchain Secure Authentication. Passwordless authentication uses Blockchain verification technology to prevent hacking of IDs & passwords which are impossible for an attacker to break.

Image of Blockchain Secure Authentication, World's First “Password-less” Authentication

Blockchain Illustration

Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA) is a database that is shared across a computer network. Using Blockchain Secure Authentication technology can protect data against manipulation. Blockchain Secure Authentication provides the world's first passwordless authentication solution based on blockchain verification technology that verifies users and their phones. This solution provides a strong and trusted authentication service for websites, mobile logins, and secure access to be performed online.

The various advantages of using Blockchain Secure Authentication technology are:

  • Secure authentication with hack prevention
  • Only use One Time Security Key (OTSK) based on some information from the device we are using and then enter without a password
  • Reduce costs by managing security programs
  • Convenience and fast with easy login
  • Optimal reliability for cost savings


Blockchain Secure Authentication technology allows users to create a unique mobile environment that makes them unhackable. This phone is used as an OTSK certified device so you can log in without a password. Users do not need to store information on their mobile as Blockchain Secure Authentication verifies the phone itself based on the unique information of the phone. You do this by configuring to generate a one-time security key (OTSK) from a complex random number setup and sending it to multiple parties for approval/verification. Configuration continues to change the security key whenever an event occurs. Device information is mixed with the user's mobile device as well as the device information of other users, and it is a patented technology that is firmly configured to prevent hacking as OTSK changes all the time.

Blockchain Secure Authentication is a fast, secure, and immutable solution that cannot be changed or attacked across industries and platforms, enhancing great customer experience. Blockchain Secure Authentication can have a positive impact on all business verticals that require secure access authentication for both internal company employees and for your clients or customers. The values ​​and benefits of Blockchain Secure Authentication are:

  1. Security. Enhanced security with blockchain technology that prevents unauthorized access to applications even from cloned or stolen devices and guarantees for an impenetrable ID and password solution.
  2. Comfort. The world's first patented solution based on blockchain technology that does not require a password to access the application. Easy and fast authentication that encrypts user data and verifies between the blockchain community.
  3. Cost Savings. Reduce costs by managing security programs, reduce operating and support costs associated with password management, and reduce the cost of sending transaction verification via SMS because blockchain has no transaction fees but is only required for infrastructure costs.

By using Blockchain Secure Authentication, transactions do not need to rely on one server only. Secure Authentication Blockchain users can also avoid various frauds that can occur due to hacking. Blockchain is not only used in the cryptocurrency world but can also be applied in various industries, especially in the financial sector, public sector, technology and media, healthcare, retail, and various other industrial sectors.

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