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5 Examples of Application of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

23 February 2022

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Now, social media is not only used to exchange news or talk lightly. Apart from exchanging news and information, social media is also used as a promotional event, for example for business purposes. Therefore, to optimize the usability of social media, many companies design specific strategies so that the content they share can attract the attention of the audience.

Well, this is made easier by the presence of artificial intelligence or AI technology. Artificial intelligence is artificial intelligence by performs certain cognitive tasks performed by machines. Artificial intelligence is designed and programmed to think like humans.
The application of artificial intelligence in social media can help you when doing promotions so you can cut the costs of strategy, creation, and management of social media. There are at least five examples of applying artificial intelligence in social media that can help you attract the right audience.

1. AI-generated content
AI-generated content helps you in reading data for promotional needs. The engine used is specifically designed to filter and capture social media users with the same preferences so that they can see the content you create.
With generated algorithms, AI-generated content technology helps your content appear in your target audience's feed. In this way, it is hoped that your content is well promoted so that the chances of generating sales will increase.

2. Chatbots
Chatbots are features provided to serve customers through chat automatically. To support the application of artificial intelligence in social media, chatbots will respond quickly to basic questions raised by customers. Apart from having these interactive conversations, chatbots also work to track and analyze customer shopping history to assist customers in navigating your website.

3. Social media ads
The use of social media ads is also the right choice in optimizing social media. With artificial intelligence, social media ads work fast and on target. The promotional content you create will be shown to social media users based on their demographics, preferences and behavior. That way, the results obtained will reach the maximum and optimal.

4. Language translation of content
The sophistication of technology makes social media users around the world connected to each other without any barriers. This is further supported by the presence of artificial intelligence that can assist social media users in translating various languages.
The content that you create and upload on social media will certainly reach a wider and larger audience. In addition, you will save time, effort, and money because the content does not need to be manually translated into multiple languages.

5. Determination of ranking based on an algorithm
Artificial intelligence also has features that make it easier for social media users, namely in determining rankings based on algorithms. The algorithm is performed by the machine to identify patterns and data. The patterns and data obtained will be analyzed and predicted in detail as needed. This will certainly make it easier for you to predict what trends will occur, so you can adjust promotions according to the data obtained.

The presence of artificial intelligence is very beneficial for social media users. The application of artificial intelligence in social media from these various examples certainly brings many benefits, for example being able to create content that is appropriate and on target, getting an audience according to the target market, being able to find out which content is in the top ranking, to reducing time and costs in managing social media.
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