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One of the Important Parts in Omni Channel Marketing Is Social Media, Why?

18 March 2022

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How many social media accounts do you use for business promotion purposes? More than one, right? Having many social media accounts on various platforms certainly brings many different experiences for social media users. It is also very necessary for business people to reach many customers. The behavior of customers who require fast-paced services requires businesses to competitively serve them on many social media channels.

With this need, various social media accounts need to be connected to each other in order to provide optimal services. This can be realized through omni channel marketing. Omni channel marketing is a marketing strategy that connects various communication channels in a single interface.

Because it connects various channels, omni channel marketing is tasked with facilitating interactions between business people and their customers. For example, when a customer sees a product on one of the social media accounts of a business person, he or she can immediately purchase the product through the website. Of course this brings a good and pleasant experience for customers. Then, why is social media so important in omni channel marketing?

1. Improve customer service
When you decide to use an omni channel marketing strategy, social media is one of the keys. Currently, the use of social media has become a necessity for many users to find various information needed. If customers see product offers on your promotional website, in general, customers will look for Instagram, Whatsapp, or other social media buttons to find more complete information.

By using social media, you can serve customers optimally and intensely. This is also supported by the behavioral habits of customers who use social media in their daily activities.

2. Brand awareness is getting better
Social media brings the experience between business people and their customers closer and closer. By considering customer behavior in using social media as a necessity, customers will be more interested in getting good interaction services from business people. This smooth interaction is the key to a successful product offering. Customers will feel well served so that awareness of your brand becomes stronger.

3. Increase consumer confidence
It is not without reason that one of the important parts of omni channel marketing is social media. When surfing for the product they need, customers will search in detail about the product info, including about the company that provides it on social media.
The presence of social media makes it easier for them to ask direct questions and find out more about business people. Consumers can also easily read reviews about the products offered. With a variety of conveniences and complete information, consumer confidence in your business will also increase.

4. Provide relevant analytical data
Customer behavior in visiting and interacting with business people's social media accounts will be recapitulated into analytical data. This analytical data also summarizes various social media user behaviors that are relevant to business content. With the relevant analytic data, it will be easier for business people to attract consumers and market their products on target.

In this case, you can use the Social Media Analytics service from VADS Indonesia which will help you in optimizing social media as part of omni channel marketing.

5. Potential to create viral content
Another reason social media is such an important part of omni-channel marketing is that it has the potential to go viral. By utilizing analytical data, you can create interesting and relevant content according to the target audience. If you are successful, it is not impossible that the content will be shared voluntarily by your followers.

The more people who know and like the content, of course, your content has the potential to go viral. The viral content will make the audience interested in knowing more about your company. From here, it will be easier for you to do sales promotions.

From these various reasons, it is not surprising that one of the important parts of omni channel marketing is social media. Social media brings many advantages for business people, especially in improving service to customers.

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