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How to Increase Customer Satisfaction with a Contact Center

02 April 2021

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In the world of customer service, companies must be able to measure customer satisfaction to determine the extent to which the company's products and services can meet customer expectations so as to create brand and company success. Customer satisfaction focuses on the same thing, namely how companies can measure customer expectations. The higher the level of customer satisfaction, the greater the customer will survive and increase purchases to the company.

Many contact centers use customer satisfaction surveys at the end of the call. Customers are asked to fill out a short survey after each call and rate the level of service they receive and understand how customers feel about your business. Customer satisfaction surveys help companies find problems with their services in a timely manner. They also provide visibility into the performance of each member of your team.

Customer satisfaction is an important metric for companies because it provides insight into things like customer loyalty, the likelihood of churn, and also helps identify problems with a product or service. Companies that provide high levels of customer satisfaction can also use them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The following are some steps that can be used as guidelines for your contact center in creating customer satisfaction:

Understand your company's customer expectations

There are still many customers who are not satisfied with the service of a company, this dissatisfaction must be collected and given feedback so that the company understands what customers expect for your company. Conducting customer satisfaction surveys is one way to find out whether customers are satisfied with the services provided by the company. The survey method can be done by telephone, email, IVR, online, or face to face so that it can provide insights that can develop the company.

Don't keep customers waiting

The company's contact center service can offer callbacks over long queue time periods rather than having customers forced to wait. A good contact center solution can make customers feel satisfied with the services provided to the company. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review mentioned in the Genesys, article says that customers whose complaints are handled in less than five minutes spend more money with your company on future purchases. This proves that the more satisfied customers are with the services provided by the company, the more it will generate profits for the company.

Provide training and professional development to contact center personnel

A trained and professional contact center team makes them more efficient in providing better service and also superior customer service so that it will have the impact of creating the customer satisfaction score that your company wants.

Provide multichannel support

By using contact center services that are more varied in using the media used such as social media, live chat, telephone, and also email, are becoming increasingly important to customers so that the company's contact center services can connect with customers on the channels they use. This multichannel and omnichannel support not only offers many channels but also prevents customers from providing repetitive information to different contact center agents because this can annoy customers and potentially damage the company's reputation due to customer dissatisfaction.

Provide a proactive contact center

Contact customers before they call your company to be more effective, timely, personalized, and also relevant to your company's customers. This proactive strategy can be applied with telesales, telereminder, telecollection, and teleretention, for example as a payment reminder, a personalized customer loyalty scheme, and providing information about the latest products and services from your company. This strategy can reduce incoming calls and also increase the efficiency of the contact center agent. This also proves that offering good customer service is not only good for customers but also good for business continuity in the future so as to generate revenue for the company.

Provides additional benefits

Provide your customers with a free quote or a discount that can help the company to build good customer relationships. Discounts given to products that have been the target of your customers or providing additional accessories as post-purchase support will make customers feel satisfied and cared for with their needs so as to increase customer satisfaction and also build a positive image of your brand and company.

The data you have related to customer satisfaction surveys is a reflection of the actual customer experience with your company. This data can be used by your company to take action. It is important for this data to be processed so that it can be used as an opportunity for your company to increase customer satisfaction, especially by providing services or products according to your company's needs.

Creating good customer satisfaction is one of the keys to the success of a business. VADS Indonesia can help your company to build and improve good customer relationships so as to create good customer satisfaction. The various advantages that you have for handling customers using voice or digital technology can make your company's work easier, especially in building customer relationships. In addition, your company can interact more quickly with consumers so that it can help answer consumer questions with various questions asked and respond quickly so that it can make consumers happy because they get the answers or solutions needed quickly. This technology can also function for 24 hours so that whenever and whatever time the customer asks, it will be quickly and easily answered. This can make consumers happy and satisfied so that it can improve the customer experience for your company. Contact for more information to help your company build and improve customer relationships

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