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Know What Artificial Intelligence is and How Is it Different from Machine Learning

09 March 2022

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The development of the times gave birth to many technological innovations that facilitate human activities. Examples that have recently been mentioned are artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These two terms often appear together. In fact, artificial intelligence and machine learning are often considered the same thing. Is that right? In order not to be misguided, let's look at the following reviews of what artificial intelligence and machine learning are and their differences.

What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is a field of science that studies how to make computers so that they can take actions, which so far are considered to only work with human intelligence.

Listening to this definition, you might imagine a super-sophisticated robot that can act and think like humans. In fact, artificial intelligence itself is very close to everyday human activities. In fact, this technology has been studied since 1956 by computer scientists such as Allen Newell.

A simple example is the biometric security feature on a smartphone. With this feature, you can access your smartphone just by scanning your fingerprint. In addition, there is also a voice assistant feature that has recently been used more and more, such as turning on the lights, activating the TV, and scheduling activities.

What is machine learning?
Now let's move on to machine learning. In fact, machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. This field studies how to design computer algorithms so that the system can perform an action automatically. The algorithm is compiled from pre-existing data.
Machine learning collects data, then examines and learns about it. From there, information can be retrieved which will later be applied to the computer so that it can act automatically. An example of its application is the word recommendation feature on a smartphone. If the feature is active, the word prediction will immediately appear even if you have not finished typing.

So, what is the difference between AI and machine learning?
From the two points above, it can be seen that machine learning (ML) is part of artificial intelligence (AI) itself. AI is basically the study of how computers can imitate human behavior. Meanwhile, ML is concerned with learning data automatically so that computers can imitate human thinking mechanisms.

What is artificial intelligence aims to help humans to be able to decipher a problem. Well, ML is one way to describe the problem. ML helps humans solve a problem by studying pre-existing data.

AI is used in the decision-making process, while ML strives for the most appropriate decisions. The trick is to study previous experiences, and find specific patterns until finally the information that fits your needs is obtained.

What are examples of AI and machine learning in the business world?
After learning about what artificial intelligence and machine learning are and their differences, now let's learn how they are applied in the business world.

Both AI and ML have actually been widely used in the business world. An example of the application of AI is chatbot technology. This technology can be used by business people in building relationships with their consumers. The AI-based solution is now available at PT VADS Indonesia through the Smart Chat Assistant service.

Likewise with ML. This technological innovation has also been widely used in the business world. One of them is ad optimization which is now a popular digital marketing strategy. Another example is the prediction of upcoming market trends. By studying pre-existing data, ML can find out the pattern of market trend movements so that finally accurate predictions can be obtained.

Although artificial intelligence and machine learning are two different things, they are closely related. The difference between AI and machine learning is only in scope. The scope of AI is wider than machine learning.

Both are equally applicable to business. Grow your business with the support of artificial intelligence and machine learning with PT VADS Indonesia. PT VADS Indonesia provides various AI and machine learning-based solutions to help develop your business, such as Smart Chat Assistant and digital marketing strategies. To directly connect with the PT VADS Indonesia team, click here!

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