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Tips for Effective Communication Via WhatsApp Voice to Increase Customer Satisfaction

19 April 2024

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WhatsApp has become one of the main digital communication tools in today's modern business world. With features like WhatsApp Voice, companies have the opportunity to improve the quality of their customer service by interacting directly. However, to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, tips and guidance on how to communicate effectively via WhatsApp calls are needed. In this article, we will explore effective communication strategies to increase customer satisfaction via WhatsApp Voice.

1. Prepare yourself with the information you need
Before making a WhatsApp call with a customer, make sure you have prepared yourself with the necessary information regarding questions or problems that may be discussed. This will help you provide the right answers and convey an impression of professionalism to customers.

2. Start with a friendly and personal greeting
When starting a conversation via WhatsApp Call, make sure to greet the customer with a friendly, clear, and personal greeting. For example, "Good morning, Mr. Budi. How can I help you today?" This will make customers feel cared for and appreciated.

3. Listen Actively and Empathetically
The main key to effective communication is active listening and empathy. Take time to listen to what the customer has to say, show interest and concern by asking relevant questions, show empathy for the situation or problem faced by the customer, and make sure to involve the customer in the conversation.

4. Use clear and easy-to-understand language
When communicating via WhatsApp Call, make sure to use language that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Avoid using technical jargon that customers may be confused or even not understand. Use easy-to-understand and simple language to explain information well.

5. Provide solutions or assistance quickly and efficiently
After understanding the customer's problem or need, provide solutions or assistance quickly and efficiently. Provide clear steps that are easy for customers to follow. Make sure customers feel supported and get a satisfactory solution. This shows that the company cares and is ready to help customers immediately.

6. Remain Friendly and Professional Throughout the Conversation
Even when faced with a challenging situation or a dissatisfied customer, remain friendly and professional throughout the conversation. Avoid confrontation or excessive emotions. Maintain self-control and focus on providing the best service to customers. Provide concrete and actionable solutions. Help customers to solve their problems with clear steps.

7. Ask for feedback and follow-up
After the conversation is finished, don't forget to ask for feedback from customers regarding the services provided. Give appreciation for the input or suggestions given. Carry out follow-up if necessary to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained.

8. Monitor Call Quality
Always monitor WhatsApp call quality to ensure that communication is smooth and clear. Also, make sure to fix technical issues immediately if discovered.


Effective communication via WhatsApp Voice plays an important role in increasing customer satisfaction. With thorough preparation, a friendly and responsive approach, and the ability to listen and provide solutions quickly, your company can create a positive and satisfying communication experience for your customers. Use these tips to create an efficient workflow that suits your business characteristics!

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