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Omnichannel to Maximize Your Customer Experience

29 December 2020

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Technology is growing rapidly and increasingly influencing human life and making people dependent on relying on technology for everyday life, including work. Technology is continuously developing with more and more innovative discoveries in helping human life and work. One technology that can be seen at this time is the number of people who shop online without having to come to a physical store, plus the corona pandemic which makes people more limited to coming directly and avoiding crowds. People buy things using only their cell phones and also with the help of the internet. Therefore, the existence of customer experience is one of the most important aspects of running a company's business to serve customers who are already using multi-channel to meet their needs. However, in an era of increasingly developing technology, the world of customer experience has started to recognize the term omnichannel which is increasingly popular.

What is an Omnichannel?

Omnichannel is a development of multichannel with a wider range and also real-time. Omni comes from the word Omnis which means everything so omnichannel is a business model that uses all channels to prioritize the customer experience. Omnichannel integrates and controls all parts of the business into one system.

The difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel

Some of the differences between omnichannel and multichannel are:


  • Mutually integrated
  • Focus on customer journey through many channels
  • Consistently deliver messages through any channel
  • Engage data to build a customer journey


  • Not integrated
  • Take advantage of the channel as much as possible
  • Take advantage of multiple channels to ensure the business is there
  • Consider more of the channels where customers are located

Omnichannel Benefits

The use of omnichannel is of course to increase the comfort and convenience of the company's customer experience. Customers can also make transactions or get information from various channels both online and offline. Omnichannel is more efficient because the entire customer experience and involvement across all channels used by the customer can be integrated into one system. Omnichannel can help companies improve their customer journey.

Omnichannel can combine all channels both online and offline which can make it easier for your customers to get information as well as for companies to get information and process data obtained from customers. In addition, companies can better integrate their business because of an omnichannel focus on integrated interactions.

In starting an omnichannel, a company must understand the customer journey of the company's customers to make a good impression on customers. In addition, the company must be able to choose the right technology according to the needs and choices of each company's customers and also to market the products and services provided by the company. After that, the company must be able to integrate all the technologies used by the company with the aim of improving the shopping experience of its customers. For more information about omnichannel to optimize your company's customer experience by contacting

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