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In this digital era, technology is a major game changer in the e-commerce industry. E-commerce makes it simple, easy, and fast for customers to meet their needs. E-commerce has the challenge of being able to provide satisfying services digitally to consumers. Understanding the unique needs and preferences of consumers are key to customer loyalty and advocacy in any e-commerce business.

With PT VADS Indonesia, you can tailor your campaigns and experiences to the needs and idiosyncrasies of each individual shopper, and always be one step ahead of market demands.

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Use Case

In this highly competitive e-commerce sector, customers must be a priority. E-commerce businesses must constantly be careful to keep their brand and products in front of all customers. One of the best ways to do this is by improving the customer experience. An excellent customer experience will help build trust and encourage repeat purchases. Aside from that, e-commerce must adapt to the changing buyer landscape. Being at the forefront of a business, the customer experience team plays a key role in building relationships and trust with customers. These are things that you're looking for some best practices to enhance the service of e-commerce customer experience. 

The Challenge : 

  • E-commerce is growing rapidly so it requires the right customer experience with multiple channels
  • Meet the needs of customer service agents up to 500 CEC per months with 95% target achievement

The Solutions : 

  • VADS Indonesia provides Inbound Contact Center (Live Chat) services with general requirements: Personalize Customer Engagement, Provide Support for Inquiry Handling, Problem Handling, SLA Management, and Report.
  • VADS Indonesia has ready on board experts who are trained and experienced so it is easy to provide large amounts of CEC in a short time
  • Provide prices with competitive solutions by providing services at one of our sites in Yogyakarta and Semarang at a good price with good quality.

Highlight : 

  • Point improvement 
  • Strengthen performance KPI
  • Development program for talent
  • Increase better customer experience

We supports any channels and tools to meet your needs based on your customers personalized preferred channels.

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