Effective and Efficient Digital Customer Experience for e-Commerce and Logistic Industry at Post Pandemic Era

Posted on 17 Jun 2022

Jakarta, 17 June 2022 – PT. VADS Indonesia held an E-Commerce and Logistics Event with the theme "Effective and Efficient Digital Customer Experience for e-Commerce and Logistics Industry at Post Pandemic Era". This event is PT VADS Indonesia's first activity to be held offline after the pandemic with the aim of providing insight to customer service providers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service.

This 2022 E-Commerce and Logistics Event presents 4 experienced and competent speakers in their fields, including Maneesha Bushal (JD.ID Customer Experience Director), Cut Noosy (Grab Indonesia Director of Support Operations), Juan Almer (AVP of Customer Experience Anteraja). ), and Doddy Kartiwa (Senior Solutions Consultant Genesys). This event was attended by more than 30 well-known companies from companies that use the services and services of PT VADS Indonesia, especially from the banking industry, E-Commerce, Logistics, and other sectors.

"The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation process where we know that their e-commerce, logistics, and fintech companies are still surviving and growing in this pandemic era, where other industries have experienced a decline or even fall in this pandemic era. This is because industries that have adapted and have implemented digital systems are able to provide flexibility and convenience in conducting transactions and consumer needs,” said Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of PT VADS Indonesia.

This is the responsibility of PT VADS Indonesia as a service provider to be able to support clients in transforming and providing digital solutions such as digital customer experience, robotic process automation, social media analytics, 360-degree CRM, Omni channel, learning center, e-knowledge management, digital marketing, high availability services, and other smart services.

In addition to the updated solutions above, PT VADS Indonesia also has certification for regulations set by the Indonesian government and international policies to provide digital transformation solutions, including KBLI for standard classification permits for business fields, and ISO 27001:2013 for confidentiality. data, PCI DSS for financial transactional, ISO 9001 for operational management, COPC for high quality, high productivity, and high-performance operations, Six Sigma for process and solution innovation, and ITIL for helpdesk and service desk services.

Currently, PT VADS Indonesia also provides added value to our clients, in terms of HR such as training for operations personnel including High-Performance Management Techniques (HPMT) training, COPC, BNSP, and other training to support service and performance. In terms of technology, PT VADS Indonesia provides PowerBI for real-time analytical reports, e-learning knowledge management, and QMS (Quality Monitoring System). Meanwhile, from the process side, PT VADS Indonesia provides a center of excellence (COE) to ensure consistent results and increase productivity and performance.

"PT VADS Indonesia does not just stop here, we continue to provide the latest innovations and breakthrough solutions to continue to exist as a service provider and "chosen digital partner". The latest solutions that we will provide in the future such as augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse, and other smart solutions. We believe that our service culture and our solutions can answer our clients' business challenges in facing the digital era. This is proven by the growth of clients at PT VADS which continues to increase, even though some clients have been with us for more than 5 years of service. Because we believe that convenience is not only for one group but for everyone, and here PT VADS Indonesia provides convenience to help companies to transform and continue to exist in the future.” said Deddy Hermansyah, CMO of PT VADS Indonesia.


Understand What is Cloud-Based Contact Center Outsourcing

Posted on 15 Apr 2022

Good customer support service starts with understanding the needs and expectations of your customers. Your business needs to systematically and sustainably find better ways to use technology, data and operations. So, while traditional contact centers serve the important needs of incoming or outgoing phone calls, try to make sure again whether these facilities really meet the needs of your customers? The limitations of traditional contact centers have led to the emergence of cloud-based contact center outsourcing. Here's the explanation!

Definition of cloud contact center
A cloud contact center is an internet-based facility that handles all incoming and outgoing customer communications for a company. This software solution that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and applications allows you to provide an exceptional level of customer service across multiple channels, including voice, SMS, email, and social media.

There are still many contact centers that currently operate using old technology and call center software that is not up-to-date with the current way of communication between customers and businesses. Cloud contact centers can be a solution because they use the latest communication technology and are a modern alternative to traditional contact centers. This offers many benefits for businesses looking to continually meet and exceed customer service expectations.

If your business still relies on old contact center technology, you may find yourself at a disadvantage due to system limitations. Even if you have adopted one or two cloud solutions, they can't connect to each other. Outsourcing cloud contact center is here as a solution to solve all these problems.

The importance of cloud contact center for business
It is not without reason that cloud-based contact center outsourcing can be a solution for businesses. Here are some of its advantages:

Improve customer experience while you maximize agent productivity
Using multiple applications and having to deal with “old-fashioned” hardware can reduce agent performance. However, with modern call center technology, productivity can be increased. With functions such as skill-based routing, call monitoring, and predictive dialer, cloud contact centers empower agents to provide the best service possible.

Providing the right information at the right time
Businesses often receive calls from customers who are frustrated by the poor quality of their previous service. This condition can complicate the agent's work, and is exacerbated if the agent is forced to repeatedly switch between the many legacy systems on the backend. By using a cloud contact center, you can eliminate frustration, human error, and waiting times which ultimately increase overall customer satisfaction.

Matching agent skills to customer needs
Customers now have many options for communicating with their company, including web, mobile, chat, voice, interactive voice response, email, and social media. This way, you can gain access to large, actionable customer data sets.

By using a cloud contact center, you can collect and distribute customer data for analysis. As a result, you can use behavioral, demographic and location-based customer information to match the right agent with the right customer.

Difference between cloud contact center and call center
In practice, cloud contact centers are often equated with call centers. Although they sound similar, the two have significant differences. Here's the explanation.

1. Means of communication
The basic difference between cloud contact centers and call centers is the means of communication with customers used. While call centers focus on telephone lines through interacting with customers and directly solving problems, outsourcing a cloud-based contact center uses more varied digital media (using email, social media, to chat applications).

2. Implementation procedure
Generally, call centers "force" customers to wait for their complaints to be received and resolved by the call center agent. Not so with cloud contact center services which provide more choices for customers. Businesses that utilize contact center outsourcing give customers the option to submit their complaints via email or chatbot.
Thus, customers can first analyze the problems they are facing. There is also an option for customers to talk to a contact center agent if there is something they want to know.

So, it can be concluded that a cloud contact center is a facility that businesses need if they want to improve customer service. Businesses that use cloud-based contact center outsourcing services can not only benefit from improved customer service, but also providing on-time information and tailoring agents to customer needs.

If you are interested in using a cloud contact center, you can contact PT VADS Indonesia, which provides cloud-based contact center outsourcing services. You can also find out more about how to improve customer service for your business by contacting Consult about customer service and various other PT VADS Indonesia services to help with the various needs of your company.


Why is PT VADS Indonesia's Blockchain Secure Authentication Safer?

Posted on 13 Apr 2022

Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA) is a database that is shared across computer networks. The function of using this technology is to protect data against manipulation. BSA provides a passwordless authentication solution based on blockchain verification technology to verify users and their phones. To make digital transactions more secure, you can use BSA from PT VADS Indonesia which offers several advantages. Here's the full review!

Benefits of Blockchain Secure Authentication
Blockchain Secure Authentication is a solution that provides strong and trusted authentication services for websites, mobile logins, and secure online access that you can get from PT VADS Indonesia. The benefits of using Blockchain Secure Authentication technology are many, including:

Secure - If you use Blockchain Secure Authentication, you can ensure authentication security with hack prevention. Now, data hacking is very easy to do because of many factors, ranging from the more frequent use of smartphones, the online era, to the hobby of sharing on social media. By using Blockchain Secure Authentication, you can increase the level of security which is very useful for every user.

Can login without password - Blockchain Secure Authentication only uses One Time Security Key (OTSK) based on a number of information from the device used. That way, you can then log in without entering a password.

Minimize costs - PT VADS Indonesia manages security, convenience, and fast programs with easy logins to minimize costs. You can safely protect digital transactions in an efficient and secure way without the need to incur large costs. Blockchain Secure Authentication offers optimal reliability to save costs.

Using a cryptographic fingerprint system
If you want to increase the level of business security, you can use Blockchain Secure Authentication with a cryptographic fingerprint system that can only be accessed through fingerprint authentication. Cryptographic fingerprinting is a tool that can help keep user data secure and protect phones from malicious software. By encrypting the data inside the app, it will be more difficult for anyone to access it without the user's permission. Here's an example case:

Simplest use - Encrypts personal digital files (eg photos or documents) within the app and decrypts them only when needed. Thus, no one will be able to identify the contents of this file without decrypting it first, even if it gains access to the phone itself.

More complex use cases - Using asymmetric cryptographic keys stored in applications that support financial transactions. This is to ensure authentic signatures for contracts or legal documents.

Consensus protocol to secure business transactions
Blockchain Secure Authentication provides a consensus protocol that is used to validate transactions. To validate a transaction, it takes "agreement" aka consensus from every user connected to the network. The consensus can be used to approve or reject transactions that will be recorded in the blockchain.

No need to remember login password
By using Blockchain Secure Authentication, you no longer need to bother remembering login passwords. This new innovation which aims to make it easier for customers but still offers a tight security system provides distributed security random checks, is passwordless, and encrypted data, so that users do not need to remember the login password.

Remove the one time password fee sent via SMS
Apart from not requiring you to remember your login password, Blockchain Secure Authentication also provides efficiency because it eliminates the cost of One Time Passwords sent via SMS. Blockchain Secure Authentication can be a flexible and updated business solution to improve business and help companies transform into the digital era.

By using Blockchain Secure Authentication from PT VADS Indonesia, you can avoid cases of burglary or data hacking. The security provided by Blockchain Secure Authentication reduces the level of cybercrimes such as hacking and fraud.

If you want to know more about the Blockchain Secure Authentication service, please contact You can consult about various other PT VADS Indonesia services to help your company's various needs.


Kartu Prakerja Collaborates with VADS Indonesia for Contact Center Services

Posted on 11 Apr 2022

On Friday (01/04/22) the Implementing Management of the Kartu Prakerja Program in collaboration with PT VADS Indonesia inaugurated a contact center service in Jakarta. This collaboration aims to improve information services to applicants and recipients of Kartu Prakerja.

In this fast-paced world, consumers expect a fast and effective way of communicating. The presence of an integrated contact center service will provide convenience in obtaining information related to various needs and constraints experienced by users so that they can be handled more quickly, precisely, and measurably. Contact center services are at the forefront of responding to the needs of Kartu Prakerja users in getting the best quality service regarding the needs and constraints experienced. Therefore, the contact center is expected to be one of the bridges to build a good relationship with Kartu Prakerja users by providing easy services for its users.

Saravanan Belusami, Chief Executive Officer of PT VADS Indonesia said “Kartu Prakerja plays a major role in developing the skills of the Indonesian workforce by providing access to job training and entrepreneurship. This contact center service is a manifestation of the government's seriousness in having a dialogue with citizens by providing valid information. This is certainly an important point because it means the state is here for the community and the community is helped by the Kartu Prakerja.”

Currently, the Kartu Prakerja has a centralized contact center service to provide services and answer all user needs to be supported by experienced and trained agents who are integrated with the latest technological innovations. This contact center service consists of handling all needs, complaints, and complaints from its users.

Simon Charlie, Head of Operations Management of the Kartu Prakerja Program said “The Kartu Prakerja is the first government start-up institution in Indonesia that is 100% digital-based. This program was initiated by Pak Jokowi 2 years ago to answer the needs of Skilling, Upskilling, and Reskilling. During these 2 years, the Kartu Prakerja has set a total of 11.6 million participants from 80 million registrants. We have a moral responsibility to this country so that the Kartu Prakerja always innovates with the best service to be able to improve the achievements that were already good before to be even better.”

With this contact center service collaboration, it is hoped that the Kartu Prakerja will continue to grow and provide the best service for Indonesian citizens and become a catalyst in achieving the vision of an Advanced Indonesia.


Get to know What is a Cloud-Based BPO Contact Center that Can Maximize WFH

Posted on 11 Apr 2022

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, which provides various services, including a cloud-based contact center or cloud contact center. Cloud contact centers help businesses manage the customer experience via phone, email, text and social media, offering advanced functionality beyond incoming and outgoing calls.
As businesses add more support channels, cloud contact centers can be a solution that helps businesses keep up with customer demands and optimize productivity, including maximizing work from home or WFH. How to? Here's the information.

What is a cloud-based contact center?
A contact center is a facility that handles contact with customers. Unlike the call center which only handles phone calls, the contact center handles communication through several channels. Relying on the right contact center BPO is critical to business success in dealing with customers. Sales or support calls that are not handled properly can result in lost revenue and damage to the company's reputation.

Instead of a regular contact center, you can use a cloud contact center, an internet-based facility that handles all customer communication needs for business. This facility is suitable for large companies that need multiple communication channels (including phone calls and messages), agent management, and analytics.

How do cloud contact centers work?
The cloud contact center provides incoming and outgoing voice, text, social media, and video communications over a high-speed internet connection. The BPO contact center handles all technical setup, equipment and server maintenance. So you don't have to buy, install and maintain telecommunications hardware.

Phone calls at the cloud contact center are made using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Once you connect the cloud contact center software to other channels, such as social media or email, everything will work automatically. Each interaction is tied to an account and assigned to the appropriate agent to avoid conflicts.

The cloud contact center also synchronizes data with business CRM (customer relationship management) software so that all agents don't miss updates. Working entirely over the internet, a cloud contact center means businesses only need to provide a workstation, headset, and internet connection. When agents sign in, they can receive calls, emails, or chat messages. So, businesses can interact with customers consistently across multiple contact methods.

4 Uses of cloud contact center
It is not without reason that the presence of a cloud-based BPO contact center can maximize WFH. As mentioned above, BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. Providing outsourced services, here are some of the uses of BPO cloud contact center:

1. Can develop business
Cloud contact centers include a global infrastructure for business communications, so you can enter the market without building, deploying, and maintaining complex services yourself. This approach gives the advantage of growing the business easily. By using a BPO contact center, you can expand your deployment needs on demand, without the additional time or expense of upgrading hardware.

2. Flexible
Now, many companies are implementing the WFH system. You can use a cloud contact center to provide the highest flexibility businesses need. With a BPO contact center, everyone can stay connected no matter where they are, including call center supervisors and directors who can follow the team wherever they work.
Cloud contact center can work on various devices and operating systems. Real-time reporting is also available to provide greater transparency on productivity and customer experience. At WFH, overall security is critical to customer and employee privacy. Cloud contact centers are audited regularly to avoid unwanted data breaches.

3. Cloud technology that is safer from risk
There are many reasons why cloud technologies tend to be safer from risk, one of which is that cloud providers invest heavily in security innovations. Most cloud providers have built their entire business on cloud platforms. This means that cloud providers not only provide customers with a hosting environment for workloads, but also protect infrastructure and cloud services as the first priority.

4. Improve customer experience
The main purpose of using a BPO contact center is to solve problems for customers. If you want to make it easier for customers to contact business agents and maintain lasting customer relationships, you need a cloud contact center that contributes greatly to the ease and smoothness of the customer experience.

The way it works is easy and fast in maximizing customer service, making the BPO contact center worthy of your consideration. You can get a cloud-based contact center service from PT VADS Indonesia, a BPO that many companies rely on. The many benefits provided by the cloud contact center service from PT VADS Indonesia make WFH activities smoother and profitable for your company.

By now, you know that BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. A cloud-based contact center is one of the services offered by BPOs such as PT VADS Indonesia. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact to find out more about how to improve customer service at your company. PT VADS Indonesia is ready to provide complete information on other customer services to help your company's various needs. May be useful!


What is Blockchain Secure Authentication from PT VADS Indonesia?

Posted on 08 Apr 2022

Blockchain Secure Authentication is one of the new solutions provided by PT VADS Indonesia, a company engaged in business process outsourcing (BPO). Blockchain Secure Authentication aims to improve the security of transaction data.

With this solution, the security of customers' data is expected to increase so that everyone can make transactions safely. To find out more information about what Blockchain Secure Authentication is from PT VADS Indonesia, let's look at the following review!

What is Blockchain secure authentication?
Blockchain Secure Authentication is a notoriously advanced passwordless authentication technology to avoid credential attacks, a condition where cybercriminals bypass business security measures and steal important data. Apart from being passwordless, Blockchain Secure Authentication is also free from SMS OTP codes, making it different from other authentication technologies. This authentication technology has been used in several companies to manage account logins to websites, webmail, mobile applications, and so on.

Understanding the various challenges that must be considered regarding data and information security issues, PT VADS Indonesia has implemented and provided the latest solutions to maintain data security through Blockchain Secure Authentication. By using this latest technology, everyone can share valuable data in a secure and undamaged way because blockchain stores data using advanced mathematics. Blockchain also uses innovative software that is very difficult for attackers to manipulate.

System in Blockchain Secure Authentication
To understand more about the latest service from PT VADS Indonesia, let's know the system used in the following Blockchain Secure Authentication.

1. Cryptography fingerprint
Cryptographic fingerprints are unique short keys in each block and can help identify longer public keys. Fingerprints are used for key authentication and other elements of cryptographic security, providing efficiency with smaller data sets. When fingerprints are used for key authentication, the system can inspect smaller data sets more easily thereby ensuring proper access to public keys.

The fingerprint is also more efficient for storage. Security certificate systems can manually authenticate keys providing best security practices. Cryptography fingerprints are important in public-key cryptography and other types of modern digital security because they help improve the way cryptography works in modern systems, where simplification of data sets is critical.

2. Consensus protocol
Blockchain Secure Authentication provides a consensus protocol that is used to validate transactions. The process of validating transactions in the blockchain requires the permission and "agreement" of all users connected to the network. This consensus can be used to approve or reject transactions that will be recorded on the blockchain. That way, you can make transactions safely without worrying about the possibility of hacking or fraud.

Get Blockchain secure authentication at PT VADS Indonesia
If you are interested in using a Blockchain Secure Authentication solution, then you can get it from PT VADS Indonesia. This BPO company has the latest technology called Blockchain Secure Authentication which uses blockchain technology for distributed security random check, passwordless, and encrypted data. The use of this technology makes the user not have to bother remembering the login password.

As mentioned earlier, the technology used in Blockchain Secure Authentication also provides efficiency because it can eliminate SMS OTP costs. Although it is a relatively new technology, Blockchain Secure Authentication has become a trend in developed countries such as Korea, the United States, Japan, and China. You can get a Blockchain Secure Authentication solution from PT VADS Indonesia which is proud to bring this technology to Indonesia and offers free POC.

Now you can use Blockchain Secure Authentication from PT VADS Indonesia to avoid cases of burglary or data hacking. Blockchain Secure Authentication provides security that reduces the level of cybercrimes such as hacking and fraud.
If you want to know more about the Blockchain Secure Authentication service, please contact You can consult about various other PT VADS Indonesia services to help your company's various needs.


6 Benefits of Outsourcing Contact Center for Companies

Posted on 06 Apr 2022

Technological advancements have contributed greatly to the company, especially in terms of brand awareness and maintaining brand reputation. The reason is, that currently building brand awareness and maintaining brand reputation can be done online through the media and various other means of communication, such as contact centers.

A contact center is a communication tool similar to a call center, but the difference is that it is done through various communication channels, including chat, website, email, social media, and others. The contact center is in a company team or delegated to a third party, namely, contact center outsourcing.

In addition to building brand awareness and maintaining brand reputation, contact centers have various other benefits for business companies. What are the benefits? Check out the detailed explanation below!

1. Listening and handling customer complaints
The first benefit you can get when you use a contact center service for a company is that you can listen to and handle complaints submitted by your customers. In a business, customers are certainly a priority. Customer satisfaction can be a factor in the development of a company.

With good conflict handling, the company can be loved by its customers. For this reason, it is necessary to have a means of communication that can accommodate various complaints through various communication channels. The more communication channels used, the more efficient the company in reaching its customers.

2. Low management costs
The next benefit when using contact center outsourcing is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to recruit new employees for the company. The existence of contact center outsourcing as a third party is an effective solution for companies that do not want to add new employees.

Without recruiting new employees, companies will be able to save costs because contact center outsourcing does not require large costs for initial installation. In addition, you can also adjust the company's needs to the type of service you will use. So, no costs are wasted.

3. Increase the company's sales figures
The next benefit that you can get from contact center outsourcing is an increase in the company's sales figures. The contact center makes service to customers more optimal. Thus, customers will feel prioritized and will not give up on making transactions at your company.

4. Expanding the target market
Contact centers can also expand the company's target market. For companies that use contact center outsourcing services, companies can conduct outbound contact centers for their customers or potential customers. This call can be used as a means of promotion or introduction regarding the products you have and offer. The more diverse communication channels you use, the wider the company can reach its target market.

5. Guaranteed safety
The contact center also provides security guarantees for the company and customer data provided through these communication channels, especially now that there is also a cloud-based contact center technology that can be accessed online and jointly by other company employees.

6. Companies become more efficient
Finally, companies that use contact center outsourcing services can be more efficient because they don't have to recruit new employees and think about expenses that need to be readjusted. Contact center outsourcing is an effective solution for companies that want to stay focused on developing their business with the help of experts in the required field, in this case, the contact center.

That is the benefit of the contact center that can be given to the company. If your company requires contact center services without the need to recruit new employees, use an outsourcing contact center service from PT VADS Indonesia. This is a cloud-based service that has been refined according to existing technological advances.
You can use outbound contact center services to reach a wider target market. The outbound contact center from PT VADS Indonesia includes four service solutions, namely telemarketing, telereminder, teleretention, and telecollection. For more information about the outbound contact center from PT VADS Indonesia, click here.


The Importance of Social Media Analytics from PT VADS Indonesia

Posted on 04 Apr 2022

Social media is a digital platform used by the majority of people around the world. Not only for exchanging news and information, social media is also used for promotional media, especially for business people in this digital era.

Various innovations make social media have new features that can be used to increase sales of products or services from business actors, one of which is social media analytics. Understanding this, PT VADS Indonesia also provides social media analytics services for business people. Indeed, what is social media analytics and why is it important?

What is social media analytics?
Social media analytics is a method of collecting data on social media that is processed in a structured manner in order to increase company engagement or the like. These data are used to see customer responses and opinions on a product or service being offered.

Social media analytics is needed by business people to review the market comprehensively, from brand awareness, and competitor analysis, to customer experience. This social media analytics feature can be found on various social media, such as Instagram Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and Facebook Insight.

The main task of social media analytics staff
Meanwhile, there is the term social media analytics staff or it can also be called a social media analyst. They are the people in charge of assessing the company's success in offering products by analyzing social media analytics. Usually, social media analytics staff understand SEO (search engine optimization) to optimize social media and increase online traffic from various social media platforms.

The importance of social media analytics for business development
As a business actor, social media has various benefits for developing a business, especially through social media analytics features. Moreover, currently, the function of social media analytics features is much more diverse than a few years ago. Here are some social media analytics functions for your business continuity, which are also offered by PT VADS Indonesia.

1. Helping marketing work
Within a company, of course, there is a marketing division that is responsible for marketing. In addition, there is also a customer service division or customer service. The tasks performed by the division will be more difficult if done manually. Therefore, the use of social media analytics is very necessary.

Social media analytics helps marketing work to find out the flow of customers on social media pages, for example, more to promo pages, sales pages, or other pages. That way, customer behavior can be analyzed effectively so that marketing is carried out in accordance with the targets to be achieved.

2. Track campaign performance
By using social media analytics, the launch of product offering campaigns on social media can be tracked, whether it produces a positive impression or vice versa. That way, the performance of the campaign can be measured by its success rate.

This certainly helps product or service campaigns to be properly promoted to customers according to the target market. Social media analytics also helps companies to maximize campaign performance so that they are successful and on target.

Social media analytics service from PT VADS Indonesia
Based on the explanation above, social media is one of the best platforms to market your company's products or services. You can monitor the success of the promotion by analyzing the social media analytics of the company's social media accounts.

Use social media analytics services from PT VADS Indonesia to make business matters more practical, fast, and precise. PT VADS Indonesia can ensure that your company's business processes run smoothly and according to the expected target by optimizing the company's social media.

In providing social media analytics services, PT VADS Indonesia protects and maintains the confidentiality and availability of information from the analyzed data. Therefore, you don't have to worry about information security risks for your company.

For more information about social media analytics services from PT VADS Indonesia, please contact You can also consult about various other PT VADS Indonesia services to help with your various business needs.


Omni Channel Marketing is a Marketing Strategy with Different Platforms, What Are the Benefits?

Posted on 01 Apr 2022

In this digital era, it is not surprising that you often find various forms of promotion on various platforms. Not infrequently, these contents contain the same thing even though they are published in different mediums. This is a form of omni-channel marketing strategy. Indeed, what is an omni channel and what are the benefits for business development? Here is the full explanation.

What is omni-channel marketing?
Omni channel marketing is a marketing strategy that can be done across platforms. This is done by aligning content delivery across multiple platforms for consistency. Omni channel marketing is used because consumers today are not limited to one platform. In addition, this strategy can also make businesses get more consumers on these various platforms.

What are the benefits of omni channel marketing?
Because it can do marketing on various platforms, omni channel marketing certainly has many benefits for business people. What are the benefits? Check out the following explanation!

Integration with multiple channels
The first benefit of omni channel marketing is that it can connect or integrate various sales channels, especially in the retail business. Both online and offline sales, omni channel marketing will connect them into one centralized channel.

With omni channel, you can easily check stock, total sales, and perform analysis. You also don't have to check each platform individually because everything is centralized into one channel. That way, work will be more efficient and can increase business productivity.

Increase consumer loyalty
With an omni channel marketing strategy that provides the same content, consumers can experience a consistent experience across all platforms. In addition, this marketing strategy can also provide offers that are tailored to each individual consumer. So, your customers will feel well served. Consumer loyalty can also grow because of this advantage.

Drive sales and traffic
With an omni channel marketing strategy, sales traffic can increase, because more and more buyers will be interested in visiting the store if they get clear information from the website. In fact, according to research, offline stores that use an omni channel marketing strategy can get a 15-30% increase in sales.

Provide data
Another benefit that is no less important than omni channel marketing is the completeness of data that you can get easily. The various platforms you use can be a place for consumer-related research. The data that you can get include demographics, preferences, behavior, and habits of potential consumers.

Help create more specific strategies
From the data that has been collected, then you can make a more specific sales strategy. Complete knowledge of the characteristics of potential customers and their behavior during transactions can let you know what steps to take when making a sale.

With the right marketing and sales strategy, you will get customers that match your business's target market. If your product is in accordance with the target market, sales figures will increase, because your product is the answer for them. Your business can grow even more.

From the explanation above, it is clear that omni channel marketing is a good marketing strategy to increase business productivity and sales. It is time for you to do business not only by increasing product quality, but also by making good marketing strategies through various platforms.

You can also hand over the task of omni channel marketing to a professional third party such as PT VADS Indonesia. All business processes, from effectiveness to company productivity, can be improved if you leave this task to the experts. For further information regarding omni channel marketing services from PT VADS Indonesia, please contact


Using Business Process Outsourcing to Manage Corporate Social Media

Posted on 30 Mar 2022

Today's business people cannot be separated from social media in offering their products or services. Apart from the fact that social media has become a platform that is widely used by people all over the world, now social media also has special features for business people, for example providing catalogs, connecting links to websites, shopping pages, and others. These features can be found on several social media, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, to Tiktok.

To attract the attention of customers, business people compete to offer their products or services with interesting content. Business people then use third-party services to optimally manage business social media. This is where business process outsourcing comes into play. Indeed, what is business process outsourcing? Check out the following explanation to find out the answer!

What is business process outsourcing?
Business process outsourcing (BPO) is an activity carried out by a third party in the form of outsourcing several business processes and functions of a company. Some of the affairs or work of the company can be taken over by the BPO according to interests and agreements. One of the leading BPOs in Indonesia to handle social media analysis and the like is PT VADS Indonesia.

Benefits of using BPO
BPO really helps companies in managing and optimizing a job. Companies that use BPO can increase business productivity because some of their responsibilities have been delegated to providers of business process outsourcing. That way, the company has more time to develop its business.

The presence of BPO as a third party also helps the company's efficiency and can save expenses. The reason is, BPO contains experts in their fields who can improve the quality of service to customers. In addition, BPO has also used more modern technology, so that the resulting performance is getting better and in accordance with today's business trends.

The importance of managing social media to grow your business
When running a business in the digital era, you are not only required to improve product quality, but also manage social media. Here are some reasons why you need good social media management.

1. Make it easier to recognize consumers
For a business to thrive, you need to know your customers well. With social media, business people and consumers can interact directly and communicate more closely through the features provided.
The existence of social media analytics also makes it easier for business people to categorize consumers and target them according to targets, such as determining age, gender, to consumer preferences. With this detailed data, the branding and promotion process will be delivered on target.

2. Get immediate feedback
Because there are closer communication facilities, social media helps businesses to get direct feedback from customers. Consumers can provide their opinions and reviews regarding the products or services purchased, ranging from positive to negative reviews.

Consumers can also directly provide criticism, suggestions, or questions to business people. The ease of direct interaction is certainly easier and beneficial for both parties. That way, business actors can continue to improve and improve their business.

3. Increase organic visibility
Share button features and algorithms on social media can make the content of businesspeople spread optimally. Social media users can also be directed to the company's official website, so they can see the various products provided by the company. This can also increase product sales figures.
Content on social media that is visited a lot can enter the top rankings of search engines. This of course also benefits the company because the potential to reach consumers will be greater and more numerous.

4. Information is shared faster
The features provided on social media can make it easier for users to share content with just one click. This can be done by various social media platforms, for example, the share button on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. In addition, there is also retweet and like buttons on Twitter that can make it easier to spread information.

That way, business information or content can be spread quickly and widely. This is certainly an advantage of social media as a means of promotion in the digital era. These advantages cannot be obtained if you do not use social media and only run a conventional business.

5. Make partnership easy
The large number of social media users is an opportunity for business people to form partnerships, both with individuals and groups. Currently, many business companies have partnered with influencers to get more massive promotions. This is because followers of the influencer account will be directed to companies that partner with them.

Business people can also see the situation and conditions. For example, at certain moments as National Education Day approaches, the company collaborates with a number of education figures. Then, on other occasions, they can also collaborate with business figures.

Business process outsourcing is a third party that can help optimize your company's social media. Currently, doing business is not enough just to improve product quality, but also must manage social media to facilitate promotional activities.

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Seeing Artificial Intelligence Performance in Social Media Algorithms

Posted on 28 Mar 2022

The use of the internet today has become a primary need, both for individual and group needs. Of the nearly four billion internet users worldwide, there are three billion people who use social media. With so many features and benefits that can be used, social media utilize artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence in their algorithms.

Every social media has an algorithm
The most interesting thing about social media is that it features algorithms that are made for various purposes. This algorithm helps many business people and influencers to optimize the content created to match the desired target. Broadly speaking, social media algorithms work to maintain social media order mathematically.

Social media algorithms are mathematical rules that work to analyze content on social media accounts, such as sorting uploads by content relevance to users, ranking content or ads on a social media platform, and ranking search results.

Social media algorithms are always changing depending on the platform used. The details of each change are quite difficult to know and there is no definite formula. Even so, general guidelines and characteristics of social media algorithms can be known through each platform.

Algorithms on various social media
Social media algorithms are basically used to bring order and optimize social media. Here are five examples of social media that utilize artificial intelligence for their algorithm needs.

1. Facebook
On the social media platform Facebook, algorithms are built based on posts that stimulate emotions, such as posts from family or relatives. After that, promotional uploads related to business are then displayed. Friendly and family posts are more important to Facebook than business posts.

To anticipate this, Facebook provides ads or paid content separately, so that content can be displayed according to the preferences of Facebook users. The next advantage that Facebook provides is spam management which can be used to delete fake accounts.

2. Instagram
The algorithm data used on Instagram is usually taken from comments, likes, and shares of uploaded content on an account. The more people who interact with the content of the account, the greater the chance for the account to rank in the top rankings in search results. In addition, popular accounts will also be recommended to Instagram users who have similar preferences.

3. Twitter
For the Twitter platform, the algorithm works based on the relevance and upload time of content. It also depends on the number of likes and retweets. Opportunities for content or tweets that are retweeted and liked by many people will be easier to trend. Twitter's algorithm also reads users' preferences for a topic. That way, Twitter will recommend content according to user preferences.

4. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a social platform specifically designed for professional networking. Therefore, the algorithm used is based on connection and engagement. However, LinkedIn users can still see posts from people they haven't connected with when a connected user likes a post.

5. YouTube
YouTube is the most widely used video-only platform. YouTube's algorithm works based on the videos that its users are interested in. These data allow YouTube to recommend videos or content to its users according to their preferences. This data will continue to display recommendations and rankings in search results.

Understanding algorithms improve business efficiency
Social media algorithms are inseparable from the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in providing insight into the social media profile of a business. AI is designed to help improve the performance of a social media account for the advancement of businesses or companies.
The presence of AI will greatly assist the marketing division in carrying out its work, such as analyzing data on social media so that the content and promotions offered are delivered optimally according to the target market. In addition, AI can also find targeted new customers, monitor brand reputation, and identify new ways to optimize content and promotions.

The performance of social media algorithms cannot be separated from the role of artificial intelligence. That's what can make business accounts get promotion optimization and product introduction. However, business optimization is not only limited to uploading products to social media. You also need patience, and accuracy, to the right service when starting a business.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence that You Must Know

Posted on 25 Mar 2022

Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is intelligence that is included in a system that can be managed. This is usually related to programming computer systems so that an application can receive instructions or do something according to the instructions given. Its main purpose is to facilitate human activities. For example, a supermarket robot that can talk and provide services like real humans.

However, artificial intelligence is not perfect. Behind all the advantages, there are also disadvantages that can cause losses, even threats. Everything has risks, and so does the use of artificial intelligence. What are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence? Check out the following explanation!

Advantages of artificial intelligence
As previously explained, artificial intelligence exists to help humans. Here are some of the advantages that you can get when using artificial intelligence.

Reduce the risk of human error
Artificial intelligence has much less risk of error than humans. If humans are prone to make mistakes, artificial intelligence that lies in machines has almost no errors because machines will always produce the same product every time.

Available all the time
Another plus is that the productivity of machines with artificial intelligence will not stop. Unlike humans who need time off, machines don't feel tired. Machines can be used with fewer breaks, some even without pauses. That way, the production can be more than using human power.

Make decisions faster
The power and performance of machines tend to be better than humans. Machines can process large amounts of data with faster results. The artificial intelligence built into the machine can consider many factors and help its users to make accurate decisions.

Have no risk
Machines that have artificial intelligence in them are widely used by various industries. These machines can replace humans, especially in high-risk tasks such as coal mines, oil refineries, sewage, nuclear power plants, and other hazardous jobs. In this way, the deadly risk is no longer a threat to humans.

Help daily life
Artificial intelligence at this time has a big role in people's daily lives. Not only in industry, but even in human daily activities, but machines also have artificial intelligence. You can find uses for artificial intelligence in Google's Voice, Siri, and more.

Lack of artificial intelligence
Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence is very important to help you do careful consideration before using it. Behind the advantages it has, machines with artificial intelligence still have some disadvantages. Following are the disadvantages of machines that implement artificial intelligence.

1. It costs a lot
In reality, artificial intelligence machines use concepts such as artificial neural networks that require powerful hardware. Do not forget the computing power that must be perfect to process information. To fulfill that, it takes a lot of money for maintenance and repairs.

2. Can increase unemployment
Another drawback of artificial intelligence is the risk of increasing unemployment. The number of jobs that can be replaced by machines with artificial intelligence makes job vacancies for humans decrease. That way, more and more unemployed from time to time because of the job positions that can be replaced by these machines.

3. Box thinking
However, artificial intelligence implemented in machines cannot completely replace humans. Machines can only do the tasks they are programmed to do. If you use the machine for things beyond its limits, the risk of failure becomes even greater.

4. Have no emotions
The next drawback of machines with artificial intelligence is that they don't have emotions like humans. This means that machines cannot develop bonds with humans or other machines when it comes to solving a problem, so there is no team management in using machines with artificial intelligence.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence which is now replacing humans in many companies. As smart as robots are, they don't have the emotional attachments and feelings of humans. Thus, machines that use artificial intelligence on average can only do things according to the commands that have been programmed into them.

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