PT VADS Indonesia Won a Silver Award at The Best Contact Center Indonesia 2022

Posted on 29 Sep 2022

PT VADS Indonesia won a silver award at The Best Contact Center Indonesia (TBCCI) in 2022 for the corporate category "The Best Technology Innovation".

This national-level contact center world award event in Indonesia has received international recognition from the Contact Center Association of Asia Pacific (CC-APAC) and this year more than 40 companies from various industries participated.

The achievements obtained by PT VADS Indonesia are inseparable from the trust of clients who have entrusted their customer service to PT VADS Indonesia. This success is of course also thanks to the help of the VADSters who have contributed to the TBCCI 2022 event. And with the achievements that have been obtained, PT VADS Indonesia is committed to continuously improving and maintaining its service excellence as a contact center provider BPO company in Indonesia.

Thank you to ICCA Indonesia and all VADSters who have supported VADS Indonesia in this event. Semakin MANTAP!


Effective and Efficient Digital Customer Experience for e-Commerce and Logistic Industry at Post Pandemic Era

Posted on 17 Jun 2022

Jakarta, 17 June 2022 – PT. VADS Indonesia held an E-Commerce and Logistics Event with the theme "Effective and Efficient Digital Customer Experience for e-Commerce and Logistics Industry at Post Pandemic Era". This event is PT VADS Indonesia's first activity to be held offline after the pandemic with the aim of providing insight to customer service providers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service.

This 2022 E-Commerce and Logistics Event presents 4 experienced and competent speakers in their fields, including Maneesha Bushal (JD.ID Customer Experience Director), Cut Noosy (Grab Indonesia Director of Support Operations), Juan Almer (AVP of Customer Experience Anteraja). ), and Doddy Kartiwa (Senior Solutions Consultant Genesys). This event was attended by more than 30 well-known companies from companies that use the services and services of PT VADS Indonesia, especially from the banking industry, E-Commerce, Logistics, and other sectors.

"The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation process where we know that their e-commerce, logistics, and fintech companies are still surviving and growing in this pandemic era, where other industries have experienced a decline or even fall in this pandemic era. This is because industries that have adapted and have implemented digital systems are able to provide flexibility and convenience in conducting transactions and consumer needs,” said Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of PT VADS Indonesia.

This is the responsibility of PT VADS Indonesia as a service provider to be able to support clients in transforming and providing digital solutions such as digital customer experience, robotic process automation, social media analytics, 360-degree CRM, Omni channel, learning center, e-knowledge management, digital marketing, high availability services, and other smart services.

In addition to the updated solutions above, PT VADS Indonesia also has certification for regulations set by the Indonesian government and international policies to provide digital transformation solutions, including KBLI for standard classification permits for business fields, and ISO 27001:2013 for confidentiality. data, PCI DSS for financial transactional, ISO 9001 for operational management, COPC for high quality, high productivity, and high-performance operations, Six Sigma for process and solution innovation, and ITIL for helpdesk and service desk services.

Currently, PT VADS Indonesia also provides added value to our clients, in terms of HR such as training for operations personnel including High-Performance Management Techniques (HPMT) training, COPC, BNSP, and other training to support service and performance. In terms of technology, PT VADS Indonesia provides PowerBI for real-time analytical reports, e-learning knowledge management, and QMS (Quality Monitoring System). Meanwhile, from the process side, PT VADS Indonesia provides a center of excellence (COE) to ensure consistent results and increase productivity and performance.

"PT VADS Indonesia does not just stop here, we continue to provide the latest innovations and breakthrough solutions to continue to exist as a service provider and "chosen digital partner". The latest solutions that we will provide in the future such as augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse, and other smart solutions. We believe that our service culture and our solutions can answer our clients' business challenges in facing the digital era. This is proven by the growth of clients at PT VADS which continues to increase, even though some clients have been with us for more than 5 years of service. Because we believe that convenience is not only for one group but for everyone, and here PT VADS Indonesia provides convenience to help companies to transform and continue to exist in the future.” said Deddy Hermansyah, CMO of PT VADS Indonesia.


A Powerful SEO Strategy to Build Business with PT VADS Indonesia

Posted on 25 May 2022

One strategy to build a business is to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As one of the most important online marketing strategies for businesses, SEO has a variety of benefits. For example, such as providing relevant content and reaching a wider range of consumers. Let's see complete information about a powerful SEO strategy to build a business with PT VADS Indonesia below!

1. Keyword research
One of the powerful SEO strategies to build a business with PT VADS Indonesia is keyword research. Keywords are ideas or topics that determine the content of your content. In SEO, keywords are words that searchers enter into search engines. As a website owner and content creator, you need to create keywords that are relevant to what people are searching for. The goal is that the content has a high chance of being found by internet users among search results.

To find relevant keywords, you need to do keyword research. Keyword research is the process of researching popular search terms that people type into search engines like Google and strategically including them in your content. This way, your content has a chance to appear higher on search engine results pages. This process is a fundamental practice in SEO.

For example, let's say you are researching the keyword "how to start a blog" for article content. "Blog" can mean a blog post or the blog website itself. Understanding the blog that is meant by the searcher behind these keywords will affect the direction of your article. For example, a searcher may want to learn how to create a personal blog post or how to launch a website domain for blogging purposes.

To verify the user's intent in a keyword, you can enter the keyword into a search engine and see what types of search results appear. Make sure the type of content that appears on Google is closely related to the content you create for that keyword.

2. Check SEO plugins
SEO plugins are extension modules for content management systems, browsers, and software solutions. It expands the scope of source software with specific tasks and functions that affect search engine optimization, web analytics, online marketing, and other aspects.

There are many plugins for CMS WordPress that handle specific tasks related to search engines. Check out essential SEO plugins to help you improve your content on search engines. For example, SEO plugins help you avoid overusing keywords to increase the readability of your content.

3. Define search intent
Search intent is a term used to describe the purpose of an online search or the reason why someone performs a particular search. For example to find answers to questions they have, visit certain websites, or want to buy something.

Google is constantly improving its algorithms to determine what people search for. They will rank the page best according to the search term someone entered, as well as the search intent behind the search query. That's why you need to make sure that your post or page matches the intent of your audience.

4. Prepare quality content
Without high-quality content, it is difficult to get the full benefit of SEO. Only relevant and useful content can motivate website visitors to stay on the web page longer, thus having a positive impact on your search rankings. Setting up quality content also helps you get backlinks. One of the best SEO strategies is to get high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites.

5. Enter meta tags
Meta tags are snippets of text that describe the content of web pages. Meta tags do not appear on web pages, but in the source code of the page. Basically, meta tags are small content descriptors that help tell search engines what a web page is about.

Search engines like Google use meta tags to understand additional information about web pages. Search engines may use this information for ranking purposes or to display snippets in search results. Examples of meta tags include the <title> and <description> elements.

6. Use backlinks
Backlinks are links from one website to another website page. Google sees high-quality backlinks as a sign that a website is credible and trustworthy. The more other websites that include links to your website, it means you have quality backlinks. As a result, you have a better chance of appearing in the top rankings of Google search results.

This is information about a powerful SEO strategy to build a business with PT VADS Indonesia. If you need help executing an SEO strategy for your business or brand, you can use Digital Marketing services from PT VADS Indonesia.

This service helps you create and publish marketing campaigns through various digital channels, including website SEO. Click here if you need more information about Digital Marketing services from VADS Indonesia and various other interesting services!


Get to know Search Engine Marketing and its Benefits with PT Vads Indonesia

Posted on 23 May 2022

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and reach new customers. Using organic strategies for businesses to attract traffic over the long term is important. However, for situations where your business cannot compete well on the Search Engine Result Pages without assistance, SEM can be relied on. Let's get to know Search Engine Marketing and its benefits with PT VADS Indonesia in this article!

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
Basically, Search Engine Marketing is a paid search advertising campaign, for example, Google Ads. The main purpose of SEM is to help optimize the visibility of websites and web pages through search engines. SEM also helps businesses get a better search engine position on Google and other similar sites.

Different from SEO, SEM gets search engine placement quickly, but in a paid way. This paid method covers the entire advertising strategy that generates ads on search engines like Google, for example, ads and certain keywords. Brands can create SEM campaigns on Google, ranging from the most general to the most concrete with various ad options and structures.

What are the benefits of SEM?
SEM strategies are widely applied by various companies not without reason. This is inseparable from the following benefits of SEM:

1. Cost efficiency
Cost efficiency in business helps create financial stability. Businesses can implement cost efficiency, one of which is by implementing SEM. SEM can deliver the results that businesses on a limited budget want.
You can tailor your SEM ads to your budget needs whenever you want. Running an SEM campaign for your business also doesn't require a large initial investment. Therefore, the SEM strategy is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Relatively faster than SEO
SEM is relatively faster than SEO in terms of bringing high-quality traffic to the website. It's effective at grabbing users' attention and generating clicks because it allows users to filter by the words they're looking for. Therefore, SEM ensures that your traffic consists of people who are potentially interested in your brand.

In addition, the SEM ranking is also more flexible because the second or even third rank can be as useful as the first rank. For example, say you have an ad on Google. After a week, your ad consistently appears in the search results in the second or third position when using the keywords you selected. You don't have to spend extra money just to get that top spot. In fact, search engine users click on the second or third-position ads just as often in search results as the first-position ads.

3. Increase conversion rate
Conversion rate (conversion rate) is an action ratio determined based on the number of website visitors multiplied by 100. Therefore, the conversion rate is always a percentage. For example, a company receives 1,000 website visitors. The conversion rate will be calculated when the website visitor buys the product. SEM increases conversion rates because Google Ads helps measure conversions thereby ensuring that your ads are truly effective.

What are the types of SEM?
In general, Search Engine Marketing consists of four types. PT VADS Indonesia has summarized the following explanation of each type:

1. Phrase Match Keyword
Phrase match keywords are types of keywords that are added before or after the keyword. For example, if your main keyword is 'Office Clothes', you can add a keyword match phrase like 'Cheap Office Clothes'. This more focused keyword aims to get an audience with a moderate level of specification and traffic.

2. Exact Match Keyword
As the name implies, exact match keywords are very focused and specific types of keywords. For the main keyword 'Office clothes', for example, the exact match keyword you can add is 'Office clothes for women. This type of keyword traffic is indeed low, but the audience that sees your ad is so specific that it is more likely to be interested in your brand.

3. Negative Keywords
Negative keywords should be avoided because they are keywords that are not relevant or related to your business. An example of a negative keyword for the keyword 'Luxury Office Clothes' for example is 'Used Office Clothes'.

4. Broad Match Keywords
Broad match keywords are very general keywords that allow you to attract a variety of potential customers through high traffic. Broad match keywords are also Google Ads' default keywords so your ad will appear in a variety of keywords if you target one general keyword. For example, if you choose the keyword 'Office Clothes', then your ad will appear when the audience types in the keywords 'Business Clothes', 'Formal Clothes', and others.

That's information about getting to know Search Engine Marketing and its benefits that have been summarized by PT VADS Indonesia. If you need help executing a SEM strategy for your business or brand, you can use Digital Marketing services from PT VADS Indonesia. This service helps you create and publish marketing campaigns through various digital channels. Click here if you need more information about Digital Marketing services from VADS Indonesia and various other interesting services!


Know what SEO is and how it works with PT VADS Indonesia

Posted on 20 May 2022

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important online marketing strategies for businesses. Potential consumers spend a lot of time on the internet so that the right SEO strategy can attract the attention of potential customers and reach a wider range of consumers. SEO can even not only attract local consumers but also consumers from abroad. Let's get to know more about SEO and how it works with PT VADS Indonesia here!

What is SEO?
As mentioned earlier, SEO is one of the online marketing strategies that focus on the results from the Google search engine. This marketing strategy is search engine optimization, a practice to increase website traffic, both in terms of quantity and quality through organic search using search engines. The purpose of SEO is simple, which is for websites that review your product content to appear at the top of Google search results.

This greatly affects the potential for potential customers to buy from your business. Attractive SEO content can also increase consumer confidence so that they make a purchase.

Given that SEO focuses on organic search results, not through advertising (Google Ads), you need to create content as attractive as possible and in accordance with Google's search system. For example, SEO content usually contains certain keywords and discusses topics that are currently being discussed by the public.

Types of SEO
In general, SEO consists of three types, namely on-page, off-page, and technical. Here's the full review:

1. On page
On-page SEO is anything that is on your website pages, such as blogs, products, and so on. All the steps you take to make your website page rank higher in the search engines are included in on-page SEO. On-page SEO includes creating high-quality content with the aim of making it useful for your website visitors.

This type of SEO also adds meta tags to help Google bots better understand your content, uses HTML tags to highlight titles and other content elements and ensures there are no broken or duplicate links in content or pages. Not only that, cleaning the URL structure, having a sequential naming system for various similar pages that fall into one category, and choosing images that are not too large when writing descriptive file names, are also included on page SEO categories.

2. Off-page
Off-page SEO includes all the SEO activities and strategies that are carried out outside your website. Off-page SEO drives traffic back to your website and shows search engines that you are a reliable website. Off-page SEO tells search engines what other people think of you. For example, when lots of links point to your website, search engines assume you have good content that provides value to their users.

Therefore, this type of SEO contributes greatly to creating exposure for your brand, building trust, and increasing brand awareness. One of the off-page SEO tactics is link building, which is important when it comes to ranking website pages.

3. Technical
Technical SEO or technical SEO is used to improve website infrastructure so that search engine bots can track and index pages on your website more effectively. This type of SEO involves the process of auditing and optimizing the technical elements of the website so that it has a better chance of ranking higher on Google. Improving website performance efficiency for search engines requires high technical SEO skills.

The function of having solid technical SEO for a website is to increase page load time, make it easier for search engines to crawl, and provide search engine algorithms with enough information about your website to index it accurately. Technical SEO is under on-page SEO. Therefore, the main focus lies on improving various elements on the website that can improve its image in the eyes of search engines.

How SEO works
Online search engines, such as Google, are used by people who have questions and want to find answers on the internet. Search engine algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to provide the exact results that the user is looking for. Search engines rely on algorithms to find websites and rank them for certain keywords.
SEO is a product of search engines. Search engines develop ranking factors and use those factors to determine the most relevant content for searches. However, before search engines can determine the most relevant content, they must crawl and index the content. Here's the explanation:

1. Crawling - Search engines crawl to find new and existing pages on the web. Crawlers use links to find content, which is why internal links and backlinks are important for SEO.

2. Indexing - Search engines use indexing to store content from the web and then submit it via search results. Indexing occurs after crawling. Most pages will be indexed by search engines, but pages that are spammed, blocked, or duplicated are indexed less often.

That's the information about what SEO is and how it works reviewed by PT VADS Indonesia. If you need help executing an SEO strategy for your business or brand, you can use Digital Marketing services from PT VADS Indonesia.

This service helps you create and publish marketing campaigns through various digital channels, including on-site SEO. Your business will also be helped in increasing various aspects of the business, such as awareness, sales, and customer loyalty. Click here if you need more information about Digital Marketing services from VADS Indonesia and various other interesting services!


What is AI and its Use for Search Engine Optimization?

Posted on 18 May 2022

Artificial Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as AI, is artificial intelligence that can improve or automate decision-making and tasks performed by humans. That is why AI is often used by businesses and is very important for digital business transformation. AI enables businesses to reduce labor costs, generate new business models, and improve processes or customer service. So, what is AI and, especially, its use for Search Engine Optimization?

What is AI and how does it relate to SEO?
AI has permanently changed the search process. Internet users get customized search results based on previous searches, a device used, location, and hundreds of other factors. Search engines increasingly know what users want. This technology shift is also driving important changes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because AI technology is able to build customized optimization strategies.

When using AI to see the relationship between search intent and content, search results are tailored to a particular content landscape. In other words, SEO that works for one keyword group may not work well for another keyword group. SEO that relies on AI analyzes the relationship between sites, content pages, and search engine rankings, and provides fast, actionable results.

Benefits of using AI for SEO
Here are some of the benefits of using AI for SEO practices in digital marketing:

1. Voice search
Search engines rely on AI to provide relevant search results. Search engines use AI, machine learning, and deep learning to process search queries, then predict which results will satisfy any type of search.

That means, AI technology plays an important role in ranking your content and how your brand is found by internet users, regardless of the search engine used. Voice search, for example, is only possible with the help of AI.

Voice search relies on AI technology for natural language creation and processing to function optimally. Today, voice search is becoming more common so businesses need to implement SEO strategies for voice search.

2. Topic search
Using AI for SEO also helps with a topic search. AI can help find the right topic because it is able to find patterns in large data sets, including data on search volume. Using AI allows you to select content topics with high search traffic for specific keyword groups.

Businesses can use AI to extract topics from search data, so you can see what other top-ranking sites are doing to appear first in search rankings around related keywords. AI helps you create new content around search results and can help optimize the content you already have. The goal is of course to get a better ranking for the same keyword.

3. Traffic analysis
Traffic is free organic traffic that increases your website's visibility in search engines. That means SEO traffic is important for every business to get more leads, customers, and sales from search engines that don't have to be paid for.

Traffic is good for SEO because the more popular your site is, the better it will rank in search engine results. Websites that get more traffic will improve SEO metrics. Search engines like Google prefer to rank the content that people want to visit.

AI can help with traffic analysis and provide valuable insights from web data. Companies can use this information to improve customer service, personalize product recommendations, and ensure data compliance.
On the other hand, AI also helps analyze customer data, study consumer behavior, and provide personalized offers. This is important because consumers will buy from companies that offer products tailored to their preferences.

4. Rank prediction
Understanding your website ranking and traffic growth is very important for SEO. You can get information about website ranking and traffic growth using Google Analytics. However, Google Analytics can take a long time to interpret the data. The use of AI in SEO is important because AI technology can predict and warn about ranking growth, thereby automating problem identification and providing corrective action.

5. SEO control is more focused
AI will have a huge impact on SEO strategies as it changes the way businesses approach SEO and how SEO helps businesses achieve better results. Businesses that are able to embrace AI will be able to stay ahead of the competition and dominate search engine results. AI enables businesses to better automate communications, as well as enable direct control over AI-based strategies and keyword focus.

That's information about what AI is and its use for Search Engine Optimization. If you need help executing an SEO strategy for your business or brand, you can use Digital Marketing services from PT VADS Indonesia. This service helps you create and publish marketing campaigns through various digital channels, including website SEO. Click here if you need more information about Digital Marketing services from VADS Indonesia and various other interesting services!


Reasons for Using Artificial Intelligence to Develop Digital Marketing

Posted on 16 May 2022

Artificial intelligence is a new technology in the form of simulating human intelligence processes by machines or computer program capabilities. Apple's Siri, which understands and accepts verbal commands, is an example of artificial intelligence. The application of artificial intelligence technology is also important in digital marketing to support business smoothness. Here are some reasons to use artificial intelligence to develop digital marketing that you need to know!

1. Improve the user experience
One of the reasons for using artificial intelligence to develop digital marketing is that it can improve the user experience. Artificial intelligence improves the user experience by enabling the creation of relevant content for them. That's because artificial intelligence is able to collect data and decide the most suitable type of content based on several criteria such as location, historical data, and past behavior of users.

The success of a digital marketing strategy relies heavily on user experience and artificial intelligence helps improve this aspect. Businesses that provide relevant content, of course, give users the impression that the brand is specifically made for them, thus giving the impression of exclusivity.

One example of using artificial intelligence to improve user experience is the virtual makeup try-on feature. With this feature, users can easily determine whether or not makeup is suitable without having to try the product directly. Users who prefer to shop online without coming to a physical store can take advantage of this feature and feel more satisfied with making purchases.

2. Promotion is more targeted
In marketing activities, promotion is an activity carried out to introduce products by the company. The goal is to attract buyers so that the products sold can be well received by buyers. Activities to improve goods or services in a better direction can influence, convey something, persuade, and increase the target market of the business. The more precisely the target of promotion is carried out, the higher the chances of the promotion bringing in customers.

Artificial intelligence can help with more targeted promotions because this technology allows companies to analyze the types and targets of promotions more strategically. Artificial intelligence is also able to access vast data, enabling companies to explore greater potential customers. This potential customer exploration is done through keyword searches, user profiles, and various other online data.

3. Ability to predict customer behavior
Artificial intelligence also has the ability to predict customer behavior or customer behavior. This is because artificial intelligence can collect various information about users on the internet with the help of a data management platform (DMP). This way, your business can automatically personalize users' needs through their profiles and which sites they visit. As a result, you can target potential customer prospects and increase conversion potential through effective digital marketing strategies.

4. Increase ROI
ROI can increase with the help of artificial intelligence as this technology continuously collects, analyzes, and interprets data so that it can be used for business advantage. Artificial intelligence helps estimate sales and ROI so businesses can develop the right digital marketing strategy. In addition, artificial intelligence also helps businesses save on marketing budgets by saving marketing time and costs, and making customers more efficient and personalized.

5. Easier decision making
The reason for using artificial intelligence to develop digital marketing is the latter is to help make decisions easier. By eliminating human error and analyzing large amounts of data quickly and continuously, artificial intelligence provides businesses with information and structured solutions to problems as they arise.

For example, when a business is considering launching a new product into a new market, devising the right digital marketing strategy can be a challenge. Artificial intelligence can simplify the process of making decisions by collecting lots of different data and conducting interdisciplinary studies.

The data generated by artificial intelligence can be used by businesses to make the right decisions from the product development stage to digital marketing approaches for product promotion. Artificial intelligence also optimizes various types of predictions and risk management, for example predicting and optimizing prices with the help of AI tools.

That's information about some of the reasons for using artificial intelligence to develop digital marketing. If you need help in developing digital marketing, you can use Digital Marketing services from VADS Indonesia.
This service helps you create and publish marketing campaigns through various digital channels. Your business will also be helped in increasing various aspects, such as awareness, sales, and customer loyalty. Click here if you need more information about Digital Marketing services from VADS Indonesia and various other interesting services!


The Importance of Content Marketing for Business Growth

Posted on 13 May 2022

For business owners, creating content marketing is one of the most effective ways to do marketing. The reason is, that content marketing is a strategy in the form of distributing content that is relevant to the business. By sharing this content, your audience will be interested in knowing more about your product or business.

Of course, forming a strong marketing strategy will help your business to grow and develop. The following explains the importance of content marketing and its forms. You can customize the form of content marketing needed for your business. That way, your marketing can be right on target.

The importance of content marketing for business
Content marketing is very important for the growth of your business. This is necessary to attract the attention of the audience so that they can know your product or brand. There are several important points why your business should do content marketing, one of which is to increase awareness.

With the presence of the content that you share, many people will understand the brand and products you offer to the public. The content can also be used by potential consumers to conduct research. Usually, if potential customers are already interested in the brand or product of your business, they will dig deeper into matters related to the product they are interested in.

If this is the case, they will do some consideration until they finally arrive at the purchase stage. If many people reach the buying stage, then your marketing strategy has succeeded in increasing awareness and also people's purchasing power. That's the importance of content marketing to increase profits for your business.

7 forms of content marketing
Before creating content for content marketing, you need to understand some of the forms of content that you can use. By knowing the variety of content marketing, you can create the right content.

1. Infographics
Many people need information, but unfortunately, the knowledge is presented in long written form. As a result, many people are not interested in reading in full. For this reason, infographics appear, which are presented with images and text that have been adjusted based on needs. The important point is that you must be able to convey information in a concise and to the point.

2. Videos
The second form of content marketing is video. Currently, videos are still considered effective content to provide education for many people. Moreover, at this time the YouTube platform is very loved by many people, both young and old. Content with video formats can be more easily enjoyed and understood by many people.

3. Podcasts
The content that has increased in recent years is podcasts. Podcasts are content in the form of sound like you listen to the radio. However, unlike radio which plays a lot of songs, podcasts only contain conversations between the account owner and invited guests, for example. From this content, people can get information and knowledge easily. They just need to listen to podcasts on topics relevant to their business.

4. Blogs
One of the traditional content that has been around for a long time is a blog. Not only on blogs but also on websites because usually on business websites, you can place a section containing articles related to your product. However, there are things you should pay attention to when creating articles or content for your business blog, namely, SEO. You can't separate SEO from content in the form of articles. This is important so that your content can appear at the top of online search engine results.

5. Social media
Next is social media. Who, anyway, doesn't have social media these days? Of course, many young people and adults have at least one social media. There are various types of platforms that you can use to maximize business marketing, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube. The use of social media will be very influential in creating interactions with customers so that they can more easily understand your product.

6. Influencers
The next content marketing is to use influencers. Today, influencers have an important role to play in enhancing your business' marketing capabilities. They can provide services to promote your content to their followers who usually number a lot. That way, the target audience you reach will also be in accordance with what is needed. In addition, influencers can also build customer trust with your product or brand.

7. Testimonials and reviews
The last is a testimonial or review. Believe it or not, online reviews will really help your business to grow even more. The more people who give good testimonials after using your product, the more people will be interested in your business brand.

Those are the seven forms of content marketing that you can use to increase sales. The importance of content marketing will help businesses to achieve their desired goals. For those of you who are interested in creating and managing good content, use the Digital Solutions service from PT VADS Indonesia. Together with PT VADS Indonesia, let's improve your business performance!


Why is Social Media Management Important for Business Growth?

Posted on 11 May 2022

Social media is now a platform that is widely used by various groups. Starting from individuals to businesses, now everyone must have a social media account to be able to compete and market their products or services well. However, there is something that is often forgotten, namely that social media management is important to maintain consistency in social media. Indeed, what is social media management?

What is social media management?
Social media management or social media management is the process of sharing content on various social media assisted by certain platforms or software. This platform is in charge of scheduling when content will be uploaded to respond to netizen comments as quickly as possible. In addition, social media management can also make businesses interact with consumers and potential customers to find out their level of satisfaction with their expectations of the company.

Social media management is important for business, why?
After understanding what social media management is, now is the time to know why social media management is important to implement in the business. Check out the following three reasons!

1. Show the identity of the company
Today branding is no less important for individuals and business companies. Many then show it on social media with the intention of introducing or showing their identity as a company. Businesses that have an attractive identity with quality products will certainly be more in demand when compared to those that do not show themselves on social media.

2. Sharing information just got easier
In the past, information dissemination and promotion had to be spread by word of mouth or by printing brochures to placing fish on billboards, now everything can be done more easily. Only by sharing content on social media can your audience find out information about the products or services you offer. The budget spent will certainly be less.

3. Help increase sales
When running social media management well, of course the company will know how netizens respond and what strategies are needed. So, when the right solution is implemented and the company is able to better guarantee customer satisfaction, the sales number will automatically be boosted. That way, business companies will grow faster.

Social media management tools
Managing a business presence on various types of social media is certainly not easy, especially if it is done manually. Then, what are the tools that can be used for social media management? Here's the information!

1. Hootsuite
The first social media management tool you can use is Hootsuite. With this tool, you as a business owner don't have to bother scheduling uploads on social media, responding to comments and messages, to seeing the company's performance through its traffic on certain social media.

2. SocialPilot
Uploading content one by one on many social media is certainly very time-consuming and energy-consuming. However, you don't need to worry, because SocialPilot already exists that can do it automatically for you. Scheduling, management of multiple social media accounts, analysis, and more can be done with just one tool!

3. Buffers
Forgetting to upload content on social media is one of the problems that are often encountered in social media management. This can be bad for your business because it risks making your business appear inconsistent. To overcome this, you can use the social media management tool, Buffer, which is able to schedule posts for the next week. Your business performance on social media will never be forgotten.

That is the explanation why social media management is important for business development. In addition to using the three tools above, you can also use the services of PT VADS Indonesia which provides various solutions for good social media management. Complete information about services from PT VADS Indonesia can see here!


What is Social Media Analytics and Its Types?

Posted on 09 May 2022

You are certainly no stranger to what social media is. In recent years, the use of social media has continued to increase along with the endless advances in technology. Everyone to business companies has their own social media accounts. The pace of communication becomes easier because it can be done online without having to meet in person.

However, did you know that using social media alone is not enough for businesses? You not only need to have a social media account but also have to analyze the data obtained from there if you want to grow your business. This analysis process is then called social media analytics. Then, why is this important and what types of social media analytics can you use? Read more here!

What is social media analytics?
As briefly explained above, social media analytics is necessary if you want to grow your business. This analysis process includes the stages of collecting, filtering, and gathering data obtained from social media. However, you need to know that social media analytics is not only about the number of likes, comments, and shares, but more than that.

Therefore, the platform used is not enough from Google Analytics but requires special software designed to absorb the most frequent searches that appear related to the business company. That is, social media analytics not only assesses the success of brands or brands in marketing their products but also captures opportunities and presents new solutions to consumers and society in general.

Why is social media analytics important?
Social media analytics is important for growing a business. However, what is the reason that this is considered important? The presence of social media makes the spread of news faster, including when the image of a product is tarnished after a bad testimonial from a consumer. This is where social media analytics comes into play.
When there are bad tweets about the quality of products or services provided by certain business companies, business owners can immediately find out about it and try to respond to complaints as quickly as possible. This can also trigger companies to create new, better strategies.

4 Types of social media analytics
After knowing what social media analytics is and why it is important for business development, let's also know the types which consist of four groups. The following is a complete explanation of the four types of social media analytics.

1. Diagnostic analytics
The first type of social media analytics is diagnostic analytics. This analysis serves to find the cause of why a problem can occur. Instead of only providing an overview of the campaigns that you have run along with a review of data regarding the number of likes, comments, and shares, this analysis can provide insight into the marketing methods that are successful and not from your company.

2. Descriptive analytics
Simpler than the previous point, descriptive analytics provides an overview of the condition of your business on social media. Analysis can be done by peeling netizens' comments on the products or services you provide. Data including likes, comments, shares, followers, and so on will be displayed in the form of visuals and reports that are attractive but still complete.

3. Predictive analytics
As the name implies, predictive analytics is used to predict events that may occur in the future. This predicting activity can be taken from data obtained from social media, for example by looking at the responses of netizens who want to buy your new product or by recording the visit history on a business website after it is announced that there will be a new product. Thus, the company can estimate sales figures.

4. Prescriptive analytics
As a follow-up to the previous point, prescriptive analytics enables businesses to develop strategies after predicting what will happen in the future. For example, if sales are not predicted to be as busy as previous product launches, the company will have a strategy or plan B in order to avoid this unwanted event. This will certainly benefit the business because it can be better prepared for various scenarios.

Now, you understand what social media analytics is and why it's important for businesses. Well, if you are a business person who is trying to develop it, there is nothing wrong with using the Social Media Analytics service from PT VADS Indonesia to make business affairs easier and more practical. Come on, grow your business with us!


7 Types of Email Marketing for Businesses That You Need to Know

Posted on 06 May 2022

In carrying out marketing, you can do various ways or strategies according to business needs. One of them is by using email marketing. This method is considered a powerful way to establish a relationship with your customers. However, there are several types of email marketing that you should understand first.

By knowing what types of email marketing are, then you can more precisely target the target market. Moreover, if you also understand the trick to sending the right email, then the chances of this method being successful are higher. So, what are the types of email marketing that you need to know about?

1. Welcome email
The first type of email marketing is a welcome email. Usually, this email will appear when someone has just registered. For example, if you have a business website that allows customers to register before buying a product, you usually have to send a welcome email to customers who have just created an account. You can also use this email to provide notifications such as promos for first customers.

2. Newsletter
The next type is the newsletter, which is suitable for attracting the attention of the audience with interesting articles. Usually, the articles submitted will be connected to those already on your website or blog. That way, if they want to read more, they can directly visit the website and increase your traffic.

However, pay attention to sending this type of email to be more efficient and effective. The right frequency is two to three times a week or it can be adjusted to your business strategy. Don't forget to provide the right visuals and CTA or call to action so that they are more motivated to visit your website.

3. The e-mail contains the catalog
The third type of email marketing is an email containing a catalog. You can enter a catalog of goods or services that you offer in this email. The advantage of this type of email is that you can provide insight to consumers about the products you offer.
Even so, emails containing catalogs fall into the hard-selling category so people may not be interested in receiving them, although there's nothing wrong with sending this email every now and then to remind you what products you sell or the latest products in your catalog.

4. Email blast
In fact, an email blast is a trick of sending emails directly to multiple recipients. That way, you don't have to spend a lot of time sending emails one by one. This method is very effective in reaching more people quickly. Even though the email is sent massively at one time, you can still personalize it by taking advantage of the available features so that the email content mentions the recipient's name.

5. Digest email
Next is the digest of the email generated from the mailing list engine. You can specify when this email is sent. In addition, you can also use this type of email when your company has a contest. This means that this email can provide insight into the contest that was conducted and how far it has progressed. When you post these updates, people will be interested to know more about what events you're hosting.

6. Email surveys
This type of email marketing is perfect when you need opinions from your customers. However, keep in mind that it is not too long in giving the survey. This means that the surveys conducted must be completed quickly so that customers do not get bored because they are too long-winded.

7. Email special offers
Lastly is email marketing with special offers. This one email is very good to use if you are having an event such as a holiday discount or any promo. Based on research, these emails are very effective at attracting the attention of customers. Don't forget to send it at the right time so that customers can directly make purchases from the email sent.

Those are some types of email marketing that you need to know and can apply according to your needs. Interested in using email marketing as one of your business marketing tricks? Use the Email Marketing service from PT VADS Indonesia to improve your business performance!
The PT VADS Indonesia team will help you choose the most appropriate type of email marketing and ensure smooth execution. Prove the effectiveness of email marketing for business promotion by contacting PT VADS Indonesia now!


3 Website Maintenance Strategies from PT VADS Indonesia

Posted on 04 May 2022

For business owners, having a website will be very helpful for company growth. The problem is, that having a website that is interactive and free from bugs or technical defects is certainly not easy. You need a great team to do website maintenance. Moreover, there are not many human resources who are careful in doing this.

If you are one of the business people who find it difficult to maintain your company website, check out this article from PT VADS Indonesia! This article will discuss thoroughly website maintenance which is very useful for improving your business performance. However, before entering into the explanation of various website maintenance, it helps us understand what exactly website maintenance is.

Website maintenance is a way to keep your business website stable. This means that you will need people to take care of your business website. You need to make sure that the components of your website run according to their needs and that there are no technical flaws that make it difficult for visitors. To prevent unwanted things, here are strategies for doing website maintenance for your business!

1. Website maintenance weekly
Website maintenance should be done regularly within a certain period of time, for example, two weeks or once a month. Of course, this can be tailored to your business needs. The more complex the website you have, then it's a good idea to do maintenance as often as possible, or at least monitor whether there are bugs that need to be fixed.

To perform maintenance on a weekly basis, you can check if the links and pages are working properly. Usually, if you do not do periodic checks, failures can occur such as links not found and so on. When this happens, customers can think that you are not a professional running a business.

Also, make sure your website displays the required and appropriate information. Perform functional updates so that website components are maintained properly. If the website components are not updated, then your site's loading time can slow down. Visitors might wait too long until they finally get impatient and switch to competitors' websites. You certainly don't want this to happen, do you?

In addition, you can also delete spam that is not needed every few weeks. The spam in question can be in the form of unnecessary comments. This could lead your customers to other dangerous and irrelevant sites. Prevent this from happening by doing regular checks.

2. Monthly website maintenance
In addition to weekly maintenance, you can also perform monthly maintenance. In monthly checks, you should check your website's SEO performance.

SEO is the main key so that search engines like Google display your business website at the top of online search results. Good SEO performance will certainly go in the direction of better traffic. Do this on a monthly basis and evaluate if your website's performance has not shown improvement.

Next is reviewing the existing content on your website. Usually, in addition to selling the products or services that you offer, you also have a section to increase customer knowledge. Well, the content contained in that section must be relevant to customer needs and have a big influence on improving SEO.

3. Quarterly maintenance website
The last is doing quarterly website maintenance. This means that you have to do maintenance every three months. Ideally, when doing this website maintenance, you will review things that cannot be completed in the short term. For example, if you put your business contact information, then don't forget to check if the contact is still valid.

This is needed so that customers can reach you easily. Imagine if you put a WhatsApp number for customer needs, but the number is not active. Surely customers will feel that you are unprofessional.
In addition, you can also change the design of your website. It's a good idea to know in advance how to make the right website with responsive navigation and design. That way, customers can use your site better. Don't forget to check your domain's expiration date and test your site's speed.

Well, that's an explanation of easy ways to do website maintenance with PT VADS Indonesia. If you have difficulty performing maintenance on your business site independently, you don't need to be confused because now there is a Website Maintenance service from PT VADS Indonesia. Handled by professional and experienced personnel, this service can maintain the appearance and effectiveness of your website so that it can always meet the needs of the target audience!

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