7 of the Most Effective Digital Marketing Services to Bring Leads

Posted on 24 Mar 2023

In the last 10 years, digital marketing has become one of the main ways to get customers, at least so they recognize a brand online. Digital marketing strategy is considered an effective way to target a more specific audience so that the conversion rate of an advertising campaign becomes more efficient.

7 digital marketing strategies to increase leads
Many business people think that digital marketing is all about social media marketing. In fact, social media marketing is not the only way. There are a number of types of digital marketing services that can be applied to a business according to the needs and type of business itself. Here are a number of digital marketing strategies that you need to know.

1. Social Media Marketing

As the name implies, the social media marketing strategy utilizes social media platforms to carry out various online campaigns. Social media marketing is not just posting content to social media.

There are a number of steps that must be passed so that a brand can stand out compared to other competitors. Analysis executed by implementing an integrated strategy is the key to social media marketing success so as to create more efficient conversion value.

2. Search Engine Optimization

One way that someone can find a product online is to use a search engine like Google or Bing. To make it easier for them to find your brand, of course you need to do optimization so that your website can be found in the top search results.
This strategy is called Search Engine Optimization. Basically, Search Engine Optimization is done by entering potential keywords into a brand's website. However, keyword analysis is what makes it a little tricky. In addition, website performance must also meet a minimum value so that search engine algorithms can place your website at the very top.

3. Email Marketing

The existence of social media has indeed created a new trend for digital marketing. However, make no mistake, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing techniques. Its ability to create a sense of urgency and personalize content makes email marketing have a higher average conversion rate than other digital marketing strategies. The key is having a focused email list.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing takes advantage of the popularity of public figures or experts so that they can influence someone to buy a product according to their recommendations. Affiliate marketing can be in the form of endorsements or collaborations so that brands can be better known by influencer followers who match their target market. Social media such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are currently the main platforms for implementing affiliate marketing strategies.

5. Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing strategy utilizes digital content as an effort for brand interaction with customers so as to create closer bonds. Solutive and relevant digital content is the main weapon of inbound marketing.
All of this content is delivered to customers via social media, email, search engines, websites, and blogs. The aim is none other than so that customers can find brands online more easily.

6. Search Engine Marketing

Many people often equate Search Engine Optimization with Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Optimization is basically one part of Search Engine Marketing. Apart from optimizing websites, Search Engine Marketing also utilizes advertising services on search engines so that a website is easier for potential customers to find.

7. Pay-per-Click

Pay-per-Click or PPC utilizes search engines or social media to place advertisements that are relevant to the target audience. Users only need to pay according to the number of clicks made by potential customers. The key to success in utilizing PPC services is to find the right target audience and use keywords that are relevant to that target audience.

You don't have to master every strategy to be able to apply it to your business. Take advantage of the services of digital marketing service providers such as VADS. Digital solutions owned by VADS allow companies to choose digital marketing service solutions that suit business needs. The digital marketing service program from VADS is managed by a professional team so that campaigns can be run effectively and efficiently. Learn about digital solution services from other VADS here.


6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Strategy is Important for Your Business

Posted on 21 Mar 2023

Promotion is one of the important things that a business must do in order to reach the target market. Therefore, an appropriate and efficient digital marketing strategy is needed. Digital marketing is a series of strategies created to promote or brand products through the digital world.

Unfortunately, there are still many companies that have not implemented digital marketing. The reasons vary, ranging from the lack of professional marketing personnel in the company to the company's policy of conventional marketing. Why is a digital marketing strategy so important for the continuity of your business?

6 Reasons why digital marketing is important for business
There are a number of factors that make digital marketing very effective for your business. This is related to the development of the digital world which makes product promotion through digital media reach the target market more quickly. These factors include;

1. Tools to increase brand awareness

Digital marketing will be a powerful tool for you to increase your business brand awareness. That way, the target market will quickly become aware of the presence of your brand before they are finally interested in buying the products offered. That is why the preparation of digital marketing must be done effectively.

This can be started with a powerful SEO strategy to create effective content marketing to reach the target market faster than competitors.

2. Customer acquisition cost efficiency

Customer acquisition costs are the costs required by the company to be able to attract new customers. By using digital marketing, you can make significant customer acquisition cost efficiencies.

This can happen because of the massive development of social media. So, your brand can reach more people in a short time and can bring in new customers without having to think about additional costs.

3. Marketing strategy automation

Another reason digital marketing is important is that it allows you to automate multiple marketing strategies simultaneously. This helps you to run marketing campaigns faster. It also allows you to improve marketing efficiency and save effort, resources, and costs.

Marketing strategy automation also allows you to consistently nurture more prospects. At the same time, it helps you save resources so you can spend time on marketing efforts. This will most likely help you generate conversions, sales, and repeat purchases.

4. Digital marketing helps you stay relevant

With the development of the digitalization era, there is always a possibility that your competitors have implemented digital marketing to get new customers. Implementing a digital marketing strategy that is right on target according to the target market, will help you stay relevant. Relevant in this context means that the company can keep abreast of developing trends while at the same time meeting customer needs.

5. Help you understand your target market

Digital marketing can also make it easier for you to understand your target market. This happens because it is easy for companies to obtain data regarding consumer behavior and desires.

For example, if you use Instagram to do digital marketing, from here you can find out what content topics followers like the most when they are most active, and so on. You can maximize this data to compose even better content.

6. Business is more dynamic and purposeful

Your business will also be more dynamic and focused thanks to an effective digital marketing strategy. The company's marketing strategy can adjust the trends that occur to reach a wider target market. In addition, the company's orientation will also be more focused because it will not be out of date and always keep abreast of changes, but without ignoring the company's vision and mission.

An effective digital marketing strategy is needed so that the products you sell can reach the target market quickly. If your company doesn't have a strong marketing team, you can hire digital marketing services from PT VADS Indonesia (VADS). You can use Digital Marketing services to prepare a digital marketing strategy that is good and in accordance with the target market.

Digital marketing strategies need to be well and precisely structured in order to produce effective branding. With Digital Marketing services, an experienced team from VADS will help develop your company's marketing strategy. For other service information from VADS, please click here!


VADS Indonesia Client Gathering 2023 “The Future is Here: Improve your Contact Center in 2023”

Posted on 16 Mar 2023

Jakarta, 16 March 2023 – PT. VADS Indonesia again held the 2023 Client Gathering event with the theme "The Future is Here: Improve your Contact Center in 2023". At this event, PT VADS Indonesia focused on how technology can improve contact center services and provide a better digital experience for its customers. The event, which was held at one of the prestigious restaurants in South Jakarta, is also a place to strengthen relationships with clients and to thank PT VADS Indonesia for the loyalty and trust that has been given. In addition, PT VADS Indonesia also introduced other solutions such as Customer Experience Automation, which can improve service efficiency and quality through the use of technology such as inbound and outbound contact center automation, predictive, omnichannel + AI, live chatbots, WhatsApp, and beyond. BPO solutions. PT VADS Indonesia hopes that these solutions can have a positive impact on clients and help them transform into an increasingly advanced and reliable digital era.

This event presented 4 speakers who were experienced and competent in their fields, namely: Philip Joseph (Senior Vice President of Customer Experience & Service Operation Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison), Windy Andale (Vice President of Customer Services PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry), Anna Novy Handayani (Division Head Mandiri Inhealth Customer Service), and Nico Herry Janto (Head of KRING Tax, Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia). The four speakers shared their experiences and projections for facing 2023 in a panel discussion that was attended by more than 30 well-known companies, including telecommunication companies, government, e-commerce, banking, and others, who are users of PT VADS Indonesia's services.

At the event, Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of PT VADS Indonesia explained research from Gartner and the Asia Pacific BPO Association regarding the trending customer experience (CX) in the future, namely:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, where CX's ability not only answers consumer problems but can also predict consumer behavior and needs based on journey and personalization.
  • Human Centric CX Design, CX design to make every interaction easy (seamless) and automation in accelerating questions and answers from every interaction with consumers in order to provide a closer (meaningful) relationship.
  • Total experience (TX), is a synchronization of the 3 pillars namely people, process, and technology to provide better solutions and collaboration.
  • The use of omnichannel, connecting both digital and traditional channels in one platform and studying the journey of consumers to minimize friction in CX and make a seamless omnichannel.
  • Metaverse in CX is a new breakthrough in CX services where consumers can experience, try, as well as discuss directly with SME (subject master expert) so as to provide an unforgettable experience.

"These five trends are in line with the changes that have occurred in designing new solutions which have become the flagship solution (Beyond BPO) at PT VADS Indonesia. These solutions have been implemented for several strategic clients in responding to the challenges and needs of CX in the future.”, said Deddy Hermanyah, “As a good partner, PT VADS Indonesia is very responsive and flexible in providing services in all conditions. This quality makes clients loyal in cooperating with PT VADS Indonesia, and some have even worked together for more than 10 years.", he continued

In early 2023, PT VADS Indonesia received an award from Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison as The Best CX Partner 2022, and 35 other awards both nationally and globally, such as from ICCA, Stellar Award, Frost and Sullivan, CCW, and others. PT VADS Indonesia also conducts surveys through third parties from year to year to measure the level of satisfaction and performance (NPS and CSAT) of its clients. The research results show an increase of 10 points to 40 in NPS and an increase of 6 points to 98% in CSAT. This increase occurred in several aspects, such as good communication, responsiveness, good service, efficiency, performance as needed, and service readiness.

"The awards we have received and the NPS and CSAT achievements that have increased in 2022 are not a reason for PT VADS Indonesia to be complacent. All of this will trigger us to further improve our services, update solutions that are trending in the market according to the vertical industry, and bring convenience to our clients to be more advanced and competitive in the future” Closed Deddy Hermansyah at the PT Client Gathering event VADS Indonesia.


These are 5 Reasons Robotic Process Automation is Important to Advance Your Business

Posted on 14 Mar 2023

As civilization develops, more and more technology can facilitate human work. One of them is robotic process automation (RPA). This term may be familiar to those of you who are in the business world. RPA is a software technology capable of compiling, distributing, and managing software to mimic human actions.

An example of implementing RPA is a help desk, customer care, and customer service workers do not need to handle the same problem from a customer because the technology can recognize similar patterns. Therefore, RPA is very important to make work easier. The following is detailed information about the benefits of robotic process automation for your business!

1. Cost-effective

With robotic process automation technology you can save on operational costs. Using RPA may only need to spend money at the beginning, after that you can immediately enjoy the benefits. Thus, the work process becomes more efficient.

2. Avoid human error

The human work process is not completely perfect, so the possibility of human error will definitely exist. RPA is the right solution to avoid human error thereby increasing the accuracy of processes and work results. In fact, RPA can reduce human error by up to 57%. By minimizing human error, you can improve the product quality of your business. This RPA-automated business can further enhance your enterprise integration system.

3. Drive productivity

After fewer human errors, your business can run faster. So, it can be concluded that the work process also becomes more efficient. So, work that normally can be done in a full day's time can be completed more quickly. Thus, employees can also be more productive and focus on other jobs that have a higher urgency. In fact, the results of a survey from UiPath involving thousands of global employees stated that robotic process automation can make them 68% more productive.
This work efficiency also has an impact on determining your company's strategy. This is because the company's incoming and outgoing funds, strategy patterns, interactions with customers, and other processes can be stored automatically. Thus, the preparation of corporate strategy can be determined quickly as well.

4. Increase customer satisfaction

Increasing productivity and business integration, of course, the quality of products and services in your company. This also of course helps many employee problems, so employee engagement with the company is also getting better. Therefore, of course, the quality of work of employees can also be increased. Thus, good quality work will also have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. This is because customers will get more accurate data from this RPA assistance.

5. Realizing transparency

RPA is the most efficient way for you when you want to increase the level of work transparency. The reason is, RPA can help employees to manage data. With this technology, the data that is being worked on by each employee is recorded digitally. In fact, RPA can funnel data and deliverables to a central server.

Robotic process automation has indeed been proven to have a positive impact on the work systems of many companies. For those of you who are in need of RPA services in an effective way, you can look for a professional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, one of which is PT VADS Indonesia.

With help from PT VADS Indonesia, you don't have to bother running various repetitive business processes. So, your work efficiency needs can be practically met. Want to know more details about the types of RPA services from PT VADS Indonesia? Contact immediately!


How Does Robotic Process Automation Work?

Posted on 09 Mar 2023

In this increasingly sophisticated era, the presence of technology will greatly assist human work, one of which is saving time. One technology that can save human work time is robotic process automation or RPA to eliminate repetitive work processes. RPA is software that is used to imitate and do human work.

In everyday life, you may have often encountered the application of this robotic process automation. Starting from taking on a help desk role, checking forms, and processing payments to detecting fraud. To understand more about this technology, let's look at the explanation together!

What is Robotic Process Automation?
For some people, maybe the term robotic process automation still sounds foreign. This technology emerged in the early 2000s, then RPA continued to be developed to help humans. RPA itself is a development of artificial intelligence (AI), workflow automation, and screen scraping. The combination of the three technologies is focused on collecting data, increasing the speed and accuracy of data processing, and utilizing artificial intelligence systems that are capable of carrying out human tasks and jobs.

How does Robotic Process Automation work?
Simply put, you will only enter the system in the form of an RPA bot. Later, this bot will work for you. The RPA bot will work by copying, retrieving data from e-mail or websites, entering received data, making calculations, moving data, entering the program, and connecting to the API.

RPA will not change existing systems, because this technology has the ability to adapt to various workflows. That way, it can be said that RPA bots are very easy to set up and adapt to the needs of the business or industry that wants to apply them.

Types of industries that can take advantage of Robotic Process Automation
Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that RPA is capable of carrying out repetitive tasks for various industries. Moreover, the advantages that easily adapting to existing systems will greatly help humans. Therefore, many industries take advantage of this advanced technology. Here are some industries that are leveraging RPA.

1. Health

The first industry to take advantage of RPA was the healthcare sector. In the world of health, you will surely find many important documents that concern the lives of many people. The existence of robotic process automation can reduce the risk of data exchange or other human errors with medical record automation and proper data management.

2. Telecommunications

In the telecommunications sector, RPA's task is to help store important data, considering that the telecommunications sector stores large amounts of customer data. Repetitive tasks such as document storage are crucial for the continuity of this sector.

3. Banking

The application of robotic process automation in the banking world encourages efficiency while increasing accuracy. This is proven because RPA can detect fraud and potential fraud from suspicious accounts. In addition, the process of registering new customers has also become easier, because all documents are processed directly by this technology system quickly and precisely.

4. Customer service

Another use of RPA is in the field of customer service. The system can do work such as verifying documents that have been uploaded by customers. From these documents, the system can immediately decide on the next steps according to the accuracy of the documents uploaded. Customer service can also be done more quickly because of the help of technology

In the business world itself, robotic process automation certainly brings new winds and also a myriad of benefits. You'll get more accurate and faster data output, increase productivity, eliminate opportunities for human error, and save costs. Therefore, as a businessman, you need to consider applying RPA.

If you are interested in implementing this technology system, then RPA services from PT VADS Indonesia can be the right answer. For more information about this service, you can directly visit the VADS website. Let's automate your business with VADS for bigger profits!


5 Examples of Applying Social Media Analytics for Business

Posted on 07 Mar 2023

Being engaged in business in the digital era like today makes you inevitably connected with the world of social media. Apart from communicating with customers using social media, you can also run social media marketing. However, for it to work properly, you need to do social media analytics. What is it and how is it applied in business? Here's a complete explanation for you!

Understanding social media analytics
Social media analytics is the process of understanding and analyzing data on social media. Let's say you upload a few different pieces of content a week. Through data analytics, you can find out how many positive responses you have on each of your uploads. That way, in the future you can focus more on content that your target audience prefers.

How does it work?
You can find analytics on the social media you use. There are usually visible metrics, such as impressions, engagement, and content. Once you have data on these metrics, you can work with them.

5 Examples of implementing social media analytics
Then, how about an example of its application? Here are some examples for businesses to better understand social media analytics.

1. Measuring the ROI of social media marketing strategies

The main goal of getting views, likes, retweets, and shares is ROI, or the result of all the effort you put into social media accounts. Let's say you have set a goal, which is to increase brand awareness. If the goal is like that, the ROI can be measured through the growth of followers or impressions from the campaigns you are doing.

Then, how to measure ROI correctly? First, you must determine key performance indicators or often referred to as KPIs. If these indicators are not achieved, it can be said that your efforts still need to be improved. You can use tools, such as Google Analytics to adjust performance in the right direction and be more positive.

2. Help you build customer profiling

Nearly 61 percent of customers expect companies to listen to them. Through social media analytics, you can find out the preferences of customers and collect them as data for the future. Of course, you can do a survey to get an outline rather than too subjective results.

For more effective results, there are several things you can do. One way is to find a community that aligns with your company's field. From there, you can take various data that have various attributes, then combine it with your social media data to become analysis material.

3. Tools to identify the right influencers

Influencers are a marketing strategy that is quite effective in bringing in lots of customers. However, choosing the right influencer requires deep analysis. Because popular influencers alone are not enough to boost brand awareness. You have to see if the influencer has relevance to your business.

How do you find the right influencers? Of course, you can use analytics. From there, you can find influencers who can provide maximum engagement and can help your company achieve its future goals.

4. Measuring brand health in the eyes of consumers

It is undeniable that the customer's opinion of your brand is very influential on the sustainability of the company. However, you don't always know what customers are thinking. Usually, they disappear without your knowledge. Through social media analytics, you can monitor brand health in the eyes of consumers in real-time.
How to? Within the analytics, you can find the volume of subscribers responding to your content, and use that data to compare with competitors.

5. Summarize marketing costs

Every company certainly wants to spend less, especially on marketing. However, sometimes social media marketing requires large funds and only provides less than optimal results. Through social media analytics, you have the opportunity to reduce expenses and make efforts more efficient and effective.

Those are some good social media analytics applications for business continuity. You can find out customer needs and choose influencers who will have a positive impact on the company. In addition, you can reduce marketing expenses effectively and efficiently, but still with maximum results.
If you are still confused, you don't need to worry because PT VADS Indonesia is ready to assist you in managing your social media analytics. VADS Indonesia is a trusted company ready to assist you in maximizing your digital marketing efforts as well as customer experience. For more detailed information, just click here!


Understanding What is Social Media Analytics and Its Uses

Posted on 02 Mar 2023

Social media has become a means of communication with customers while knowing where their interests are going. However, you need a tool to understand the data that appears, namely social media analytics. What is social media analytics and why should businesses rely on it? Check out the full explanation below!

Definition of social media analytics
As explained briefly above, social media analytics is a tool that works to make it easier for companies to find out how their company looks on social media. That is, with this tool, your company will know which data is related and important to process.

How important is social media analytics?
Because now everything is digital, of course, social media analytics has a fairly important role for the company. The reason is, being present in the digital world alone is not enough without involving the process of analyzing your company's digital activities. By using this tool, your business can analyze how impactful the campaigns or other actions your company is taking via social media are.
Benefits that you can get from social media analytics
So that you better understand the benefits that can be obtained when using social media analytics, here we provide 6 reasons as follows:

1. Help maintain your company branding

It is undeniable, customers have a big influence on the sustainability of a brand. Without them, you will find it difficult to market the products or services you offer. Moreover, if your brand has not been very well heard among the public. Through social media, you get the opportunity to introduce the brand in a positive direction. Apart from that, social media also provides a place for you to find out many things, especially interactions between your audience and the products or services you offer.

2. Increase customer acquisition numbers

If you go the traditional way, it may take you a long time to figure out what your audience needs. Meanwhile, trends among customers are fast, especially if there are competitors who apply similar marketing strategies. However, social media analytics can help you save time and provide insight.

In fact, you can predict what customers will need in the future. There is also an opportunity to see the response from the audience to the latest product or service that you offer. So you can improve a few things based on the feedback from your audience.

3. Cost efficiency of customer care

Customers do not only need quality products or services, therefore, the service you provide must also be optimal. However, the best service requires a lot of money. If you turn to social media, customer care services can run more effectively and efficiently. So, you don't have to spend too much money to monitor the situation of customers towards your brand. That way, you can build a deeper relationship.

4. Use the right tools

Social media analytics is indeed very helpful. However, you need the right tools to read the data provided by all the platforms you use, especially if you have lots of social media accounts for business. The reason is, opening and checking everything one by one will be difficult and can overwhelm you. But, by using tools, you can do it.
Let's say you're checking out a Facebook channel. At the same time, a customer mentions you on Instagram. This important thing can escape your focus. However, the tools can warn you to reply to the customer's message, so that the good opportunity you might get is not missed.

5. Perform regular evaluations

Even though the performance of your social media shows good results, it would be nice to carry out regular evaluations. This is very important so that you can see whether your efforts have achieved maximum results or not.
Let's say you share content regularly in a carousel and only use reels once a week. It turns out that reels have higher engagement than carousels on weekdays. That way, you can find out that your customers prefer the delivery of products or services using reels. You can also find out which specific topics interest and meet customer needs.

Social media has indeed become one of the favorite platforms where apart from following trends, you can also build closer relationships with customers, including knowing their interests and what they need. Even so, social media marketing is not easy. You need social media analytics as a helpful tool.
Make sure you choose the right tools so you can maximize each of your social media businesses. Consult PT VADS Indonesia, who will be happy to help and provide solutions regarding your social media analytics. To get more information, just click here!


5 Signs Your Business Needs to Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted on 28 Feb 2023

The development of the times and technology certainly affects many aspects, including the form of promotion of products and services from a business. If in the past promotions were often found in the form of brochures or billboards, now promotions can be found in digital form. This digital approach is generally referred to as a digital marketing strategy.

Many businesses actually need digital marketing strategy support. Unfortunately, most businesses are still hesitant to use digital marketing service providers and maybe you are one of them. So, when exactly should your business start implementing a digital marketing strategy?

What is a digital marketing strategy?
Digital marketing strategy is a marketing approach using digital media, both through social media and paid click advertising services (pay-per-click). This strategy is becoming a trend in the digital era as it is today because it is considered more effective and efficient.

Advertising materials delivered using a digital marketing strategy can target the desired target so that the conversion rate tends to be higher than conventional printed promotional media.

5 Signs Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

In fact, many large businesses have used digital marketing strategies to market their products. Unfortunately, this promotion method is still not taken seriously by most other business owners because they feel that conventional advertising is still more promising.

Are you one of those who have similar thoughts? These signs should be taken into consideration for implementing a digital marketing strategy for your business so that you are not left behind by competitors' businesses.

1. You don't have clear business marketing goals

How do you see the progress of your business? Is it only with business income every month?
Just looking at business development from turnover value is not a clear business marketing goal. The absence of marketing goals certainly makes it difficult for you to determine effective and efficient promotional media. In the end, you will only spend marketing costs just to try here and there.

2. Lack of understanding of the target market

A target market is a group of people who are identified as potential customers for a product based on a number of factors, ranging from age to income level to a person's preferences.
Determination of the target market is usually done by businesses to increase the effectiveness of advertising so that marketing costs can be converted into purchases effectively.

3. Your competitors are far ahead

Look at your current competitors, how are they progressing from the past until now? If you feel that your competitors are far ahead, it's time to catch up by implementing a new strategy: digital marketing.

4. The business does not yet have an online value proposition

The online value proposition is your brand positioning regarding questions such as who you are, what you sell, and what differentiates you from other brands online. The existence of this information is expected to bring your business to be known to many people. With more and more people accessing the internet in the digital era like today, of course, your business will be easily recognized when you have a strong online value proposition.

5. No overview of future business trends

What do you see when you look at current business trends? If that also makes you confused, then you certainly don't have an idea about the upcoming business trends. Without a vision of future business trends, it will be difficult for you to determine the direction of your business development in the future.

The points above are a sign for your business to immediately take advantage of digital marketing strategies. If you don't know the right way to apply it, then you can use digital marketing services.
Digital marketing solution services from VADS Indonesia allow you to customize services according to your business needs. Apart from that, you can also thoroughly monitor the performance of the ads that have been installed. Find out more about VADS Indonesia's digital marketing solutions right now!


Cloud or In House Server? Check Out the Differences and Benefits for Your Business!

Posted on 24 Feb 2023

Several decades ago, infrastructure was something that was expensive and difficult to use in business, while storage or storage in the business world has become an important part of increasing productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, the storage inventory investment is still relatively expensive, and many people think it is less efficient.

With the development of the times, technology companies are introducing an infrastructure called the cloud. This technology allows companies to purchase specific storage capacities without having to purchase hardware, software, and maintenance of storage systems.

Cloud has different services according to the needs of its users. Before using cloud technology, it would be better if you know the difference between using the cloud and traditional servers. The following are the differences:

1. Usage fee
You only pay cloud service fees based on the capacity used. With this system, you don't have to worry about spending too much money paying for services you don't use. Cloud services offer efficiencies that traditional hosting services certainly don't have. With traditional hosting services, fees charged or paid by users are usually charged per minute or per hour, depending on the policy of the hosting service provider.

2. Flexible
Cloud services are easier to use. With a cloud system, users can easily adjust the service capacity they want and need to meet user needs easily, efficiently, reliably, and flexibly anytime and anywhere.

3. Fully managed service
Thanks to the cloud system, efficiency can also be seen and felt in the operation and maintenance of infrastructure. Cloud technology does not require users to have their own servers and devices to store and process data or applications. This makes the work of cloud technology users easier because the maintenance of the services used is of course the responsibility of the cloud service provider.

4. Security
Basically, you can easily protect your data and control who has access to your company data. You can also set up multiple protection systems for your data. Typically, companies that store sensitive data, such as banks and government agencies, implement such systems. Company information stays safe in the cloud. In addition, the infrastructure can also be connected to the cloud.

Both traditional and cloud servers have their own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. However, many companies today are choosing cloud services over traditional servers. The most important reason is the flexibility and efficiency of information management. As a business owner, there's nothing wrong with subscribing to the cloud. Why? The following benefits can be obtained:

1. More Instant

You don't need to design the infrastructure from scratch because the cloud provider already provides all the functionality. Simply enable some cloud features or functions when you want to use them and disable them when you are done with them.

2. More Flexible

Cloud service providers offer storage services with different capacities. You are free to choose the amount of cloud capacity according to your business needs.

3. More Efficient Treatment

Unlike traditional servers, you don't have to worry about maintaining your cloud server even if you think about repair budgets. If something goes wrong, all you have to do is discuss the problem with your cloud service provider and let them fix it at no extra cost.

4. Increase Productivity

Even if your company has an IT team, you can save their labor by subscribing to the cloud. This is because the cloud provider is also responsible for overseeing the cloud operations and functions from network to data center to maintenance. So that your IT team can focus more on other work matters.

5. Cheaper

You only pay the cost of purchasing the cloud according to the capacity and period chosen and the value-added tax (VAT) that must be paid. The fee is charged only once until the end of the cloud subscription period.

These five benefits are enough to explain your company's reasons for subscribing to the cloud compared to traditional servers. No need to be confused about finding the best cloud provider because PT VADS Indonesia is ready to meet your cloud needs. Use VADS Cloud to quickly and securely back up and store your data. Immediately contact PT VADS Indonesia for further discussion and to try services from VADS Cloud.


7 Benefits of the Cloud to Optimize Your Business

Posted on 22 Feb 2023

We often hear the terms cloud, cloud computing, cloud systems, cloud-based platforms, and also about other clouds. What exactly is meant by the cloud? In the world of the internet, the cloud refers to a grouping of several servers that have locations in many places.

Like building a house, building a cloud-based storage system requires infrastructure. The infrastructure is built with several integrated cloud computing components. Cloud-based storage systems cannot function without cloud computing components. Currently, many businesses use cloud computing because the business is getting bigger and growing so the amount of data that will be produced and processed will also increase. Cloud computing is what makes it easier for businesses to access large amounts of data so that it can be used for profit purposes. Interested in knowing more about cloud computing? Check out the following information!

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of various computing services, including servers, software, data storage, databases, networking, and analytics, via the Internet (cloud). Many companies have used cloud computing to increase productivity and achieve large storage capacities without having to pay more for hardware, software, or system maintenance.

Cloud computing differs from traditional servers, which require companies to spend a lot of money to buy servers, and routers and hire staff to maintain storage space and infrastructure. Some examples of types of cloud services are:

1. Public Cloud - use of cloud services intended for public use only;

2. Private Cloud – This service provides infrastructure management and operation only to certain customers who are typically large and have the resources to own their own cloud.

3. Community Cloud - Used jointly by a number of organizations that have interests and need the same level of security.

4. Hybrid Cloud - Even though a hybrid cloud is an independent entity, it uses technologies that enable data portability and connectivity between applications;

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

Cloud computing has many benefits for companies including:

1. Simplifying Infrastructure

Information systems and business data require good management or control of information technology infrastructure, but with the use of cloud computing, companies no longer need to worry about this. Since cloud service providers offer services related to infrastructure management, companies only need to deploy their own cloud services.

2. Reducing Risk

In this case, companies need to be selective about cloud services that can really be trusted. Utilizing the facilities of a reliable cloud service provider helps businesses reduce the risk of data loss and server maintenance risks. For example, when a company's IT technician changes jobs, it automatically affects application maintenance. The solution offered by cloud computing is to reduce the level of risk, all needs are fully available on the cloud server and everything is integrated.

3. Cost Efficiency

An application or data storage requires a special device that can serve several needs at once. Therefore, server computers are needed for this purpose, and server computers are relatively more expensive to users than ordinary computers. In addition, there are server and application maintenance costs. By using cloud services exclusively, companies can save on these relatively high costs.

4. Information Security

Cloud services have information security that is relatively more secure because cloud services have anticipated information security problems. So users of this system no longer need to worry about storing all company information in one place that can be accessed from anywhere. Cloud computing equipped with a strong information security system in the form of data encryption ensures that information security is maintained. A solid security system makes it difficult for hackers to break into cloud databases, which ensures data security.

5. Easier Access

Cloud services have a system that allows users to easily access various information stored in the system. Users can access any information anytime, anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. In addition, cloud services make everyday activities easier thanks to virtual storage. Therefore, cloud computing supports business processes that run faster and are more productive

6. Unlimited Storage Space

The storage capacity of cloud services is relatively larger, even unlimited. These advantages make cloud computing a solution for the storage needs of many businesses. This is because cloud computing does not require hardware to store data.

7. Collaboration Made Easier

Cloud services also offer convenience in collaborating. Cloud computing systems can facilitate collaboration between personnel because each team member can view transferring and sharing of data across all cloud-based platforms.

In today's digital era, cloud services have become a business need thanks to faster and wider internet access. However, if you are confused about choosing a cloud service provider that is reliable and can commit to protecting your important data 24/7, PT VADS Indonesia is the most appropriate solution. The VADS Cloud service is supported by an experienced team 24/7, so they will always be ready to help you when needed. VADS Cloud offers a cloud server for all your business needs. Contact us at if you want advice on the cloud services you need.


PT VADS Indonesia is Committed to Implementing ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System Policy

Posted on 14 Feb 2023

PT VADS Indonesia implements the ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System as a form of commitment to conducting business by always prioritizing ethics and honesty. This progressive step is to mitigate the risk of bribery that has a detrimental effect on the company and stakeholders, both in the short and long term.

ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System is a standard that details requirements and provides guidance to assist companies in preventing, detecting, and dealing with bribery in companies.

In order to support this policy, PT VADS Indonesia is committed to the following:
1. Implementing the value of integrity, guided by the code of ethics of the 4 NO's principles as follows:
     1) No Bribery (No bribery, kickbacks, and extortion)
     2) No Kickback (No commissions, money/thanks, and money sharing)
     3) No Gift (No unusual gift)
     4) No Luxurious Hospitality (No excessive reception and entertainment)
2. Implement the Zero Tolerance principle for actions related to violations of laws and regulations related to Corruption Eradication and the 4 NO's principles.
3. Do not allow company employees and company stakeholders to violate the Company's Code of Ethics, Core Values, and 4 NO's Principles relating to their duties at PT VADS Indonesia.
4. Regulating the conflict of interest of every employee of the company and any conflict of interest that has the potential to pose a risk must be declared.
5. Provide regular outreach and training regarding corruption prevention, 4 NO's principles, and building business integrity on a regular basis to all company employees.
6. Establish an independent and independent Anti-Bribery Compliance Function.
7. Supervise and provide a framework for the implementation of this commitment and any violation of the Code of Ethics and Principle 4 NOs will be subject to sanctions in accordance with applicable regulations.
8. Always strive to improve and improve every business process so that it is in line with integrity principles.

With the certification of the Anti-Bribery Management System based on ISO 37001: 2016 at PT VADS Indonesia, this certification can be used as a guarantee for stakeholders that the company has carried out anti-bribery control practices that are recognized internationally and nationally.

In the internal context, with the establishment of policies and guidelines for the Anti-Bribery Management System, it becomes an obligation for all employees of PT VADS Indonesia to comply with the policies and all requirements in implementing all rules and procedures for the Anti-Bribery Management System.
Report if you receive gifts that indicate gratuity to the PT VADS Indonesia Gratification Control Unit (UPG) team directly or via email at Report if you know of any bribery or gratuity violations within PT VADS Indonesia to the Whistle Blowing System (WBS) via email


How Important is ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System for Companies?

Posted on 14 Feb 2023

Abuse of power for personal or group gain is one of the most common problems in the world. Examples of this abuse of power are corruption and bribery. These activities do not only occur in the administrative and political departments, but also in trade associations and companies. Bribery between superiors and subordinates as well as between business partners with the aim of gaining profit and getting several senior positions in corporate organizations is something that often happens.

To prevent such activities, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has issued a system specifically designed to help companies implement and improve anti-corruption programs, namely the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System. This standard is based on the phenomenon of corruption that is increasing worldwide. Through ISO 37001 companies can make policies that can prevent acts of bribery in several ways such as identifying risks, analyzing, and conducting evaluations. ISO 37001: 2016 can help companies provide security guarantees as a company that are free from bribery to third parties or collaborative projects that will be carried out in the future.

The introduction of ISO 37001 certification in companies can be a safeguard to prevent bribery in organizations/companies and other business partners. Routine monitoring and routine internal audits must be carried out as evidence of the company's commitment to fighting bribery, in addition to routine audits using the Plan Do Check Action (PDCA) methodology. Following are some of the benefits of implementing an Anti-Bribery Management System:

1. Strengthen the company's management system

Organizations can immediately benefit from ISO 37001 thanks to improved organizational management systems. Companies that have obtained anti-bribery certification have a better chance of reducing the risk of bribery.
Strengthening the organization's management system affects various fields inside and outside the company. Some of these include cost savings, avoiding legal issues, or handling conflicts of interest.

2. Demonstrate the competence of the company against applicable laws

Indonesian laws and regulations clearly state that bribery is a violation of the law. Anyone involved in bribery, both companies and organizations, must face the law if proven guilty.
The adoption of the ISO 37001 SMAP standard indicates that the company complies with certain laws and regulations. This standard does not guarantee that bribery will completely disappear from companies, but using ISO 37001 can minimize legal problems that arise in the form of bribery.

3. Make it easier for companies to monitor and manage organizational risks and supply chain networks

The ISO 37001 standard represents the active involvement of business people and various organizations in minimizing bribery cases in Indonesia. This is possible because the adoption of this standard will force employers to monitor and more closely manage risks related to bribery within the company.
Not only monitor and manage internal bribery risks, but ISO 37001-certified companies can do things related to their supply chain network. Monitoring and controlling this risk does not happen alone but involves collaboration between stakeholders.

4. Assess the obligations of subcontractors, agents, and suppliers

The benefits of implementing the ISO 37001 standard can also be used to accurately assess how committed partners such as suppliers, subcontractors or distributors, and agents are. Implementing an optimal anti-bribery management system prevents disruption to the company when problems arise in the supply chain. This step increases business and avoids bribes.

5. Increase the credibility of the company

Implementing the ISO 37001 standard, consumers will see that the company has a commitment to anti-bribery or anti-corruption so they will not hesitate to buy products and services from that company. This is because there is quality assurance and also a reliable production process so the security is quite good and will increase consumer satisfaction in the future. Another advantage that will have an impact is that the company has a good brand image. So not only is the company's image good, but the company's profits will also continue to increase.

Currently, PT VADS Indonesia implements the ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System as a form of commitment to conducting business by always prioritizing ethics and honesty. With ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System certification, partners and stakeholders are guaranteed that PT VADS Indonesia has carried out internationally and nationally recognized anti-bribery control practices.

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