Microsoft 365 for Productive and Effective Activities when Work From Home

Posted On 06 May 2020

The spread of the corona virus has now spread to various countries so that it is becoming a frightening specter and requires the attention of people around the world. The spread of the corona virus is very quickly seen in a matter of days as the number of people infected is increasing rapidly. The latest news announced that the number of confirmed cases worldwide has reached 3.5 million. In Indonesia alone, the number of declared corona positive cases has now reached tens of thousands.

With the vast spread of Covid in Indonesia, the government made a policy to suppress the spreading by implementing social distancing that made direct social interaction limited. The government also called on companies to implement Work from Home policies to reduce activities outside the house. This appeal implements a remote work system for its employees to reduce the risk of increasing Corona transmission rates.

Working from home will indeed change everyone's habits at work. One of them is that employees must be prepared to move from face to face to long distance communication using available digital technology, although this is no longer a problem because we are already in the era of internet networks that are available in various parts of the world. We usually just come to the office and work right away. But at home, we need help in order to be able to work just like in the office. The help can be in form of using digital applications as support for WFH. Digital applications are important to help improve performance and productivity during work from home activities so that you can stay connected with other colleagues.

No need to look further, Microsoft is here to help you and your company with various features that can make it easier for you and your company to stay productive. Microsoft 365 can be your choice. The application can be used to make your work flexibility better. Microsoft 365 can be accessed anywhere because it uses a cloud-based license so that it can help you and your business activities run smoothly.

One of Microsoft 365 features is Microsoft Teams, which is a hub for teamwork designed to be able to carry out integrated communication in your company such as conducting meetings, online seminars, or presentations. However, do not forget to keep your company data safe with one of the features of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure. Azure can also be accessed anywhere because it uses cloud computing services that will protect your data.

Microsoft 365 Features

Microsoft 365, which previously had the name Office 365, was designed to help you get more work done by using innovative Office applications, and cloud-based services that make it not only easy for you to work, but also the best in security. Cloud-based technology that is connected to the internet can make it easy for Microsoft to provide an easy update process for customers. By using Microsoft 365, you will have complete office application programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. You will also get programs for Email and Calendar such as Outlook and Exchange. Microsoft 365 can be installed on various devices such as PCs, Macs, Android Tablets, Android Phones, iPad, and iPhone. No need to depend on one device so you can work mobile, anywhere and anytime. Another advantage of Microsoft 365 is that it provides access to cloud tools such as OneDrive, Skype for Business, Stream, Sway and Microsoft Teams so that it can facilitate you in accessing data and collaboration with colleagues. Other features for social and intranet are Yammer and SharePoint. There are also task management features such as Planner, Power Apps, Power Automate, To Do, and finally the features for analytics such as MyAnalytics and PowerBI Pro. Here are the other advantages that can be obtained by using Microsoft 365,

  1. Latest Version. By using Microsoft 365, you will always get the latest version of the applications. In addition, you will have the latest features, tools, security updates and bug fixes. Your Microsoft version will always be upgraded and you will get all the latest updates.
  2. Login Up to 5 Devices. You can install Microsoft 365 on various devices and login to five devices at the same time. Use it in any device such as PC, MAC, Tablet and Android.
  3. Storage Access Up to 1TB. You will get file storage of up to 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. Your files and data will be stored securely in the cloud and you can access them anywhere and anytime.
  4. Save Your Budget. By using Microsoft 365 services that provide a simple monthly or annual subscription so you can reduce costs for using software, additional hardware costs, new servers, and also less IT operational costs. The budget savings can help your business grow and develop to focus on your company's core business.
  5. Increase Your Productivity. You and your co-workers can get work done anywhere and anytime by using any device. You can use Outlook, calendar, online conferencing, and access to the latest documents stored in the cloud in real time with good security.

Now, are you ready to switch to Microsoft 365? Microsoft 365 has a package for your use at home, business, or enterprise. Here are some packages that you can find out from Microsoft 365:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 for Business application
  • Microsoft 365 F3
  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 E5


The Microsoft 365 for business provides additional services such as Exchange, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Azure. While Microsoft 365 for enterprise provides additional services such as Yammer, Stream, Sway, Planner, Power Apps, Power Automate, To Do, MyAnalytics and PowerBI Pro.

With the many advantages offered, Microsoft 365 undoubtedly is one of the things that can help you for increasing your work productivity, especially in the Work From Home period that is happening today. The good news is, VADS Indonesia is happy to help you in providing Microsoft 365 to your company. By using services from VADS Indonesia, you will get on-site support and onboarding users who are certified and ready to help you on 24x7 to help you work using Microsoft 365.

Get a free 6 month trial for new customers by purchasing an annual subscription*. You will get various features from Microsoft 365 such as online storage, online meetings, and various online documents. Contact us at for terms, conditions, technical support, and more extras to meet your needs in increasing productivity and saving your business costs by using Microsoft 365. Increase your productivity #StayAtHome now with Microsoft 365 from VADS Indonesia. For more information, click


VADS Indonesia Get 27001:2013 Certificate

Posted On 23 Apr 2020

VADS Indonesia successfully obtained ISO 27001: 2013 certification. The certification shows that VADS Indonesia has met all standards related to the Information Security Management System in operating business, especially in terms of Facilities and Data Center Operations for Contact Center Services.

VADS Indonesia received ISO 27001: 2013 certification because it was considered to have implemented various strategies, one of which was in the field of information security to ensure the resilience of VADS Indonesia in data security both corporate and customer.

Getting this certification is not easy, it takes a long process and goes through a comprehensive audit process. This Information Security Management System Certification is a concrete manifestation of VADS Indonesia's commitment to improve information security and improve the quality of information technology.

Given that cyber security is currently a challenge in the industry, especially in digital in Indonesia. The threat of cyber can target companies both providers of products and services with the aim of accessing data of users of these products or services and stealing or selling the identities of users to third parties.

ISO 27001: 2013 certification is an international standard in implementing information security management systems or Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). By applying the ISO 2700: 2013 standard, companies can protect and maintain the confidentiality and availability of information and to control information security risks to the company.

The application of ISO 27001: 2013 is also expected to increase client's trust and information security guarantees that will have an impact on increasing productivity, motivation, morale, and employee performance.


5 Trends of Contact Center in 2020

Posted On 16 Apr 2020

Digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence have succeeded in increasing customer expectations. This makes customers more demanding in terms of getting a faster response to a company. In a Forrester report said, 23% CMO in B2B companies saw increasing customer experience as the top three goals. In this case it appears that customer experience is an important goal that must be achieved by the company. Contact center trends provide insight into how digital transformation and the use of AI will help company contact centers to provide an optimal customer service experience.

How can consumers see your company? In the end, consumers will look at their experiences as consumers. A consistent and innovative customer experience has an impact on your customers, therefore companies must be able to provide a good customer service experience to become a company priority.

Some businesses see investment in contact centers as additional costs that must be incurred, but with changing times, contact centers can be transformed into income for companies. In the future there will be many challenges faced by the contact center to make changes. Some challenges faced such as uncertainty about the customer journey, communication problems that cause customers need time to resolve complaints, and high customer service costs.

With these challenges, here are the contact center trends that will have an impact and enhance your customer experience:

  1. Using the Omni Channel
    Communication using the omni channel to the customer will provide a consistent experience to the customer because by using the omni channel, the customer journey can be seen from all customers on all channels such as desktop, cellphone, telephone, social media or directly. Customers do not want to repeat their problems to many agents with different media. Customers want agents to know their history and solve problems in the shortest time possible. Research conducted by Invespcro shows that businesses using the omni channel can retain their customers.
  2. Integrate Artificial Intelligence into conversations with your customers
    Analysis of customer trips activated using Artificial Intelligence can help businesses predict future customer behavior with good and precise accuracy. By using this analysis, you can improve the customer experience better.
  3. Increase the First Call Resolution number
    First Call Resolution is a call metric that determines customer satisfaction. Sometimes, customers face complex problems that require a lot of interaction to get a fast and appropriate solution. Collaborative browsing (co-browsing) can be one of the best solutions for this, by exploring together, agents can answer customer questions in first call resolution so as to increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Complete your Contact Center with Self Service
    Troubleshooting through self-service or DIY methods can be highly emphasized on your website. This is an efficient way to handle most problems at the beginning. You can automate your customer support independently through video tutorials, FAQ pages, virtual agents, and infographics. Many customers prefer to look for these features before contacting a support agent. Providing faster solutions to your customers will help your contact center reduce call volume so that it can reduce customer service costs and your agent will be focused on solving more complex problems to provide a comprehensive solution.
  5. Real time insight using contact center analytics
    Data analysis can enable businesses to make important decisions to accelerate growth in the right direction. To understand the root cause of a problem, it is very important to analyze the performance of the agent. This way, you can find out what your customers like and how you can provide a better level of service. Analytic power can be used for better decision making in core areas such as: Improving customer conversations, Improving key business metrics, Impact on customer experience, Measuring customer satisfaction levels, Learning customer expectations, Call centers use sophisticated analytic programs to create dashboards with statistics that are affect their business. Display statistics dashboards on the user interface help agents and contact center managers to get real time insight about customer experience.

The contact center's trend is to involve and support customers with direct involvement using Artificial Intelligence technology. Agent and contact center management will be armed with good and data-driven tools to automate tasks, improve overall agency and customer satisfaction.

Make your contact center connected to your business system, because the contact center is one of the key elements to providing a satisfying customer experience, one of which is by integrating your business system so that your agent can understand customers in an integrated manner. All that you can get together with VADS Indonesia. VADS Indonesia is one of the world class BPO call center providers in Indonesia. VADS Indonesia has more than 10 years experience in the call center industry and currently serves more than 50 clients, most of whom are market leaders from various industries. Contact for consultations regarding the needs of call centers in your company.


3 Advantages of Using Office 365 for Your Company

Posted On 09 Apr 2020

Microsoft Office 365 is a product service package from Microsoft that works to provide work efficiency and increase productivity in your work. This service is cloud based, so you don't need to install this service on other devices just by using internet connection. The various benefits of using Office 365 that you can feel are as follows:

  1. By using Office 365 you will get the latest versions of Office applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In addition, you will always have the latest features, tools, security updates and bug fixes. Your version of Office will always be enhanced and you will get all the latest update features.
  2. With Office 365, you can install Office 365 on all devices and log in to five devices at once, so you can use it anywhere on any device including PC, Mac, Tablet, and Phone. Regarding storage, your files will be stored securely in the cloud and you can access them from anywhere. You will get 1TB of cloud storage.
  3. With Office 365, you can work more easily and efficiently because it is supported by intelligent apps like Smart Lookup, Tell Me, Morph, and Designer that can guide you in your work.

The presence of these advantages, of course, make Office 365 one thing that can help you in increasing your productivity. If you or your company needs Office 365, VADS Indonesia can help you meet your needs. You will get technical support, contact us at related to technical issues or other additional support.

Use Office 365 to increase productivity and save your business costs!


Improve Your Customer Experience with WhatsApp for Business

Posted On 02 Apr 2020

People in Indonesia at this time have begun to experience a shift. In the past people used to communicate by using letters, then by phone, and then SMS appeared so that people could only communicate limitedly through text and audio. However, now there is a messenger application that can make people communicate quickly and expressively by being able to insert images, emojis, stickers, and also send videos. One of the most widely used messenger applications is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in Indonesia. Based on data from Hootsuite, 84% of internet users in Indonesia aged 16-64 years use the WhatsApp application. Then the data from We Are Social, WhatsApp was ranked first mobile app most used by active users on the Internet in Indonesia throughout 2019. So based on these data, WhatsApp is the most popular application in Indonesia.

The existence of WhatsApp has now also entered the business world. Seeing this phenomenon, WhatsApp released an application that is intended for business needs with more features and is suitable for businesses called WhatsApp Business. This application is intended for business people to more easily connect to users and business customers.

Your business can get the maximum business opportunity by using WhatsApp Business by establishing better communication with customers. With the automatic messaging feature, message statistics, and message grouping, you can more easily control your customers. So that it can increase trust in your customers. In addition, WhatsApp Business can be used as a container for your business account to make it easy to get customer trust because WhatsApp Business will verify the business account through the registered telephone number whether it really belongs to your company or not, then there is also a complete profile of your company so customers can find out if your company account has been verified and customers also know your business's quiet profile information.

WhatsApp creates applications for businesses with the aim to facilitate interaction with customers because there are features for automation, sorting messages and answering customer questions quickly. In WhatsApp Business there is a greeting message feature that makes it easy for you to offer your company's products to customers. You can use WhatsApp Business for opportunities to improve your company's customer experience. With the features of the application, your company can easily control its business from maintaining better communication, managing business time and making it easier for you to promote your company's products.

The ease of interacting with customers makes WhatsApp Business really help your business. It's time for your company to use WhatsApp Business for business efficiency and create a better customer experience. Contact for a consultation regarding WhatsApp Business needs in your company.


Chatbot to Increase Your Customer Experience

Posted On 26 Mar 2020

Various industries in Indonesia must adapt quickly to face disruption and rapid technological development. These developments are needed to meet the needs of consumers for your company's industry. Nowadays, there are many consumers who use media that require quick responses to answer their needs and complaints. So companies must be able to adjust their services, especially by including more technology to attract more customers, not to mention your company that has to attract consumers with lucrative offers to increase customer awareness and to increase customer loyalty. One of the best technologies and also cheaper in attracting customers is to use chatbot technology.

Chatbot has an artificial intelligence that has the ability to imitate human conversation both in text and voice. Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence that gives intelligence to chatbots to be able to assess the most appropriate answers in answering questions raised by consumers. Artificial Intelligence can recognize the best answers by knowing the keywords (keywords) provided by users and can see the answers closest to these keywords. Chatbot is designed based on Artificial Intelligence with all its capabilities such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. The technology enables chatbot to be more flexible and can adapt to everyday characters or language so that it can maintain its main function to serve consumers.

With the chatbot, your company can interact with customers more easily and quickly so that it can improve the customer experience and can serve more people more quickly through a variety of different channels. With the presence of chatbot technology, customers can easily ask something or ask questions or complaints.

Various advantages that are owned by chatbot can simplify the work of your company. By using chatbot, your company is faster in interacting with consumers so that chatbot can help answer customer questions with various questions asked and respond quickly so that it can make consumers happy because they get the answers or solutions needed quickly. In addition, chatbot can also function for 24 hours so that whenever and whatever time consumers ask, it will be easily answered by chatbot. This can make consumers happy and satisfied so chatbot can improve the customer experience for your company.

It is time for your company to use chatbot or smart chat assistant for business efficiency and create better customer satisfaction so that it can improve your company's customer experience. Contact for a consultation related to chatbot needs in your company.


This Time to Your Company to Use Chatbot

Posted On 19 Mar 2020

The development of communication and information technology today has helped many aspects of life, especially in the process of information exchange in the industrial world. One of these technological developments is chatbot. Chatbot is a program created to respond to messages automatically. Chatbot can be in the form of audio or text, even now it can be used in the form of video. Chatbot works with artificial intelligence mechanisms in communicating with users so that it can help companies respond to consumers quickly and precisely.

The use of chatbots in Indonesia has been rife in recent years. There have been many chatbots that can help serve various industries such as in telecommunications, retail, automotive, financial services, health, e-commerce, education, even UMKM. Various types of industries are trying to be able to respond quickly to the needs of consumers so that the speed and efficiency is needed to increase consumer confidence in the company.

In the current era of information disclosure, consumers certainly have complaints and various questions that want answers quickly and accurately. Of course with the presence of Chatbot, you can be helped in handling complaints at any time even outside of working hours though. This is where the big role of chatbot in terms of responding to consumers and to improve customer satisfaction. By using chatbot, you can save time in answering all customer responses, both complaints and questions from customers every day. Chatbot can help your company save time and also reduce your company's spending budget.

Does your company already use chatbots to simplify your performance? Chatbot can provide efficiency for your company, especially for jobs that can be automated, especially those that are repetitive. In addition, chatbot has unlimited working hours. Chatbot can serve consumers for 24 hours. Chatbot can be used on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, Webchat, Mobile, Twitter and WhatsApp. Various types of features that are owned by chatbot to help your company include as a means of information and promotion, can broadcast messages precisely to the target audience, can be used to provide rewards / points, can be used as reminders and can also make transactions for your company's business. In addition, chatbot can also be used for data validation, one of which uses video calls to verify data, so using chatbot can help your company to improve customer care and also customer engagement.

The many advantages of chatbot is very helpful for your business. It is time for your company to use chatbot or smart chat assistant for business efficiency and create better customer satisfaction. Contact for a consultation related to chatbot needs in your company.


Maximize WhatsApp Business for Your Business

Posted On 12 Mar 2020

Progress in the field of information technology has a positive impact on society, especially business people. In the current era, providing information related to products and services from our business can reach all walks of life wherever they are so distance is not a barrier. One of the media that can be used in spreading the information is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used messaging services by the public both for communication even for business purposes. The presence of WhatsApp Business is one of WhatsApp's strategies in seeing the enormous potential in the business world. The various features and advantages of WhatsApp Bisnis were created to make it easier for companies to interact with their customers.

For you business owners, the existence of WhatsApp business has a positive impact on business people both directly and indirectly, such as facilitating communication with customers directly about the products you have. In addition, you can also use WhatsApp Business for marketing and promotional purposes. You can set quick replies to manage and reply to conversations with customers efficiently. That way, you can improve service to customers. Consumers not only want goods that are good for them to buy, but today's consumers need fast, easy service, and can answer all the questions quickly and accurately.

Another advantage of WhatsApp Business is that you can optimize your business profile such as a profile photo using your company logo, full address, business category, description here, days and hours of operation of your company, business email address and also your business website address so consumers can find out the profile your company through your company's WhatsApp Business and your company's WhatsApp account looks more professional.

WhatsApp Business aims to facilitate your communication with consumers so that WhatsApp Business can improve the quality of your company's services. Service quality is one of the factors that can make your customers make a repurchase intention if they get a good buying experience. So it takes good service to be able to win the hearts of consumers. WhatsApp Business is one of the right solutions to increase the repurchase intention so as to increase your company's business.

With a variety of features offered by WhatsApp Business that seems to answer your needs, it's time for your company to use WhatsApp Business to be one of the best solutions to maximize your business. Contact for a consultation regarding WhatsApp Business needs in your company.


Improve Work Productivity with Office 365

Posted On 05 Mar 2020

Along with the times, business is moving faster and requires high mobility. The rapid development of technology has an impact on business development, thus requiring business people to continue to move quickly. This fast mobility requires a product that can follow your needs. You increasingly need fast access whenever and wherever so you are able to communicate and work mobile. So that more and more types and models of sophisticated electronic devices to support workers, one of which is the presence of Office 365 that makes it easy for you to run Office programs anywhere even when not in the office.

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based product from Microsoft to provide work efficiency and increase your productivity at work making it easier for you to do business. Cloud-based technology that is connected to the internet that allows Microsoft to provide an easier update process for customers. This software has complete office application programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Office 365 can be installed on several devices such as PCs, Macs, Android tablets, Android phones, iPad and iPhone.

Office 365 is designed to facilitate your mobilization in processing data anywhere and anytime without having to depend on one device so you can work mobile and face all challenges in doing business. Another advantage of Office 365 is that it provides access to cloud tools such as One Drive, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams so that it can make it easier for you to access data and collaborate with colleagues wherever you are and from any device.

The good news, VADS Indonesia can help you in providing Office 365 to increase your work productivity. By using services from VADS Indonesia, you will get on-site support and onboarding users who are certified and ready to assist 24x7 to help you work using Office 365.

Increase your productivity now with Office 365 services from VADS Indonesia and achieve success together with VADS Indonesia. For more information, please contact


7 Experience of Customer Service That You Must Have

Posted On 27 Feb 2020

Better revenue and the growth of a business come from great customer service because that is the foundation of a successful and sustainable business. The very important thing is a business has reliable customer service before competitors do it first. But how to have reliable and qualified customer service? Because the profession as a customer service or call center is not easy. Here are some skills that must be possessed by customer service to be able to provide exceptional service to customers.

  1. Product / Service Knowledge. This is the main and most must-have skill for every employee in your business. They must have a deep understanding of the products / services that the company has. The agents must always be updated with the latest features and product development and services from the company. Having good product knowledge will help agents more quickly resolve complaints, provide recommendations / solutions, and interact with customers.
  2. Transparent. Nothing is perfect in the world. Even the best companies make mistakes. The important thing is to acknowledge and accept when a company makes a mistake or has a shortage, and do not promise something that cannot be fulfilled to the customer. Honest and honest is the key to good service to customers.
  3. Positive Words. Use the most positive words and sentences in every situation and circumstance when you build a loyal customer base and good, long-term relationships. It's important to pay attention to the agent's words when communicating with customers. With a more friendly tone, of course, makes it easier to approach and win the hearts of customers.
  4. Ready with complaints. In a competitive business, you will receive questions from customers. They will not wait just to buy your company's products / services because they are faced with many choices and have the right to ask questions. Quite often customers refuse after many questions, but don't be afraid because this situation can be used to get important information such as customer needs, problems, and challenges they experience.
  5. Think & React Quickly. There will be situations where customers ask random questions that are not in the product knowledge or instructions possessed by the agent. In this situation, it is very important to think fast and provide the right solution. If the agent is unable to give the right answer, the agent must have a back-up plan such as connecting customers to a higher level that can help quickly.
  6. Speak Structured and Clear. Customers really do not like explanations that are circling and do not solve problems. The best solution is to provide an answer or a direct solution to the problem. And it must always be remembered, the agent must always make sure the customer understands the language / sentence used and is not confused in technical explanation.
  7. Closing ability. Closing ability refers to the agent's ability to end a conversation and ensure all customer questions are answered properly. With a good closing and making sure the customer is satisfied with the solution provided, it can give the impression that the agent / company cares about the customer and is willing to help in any way possible.

The good news, all agents at VADS Indonesia are the best agents. Because VADS Indonesia agents are required to attend training from experienced and trusted trainers in the contact center world until they are ready to start working. By using services from VADS, you will get the best contact center / customer service agent for your company and also how to develop business for your company. Because all of that has been done by VADS Indonesia.

Improve your business now with contact center / customer service from VADS Indonesia and achieve success together with VADS.


4 Chatbot Technology Advantages to Increase Your Business

Posted On 20 Feb 2020

Today's world has become more advanced. Modernization and technological progress are developing rapidly. The role of technology is increasingly important in facilitating human work. From waking up to going back to sleep, technology is timeless in human life.

The importance of this technology also affects the business world because it has a beneficial positive impact. With the presence of technology, businesses can do work easily and quickly so they are able to adapt to the desires and habits of modern consumers who want to get a fast and dynamic response. These technological developments change the pattern of consumer behavior, especially in patterns of interacting with companies. In responding to changes in consumer interactions, companies no longer just favor their products but must be able to provide a good customer experience and have a positive impact.

Some of these positive impacts are the use of artificial intelligence technology, namely chatbot. Chatbot is a technology designed to have a chat service with the aim of having a function or providing information via voice or text. Even for now, chatbot technology already has features for video calls. "Bot" which is short for internet robot in which artificial intelligence technology is inserted (Artificial Intelligence) such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) which follows the pattern of human work and can do analytics and answer questions and have the ability to understand and comprehend language of a question. So chatbots can respond automatically and quickly when someone is talking to the chatbot. By using chatbot, companies can do work efficiency so as to create a good customer experience.

Many companies experience obstacles related to matters relating to consumers. For example in increasing brand awareness, it takes a large cost so consumers can get to know the company's brand. Another example is when promoting products and campaigns, it also costs a lot of money. With the presence of chatbot, companies can be helped in increasing brand awareness through digital marketing strategies and promotions and campaigns, one of which using Facebook Messenger chatbot can be done at a cheaper and more effective cost. This is because chatbots can target the right target audience according to the brand. Other advantages of chatbot-based artificial intelligence technology such as customer surveys, customer databases, buying processes, customer retention, customer loyalty, and also customer support.

Chatbot has several advantages and advantages in using it to be applied in a company or business. Here are the advantages of chatbot technology:

  1. Reducing Operational Workload. Chatbot can answer repeated questions (repeatable queries) so that it can make it easier to answer for the same question more quickly.
  2. Increase Customer Engagement and Customer Experience. Chatbot can answer the needs of consumers within 24/7, so consumers do not have to wait long to get the answers they want.
  3. Save on Operating Costs. By using chatbot, companies only need to make one chatbot that can be connected to various chat applications, so that the costs incurred are more efficient in terms of manpower.
  4. Can Provide Insight About Consumers. Chatbot can understand how consumers talk so they can respond according to consumer needs. This can be used to be able to find out the pattern of consumers (consumer behavior) of the product / brand. The analysis is certainly to improve product / brand services to consumers.

With chatbot technology, all questions can be answered automatically 24/7. Companies can more easily manage their business from reducing costs to increasing revenue. In the future chatbot will definitely be used more and more because of its ease and use that can reduce business costs.

VADS Indonesia provides chatbot solutions to facilitate your company in serving customers. In addition, VADS Indonesia can also provide Indonesian chatbot solutions according to your needs. The various features available in the chatbot are:

  1. Give rewards / points to customers
  2. Can provide information on the location of branch companies
  3. Can do reminders to customers
  4. Can do transactions for your company's needs
  5. Can make video calls that can be used for data verification
  6. Can be used for customer care and customer engagement

For more complete information, please email to for consultations related to your company's needs.

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