Maximize Your Contact Center with Smart Chat Assistant

Posted On 18 Nov 2020

Various industries in Indonesia must adapt quickly in the face of disruption and rapid technological developments. These developments are needed to meet consumer needs for your company's industry. Currently, many consumers use the media which requires a quick response to their needs and complaints. So that companies must be able to adjust their services, especially by incorporating more technology to attract more customers, not to mention that your company has to attract consumers with lucrative offers to increase customer awareness and to increase customer loyalty. One of the best technologies and also cheaper to attract customers is to use chatbot technology or smart chat assistant.

The use of smart chat assistants in Indonesia has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. There are many smart chat assistants that can help serve various industries, for example in the fields of telecommunications, retail, automotive, financial services, health, e-commerce, education, and even MSMEs. These various industries are trying to respond quickly to the needs of their consumers so that speed and efficiency are currently needed to maximize customer service.

What is Smart Chat Assistant?
Smart chat assistant is an artificial intelligence program (Artificial Intelligence) that simulates human conversations interactively because it contains Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing so that it can be programmed interactively and can understand the language used daily. Smart Chat Assistant is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversations using pre-calculated key user phrases and auditory, visual, and text-based signals.

Smart Chat Assistant feature
The smart chat assistant will provide a better customer experience while chatting with chatbots. The smart chat assistant can speak Indonesian using everyday language so that it seems as if it will be answered personally. If there are more complex problems, the smart chat assistant will direct the contact center agent to be escalated and solve the complex problem. In addition, some other smart chat assistant features are as follows:

  1. Provide rewards/points to customers
  2. Can provide information on the location of the company's branch
  3. Can do reminders to customers
  4. Can make transactions for the needs of your company
  5. Can make video calls that can be used for data verification
  6. Can be used for customer care and customer engagement

Benefits of Smart Chat Assistant
In the current era of information disclosure, customers certainly have complaints and various questions that want answers quickly and precisely. Of course, by using a smart chat assistant, you can be helped in handling complaints at any time, even outside working hours. This is where a smart chat assistant plays a big role in responding to customers and increasing customer satisfaction. By using the smart chat assistant, you can save time in answering all customer responses, both complaints and questions from customers every day. Smart chat assistant can help your company save time and also reduce your company budget. Other benefits that can be felt by using a smart chat assistant for your company's contact center are as follows:

1. Reducing operational workload
The smart chat assistant can multitask quickly and precisely. Smart chat assistants can answer generalized questions, with automation allowing companies to save costs such as reducing the number of incoming calls and increasing efficiency.

2. Improve customer engagement and customer experience
Smart chat assistants can help companies solve problems experienced by customers quickly and precisely so that they don't have to wait long to get a response from the company. This can make customers feel happy because they feel that complaints and required information can be responded to quickly so as to improve a good customer experience.

3. Improve lead generation
Smart chat assistants can help companies collect visitor data such as names, emails, and phone numbers, and the needs of these customers, so that companies can find out about the latest potential customers and add leads with the aim of selling and increasing company revenue.

4. Provide insight into customers
With the smart chat assistant having visitor data such as names, emails, telephone numbers, customer needs, the company has related data about customer insights so that this data can be used by the company to provide products and services that are in line with its target market.

5. Always serve customers faithfully for 24 hours
You can use the smart chat assistant so that you are always available to serve customers without a certain time limit. So the smart chat assistant is the right solution to serve customers anytime and on any platform.

Does your company already use a smart chat assistant to maximize the performance of your contact center? Smart chat assistants can provide efficiency for your company, especially for jobs that can be automated, especially those that are repetitive in nature. Apart from that, the smart chat assistant has unlimited working hours. The smart chat assistant can serve consumers for 24 hours and also on various platforms such as FB Messenger, Telegram, Line, Webchat, Mobile, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

It is time for your company to use a smart chat assistant to maximize the function of your company's contact center and create better customer satisfaction so as to improve your company's customer experience. VADS Indonesia can help your company improve your customer experience by maximizing the function of your company's contact center using a smart chat assistant that is easy to use, cost-effective, and can respond to customers faster 24 hours at any time and any hour. Contact for consultation regarding the needs of a smart chat assistant in your company.


Artificial Intelligence for Contact Center

Posted On 16 Nov 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can now be seen using it in business, one of the applications of its use is for the company's customer relations strategy with its customers. Customers are essential in the company's business, so the right strategy is needed to improve the company's customer experience. Various solutions that are empowered using AI technology will make it easier for businesses to be more effective, especially in the contact center sector, such as in responding to problems, complaints, and various questions raised by customers. So that AI is needed in one of the business strategies to improve customer experience.

Various AI features are used in customer service, for example, using chatbots to respond to messages and questions from customers. Chatbot, its use that can answer simple questions raised by customers quickly makes it easier for companies to handle their contact centers. The chatbot can answer customer questions indefinitely or 24/7/365 non-stop by reaching customers without any geographic restrictions.

In addition, there is personalization marketing, which is marketing that is automatically used into CRM, which uses AI technology to read customer data. In addition, personalized marketing can also be used to relate to customers so as to create stronger relationships between customers and companies with the objective of increasing customer loyalty.
The abilities possessed by Artificial Intelligence such as being able to analyze all the data that has been collected based on the experience it has. Through communication carried out by chatbots, AI has collected data in order to provide solutions to consumers so as to provide feedback regarding customer behavior patterns and the tastes that customers want to companies related to their customer needs. The information is processed by the company so that it can take quick action, for example in offering products and services according to the needs of its customers and the development of the lifestyle of its customers.

Artificial Intelligence can improve customer service performance to make customers get information or assistance in the form of text and voice quickly. Artificial Intelligence also has the ability to provide fast responses and has the ability to recognize consumer behavior patterns in a very short time so it is useful for contact centers in conducting marketing personalization by knowing the character of their customers through the activities they carry out.

Artificial Intelligence is a breakthrough that makes it easier for companies to serve customers. Various companies have started using AI in their contact center world. Various companies that have AI include Bank BCA with the name Vira, Bank BRI with the name Sabrina, Bank BNI with the nickname Cinta, Bank Mandiri with the name Mita, XL with the name Maya, and many more.

Various impacts are felt by companies that use AI as service automation such as being able to serve consumers for 24 hours without having to add human resources. Another impact that is felt is that the business becomes more efficient because all messages are received and responded to by the robot, even though there are issues regarding labor being taken over using robots.

The use of AI itself still requires continuous development to make it more perfect in responding to customer needs. Your company's contact center can combine chatbot services with a contact center. The chatbot can only respond to repetitive questions but cannot respond to more complex problems, a contact center agent is needed who can forward requests received by the chatbot to help complete requests from customers or this term is called a hybrid chatbot. VADS Indonesia provides a chatbot solution to make it easier for your company to serve customers. Apart from that, VADS Indonesia can also provide an Indonesian chatbot solution according to your needs. The various features available in the chatbot are:

1. Provide rewards/points to customers
2. Can provide information on the location of the company's branch
3. Can do reminders to customers
4. Can make transactions for the needs of your company
5. Can make video calls that can be used for data verification
6. Can be used for customer care and customer engagement

For more complete information, please click to consult immediately on optimizing Artificial Intelligence to optimize the performance of the contact center in your company to improve your company's customer experience. Kindly contact


Artificial Intelligence for Business

Posted On 13 Nov 2020

The rapid development of technology and increasing business competition means that companies must be able to have innovations that are different from their competitors and can provide the right needs for their customers. Companies must be able to take advantage of developing technology to innovate to create services and products that can satisfy their customers. One of them is by utilizing artificial intelligence technology or artificial intelligence. AI technology already has a significant impact in all areas of our lives, one of which is in the business sector.

Artificial Intelligence or commonly referred to as AI has become a necessity in the current era. AI is a simulation of human intelligence in a machine programmed to think and act like humans. In this case, AI learns to solve problems through something that has been programmed beforehand.

Without realizing it, AI has been embedded in our daily lives, for example on the website pages that we visit which have the impression of reminding us what we were looking for beforehand so that it is as if a computer or the internet can understand what we want. This is an example of the application of AI that can be used in the business world. AI can be utilized by businesses with the right, effective, and efficient purpose.

AI can be used to solve challenges that companies have at scale. AI will change the business ecosystem and the relationship between companies and customers due to automation, for example by robots or machine learning. The various benefits of AI that can be used in the business world include:

1. Promotion is more effective
AI technology can help companies determine more effective promotional strategies because they can access data to explore customer desires through keywords used in searches, user profiles, and other data so that they can carry out effective and cost-effective promotions.

2. Search technology that makes it easier
AI technology can help customers search for what they want so they can focus more on the subjects they are most interested in so as to help customers quickly make decisions and make it easier for businesses to get closer to customers.

3. Get closer to the customer
AI technology can help companies get to know their customers better. Through AI, data about customer behavior, tastes, lifestyles can be analyzed into data and create patterns and trends from whatever customers want so that AI will provide options that appear according to the recommendations of the wishes of the customers. It can also be used by businesses to have data on customer needs so that they can create products and services according to what customers want.

The use of AI can make it easier for companies to carry out various activities that require time and resources. The use of AI also makes it easier for businesses to design products and services needed by customers. The use of AI is not only related to product sales but how a business can listen to the needs of its main customers, has an empathetic nature towards customer wants and needs, and how the company can serve its customers well, so as to maximize the use of AI.

VADS Indonesia can assist your company in using Artificial Intelligence technology in improving and efficiency of your business. By using Artificial Intelligence technology, your business will be more effective with an economical budget and tailored to the business needs of your company. VADS Indonesia has more than 11 years of experience in the contact center industry and the technical support used. VADS Indonesia currently serves more than 50 clients, most of whom are market leaders from various existing industries. Various advantages possessed by VADS Indonesia include:

- Has ISO 27001: 2013 certification
- Have IT Support ready to serve 24/7
- Has 3 different sites in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang
- Having end-to-end solutions to meet your company's needs

Kindly contact for consultation regarding Artificial Intelligence technology to improve your company's business.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Posted On 11 Nov 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI), its use has recently become increasingly widespread in the world of technology. Its use, which can facilitate human work, makes AI continue to be developed more widely to be utilized. The first working AI program was written in 1951 to run the Ferranti Mark I machine at the University of Manchester (UK). After that, AI continues to develop, it can even be used as a country's defense system. AI was originally widely used in the information technology sector such as Google, Alibaba, and Amazone, but currently, its use can already be used in various industrial sectors such as finance, media, transportation, health and entertainment and will continue to grow rapidly.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine that can learn from experience by adjusting new inputs and can do tasks that are usually done by humans. Currently, there are many examples of the use of AI embedded in machine technology such as computers that can be specially trained to complete tasks and help human work. The characteristic possessed by AI is its ability to take action to achieve certain goals. The goal of making AI is to make machines smarter than previously used only for manual typing, now AI can make computers able to type automatically based on sound, for example. In addition, with AI, technology can help solve problems effectively, efficiently, and thoroughly so that it can improve processing and help human work with maximum results.

Artificial Intelligence Process

AI is a technology that requires data to be used as knowledge, so it requires experience and data so that intelligence can respond better. AI can also learn by themselves based on experiences used by humans so that it is not always ordered by humans. AI is programmed to continually learn from itself and the mistakes it makes. The intelligence possessed by AI makes AI have a system that acts like a human, a system that can think like humans, can think and also act rationally. The following is the process of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Learning: is a process where AI obtains information and rules for using information
  • Reasoning: where AI uses the rules and information from learning to reach a definite estimate of conclusions
  • Perception (self-correction): the process by which AI makes a decision

AI Pros and Cons

AI has many benefits for human life today. The various advantages and disadvantages of AI are as follows:

Advantages :
- Can help with repetitive work
- Can provide convenience with a faster way of working
- Consistent and thorough results
- More permanent, such as not easy to forget because you use a computer system
- Easier to duplicate and deploy quickly and easily
- Cheaper with unlimited usage
- Can be commented on and tracked for each activity

- Limited to the given program
- Makes human performance decrease in several fields of work because it has been replaced by AI
- Does not have feelings so that it cannot replace engagement between humans
- Do not have the ability to understand the information received (common sense)


Utilization of AI

Examples of using AI have been widely used in various fields. As in the field of games, for example, there are many games in which characters use AI. In the industrial sector, there are many uses for AI in robots that are used in assembling vehicle engines so that managers are faster in assembling vehicles. Even in the entertainment industry, such as in the film, nowadays it uses AI technology in it and introduces how AI works like in the Iron Man film. The use of AI that is most closely related to our daily lives is on our smartphones through the Google or Siri virtual assistant which is still developing and maybe even smarter. An example that most often appears but is often not felt is when we have been shopping in e-commerce and at that time there are also many product recommendations obtained from our own data so far in searching and purchasing a product. And there are many more applications and uses of AI in our daily lives. Of course, this is very easy and helps human work.

Artificial intelligence or AI helps a lot in our work and in our daily lives. Of course, AI will continue to develop and be smarter with various improvements and developments. Interested in developing AI to make work easier at your company? Contact for consultation and develop AI to optimize your customer service process so that it is faster, more effective, and efficient.


Strategies to Increase Customer Experience Using Social Media

Posted On 10 Nov 2020

The customer is one of the important factors in the business world of a company. Customers are not only a source of income and company income but also contribute to the development of a company. In this fast-paced era and increasingly sophisticated technology, customers are also increasingly accessing this technology to get updated information. On the other hand, companies must be able to reach a wider range of customers to be able to communicate and provide updates about their products and services to a wider audience. One way to reach a wider range of customers is by utilizing social media as a strategy to improve customer experience.

Currently, many companies are using social media as a channel to improve customer experience, especially in customer service and contact centers as channels for communicating with their customers. Customers not only need products or services at low prices but also need customer service and a satisfying experience so that they can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers need channels that can respond to their needs and constraints quickly and are also in accordance with the person of these customers, one of which is to use various kinds of social media. The following are strategies that can be used to improve customer experience using social media:

1. Understand Customer Expectations
Companies must be able to understand what the wants and needs of the customers are. In addition, companies must also be able to understand customer expectations of the products and services we provide them. That way, the company already has a good step in creating a quality customer experience by understanding and of course meeting the expectations of its customers.

2. Active and Responsive
Customers who provide comments or questions on corporate social media must be handled as soon as possible. The company must provide a special time every day in monitoring what customers and the public share and discuss about its products and services and respond wisely. Customers will feel cared for and will recommend companies that can provide services with fast response and solutions.

3. Increase Engagement Personally
The company must have an emotional closeness with its customers. The closer the company is to its customers, the easier it will be for the company to find out information about the needs of its customers so that it can make innovations related to product and service updates according to customer needs. In addition, by having emotional closeness, customers feel heard and cared for, thus creating good customer loyalty and also a good customer experience.

4. Personalize Responses
In serving customers, companies must have an effort to answer feedback that is done personally to provide engagement and appreciate the input and response from customers. Saying thanks or giving discounts to customers makes such interactions will increase a good customer experience and also create customer loyalty on social media in the long term.
Therefore, it is very important for companies and businesses to shift from using traditional channels to social media as a strategy to improve customer experience. Using social media as a means of serving customers as well as enhancing the overall customer buying experience is very important for companies in the future.

VADS Indonesia can assist your company in providing social media as a platform to improve customer experience in your company with various social media channels that match your company's market needs. Various advantages possessed by VADS Indonesia and our portfolio in handling several clients can be a consideration for you to use the services and services offered by VADS Indonesia. Other advantages are:

  • Provides sites in 3 cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang
  • Received various awards from several categories both corporate, individual, and in collaboration with clients
  • VADS Indonesia provides end to end solutions by providing all the resources, manpower, and systems required by the company
  • Have a talent pool so that it can meet the needs of a large workforce in a short time

Has various certificates such as ISO 27001: 2013, COPC, BCCP, IPMA, PMP, Sales Forse, etc.
Contact for consultations related to social media as a strategy to improve your company's customer experience.


Social Media for Contact Center

Posted On 06 Nov 2020

The contact center in the company has a very important role because it is the front line of the company. So it is only natural that the contact center must be managed very well not only as a means of handling complaints but more than that, namely as a means of communication and engagement between customers and the company. As a means of engagement with customers, the contact center must be able to function as a solution to problems and questions raised by customers. The contact center is not only a collector of complaints but also must be able to provide solutions to problems experienced by customers.

To be able to answer questions raised by customers who come from various channels, a company must have a multi-channel contact center and not only by telephone. Now social media and other digital platforms are channel options that companies can use according to the convenience of their customers. The use of social media as a service from contact centers is one of the things companies must do in keeping up with technological developments and trends in people's lifestyles.

Social media has become a big part of the lives of customers today. Currently, many customers have seen their questions and complaints via social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media can indeed reach both existing and potential customers in a wider reach and also respond quickly. The following are the benefits of using social media as a company contact center:

1. Broad-Reach Quick Response
Handling customers through various social media is one of the fastest methods with a wider reach because customers have started to switch to using digital technology that is close to their daily lives. Fast and efficient response and being able to solve problems is the key to the success of social media as a contact center tool.

2. Can Respond More Personally
By replying to questions or handling customer complaints with conversations that feel more personal, customers can feel closer to the company. Try not to reply using templates or just copy paste to make it appear that we are approaching customers personally so that we can get closer to customers.

3. Increase Engagement
By using social media, companies can display relevant content and attract the attention of customers so that it can increase engagement with customers. Companies can communicate through content shared on corporate social media.

4. Update with Customers
The contact center is the front line of the business must provide good service. Therefore, by using social media as a contact center, companies can easily obtain and share information regarding their latest products and services as well as information regarding solutions and promos to customers quickly and with a wide range. The company can also listen to criticism and suggestions directly from its customers.

5. Cost-Effective
Using social media as a contact center can save a lot of expenses and can provide many benefits so that with various benefits that are felt such as being able to respond more quickly, reaching a wide area, being able to serve customers 24/7, and also increasing sales, it is felt that the company can save costs in terms of service to customers but still optimal.

Of course, social media as a contact center media will certainly be better if it is still supported by conventional devices such as call centers to stay connected in real-time with its customers. Make sure customers continue to get process developments related to the information needed and the problems they are experiencing so that customers feel that the company cares for customers. Of course, using social media as a means of contact center must be careful because, on the other hand, it can damage the company's brand reputation if too many obstacles appear publicly on the company's social media.

VADS Indonesia can help your company to develop your contact center to go digital or by adding various social media channels according to your company's market needs. Various advantages possessed by VADS Indonesia and our portfolio in handling several clients can be a consideration for you to use the services and services offered by VADS Indonesia. Other advantages are:

• Provides sites in 3 cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang
• Received various awards from several categories both corporate, individual, and in collaboration with clients
• VADS Indonesia provides end to end solutions by providing all the resources, manpower, and systems required by the company
• Have a talent pool so that it can meet the needs of a large workforce in a short time
• Has various certificates such as ISO 27001: 2013, COPC, BCCP, IPMA, PMP, Sales Forse, etc.

Contact for consultations regarding social media as the contact center for your company's channel.


Take These Points When Choosing an Outsourcing Contact Center

Posted On 04 Nov 2020

Customer traffic continues to increase along with the increasingly sophisticated technology owned by customers, making the company also have to provide various platforms and multi-channel facilities in providing optimal services to customers. A contact center is of course indispensable as a means of communication with customers and a customer platform to communicate with companies. With the increasingly sophisticated technology, customers can contact the company using any channel, whether via telephone, email, or various social media. Companies must be able to meet customer needs with multi-channels in order to serve customers responsively and solutions.

To be able to compete in the business world, companies must be able to provide quality services to customers while still innovating with their main business in providing products and services needed by customers. One way to do this is by using a third-party service provider to serve customers or a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) contact center.

Companies can choose BPO contact centers with various considerations, such as:

  • Financially capable. BPO contact centers that have good financial capabilities are able to guarantee payment and have low management fees so that operational cash flow will be safer and more comfortable and can support good contact center operations in providing an optimal customer experience.
  • Have a qualified workforce. Companies must be able to choose BPO contact centers that have quality workers because experienced people are needed to be able to handle requests and questions from customers to the company. Contact centers are the front line of the company, so it requires experienced and good quality people to be able to maintain the good image of the company.
  • Has added value in service. Companies must be able to choose BPO contact centers that can provide added value in services to be able to improve performance in achieving KPI targets and also to increase customer satisfaction. BPO contact centers must be able to innovate and be creative in looking for opportunities to increase the company's business potential and the competence of a good workforce to be able to provide added value in serving customers.
  • Have a good portfolio. Companies must see the portfolio of the selected BPO contact center, either through the internal BPO contact center itself through its website and social media or directly asked through the reference of clients who use the BPO contact center. The purpose of seeing this portfolio is so that companies can see an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each BPO contact center so that the company knows the quality and experience of the BPO contact center to be used.

BPO contact centers have an important role in improving the company's customer service performance because it can reduce company operating costs and companies can focus more on innovating in advancing their main business. Before deciding on choosing a BPO contact center company, you must know some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

  • Reducing the cost burden of recruiting and training employees
  • Lower service and infrastructure costs
  • Companies can focus more on handling their main business activities
  • Can easily handle large call volumes

Deficiency :

  • Company information is vulnerable to being leaked
  • Can reduce managerial control
  • Short outsource worker contracts
  • Lack of communication collaboration between agents and companies

If your company is in need of a contact center service provider, VADS Indonesia can assist you in building and developing a contact center to provide optimal service to your customers. VADS Indonesia has more than 11 years of experience in the contact center industry and currently serves more than 50 clients, most of whom are market leaders from various existing industries. VADS Indonesia provides various contact center services such as:

  • Inbound contact center
  • Outbound contact center
  • Technical support services
  • Omni-channel
  • Smart Chat Assistant
  • Social Media Management
  • Smart Voice Outreach

And various other services that you can consult with VADS Indonesia. VADS Indonesia has been certified with ISO 270001: 2013 so that it has guaranteed data security. In addition, VADS Indonesia has various internal programs to strengthen the relationship between agents and companies such as conducting outings and also conducting regular breakfast days as a means of communication and bonding between people. Kindly contact to get quality contact center services for your customers.


Why Choose BPO Contact Center?

Posted On 28 Oct 2020

Competition in this fast-paced technological era has made various companies compete with each other to show the best products and services. Companies need third party assistance in managing several activities that can help companies to focus more on their main business. This is known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which is the process of outsourcing or outsourcing some business functions by a specialist third party. Some of the services that can be supported by BPO include sales service support, customer support, and also technical support such as finance, law, development, marketing, product design, human resources, and also contact centers.

The era of competition as previously described makes companies more optimal in providing services to their consumers. Based on research conducted by the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020, as many as 51% of consumers have expectations of a response made by the company in under 5 minutes when they are contacting the company through the contact center. Therefore, BPO is needed in the field of customer service, one of which is the BPO contact center to assist companies in providing optimal service.

What is BPO Contact Center?

The BPO contact center is an outsourced service that handles services to customers through inbound and outbound calls. If a company wants to focus on its core business and increase productivity and efficiency, especially in serving customers, using BPO contact centers can be one of the considerations. For example, if your company sells products or services, then this outsourcing vendor or BPO contact center will handle tasks such as answering calls from your customers or being able to carry out telemarketing tasks to offer products and services from your company.

Types of BPO Contact Center

BPO contact center activities consist of two types of call centers, namely:

1. Inbound Contact Center Outsourcing

Inbound contact center outsourcing is answering incoming calls from customers such as customers placing orders, providing information related to customer needs, and handling customer complaints.

2. Outbound Contact Center Outsourcing

Outbound contact center outsourcing is making outgoing calls to existing calls and processes such as offering company products and services and providing the latest information related to company products and services.

In addition to making and receiving calls, the activities carried out by BPO contact centers also include data entry and other back end work, service desk services, front and back offices, technical support, as well as market research according to the needs of corporate customers.

Why Use BPO Contact Center?

By using BPO contact centers, companies can opt for outsourcing locations both outside the city and in other countries thereby giving businesses access to an educated workforce at low costs according to company demands. Companies can choose a number of options with contact center BPO partners, such as choosing options on a full outsource basis, manage services, or only with job supply.

BPO contact centers can provide flexibility for companies to form service functions to meet company business needs, especially in using contact center technology that is increasingly sophisticated and versatile. The following are some other reasons that companies can consider using BPO contact centers:

  • Cost-Effective. Because having an in-house contact center is not cheap. It takes costs for space, infrastructure, equipment, training costs, employee salaries, and others that can be done by outsourcing for a more cost-effective way. By using a BPO contact center, companies don't need to pay anything like IT infrastructure and data centers, companies don't need to train their own workers or agents because BPO contact centers can help you at a lower cost.
  • Saving time. Companies can save time on recruiting workers and running the contact center as a whole. Because recruiting labor takes a lot of time and will take valuable time from your company's business activities. In addition, the company will also spend time on training and managing new employees so that when using BPO contact centers, everything will be helped in managing a qualified and experienced workforce.
  • Developing Company Business. By using BPO contact centers, companies can focus on the company's core business so that the company can develop its business. This increases efficiency and productivity because the company focuses more on operations and other activities that have an effect on increasing company revenues and focuses on providing products and services that are in accordance with the needs of the company's customers.

Use BPO Contact Center to Provide Optimal Customer Service

The company's ability to provide a positive customer service experience can make your business thrive. It takes a response that is fast, precise, and can help meet consumer needs. In that case, the most appropriate way is to outsource to the experts. VADS Indonesia is the market leader in providing customer experience and outsourcing contact center services. By using VADS Indonesia, your company will receive quality customer service without having to waste time and resources from your core business functions. Some of the benefits of using services from VADS Indonesia are:

  • Has a headquarter in Malaysia. In addition, VADS Indonesia has offices in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang.
  • Has ISO 27001: 2013 certification for data and infrastructure security
  • Has an Information Technology Infrastructure Methodology (ITIL) certification in improving quality efficiently and effectively.
  • Serving 24/7 for 365 days
  • Have certified experts

To find out more about how BPO contact centers can maximize customer service in your company, please contact for consultation regarding customer service, contact centers, and customer service to improve your company's business performance.


What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

Posted On 23 Oct 2020

The business world is getting faster and the level of competition is getting higher and companies have to be smart in managing their business. How can a large company run all the operations it has to do? Efficient operations are needed to be competitive in this fast-paced business world. This makes companies need business process outsourcing services to third parties to be able to assist companies in running their business.

Definition of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing or commonly abbreviated as BPO is an activity of outsourcing several business processes and functions carried out by a company to a third party. Companies can use BPO services to perform some of the tasks necessary for their business to operate efficiently.

Basically, BPO is an action taken by companies when they hand over some of their activities to outside parties. This transfer, along with the rights and obligations of each party, is usually recorded in a cooperation contract, either to solve problems in the company or to support the goals and objectives of business activities. In this sense, both the outside provider and the company have an equal position - not as a superior and subordinate because it is a partnership or cooperation.

The purpose of BPO

In Indonesia, many BPO companies are companies that outsource the business processes and functions of a company. The objectives of Business Process Outsourcing are as follows:

  • As a complement to technical services
  • Companies can focus on core business operations
  • Cost efficiency and repair work of a non-core nature
  • Reducing the risk to the company for future business uncertainties

Advantages of BPO

The advantages of using BPO for companies are as follows:

  1. Increase productivity. An important aspect of business process outsourcing is its ability to free companies from some of their day-to-day process management responsibilities so that executives have more time to focus on core business operations. Outsourcing companies are able to increase their efficiency and productivity for the operations of other important divisions.
  2. Cost-Effective. Another benefit that companies can experience by using BPO is cost savings. Companies use BPO so that it can be helped regarding work efficiency as well as labor so that companies can save costs in terms of infrastructure, manpower, and business operations.
  3. Focus on Core Business. BPO can provide assistance to companies to focus on the company's core business. BPO can give executives the freedom to focus more on time and energy building the company's internal business because BPO will be responsible for managing the daily operations of the company's back office and front office.
  4. Increase Capability. By using BPO, companies can increase their ability to provide more optimal products and services for their customers. So that customers will get products and services according to their needs. This can increase the capabilities of employees to be able to develop their abilities.

BPO has evolved over time and innovation in technology. BPO provides a variety of services according to company needs such as payroll, human resources, accounting, customer experience, or contact centers. In this case, it is usually categorized into back office outsourcing which includes internal business functions such as human and financial resources, and front office outsourcing includes services that deal with customers directly such as contact centers. In addition, there are other services such as business, health, energy, technology, retail, transportation, and telecommunications.

One of the well-known BPO companies in Indonesia is VADS Indonesia which can provide professional BPO services, especially in the fields of Customer Experience, Digital Solutions, and Security Solutions in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific to increase business productivity and profits for your company. Various solutions are provided such as:

  • Contact Center Service Solutions
  • Customer Service Learning Center
  • Omni-channel Strategy
  • Digital Care Management
  • Social Media Analytics
  • IT Managed Services
  • Smart Services
  • Cyber ​​Security
  • Blockchain Secure Authentication
  • Smart Voice Bot
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Smart Chat Assistant

With various advantages that VADS Indonesia has such as certified experts, 24/7 service for 365 days, has ISO 27: 0001 for data security so we can help you.

To find out more about how to improve customer service in your company, VADS Indonesia can help your business. Kindly contact for consultations regarding customer service and to see more about how VADS Indonesia helps various companies in Indonesia in developing their business.


Call Center, Not Just Providing Information

Posted On 12 Oct 2020

Currently, the need for call centers is increasingly needed by companies to provide optimal service to customers. Customers need a fast response in fulfilling their needs and solving problems or problems they experience regarding the company's products and services.

Many channels are used by customers to fulfill their needs, such as through social media, email, and telephone. Indeed, telephone line services are considered to be able to help quickly if they need solutions and quick answers because by calling, customers directly talk to call center agents to ask for assistance and information related to company products and services so that call center agents can immediately answer and help complete solutions from the company. customer.

The call center function is two-way communication between customers and companies. Call centers are at the forefront of the company in providing information and serving customers. Not only that, call center functions, but call centers can also help companies increase productivity and business efficiency, such as:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction. Companies that use call centers and can provide optimal service to customers will have an impact on increasing customer satisfaction. By using a call center, companies can help solve problems experienced by customers quickly and precisely. In addition, call centers can provide updated information about the latest products and services from the company so that customers can find out this information.
  2. Build brand awareness. Companies can use call centers as brand awareness and help companies to provide information related to their products and services to customers. Companies can easily attract customers and serve customers through call centers and also help customers by providing solutions so that companies can give meaning to customers through their products or services and create value in the minds of customers.
  3. Knowing market research. Call centers can be used by companies to find out what customers need and want. By using a call center, companies can have access to review customer data centrally in which there is information about customers such as personal information and customer purchase history. So that the company knows the needs of its customers. This can be used by companies to interact appropriately and in a way that suits each customer.
  4. Increase company revenue. Companies can use call center services to make transactions or upgrade products and services to individual customers or what is commonly known as telemarketing. This telemarketing service can sell products by providing clear information to customers using telephone media. The use of call centers to attract potential or existing customers to upgrade our company's products or services can increase purchases so as to increase company revenue.

Call centers are not just providing information, but provide many benefits to the company. Being able to establish close relationships with customers and make customers feel comfortable is the key to a call center's success in improving customer relationships and winning the hearts of customers so that it can grow loyalty and sales.

VADS Indonesia, as the best call center service provider company in Indonesia, provides solutions that can facilitate your company to increase the effectiveness of your company's business and sales with the call center that we provide. You can provide optimal service whether in any field of business by using a call center. The various advantages that are obtained by using the call center services provided by VADS Indonesia include:

  • You can focus on your main business
  • Has an Information Technology Infrastructure Methodology (ITIL) certification in improving quality efficiently and effectively.
  • Has ISO 27001: 2013 certification for data and infrastructure security
  • Serving 24/7 for 365 days
  • Has certified experts

Immediately contact to learn more about call centers and call center improvement consultations for your company.


Productive in Pandemic Period with Training Services

Posted On 09 Oct 2020

The existence of the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way people work. Limited distance and large-scale social restrictions have led some companies to change the way they work. All industries change their way of working and adapt to a new normal life or what is known as the "New Normal". However, this limitation does not make companies stop here, it takes innovation and careful planning to survive and continue to provide optimal service to its customers.

Service Excellence has always been a key value for VADS Indonesia to always provide full service to its loyal clients. In the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, VADS Indonesia has carried out a number of initiatives in an effort to maintain productivity, one of which is providing training to CEC (Customer Engagement Champion) through online and offline training with the aim of improving superior human resource skills.

The limitations faced must make training, which is usually only done face-to-face, into an online method. There are many changes that must be made in changing the method from offline to online, one of which is reducing the daily training duration from the previous 8 hours to 4 hours per day, reducing this duration makes adjustments to the material to be delivered.

Switching to an online method cannot be denied that this can make trainees easily tired due to the lack of nonverbal communication, meeting locations that only stare at the screen all day long and do not move, and various technical errors such as dead internet connection or lag in meeting applications the meeting lasts 45 minutes to 60 minutes waiting for the lag to be fixed.

However, this obstacle is not a challenge to continue to hone one's abilities. The VADS Indonesia Learning and Development Team always tries to bring a new atmosphere and themes to the training held. Several training activities were recorded, both online and face-to-face. One of the activities that were held last September was on “Personality Plus and Correspondence Skill: Email Handling” given to operational teams, especially CEC in Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

  • Personality plus training discusses 4 (four) personality types according to the theory written by Florence Littauer, the purpose of providing this material is so that participants can understand the heterogeneity in the scope of work so that they can communicate effectively with each personality type. Discussions in training activities also make the training atmosphere very fluid and make it easier for participants to understand the topics being conveyed.
  • Correspondence Skill Training: Email Handling which is held online. Email handling is an integral part of customer service, that's why this training is held so that participants are able to understand how to handle email properly, master ethics in using email, understand techniques for making professional email with the personal touch, and choose sentences and words -the appropriate word when sending an email.

The VADS Indonesia Learning and Development Team runs online training using Microsoft Teams media. Microsoft Teams is a feature of Microsoft 365 that works for video conferencing and collaboration. Microsoft Teams has several advantages such as:

  • Sophisticated data security system so you don't have to worry about data leaks
  • Complete messaging solution
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft 365
  • There are many add-ins
  • Present on various platforms such as Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Support for offline and low bandwidth

This online training was first held on 19 May 2020 with the theme of Social Media for Business with the aim that CEC friends and Team Leaders understand the use of social media in the contact center world, including how to communicate with customers using social media effectively.

In addition, the learning development team also conducts online training for internal VADS Indonesia which aims to provide education related to products and services from VADS Indonesia. In addition, this internal online training aims to improve the skills and knowledge of VADS Indonesia employees.

However, offline training continues by implementing health protocols such as using masks and face shields, washing hands before entering the room with the hand sanitizer that has been provided in the room, and also maintaining distance during training so that there is a maximum quota in each room to keep your distance.

VADS Indonesia has a Customer Service Learning Center solution as a training center that provides trainers, modules, development programs for both individuals and teams. Have a comprehensive curriculum for training moderated by professional trainers. The location and type of implementation can also be adjusted according to company needs. The types of training provided by VADS Indonesia include analysis of training needs, consulting, customer service, leadership, interpersonal development, motivation, training for trainers, and digital marketing. The benefits of using the VADS Indonesia Learning Center are:

  • Training that can be tailored by certified and experienced trainers and experts in their fields
  • Increase motivation and engagement between employees and the company
  • Improve skills and knowledge to employees about service to company customers.

Kindly contact for consultation on the training for your company's needs.


Business Continuity Planning as an Important Service in Facing Crisis and Disaster

Posted On 07 Oct 2020

A number of businesses have experienced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, both from a financial and operational perspective. Not only did income fall, but productivity also fell. The term Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and its function in companies is not a new term in the business world, but it is rarely a priority because it requires more costs and requires time to implement. In fact, disasters can occur at any time and it is not known when and how long they will occur, so it is necessary to do careful planning so that the business continues. So that Business Continuity Planning is needed by almost all companies.

Definition of Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Business Continuity Planning is a situation where business conditions must continue to run by planning and making work plans to anticipate organizational conditions when a disaster occurs. Business Continuity Planning ensures a business can run and provide its services after a disaster. Business Continuity Planning is designed as a preventive or preventive action so that if a disaster occurs, the company and business processes will not be hampered. The purpose of this Business Continuity Planning is to keep the business operating despite the disruption and save the information system from the impact of further disasters. Business Continuity Planning can minimize the effect of events from disruptions on operations and reduce the risk of financial losses and increase the organization's ability to recover as soon as possible from these disruptions. Based on these objectives, Business Continuity Planning can help minimize costs associated with disruptions and reduce the risks associated with it.

Planning Phase of Business Continuity Planning

The planning process of a Business Continuity Plan will enable companies to find and reduce threats, respond to an event when it occurs, recover from the immediate impact of an event and finally restore operations to their original state. Reduce, respond, recover and restore or better known as the Four R's in the Business Continuity Plan.

Based on the CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) standard, there are 4 phases of the BCP process, namely:

  1. Scope Determination and Planning. At this stage, all the elements needed when a disaster occurs, such as a person in charge when it occurs, the budget for when a disaster occurs, and critical areas that need to be protected and must continue to run. Some of these critical areas include LAN networks, WANs, computer servers, data communications and telecommunications, workstations, application and software backups, media and records for storing important data, and human resources as post-disaster officers during the production process.
  2. Determination of the Business Impact Assessment (BIA). BIA is used to help business units understand the impact of a disaster and is carried out before creating a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). This stage includes the implementation of risk analysis and determining the impact on the company regarding potential loss and risk analysis in 2 forms, namely those related to money value (quantitative) and impacts related to operations (qualitative).
  3. Development of Business Continuity Planning (BCP). In this process, emergency preparation includes an implementation plan, a test plan, and a maintenance plan. At this stage also determines an alternative business recovery operating strategy for business recovery within a predetermined time period by appointing a team with pre-determined capabilities.
  4. Approval of Plans and Implementation. This process is to test the Business Continuity Planning. Next is training and outreach to all employees and evaluating the results of the training. The final step after evaluation and improvement is to seek final approval from management.

Benefits of Implementing Business Continuity Planning

The benefits obtained when the company implements Business Continuity Planning are:

  • Protect company assets
  • Improve organizational reputation
  • Increase organizational resilience
  • Protect the achievement of organizational goals
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the organization

In the present era, especially in a pandemic like this time, companies need to implement good Business Continuity Planning to avoid hampering company performance. The most important thing about this Business Continuity Planning is how to make the company survive in the midst of a crisis but still focus on providing optimal service to customers.

Business Continuity Planning Services

Surviving a pandemic helps businesses to continue and integrate with all disaster recovery and emergency initiatives in a stronger response to any disaster. Here's how Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can help speed up the implementation of the business continuity planning process:

  • Availability of Information. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability or what is often known as the CIA's simple security model but must be applied to information security policies within the company. Information is an important part of doing business with various situations and threats that exist today. Business Continuity Planning is a way to ensure that one of these models is implemented to be able to deal with disasters that occur.
  • Customer Experience Continuity. Contact centers have become part of the Business Process Outsourcing to convey important information to customers both inbound and outbound across various channels. The availability of this service will make it one of the companies to survive and sustainable business in serving customers and ensuring that the customer experience can be carried out optimally as well as during a disaster.

Preparing business continuity planning, especially for contact centers, is important to provide optimal service to customers. The resources needed, such as premises, human resources, IT systems, networks, infrastructure, data centers, applications, and communications, need to be considered. The most important thing is to analyze the situation of each company because every company has different levels. In addition, it is also important to consider having a cloud-based backup as a solution for operational efficiency.

Business Continuity Planning readiness to ensure the customer experience runs optimally is a challenge in itself. There are several options at the Business Continuity Planning level available by analyzing the 4 phases of BCP that were discussed earlier. BCP will be implemented in conjunction with the Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy, where each company will have different levels of DR both in the Recover Point Objective and the Recovery Time Objective. The right level of DR will be a critical factor in BCP's success in ensuring the expected business resilience. Contact for consultation and application of your company's BCP so as to maintain and improve your company's customer service.

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