Check This, Contact Center Trends 2021!

Posted On 14 Jan 2021

In the last few months, customer service has been getting ready to receive a large number of callers. Many company customers need information, direction, convenience, convey obstacles, and also submit complaints about dissatisfaction with a product or service. Companies should renew their focus on improving their customer experience as well as making more efficient and cost-effective measures. The traditional use of contact centers will not be sufficient to enhance the company experience. Various ways are used are by outsourcing, intelligent automation using artificial intelligence, and also using cloud technology.

The following are contact center trends that your company can implement as the main strategy in 2021 to improve contact center operations in the future:

1. Using Outsourcing

Digital transformation is very fast being applied, especially in a pandemic like now. The way the company communicated with agents and customers was shaken. For companies that use outsourcing services, the company is flexible enough in adjusting the number of agents for additional customer service and other operational challenges.

2. Using the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) Solution

The occurrence of disasters either due to humans or nature makes the company need a lot of support and manpower, especially in serving customers. The use of remote options and flexible employee models helps contact centers stay ready for any conditions, including emergencies during difficult times.

3. Prioritize Digital Use

Digital transformation such as automation, artificial intelligence, cloud-based systems is a necessity for contact centers. Companies must realize the important benefits of prioritizing using digital media to implement fast solutions in serving customers, especially in times of crisis such as this pandemic which makes transactions and communications through the medium and not face to face directly. Currently, AI has developed rapidly and will continue to develop. The contact center must be able to take advantage of these functions, for example, such as analyzing customer sentiment and also providing relevant and real-time suggestions. This can save contact center costs but can increase employee productivity which will have an impact on customer satisfaction through a combination of agent performance and technology.

4. Improve Customer Experience services independently

Companies must be able to support urgent needs needed by their customers such as providing Smart IVR services, providing Online FAQs, and automated chatbots to provide knowledge and information to customers as general questions. So that contact center agents can pay more attention to more complex questions or problems. So customers can quickly get information without having to get them to call or call through a voice line. Going forward, the contact center must also provide an omnichannel with human support. So that when the customer has used the customer experience independently, the customer can easily change channels if they want to contact the contact center agent if the problem has not been answered.

5. Don't forget the security aspect

Various technological innovations enable remote work using private networks such as VPNs, cloud, and other third parties that can be used at a contact center. However, the contact center must be able to strengthen the system and better security. The use of two-factor authentication is safer than relying solely on passwords as security for your company data.

6. Design the updated training for contact center agents

Contact center agents are the most important part of a company because they help serve their customers and also communicate directly with customers. So, training for contact center agents is needed to create a good contact center. Companies must rethink what technology is used today, changes in customer behavior, and also updates the company's services and products so that contact center agents are always updated in their use of technology and information.

7. Use of a cloud contact center

With the Covid-19 pandemic and social restrictions, companies must be able to use the cloud to be able to continue their business as usual, one of which is customer service which allows agents to interact with consumers wherever they are. Cloud computing allows companies to access software on the internet as a service so that customer service staff can complete their tasks wherever they are. In addition, the use of the cloud can also connect with other business systems such as CRM, ERP, and others.

8. Use of social media

Social media platforms have become a necessary contact from both the corporate side and the customer side. Contact centers using social media provide a convenient way to communicate between companies and their customers. Contact centers through social media continue to increase and can also reach wider customers. Companies can use chatbots or take advantage of artificial intelligence to respond to questions on social media such as WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Social media is also an effective platform for communication because it can communicate both ways between customers and companies. Customers can post their reviews and experiences on social media.

Those are some of the 2021 contact center innovation ideas that your company can implement to keep your business competitive in the pandemic and new normal era like today. Following the contact center trend above is expected to meet your customers' expectations for a better experience for the next generation contact center.

Discuss your contact center needs with VADS Indonesia, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the contact center, and customer experience with professional call center management services that can enhance your company's customer support. Contact for your company's contact center which aims to improve contact center services and optimize your company's contact center services.



Outsourcing Trends in 2021

Posted On 12 Jan 2021

Outsourcing employs a team or a third party company to perform the services required by the company. The activities carried out by outsourcing include various positions and functions such as customer service support, hardware and software development, design, finance, or HR provision services. Outsourcing can be done to cut company operating costs, lower overall labor costs, and also in technology investment. Other benefits of outsourcing are as follows:

- Have a better and productive performance
- Companies can focus more on their core business
- Have wider access to employee skills and expertise
- Can increase the company's business
- Can reach markets and consumers faster
- Has superior infrastructure and is cheaper

A new outsourcing trend has emerged with the focus shifting from the low budget aspect to best practice and other important matters. According to an article from Morph Networks, two years ago the global outsourcing market was close to 100 billion marks. The outsourcing industry has huge advantages and is growing. This shows that the number of outsourcing demand continues to increase and it is predicted that by 2021, the outsourcing industry will develop in a new direction and will get more attention around the world with better improvements, more technological advances, productivity, and flexibility. Plus, when remote work has become normal because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is assumed that after the pandemic, some businesses will continue to do remote work for efficiency and productivity. The company will consider the safest, cost-effective way for the company's development and growth, and keep the company moving forward.

This pandemic has drastically affected changes in our lifestyle, business, and also how we work. It also paves the way for businesses to continue to innovate and meet changing consumer behavior. The following is a prediction of 2021 BPO trends:

1. Knowledge process outsourcing
This type of outsourcing deals with specialized knowledge and problem-solving such as consulting, research, development, analysis, data interpretation, and technical analysis. Companies wishing to expand their insight can use this KPO to meet company requirements at a cost that can be adjusted by the company

2. Automation of robotic processes and AI
Artificial intelligence in outsourcing, as well as other technologies, will continue to improve especially for automated systems as it can help manage workloads effectively and improve enterprise services.

3. Using social media as customer service
The use of social media which increasingly reaches many people makes companies have to use social media as one of their customer services so that they can interact with their customers wherever and whenever they interact with the company so as to create a good customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

4. Improved staff skills
The automation process will take over tasks that are done repeatedly and the focus of the workers will be more specialized. By using outsourcing, companies can improve and expand the services that the company provides. Staff or employees can also improve specific skills by using outsourcing because it can focus on the skills to be upgraded.

5. Cloud computing 
Cloud computing is a necessity for many industries and provides companies with broad access to services such as storage and processing output. 2020 has demonstrated that it is necessary to build cloud computing services, cybersecurity, and also automate business functions. Outsourcing can offer IT infrastructure to companies such as servers, storage, and networking. Not only as a safe storage of personal and company data and information, but it can improve systems and processes that will increase business efficiency.

In 2021, the demand for customer experience will increase. Companies must continue to come up with new tactics and solutions to provide the best customer service. As customer expectations increase, companies should be able to invest in building a good customer support team. Reflecting on the year 2020 when there was a pandemic that hit the whole world, proves how customer service can save companies. When the entire country is under lockdown, the company cannot deliver products quickly and also various other obstacles, but the good customer experience in the past can keep customers supporting the company. With customer service being the center of attention, in the future BPOs will be asked to provide services such as customer journey mapping, benchmarking services, mystery shopping, smart reporting and insight management, real-time omnichannel experience through social media, email, and voice.

2020 is proving to be a challenging year. Even though the BPO industry has survived and succeeded in growing, there is still a long way to go to recover if there are losses. By 2021, the BPO industry will be better prepared to provide solutions to the business world in times of crisis. As more and more businesses reduce traditional practices and embrace new technologies, the BPO industry must do the same to continue serving clients and revolutionizing business processes.

Dedicating your company's customer support services to a reliable outsourcing company is one of the outsourcing trends of 2021. Business services outsourcing will help companies to bring positive results with advances in technology and automation that will help process and better communication. One of them is an Artificial Intelligence solution that can contribute to your company growing faster, serving better customers, and being more productive.

Like many others, the outsourcing industry has begun to adapt its services to accommodate changing technology and the needs of the evolving business landscape. Despite these interesting changes, best practices when working with outsourcing partners remain rooted in the values ​​of transparency, integrity, and communication.

VADS Indonesia is a Business Process Outsourcing in the field of contact center and customer experience with professional call center management services that can enhance your company's customer support. Immediately contact for consultation regarding the outsourcing of your company's contact center.



Omnichannel to Maximize Your Customer Experience

Posted On 29 Dec 2020

Technology is growing rapidly and increasingly influencing human life and making people dependent on relying on technology for everyday life, including work. Technology is continuously developing with more and more innovative discoveries in helping human life and work. One technology that can be seen at this time is the number of people who shop online without having to come to a physical store, plus the corona pandemic which makes people more limited to coming directly and avoiding crowds. People buy things using only their cell phones and also with the help of the internet. Therefore, the existence of customer experience is one of the most important aspects of running a company's business to serve customers who are already using multi-channel to meet their needs. However, in an era of increasingly developing technology, the world of customer experience has started to recognize the term omnichannel which is increasingly popular.

What is an Omnichannel?

Omnichannel is a development of multichannel with a wider range and also real-time. Omni comes from the word Omnis which means everything so omnichannel is a business model that uses all channels to prioritize the customer experience. Omnichannel integrates and controls all parts of the business into one system.

The difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel

Some of the differences between omnichannel and multichannel are:


  • Mutually integrated
  • Focus on customer journey through many channels
  • Consistently deliver messages through any channel
  • Engage data to build a customer journey


  • Not integrated
  • Take advantage of the channel as much as possible
  • Take advantage of multiple channels to ensure the business is there
  • Consider more of the channels where customers are located

Omnichannel Benefits

The use of omnichannel is of course to increase the comfort and convenience of the company's customer experience. Customers can also make transactions or get information from various channels both online and offline. Omnichannel is more efficient because the entire customer experience and involvement across all channels used by the customer can be integrated into one system. Omnichannel can help companies improve their customer journey.

Omnichannel can combine all channels both online and offline which can make it easier for your customers to get information as well as for companies to get information and process data obtained from customers. In addition, companies can better integrate their business because of an omnichannel focus on integrated interactions.

In starting an omnichannel, a company must understand the customer journey of the company's customers to make a good impression on customers. In addition, the company must be able to choose the right technology according to the needs and choices of each company's customers and also to market the products and services provided by the company. After that, the company must be able to integrate all the technologies used by the company with the aim of improving the shopping experience of its customers. For more information about omnichannel to optimize your company's customer experience by contacting


Maximum Benefits of Using a Human Augmented Bot

Posted On 17 Dec 2020

The use of Artificial Intelligence in customer service is increasingly being used because of its function which greatly helps human tasks and can also increase productivity. Artificial Intelligence does not completely replace conventional customer service but becomes a compliment that can be integrated between machines and humans to create more optimal productivity. AI can simplify the process and streamline time in solving problems experienced by customers, and contact center agents can help solve more complex customer problems. So that the use of artificial intelligence which is equipped with contact center agents or other terms is a human augmented bot, will increase the productivity and efficiency of the company's customer service. The following are the benefits of using a human augmented bot, including:

1. Provide customer insight
Customer service using human augmented bots will get insights about customers through AI which provides relevant data, insights, and suggestions to contact center agents who interact directly with customers so that the love center agents can respond to customers quickly and precisely without the need to access large amounts of data. very much.

2. Improve the quality of contact center agents
AI via chatbot or voice bot will serve customers by handling customer inquiries at the beginning, which are usually simple and easy to understand requests. If there are complex questions, the bot immediately redirects to the contact center agent through an automatic customer service process flow, so that the contact center agent can be more productive and solutions or problems experienced by customers can be quickly resolved.

3. Save budget
In today's digital era, companies must be able to prioritize customers by providing good service. Using a hybrid model such as a human augmented bot can meet growing customer demands while still improving customer service functionality with more accurate, faster, and data analysis. Using a human augmented bot allows a higher volume of interactions without adding more human labor and will reduce the average cost per interaction so as to save on the company's budget without reducing the quality of the company's customer service.

4. Increase customer satisfaction
Using a human augmented bot solution in customer service can reduce the risk of customers being disappointed by interacting with a chatbot or voice bot, which most likely only results in the usual customer experience because it cannot help solutions or more complex problems, by combining AI and contact center agents. , the customer will feel satisfied because the chatbot responds quickly and continues to solve the complex problem with the help of a contact center agent.

Human augmented bots contribute to improving your company's customer service. The service is able to support 24/7 so that it can respond to customers quickly and whenever customers call. Convinced of the various benefits of a human augmented bot but confused about where to start? Please contact for consultation on human augmented bots to improve your company's customer service.

VADS Indonesia presents a human augmented bot service that serves various companies in various channels. VADS Indonesia knows and ensures that customers have a support experience using a human augmented bot that can increase the productivity and efficiency of your company's customer service. Contact us, and we'll demonstrate how a human augmented bot can improve your customer service support efforts.


Chatbot vs Voicebot

Posted On 15 Dec 2020

Chatbot and voice bot both have a very important role for companies, especially in communicating with customers. Communication made by chatbot and voice bot can be done at any time and customers can feel satisfied because they communicate easily and comfortably to the company. Currently, the use of chatbots and voice bots is a technology trend that is developing rapidly lately. Based on a report from on the CZentrix website in 2018, 40% of respondents surveyed said that they chat with chatbots every day, another report shows that 64% of internet users say 24-hour service is the best feature of a chatbot. Both of these solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's review each of them about chatbot and voice bot.

What is a Chatbot?
Chatbots are artificial intelligence software that can have conversations with customers in human language using text messages. The artificial intelligence in it ensures that the experience that the chatbot gives in communicating is closer to that of having a conversation with a human. Chatbots can be integrated easily on various messaging application sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Live Chat, and others.

What are the benefits of Chatbot?
Chatbots have an important role in interacting with customers. Various other advantages that chatbots have include:
- 24/7 standby: chatbots can save you a lot of time because of their fast response and are always ready whenever customers ask for information and ask for help.
- Increased customer satisfaction: because customer support is fast and the chatbot can respond around the clock, customers will be very helpful in meeting their needs so that customers will be more satisfied because they can be helped by customer service at any time.
- Assisting contact center agents: the chatbot can easily take over the usual and repetitive tasks of an agent. This can streamline your company's business and also save costs because chatbots can help contact center agents in handling common questions during peak hours so that contact center agents will focus on more complex customer problems.

What is Voicebot?
Voicebot is a voice channel based on artificial intelligence and natural language understanding to communicate with customers by means of audio. The AI ​​technology in it can help voice bot to identify keywords in a conversation and deduce the best response for dialogue and then the text to speech (TTS) engine then converts the response into audio to complete the interaction. Voice bots are trained to complete entire conversations with a response process similar to how humans interact. Voicebot can be integrated into various service tools such as IVR, chatbot, self-service, and others.

What are the benefits of Voicebot?
Voicebot has various advantages that can help human work, especially in customer service, as follows:
- Using voice: voice bot will issue voice as a mode of communication to customers. Customers will feel heard about their complaints and questions because they use their voice so that customers will find it easier to convey their concerns or questions.
- Can be integrated: Voicebot can be easily integrated with various services such as CRM or other devices so that it can be used for sales or to support campaigns conducted by the company.

Voicebot can also be used for authentication. Industries that require important authentication such as banking and insurance are very important and are a necessity in providing proper authentication. Voicebot can be trained to understand the frequency in authenticating callers such as mentioning phone numbers, personal IDs, and other authentication.

VADS Indonesia can help your company to provide Smart Outreach (stand-alone bot), both chatbot and voice bot. VADS Indonesia can also help your company to be more optimal in providing services to customers by providing Human Augmented Bot solutions, namely chatbots and voice bots equipped with contact center agents to complete your company's customer service. Immediately contact for discussion and consultation regarding the right solution to improve your company's customer service to be more optimal and more productive and more efficient.


Human Augmented Bot, Innovative Solution to Increase Productivity of Your Contact Center

Posted On 10 Dec 2020

Technological development is one of the things that is needed in customer service. The customer service industry really makes technology one of the tools to meet the needs of its customers. One way is by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. AI technology that is often used in serving customers is by using chatbots. Chatbots are virtual robots with artificial intelligence that can serve conversations quickly and anytime 24/7. This computer program is designed to be able to respond to conversations with customers via text. This chatbot feature can be used by companies to serve customers because of its function that can respond quickly and whenever customers ask for information and the problems they are experiencing.

Artificial intelligence continues to be developed to maximize its useful use in helping human work. After the development of chatbots that can help in serving customers, various technology companies developed chatbots not only based on text but also began to expand by voice or what is known as voice bot. Voicebot is an artificial intelligence-powered software that helps callers communicate like an interactive voice system (IVR) that can respond naturally. Callers or customers do not need to listen to the menu and press buttons on the keypad in accordance with the direction of the IVR, but customers talk directly to the IVR in a simple systemized call simulation with direct operators.

Voicebot uses recorded and text-to-speech responses to answer customer questions. Voicebot's job is to help direct what the customer wants in an effective response by using machine learning to increase his capacity and also to improve service to customers. Examples of popular voice bots include Amazon Poly, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, IBM Watson, and also Google Assistant.

Both chatbots and voice bots can help companies improve their customer service because they can operate 24/7 so that whenever a customer calls they will always be assisted by a chatbot or voice bot. However, currently, both of them are limited to only being able to answer recurring questions and questions that are commonly asked by everyday customers. For more complex questions and problems, a customer service agent is needed as a complement in solving the problems experienced by your customers. A chatbot or voice bot solution that is equipped with a customer service agent as a complement to customer service is called a Human Augmented Bot.

Hybrid development, Human Augmented Bot is a combination of humans and machines developed to perform functions that are more optimal and productive. Chatbots and voice bots in customer service that have AI systems do have the advantage of being faster in responding than interacting with humans. Robots are better at processing data, looking for patterns, performing repetitive tasks, and viewing records or customer journeys in seconds. However, on the other hand, there must be humans who provide customer data processing and also interact with customers in terms of more complex problems and dealing with certain subjects. This Human Augmented Bot will make the company provide better customer service and of course at a lower cost.

Human augmented bots make customer service fast, efficient, and can be integrated with systems owned by the company. The combination of digital channels, automation, AI, and human engagement makes human augmented bots a breakthrough to improve company services in communicating with customers.

Chatbot and voicebox technology will continue to be developed because this technology is a technology that facilitates human work in various industries, especially in the field of customer service. Improve your company's customer service with the Human Augmented Bot provided by VADS Indonesia. VADS Indonesia will help your company develop a live chat in a hybrid manner, follow up, and also bill through human augmented bots that can be used in various channels such as WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Contact for further discussion and consultation regarding improving your company's customer service to make it more productive and efficient.


Smart Outreach, Innovative Solutions to Improve Your Business

Posted On 08 Dec 2020

Artificial Intelligence technology is growing, its use is increasingly widespread in various fields. The intelligence possessed by Artificial Intelligence is indeed very helpful for human work to be faster and more efficient. The many needs and uses that make it easier for humans to make Artificial Intelligence technology continue to be developed to make human work easier. One of the areas that take advantage of this Artificial Intelligence is in customer service.

Several companies have used AI in their customer service systems for the reason that it is easier and cheaper and can serve customers anytime and anywhere. One such technology is to use chatbots or smart chat assistants to serve their customers. A survey conducted by Business Insider said that 80% of companies use chatbots in 2020. Chatbots are generally used to serve customers and conduct campaigns for companies. Interaction with chatbots now doesn't feel like talking to robots, but chatbots are starting to get to know Indonesian and the everyday language used so that customers are more comfortable using chatbots. Innovation does not stop there, Artificial Intelligence continues to be developed. Research conducted by Gartner predicts that 70% of all interactions with customers will use machine learning, chatbots, and mobile messaging by 2022. This shows that Artificial Intelligence continues to be developed to make it easier for companies to interact with their customers. One of them is the presence of a voice bot or smart outreach.

Understanding Smart Outreach

Smart outreach is artificial intelligence-enabled software that helps callers communicate like an interactive voice system (IVR) that can respond naturally. Callers or customers do not need to listen to the menu and press buttons on the keypad according to the direction of the IVR, but customers talk directly to the IVR in a simple systemized call simulation with direct operators. Smart Outreach uses recorded and text-to-speech responses to answer customer questions.

This technology is being further enhanced to be able to respond in Indonesian so that interacting with customers can be more personal and it doesn't feel like customers are communicating with robots. Smart Outreach's job is to help direct what the customer wants in an effective response by using machine learning to increase his capacity and also to improve service to customers.

Smart Outreach benefits

Smart Outreach can be used by companies to improve customer experience and customer loyalty to the company. The various benefits and functions that can be utilized from Smart Outreach are as follows:

1. Survey
Smart outreach can be used by companies to conduct surveys of corporate customers. The survey will later be used by the company to improve its services and products so that they can provide services and products according to customer needs.

2. Customer Service
Smart Outreach really helps companies in serving customers, for example by inserting FAQs in the smart outreach, so that it will help customer service agents to answer repeated questions from customers more easily and quickly and also customers can find solutions with self-service.

3. Sales and Marketing
Smart Outreach can be used to get leads and data that can later be used for sales. In addition, Smart Outreach can also be used to make meeting arrangements with clients.

4. Reminder
Smart Outreach can be used by companies to provide reminders to customers related to billing, payments, and other reminders related to bills.

5. Data Verification
Smart Outreach can also be used by companies to perform data verification to update their customer data and can also be used to verify customer data who want to upgrade services.

In some cases, smart outreach will be a big thing in customer service because of its easy use, responsiveness, and personalization. Smart Outreach will be a customer service support tool that companies are in high demand for. VADS Indonesia provides smart outreach with only 5 working days setting for basic setup in implementing smart outreach as a feature to improve your customer service with the following benefits:

- Automatically recognizes Indonesian and other local languages through machine learning
- Flexibility in terms of duration
- Quick settings and can be integrated with other systems or your own
- Available for various channels
- Can be integrated with agents with a human augmented bot (hybrid)

Kindly contact for consultation and product demonstrations to find out more about the use of smart outreach to improve your business and customer experience.


What is Voicebot?

Posted On 04 Dec 2020

Today's technological advances are growing very rapidly and affect our way of life differently. Based on this, today's customers are also very demanding and require fast and personal service to meet their needs and answer the required questions. For that, the company must provide the best service to maintain and improve its business so that it is not abandoned by its customers.

Customers are often irritated by lengthy IVR systems and often fail to provide directions and provide targeted contacts. Based on research listed on the Genesys website in 2018, it was noted that 83% of customers will avoid the intended company after experiencing a bad experience with IVR. Meanwhile, updating the IVR system takes a long time and is also expensive. One solution that can be used to deal with this problem is to use a voice bot.

Understanding Voicebot

Voicebot is an artificial intelligence-powered software that helps callers communicate like an interactive voice system (IVR) that can respond naturally. Callers or customers do not need to listen to the menu and press buttons on the keypad in accordance with the direction of the IVR, but customers talk directly to the IVR in a simple systemized call simulation with direct operators.

Voicebot uses recorded and text-to-speech responses to answer customer questions. Voicebot's job is to help direct what the customer wants in an effective response by using machine learning to increase his capacity and also to improve service to customers. Examples of popular voice bots include Amazon Poly, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, IBM Watson, and also Google Assistant.

Benefits of Voicebot

The use of voice bot continues to increase, especially its accuracy, and more services are added to meet customer needs. Voicebot has Speech to Text (STT) and Text to Speech (TTS) technology. Voicebot can also be used for Voice Assistant, Outbound Reminder, News Reading, IOT Voice Technology, and Voice E-books. Selin the benefits of using voice bot including:

1. Real-time
Voicebot will process the speech as soon as the customer starts talking over the phone. Voicebot also prepares instant responses and responses as soon as the customer stops talking, which helps with fast times and reduces lags that are too long.

2. Efficiency
Voicebot will respond according to what customers say so that customers are more satisfied because their voices are heard. Customers need reminders, transactions, appointments, and more that are done with ordinary human interaction. By using Voicebot, this is easy to do and increases efficiency in terms of process and budget.

3. Improve operations
Voicebot can help customer service improve operations by handling multiple customers and operating without limits. Voicebot can help businesses save money while improving their company's customer service and being able to handle all customer inquiries.

4. 24/7
Voicebot can help customers respond as quickly as possible and is also available 24/7. So that by using Voicebot, companies can be assisted in serving customers responsively and whenever the customer contacts the company.

5. Data integration
By using voice bot, companies will get information easily and it is also integrated with all databases and systems owned by the company so that each customer's customer journey can be seen. This can be used by companies to see trends and data related to customer needs so that the company can provide products and services according to the needs of its customers.

In some cases, voice bot will be a big thing in customer service because of its easy use, responsiveness, and also personalization. Voicebot will be a customer service support tool that companies are in high demand for. VADS Indonesia can help your company to implement voice bot as a feature to improve your customer service. Contact for consultation and product demos to find out more about the use of voice bot to improve your company's customer experience.


Maximize Your Contact Center with Smart Chat Assistant

Posted On 18 Nov 2020

Various industries in Indonesia must adapt quickly in the face of disruption and rapid technological developments. These developments are needed to meet consumer needs for your company's industry. Currently, many consumers use the media which requires a quick response to their needs and complaints. So that companies must be able to adjust their services, especially by incorporating more technology to attract more customers, not to mention that your company has to attract consumers with lucrative offers to increase customer awareness and to increase customer loyalty. One of the best technologies and also cheaper to attract customers is to use chatbot technology or smart chat assistant.

The use of smart chat assistants in Indonesia has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. There are many smart chat assistants that can help serve various industries, for example in the fields of telecommunications, retail, automotive, financial services, health, e-commerce, education, and even MSMEs. These various industries are trying to respond quickly to the needs of their consumers so that speed and efficiency are currently needed to maximize customer service.

What is Smart Chat Assistant?
Smart chat assistant is an artificial intelligence program (Artificial Intelligence) that simulates human conversations interactively because it contains Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing so that it can be programmed interactively and can understand the language used daily. Smart Chat Assistant is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversations using pre-calculated key user phrases and auditory, visual, and text-based signals.

Smart Chat Assistant feature
The smart chat assistant will provide a better customer experience while chatting with chatbots. The smart chat assistant can speak Indonesian using everyday language so that it seems as if it will be answered personally. If there are more complex problems, the smart chat assistant will direct the contact center agent to be escalated and solve the complex problem. In addition, some other smart chat assistant features are as follows:

  1. Provide rewards/points to customers
  2. Can provide information on the location of the company's branch
  3. Can do reminders to customers
  4. Can make transactions for the needs of your company
  5. Can make video calls that can be used for data verification
  6. Can be used for customer care and customer engagement

Benefits of Smart Chat Assistant
In the current era of information disclosure, customers certainly have complaints and various questions that want answers quickly and precisely. Of course, by using a smart chat assistant, you can be helped in handling complaints at any time, even outside working hours. This is where a smart chat assistant plays a big role in responding to customers and increasing customer satisfaction. By using the smart chat assistant, you can save time in answering all customer responses, both complaints and questions from customers every day. Smart chat assistant can help your company save time and also reduce your company budget. Other benefits that can be felt by using a smart chat assistant for your company's contact center are as follows:

1. Reducing operational workload
The smart chat assistant can multitask quickly and precisely. Smart chat assistants can answer generalized questions, with automation allowing companies to save costs such as reducing the number of incoming calls and increasing efficiency.

2. Improve customer engagement and customer experience
Smart chat assistants can help companies solve problems experienced by customers quickly and precisely so that they don't have to wait long to get a response from the company. This can make customers feel happy because they feel that complaints and required information can be responded to quickly so as to improve a good customer experience.

3. Improve lead generation
Smart chat assistants can help companies collect visitor data such as names, emails, and phone numbers, and the needs of these customers, so that companies can find out about the latest potential customers and add leads with the aim of selling and increasing company revenue.

4. Provide insight into customers
With the smart chat assistant having visitor data such as names, emails, telephone numbers, customer needs, the company has related data about customer insights so that this data can be used by the company to provide products and services that are in line with its target market.

5. Always serve customers faithfully for 24 hours
You can use the smart chat assistant so that you are always available to serve customers without a certain time limit. So the smart chat assistant is the right solution to serve customers anytime and on any platform.

Does your company already use a smart chat assistant to maximize the performance of your contact center? Smart chat assistants can provide efficiency for your company, especially for jobs that can be automated, especially those that are repetitive in nature. Apart from that, the smart chat assistant has unlimited working hours. The smart chat assistant can serve consumers for 24 hours and also on various platforms such as FB Messenger, Telegram, Line, Webchat, Mobile, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

It is time for your company to use a smart chat assistant to maximize the function of your company's contact center and create better customer satisfaction so as to improve your company's customer experience. VADS Indonesia can help your company improve your customer experience by maximizing the function of your company's contact center using a smart chat assistant that is easy to use, cost-effective, and can respond to customers faster 24 hours at any time and any hour. Contact for consultation regarding the needs of a smart chat assistant in your company.


Artificial Intelligence for Contact Center

Posted On 16 Nov 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can now be seen using it in business, one of the applications of its use is for the company's customer relations strategy with its customers. Customers are essential in the company's business, so the right strategy is needed to improve the company's customer experience. Various solutions that are empowered using AI technology will make it easier for businesses to be more effective, especially in the contact center sector, such as in responding to problems, complaints, and various questions raised by customers. So that AI is needed in one of the business strategies to improve customer experience.

Various AI features are used in customer service, for example, using chatbots to respond to messages and questions from customers. Chatbot, its use that can answer simple questions raised by customers quickly makes it easier for companies to handle their contact centers. The chatbot can answer customer questions indefinitely or 24/7/365 non-stop by reaching customers without any geographic restrictions.

In addition, there is personalization marketing, which is marketing that is automatically used into CRM, which uses AI technology to read customer data. In addition, personalized marketing can also be used to relate to customers so as to create stronger relationships between customers and companies with the objective of increasing customer loyalty.
The abilities possessed by Artificial Intelligence such as being able to analyze all the data that has been collected based on the experience it has. Through communication carried out by chatbots, AI has collected data in order to provide solutions to consumers so as to provide feedback regarding customer behavior patterns and the tastes that customers want to companies related to their customer needs. The information is processed by the company so that it can take quick action, for example in offering products and services according to the needs of its customers and the development of the lifestyle of its customers.

Artificial Intelligence can improve customer service performance to make customers get information or assistance in the form of text and voice quickly. Artificial Intelligence also has the ability to provide fast responses and has the ability to recognize consumer behavior patterns in a very short time so it is useful for contact centers in conducting marketing personalization by knowing the character of their customers through the activities they carry out.

Artificial Intelligence is a breakthrough that makes it easier for companies to serve customers. Various companies have started using AI in their contact center world. Various companies that have AI include Bank BCA with the name Vira, Bank BRI with the name Sabrina, Bank BNI with the nickname Cinta, Bank Mandiri with the name Mita, XL with the name Maya, and many more.

Various impacts are felt by companies that use AI as service automation such as being able to serve consumers for 24 hours without having to add human resources. Another impact that is felt is that the business becomes more efficient because all messages are received and responded to by the robot, even though there are issues regarding labor being taken over using robots.

The use of AI itself still requires continuous development to make it more perfect in responding to customer needs. Your company's contact center can combine chatbot services with a contact center. The chatbot can only respond to repetitive questions but cannot respond to more complex problems, a contact center agent is needed who can forward requests received by the chatbot to help complete requests from customers or this term is called a hybrid chatbot. VADS Indonesia provides a chatbot solution to make it easier for your company to serve customers. Apart from that, VADS Indonesia can also provide an Indonesian chatbot solution according to your needs. The various features available in the chatbot are:

1. Provide rewards/points to customers
2. Can provide information on the location of the company's branch
3. Can do reminders to customers
4. Can make transactions for the needs of your company
5. Can make video calls that can be used for data verification
6. Can be used for customer care and customer engagement

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Artificial Intelligence for Business

Posted On 13 Nov 2020

The rapid development of technology and increasing business competition means that companies must be able to have innovations that are different from their competitors and can provide the right needs for their customers. Companies must be able to take advantage of developing technology to innovate to create services and products that can satisfy their customers. One of them is by utilizing artificial intelligence technology or artificial intelligence. AI technology already has a significant impact in all areas of our lives, one of which is in the business sector.

Artificial Intelligence or commonly referred to as AI has become a necessity in the current era. AI is a simulation of human intelligence in a machine programmed to think and act like humans. In this case, AI learns to solve problems through something that has been programmed beforehand.

Without realizing it, AI has been embedded in our daily lives, for example on the website pages that we visit which have the impression of reminding us what we were looking for beforehand so that it is as if a computer or the internet can understand what we want. This is an example of the application of AI that can be used in the business world. AI can be utilized by businesses with the right, effective, and efficient purpose.

AI can be used to solve challenges that companies have at scale. AI will change the business ecosystem and the relationship between companies and customers due to automation, for example by robots or machine learning. The various benefits of AI that can be used in the business world include:

1. Promotion is more effective
AI technology can help companies determine more effective promotional strategies because they can access data to explore customer desires through keywords used in searches, user profiles, and other data so that they can carry out effective and cost-effective promotions.

2. Search technology that makes it easier
AI technology can help customers search for what they want so they can focus more on the subjects they are most interested in so as to help customers quickly make decisions and make it easier for businesses to get closer to customers.

3. Get closer to the customer
AI technology can help companies get to know their customers better. Through AI, data about customer behavior, tastes, lifestyles can be analyzed into data and create patterns and trends from whatever customers want so that AI will provide options that appear according to the recommendations of the wishes of the customers. It can also be used by businesses to have data on customer needs so that they can create products and services according to what customers want.

The use of AI can make it easier for companies to carry out various activities that require time and resources. The use of AI also makes it easier for businesses to design products and services needed by customers. The use of AI is not only related to product sales but how a business can listen to the needs of its main customers, has an empathetic nature towards customer wants and needs, and how the company can serve its customers well, so as to maximize the use of AI.

VADS Indonesia can assist your company in using Artificial Intelligence technology in improving and efficiency of your business. By using Artificial Intelligence technology, your business will be more effective with an economical budget and tailored to the business needs of your company. VADS Indonesia has more than 11 years of experience in the contact center industry and the technical support used. VADS Indonesia currently serves more than 50 clients, most of whom are market leaders from various existing industries. Various advantages possessed by VADS Indonesia include:

- Has ISO 27001: 2013 certification
- Have IT Support ready to serve 24/7
- Has 3 different sites in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Semarang
- Having end-to-end solutions to meet your company's needs

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Posted On 11 Nov 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI), its use has recently become increasingly widespread in the world of technology. Its use, which can facilitate human work, makes AI continue to be developed more widely to be utilized. The first working AI program was written in 1951 to run the Ferranti Mark I machine at the University of Manchester (UK). After that, AI continues to develop, it can even be used as a country's defense system. AI was originally widely used in the information technology sector such as Google, Alibaba, and Amazone, but currently, its use can already be used in various industrial sectors such as finance, media, transportation, health and entertainment and will continue to grow rapidly.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine that can learn from experience by adjusting new inputs and can do tasks that are usually done by humans. Currently, there are many examples of the use of AI embedded in machine technology such as computers that can be specially trained to complete tasks and help human work. The characteristic possessed by AI is its ability to take action to achieve certain goals. The goal of making AI is to make machines smarter than previously used only for manual typing, now AI can make computers able to type automatically based on sound, for example. In addition, with AI, technology can help solve problems effectively, efficiently, and thoroughly so that it can improve processing and help human work with maximum results.

Artificial Intelligence Process

AI is a technology that requires data to be used as knowledge, so it requires experience and data so that intelligence can respond better. AI can also learn by themselves based on experiences used by humans so that it is not always ordered by humans. AI is programmed to continually learn from itself and the mistakes it makes. The intelligence possessed by AI makes AI have a system that acts like a human, a system that can think like humans, can think and also act rationally. The following is the process of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Learning: is a process where AI obtains information and rules for using information
  • Reasoning: where AI uses the rules and information from learning to reach a definite estimate of conclusions
  • Perception (self-correction): the process by which AI makes a decision

AI Pros and Cons

AI has many benefits for human life today. The various advantages and disadvantages of AI are as follows:

Advantages :
- Can help with repetitive work
- Can provide convenience with a faster way of working
- Consistent and thorough results
- More permanent, such as not easy to forget because you use a computer system
- Easier to duplicate and deploy quickly and easily
- Cheaper with unlimited usage
- Can be commented on and tracked for each activity

- Limited to the given program
- Makes human performance decrease in several fields of work because it has been replaced by AI
- Does not have feelings so that it cannot replace engagement between humans
- Do not have the ability to understand the information received (common sense)


Utilization of AI

Examples of using AI have been widely used in various fields. As in the field of games, for example, there are many games in which characters use AI. In the industrial sector, there are many uses for AI in robots that are used in assembling vehicle engines so that managers are faster in assembling vehicles. Even in the entertainment industry, such as in the film, nowadays it uses AI technology in it and introduces how AI works like in the Iron Man film. The use of AI that is most closely related to our daily lives is on our smartphones through the Google or Siri virtual assistant which is still developing and maybe even smarter. An example that most often appears but is often not felt is when we have been shopping in e-commerce and at that time there are also many product recommendations obtained from our own data so far in searching and purchasing a product. And there are many more applications and uses of AI in our daily lives. Of course, this is very easy and helps human work.

Artificial intelligence or AI helps a lot in our work and in our daily lives. Of course, AI will continue to develop and be smarter with various improvements and developments. Interested in developing AI to make work easier at your company? Contact for consultation and develop AI to optimize your customer service process so that it is faster, more effective, and efficient.

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