17 VADS Indonesia Employees Successfully Pass COPC HPMT Certification

Posted On 14 Jul 2020

Along with the increasing number of customers and a variety of services, VADS Indonesia also continues to improve the quality of customer service. In line with this, VADS Indonesia successfully participated in the COPC HPMT training and certification to increase knowledge about contact centers for selected Heads and Operations Managers of several Projects on June 23-26, 2020.

This training focuses on providing education in the contact center industry ranging from operations to supporting these operations so that it is expected to improve the performance of operations and be able to provide better and quality services to customers. Overall training and certification are held in a virtual format, using the Zoom application to interact with trainers from COPC in Kuala Lumpur. The training and certification were attended by a total of 17 Head and Operations Managers of VADS Indonesia with details of 9 participants from the Jakarta site and 8 sites from Yogyakarta, along with a list of employees who successfully passed the COPC HPMT certification:

  1. Lisa Parlina
  2. Yohanes Wisnu
  3. Cokorda Gede A
  4. Hafyid Priangga
  5. Hendra Lesmana
  6. Ferri Apriandi
  7. Lukman Nul Hakim
  8. W Reyza
  9. Susanti
  10. Komarusitta
  11. Ganies
  12. Dian Ratna Furi
  13. Bayu Istiaji
  14. Eko Sudarmo
  15. Nur Falaq Isbah
  16. Azwar
  17. Faruk Ali Roni

COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center) is a training consulting company that has its headquarters in Winter Park, Florida specializing in customer experience transformation. COPC provides consultation, training, and certification. One of them is COPC certification. COPC certification is the most prestigious recognition in the customer experience operational industry. The COPC certification process is with an independent and objective assessment of the contact center's operational performance. Certification by COPC will validate the company's commitment to providing the best service to its customers. By obtaining COPC certification, customers can be assured of the company that the company uses consistent processes and best work practices to encourage and maintain improvements in the areas of leadership, human resource management, processes, and performance, especially in the field of contact centers. Already more than 500 companies in 56 countries have received COPC certification since 1996. One of the COPC certifications is for COPC HPMT (High Performance Management Techniques).

COPM HPMT training and certification is a multi-day training that covers all operational areas and contact center management processes with good performance. The training included analyzing transaction and performance data for all contact channels such as voice, chat, and email, looking at customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction factors, seeing the importance of implementing and simplifying the system according to needs, seeing quality and accuracy in understanding customer and business differences and manage teams for service, quality, cost, productivity, and efficiency. This training was also conducted to improve performance and also improve ROI for service, quality, customer satisfaction, revenue, costs, productivity, and efficiency. The training was provided by expert facilitators who had an average of 15 years of experience in the contact center operations.

VADS Indonesia continues to improve operational performance in the field of contact centers. Of course, in addition to improving service for customers, it can provide insight to employees who are also one of VADS Indonesia's priorities.


VADS Indonesia Policies in Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted On 12 May 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the global challenge. This pandemic has affected so many countries, including Indonesia. Governments all over the world are implementing stringent preventions and control measures. In Indonesia, the government has implemented a social distancing policy to urge people to limit their activities outside the house, one of them being what we know with Work From Home. All elements of society ranging from governments, companies, and individuals are struggling to fight this virus. Not even one industry can escape it.

In the midst of such condition, VADS Indonesia has set priorities to improve the internal capabilities of the company in order to keep everything safe, so that the agents and employees of VADS Indonesia remain productive. VADS Indonesia continues to strive to provide the best service for our customers and clients. We are aware that VADS Indonesia’s accomplishment is not obtainable if it is not for the agents who faithfully and wholeheartedly serve customers. For this reason, VADS Indonesia is committed to protect both the personal hygiene and nutrition of the agents.

Since the beginning of this outbreak, VADS Indonesia has tried to take some anticipatory steps to prevent the spread of the virus, especially in the company environment and among employees. In dealing with this pandemic, VADS Indonesia responded in the following ways:

  1. Forming a COVID-19 Special Team for the rapid handling and responding of Business Continuity Plan project as requested by the clients.
  2. Conducting a Business Continuity Plan by implementing social distancing and Work From Home for our agents and employees. We apply this in all our operations while ensuring data security and accuracy as well as maximum service speed.
  3. Holding socialization for COVID-19 prevention by bringing in experts according to criteria given from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. Providing a hotline and email service that works 24/7 to help connecting our employees or agents if they have issues related to COVID-19 and provide the latest updates on COVID-19 to agents and employees.
  5. Periodic cleaning and spraying of disinfectants in the work environment of PT VADS Indonesia throughout all sites.
  6. Checking and recording the body temperature of each employee and agent on daily basis so that it can be monitored properly.
  7. Providing health facilities on every floor such as hand sanitizers, masks, vitamins to agents and employees who come to the office.
  8. Updating to local health agencies to ensure that the protocols implemented are in accordance with government directives.
  9. Intensively communicating and coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure all employees and agents can work safely. We are also releasing guidelines for maintaining healthy living, work from home work guidelines to be productive, and guidelines for health protocols in the office environment.
  10. Providing solutions to help your company to work from home safely and stay productive by using VADS Cloud Solutions. (Read: Microsoft 365 for Productive and Effective Activities When Work From Home)

Check out the following video from VADS Indonesia to anticipate the spread of COVID-19:

Those are some of the concrete actions that VADS Indonesia has taken in order to help dealing with this pandemic. VADS Indonesia believes that health and safety are number one priorities and when we are working together there will be good results. Along with that, VADS Indonesia also raises social actions initiated under the name “Vadsters Peduli COVID-19” in maintaining the vision, mission, and human values ​​by raising donations to help alleviate the struggle of those affected by covid-19.

In this period of time VADS Indonesia will always follow the directions of the government and related agencies and will communicate all updates and latest news. Also, you do not have to worry, VADS Indonesia still continue to operate to serve your needs. Contact us on the phone (+62) 21 799 1445, email, or Instagram @ptvadsindonesia.


#StayHealthy #StaySafe #StayAtHome


VADS Indonesia Get 27001:2013 Certificate

Posted On 23 Apr 2020

VADS Indonesia successfully obtained ISO 27001: 2013 certification. The certification shows that VADS Indonesia has met all standards related to the Information Security Management System in operating business, especially in terms of Facilities and Data Center Operations for Contact Center Services.

VADS Indonesia received ISO 27001: 2013 certification because it was considered to have implemented various strategies, one of which was in the field of information security to ensure the resilience of VADS Indonesia in data security both corporate and customer.

Getting this certification is not easy, it takes a long process and goes through a comprehensive audit process. This Information Security Management System Certification is a concrete manifestation of VADS Indonesia's commitment to improve information security and improve the quality of information technology.

Given that cyber security is currently a challenge in the industry, especially in digital in Indonesia. The threat of cyber can target companies both providers of products and services with the aim of accessing data of users of these products or services and stealing or selling the identities of users to third parties.

ISO 27001: 2013 certification is an international standard in implementing information security management systems or Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). By applying the ISO 2700: 2013 standard, companies can protect and maintain the confidentiality and availability of information and to control information security risks to the company.

The application of ISO 27001: 2013 is also expected to increase client's trust and information security guarantees that will have an impact on increasing productivity, motivation, morale, and employee performance.


DANA Partners with VADS Indonesia for Digital Care Center

Posted On 25 Nov 2019

DANA in collaboration with VADS launched DANA Indonesia Digital Care Center service in Jakarta on Monday (11/25/19). This collaboration aims to improve information services to DANA customers.

In this fast-paced world, the customer expects fast and effective ways of communicating. The presence of an integrated Digital Care Center service will provide convenience in obtaining information related to various needs and constraints experienced by the customer so that it can be handled more quickly, precisely, and measurably. Digital Care Center services are at the forefront in responding to the needs of the customer in getting the best quality of service regarding their needs and constraints. Therefore, the Digital Care Center is expected to be one of the bridges to build good relationships with customers by providing convenient services for the customer.

Deddy Hermansyah (Chief Marketing Officer VADS Indonesia) and Juan Almer ( Head of Operations DANA Indonesia) at Grand Launching of DANA Indonesia Digital Care Center.

Juan Almer, Head of Operations of DANA Indonesia said, "We are not working alone but working together, VADS and DANA. Do not ever service us as a client but our customer service to be happy. DANA has core values, one of which is customer first. DANA is a financial technology whose number one service is customer, so we must prioritize service to the customer."

Now DANA has a centralized Digital Care Center service to provide 24-hour services for its customers to answer all needs supported by experienced and trained agents that are integrated with the latest technological innovations. This Digital Care Center service consists of handling all needs, complaints and consumer complaints.

Site visit to DANA Indonesia Digital Care Center

Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of VADS Indonesia said "This is a good start for VADS and DANA. Quoting from Ron Kaufman's article which said that there are six categories of customer service. The first level is criminal service where the customer is angry because the customer is given wrong or harmful answers. Second, there is a basic service where the services we provide make customers disappointed and tell others that there is no need to use our services. Third, there is an expected service where we only provide ordinary services to the customer. Fourth, there is a desired service where we can provide services in accordance with the hopes and desires of the customer. The fifth is a surprising service where we can provide more services than what is expected by customer so that makes the customer happy and will return to us. And the last level is unbelievable service where our service cannot be forgotten by the customer even the best so the customer can promote to friends and others related to our service. Therefore, VADS is expected to be able to provide unbelievable services for FUNDS because we also have a value of If You Shine, I Shine Too. "

"VADS Indonesia and DANA coordinate with each other to make the best service to the customer. At present VADS Indonesia already has 6500 employees. With DANA it can be even greater and we can support DANA to become the biggest fintech in Indonesia, "said Deddy Hermansyah.

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