Celebrating 75th Indonesia Independence Day, VADS Contributes to Hold the Government Webinar 2020

Posted On 26 Aug 2020

Jakarta, 26 August 2020 - The Era of the public to be more active in using digital platforms during the pandemic and the new normal has made responsive public services one of the top priorities during a pandemic as the front line in serving and communicating with the public, especially in providing excellent services. This is the basis for PT VADS Indonesia to hold a webinar with the theme "Optimizing Public Services with the New Normal Customer Experience" to share knowledge and strategies on how to improve services in each unit or institution in the New Normal era, especially in government. This webinar was also held in connection with the celebration of Indonesia's 75th Independence Day as a form of PT VADS Indonesia's contribution to advancing the nation.

Through this webinar, VADS Indonesia introduces its best customer & digital services system that is suitable for use during a pandemic like this time. With the solutions provided by VADS Indonesia, it can simplify services for the public or customers who need information with a fast and precise response through various channels and ensure the security of data belonging to customers and the public.

This event also presents speakers who are experts and competent in their fields ranging from regulators and practitioners who provide important insights on how to handle customer experience in the new normal era.

Marvels P Situmorang (Acting Director of Broadband Development of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia), as the first speaker said, "The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of providing services to the public, by minimizing face-to-face meetings physically or contactless, but this requires a means. Telecommunications and governments are often lacking in building this required infrastructure. Therefore it requires a partnership or cooperation with the private sector for this technology need and this is an effective way for the government to meet the needs of the community.

Meanwhile, Andi Nirwoto (Director of Operations, IT, and Digital Banking of PT Bank Tabungan Negara) explained how Bank BTN has implemented a new business model that prioritizes digital services systems to its customers, starting from opening online onboarding accounts, cash recycle machines, to switching outlets. to branchless banking. "Almost all Bank BTN services can be accessed through our website or other digital channels at this time," said Andi. This makes customers comfortable with transactions even in the midst of limitations due to the pandemic.

Likewise with the third speaker, Netty Hartawati (Head of Information Services Section of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia), explained how Customs' customer experience adapts to new normal conditions with digital channels such as chatbots, live chat, email, and social media.

In the last session, Rahmah Binti Isahak (AGM of Cybersecurity Services Division, Products & Innovations TM ONE) introduced a new solution from TM One, which is the holding company of VADS Indonesia, namely Blockchain Security Authentication, a digital security system that adopts a blockchain concept that is proven to be safe. and is more efficient to use today than other digital security services.

Participants who attended consisted of various government agencies such as Bank DKI, AXA Mandiri, PGASCOM, ASDP Indonesia, Jasa Marga, MRT Jakarta, Transjakarta, Baznas, Dompet Dhuafa, IGM, LPS, Ministry of Transportation, BPS, BNI Life, Palyja, JakPro, Pertamedika, RSPP, Garuda Indonesia, Istiqlal Mosque, DJP, Setkomwasjak, TICMI, and many more.

This webinar is expected to broaden the participants' insight in running public services that remain optimal even in the current new normal condition and also get to know more about the solutions that VADS Indonesia can provide in improving the customer experience for public services, especially during a pandemic.


VADS Indonesia Client Gathering 2020 “Elevate Your Digitalized Customer Experience”

Posted On 29 Jan 2020

Jakarta, January 29, 2020 - PT. VADS Indonesia once again held a Client Gathering 2020 event with theme "Elevate Your Digitalized Customer Experience" at Djakarta Theater XXI, Sarinah, Jakarta Pusat.

This event is an annual activity of PT VADS Indonesia with the aim of giving appreciation to clients for their loyalty and trust in using the services of PT VADS Indonesia, while enhancing relationships with PT VADS Indonesia's clients. Also on occasion, PT VADS also introduced new solutions to improve customer experience through digital platforms such as Social Media Analytics and Whatsapp API for Business, as well as Blockchain Security Authentication data security solutions. These solutions are expected to simplify services for customers who need information with fast and precise responses through digital channels and ensure the security of customers' data.

Thaib Mustafa, General Manager of Enterprise Application Services & Cybersecurity TM ONE, discusses about Blockchain Security Authentication

Client Gathering 2020 presents 4 experienced and competent speakers in their fields including Thaib Mustafa (General Manager of Enterprise Application Services & Cybersecurity TM ONE) and Ahmad Redzwan Bin Mohamad Nor (Marketing Director / Malaysia Representative FNS Value Co., Ltd) that discusses Blockchain Security Authentication, Muhammad Iqbaly Noor (Director of PT Ebdesk Teknologi Indonesia) discusses Elevate Your Business with Social Media, and Desian Didik Wicaksono (Sales Manager of PT Infobip Indonesia) who discusses Better UX to Improve CX Through WhatsApp for Business.

Participants in the 2020 Client Gathering event

The event was attended by more than 30 well-known companies from PT VADS Indonesia client and service companies from various industries such as BNI, BCA, Bea Cukai, BTN, DANA, Grab, Indosat Ooredoo, JD.ID, LPDP, OYO, Palyja, Samsung, Shopee, Tokopedia, Transvision, PGASCom, Klip DJP, Bukalapak, and others.

Nonton bareng session VADS Indonesia with clients at Theater 1 Djakarta Theater

This event closed with a watching session (nonton bareng) at Theater 1 Djakarta Theater with partner companies of PT VADS Indonesia. This program as a token of appreciation to clients who had entrusted PT VADS Indonesia to help manage their customer experience. With this activity it is expected to improve the existing good relations between PT VADS Indonesia and clients so that in the future cooperation will be better and more secure.


PT VADS Indonesia FSI Event 2019 "Managing Your Digital Customer with CX Digital Solution"

Posted On 01 Oct 2019

Jakarta, 1 October 2019 - PT. VADS Indonesia in collaboration with Botika Teknologi Indonesia and Genesys, once again held a Financial Services Industry seminar with the theme "Managing Your Digital Customer With CX Digital Solution", at JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta. This seminar is an annual activity of PT. VADS Indonesia which has been taking place since 2016.

This event presented 3 experienced and competent speakers in the field of financial services and digital solution customer experience namely Nufransa Wira Sakti (Head of the Communication and Information Services Bureau of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia), Ditto Anindita (CEO & Founder of Botika Teknologi Indonesia), and Hunady Budihartono ( Regional Sales Director Genesys). While the seminar attendees were executives from 30 well-known companies in the financial industry including Bank BNI, BCA Finance, Bank BTN, Manulife Asset Management Indonesia, Astra Credit Company, Allianz, Mega Insurance, Commonwealth Bank, and also representatives from government and ministries.

"The purpose of this seminar is to educate the market about the importance of managing customer experience through CX digital solutions, namely Intelligent Omnichannel and Artificial Intelligent. With this solution, all communication channels with customers on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, chat, and voice are in one application. So that services for customers who need information can be responded quickly and precisely through various social media. Also, we can view customer profiles, analyze and monitor customer trips from each of their interaction channels on our platform, to provide Customer Experience with the fastest and best solution. Smart Assistance and customer service at the Contact Center can also provide First Contact Resolution (FCR), by accessing the knowledge base application. The escalation process can also be done quickly and measurably through an integrated ticketing system, to achieve an excellent Customer Experience, "said Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of PT. VADS Indonesia.

Hunady Budihartono, Regional Sales Director of Genesys speak about Delivering Customer Experience Through Digital Solution

Not only in the private sector but also in government institutions in the public sector. Hunady Budihartono, Regional Sales Director of Genesys, one of the partners of PT. VADS Indonesia also revealed "Customer Experience is directly proportional to Brand Experience, where 80% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience, and more than 50% of customers move to other brands because of poor customer experience.

One form of customer experience is the contact center. The presence of a Contact Center has become a necessity for the financial industry, by following the Financial Services Authority Regulation (OJK) Number 1 / POJK.07 / 2013 concerning Consumer Protection in the Financial Services Sector, which states that every financial services actor is required to handle and resolve consumer complaints.

Especially in the era of Industry 4.0 which is very close to the digital world today. Where there is a shift in the habits of customers who used to submit more complaints through voice channels (telephone), now changed to use digital channels through social media on their respective gadgets. By providing maximum service with the right tools to customers, it will help companies answer incoming complaints. Such as Omni-channel services owned by PT. VADS is currently the development of a Contact Center where the use of a single platform for all communication channels such as e-mail, video calls, social media, live chat, voice, and other non-voice channels.

Nufransa Wira Sakti, Kepala Biro Komunikasi dan Layanan Informasi Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia speak about Managing Digital Customer in Ministry of Finance

The same is the case with government agencies, one of which is the Ministry of Finance. In addition to improving services by developing digital services such as the M-PPID application (application for public information services), E-PPID, S-IPPID, and other digital services, the Ministry of Finance also integrates its contact center with the Omni-channel platform. "Currently 11 units in the Ministry of Finance already have a Contact Center, 7 units of Echelon 1, 2 units of Echelon 2, and 2 units of the Public Service Agency. And on average they have used the Omni-channel platform, "said Nufransa Wira Sakti, Head of the Ministry of Communication and Information Services Bureau. "Now the momentum is right to integrate the contact center at the Ministry of Finance with the Omni-channel platform so that the Ministry of Finance has an integrated system with information service systems for the public," continued Nufransa.

Ditto Anindita, CEO & Founder of BOTIKA speak about Answering Opportunities using AI Technology in Financial Services

One form of omnichannel is the smart chat assistant or better known as Chatbot. "With a chatbot, customers can access services faster such as checking balances, recent transactions, updating personal data, reporting losses, to making complaints," said Ditto Anindita, CEO of BotikaTeknologi Indonesia, one of PT's partners. VADS Indonesia. "With Chatbot, companies can reduce operational costs, increase customer engagement and experience, and develop other services using analytics from customer data," continued Ditto.

Besides Omni-channel there are still many solutions and services provided by PT. VADS Indonesia to manage the customer experience of clients in the current digital era. "Until now PT. VADS Indonesia has provided services to government agencies such as the Ministry of Finance and large finance companies in Indonesia such as Bank BCA, Bank BTN, OCBC, Manulife, Cigna, and so on. PT. VADS Indonesia is ready to assist clients from the Financial Service Industry, which have developed services to digital or not, from banks, finance companies, insurance companies, to fintech companies such as Payment Gateways, Market Aggregators, Risk & Investment Management, P2P Lending & Crowdfunding, etc. ", continued Deddy Hermansyah.

"In the future, PT. VADS Indonesia will continue to innovate following the development of existing technology, industry and markets and is committed to providing maximum and best service for its clients and customers ", concluded Deddy Hermansyah.



VADS Indonesia Displays Innovation for Oil and Gas Industry

Posted On 06 Sep 2019

VADS Indonesia again participated in the 43rd Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) Exhibition and Convention, which took place on 4-6 September 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. The oil and gas industry exhibition took the theme "Driving Exploration and Optimizing Existing Production for Long-Term Energy Security".

Smart Helmet Solutions at IPA Convex 2019

In this event, the VADS Indonesia booth presented a variety of innovative solutions to help companies in the oil and gas industry. Various solutions presented by VADS Indonesia include Smart Helmet, Connected Workforce, Integrated Operation Center (IOC), Artificial Intelligence Drone for Infrastructure Inspection, Pipeline Integrity Monitoring System and Telecom Infra, Omni Channel, and Contact Center Solution. Visitors are also introduced to the use of one of the smart solutions, the smart helmet that can be monitored through an integrated operation center so that the operator can find out the situation and conditions on the ground and can monitor the workers who use the smart helmet.

Showcase and presentation about VADS Indonesia's solution by Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer VADS Indonesia

PT VADS Indonesia's Chief Marketing Officer, Deddy Hermansyah revealed "After 10 years of being trusted to be a contact center provider by more than 59 clients from various industries, VADS Indonesia in the past three years developed its business and services by providing IOC and ICT solutions. These solutions are introduced through a showcase at this IPA event. VADS Indonesia is committed to providing innovative technology, services, and solutions to support the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. To be part of the national and global oil and gas ecosystem, VADS also has a partnership to maximize innovation in the oil and gas sector. "

The three-day exhibition was attended by various groups such as students, the media, experts, practitioners, and the general public. Enthusiastic visitors to the VADS Indonesia showcase were seen in several booth activities, one of them was in sharing knowledge about smart solutions and door prizes by CMO VADS Indonesia, Deddy Hermansyah.

The event was attended by 125 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors. Also present were national and international oil and gas experts who were speakers at the convention.


VADS and BOTIKA Improve Artificial Intelligence to Maximize Company Service

Posted On 27 Feb 2019

JAKARTA, Indonesia - VADS Indonesia in collaboration with BOTIKA held the # 1 Techno Insight event at MENARA by KIBAR, Cikini, Jakarta on February 27, 2019. To begin its inaugural event which was attended by more than 40 well-known companies in Jakarta, VADS Indonesia and BOTIKA took the theme "Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Improve Customer Experience ".

This event provides insight to business people, to improve their customer service by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Based on the digital phenomena that are present today, conventional ways to interact with customers are often not enough, therefore AI technology can surface as a service solution that is currently favored by the public.

"During this time, customer service is more familiar with Customer Service via telephone or voice, now times have changed. Their behavior is more towards social media, chatting, etc. "said Sukkuriya, CEO of VADS Indonesia.

The behavior patterns of customers who prefer to talk through social media applications and chat, make businesspeople competing to follow the trend. AI, especially chatbot technology with that opportunity, can be a solution for business people, who need services for customers more quickly and efficiently.

"With AI technology, we hope that business people can take advantage of the phenomenon of social media to boost their services. And I hope that with this innovation, it can accommodate companies in providing the best experience and services to customers, "said Deddy Hermansyah, Chief of Marketing for VADS Indonesia.

Although human-based services are considered more capable of solving complex customer problems, AI is not exactly worthy of being seen as a technology that is replacing human power massively. On the contrary, AI can help companies intelligently and tactically, to better understand customer needs in seconds.

Ditto Anindita, as the Founder and CEO of BOTIKA, also added, "Business people in the 4.0 era who began to transform using AI, will be able to get a more comprehensive output on customer behavior trends. The output is certainly the main key for business people, to better understand and improve excellent service for their customers. "

Techno Insight # 1 is also questioning the development of AI technology that has high prospects, to be present amid the rapid technological advances in Indonesia. Apart from the behavior patterns of customers who changed from conventional to digital, some children from AI technology such as chatbot, voice recognition, image recognition, virtual assistants to smart speakers, have even been developed by young people in Indonesia.

"We hope that business people in Indonesia will begin to see AI, especially chatbot, as an opportunity to improve their services to customers. The more we know specifically what is needed by the customer, the higher the customer satisfaction with the company, "concluded Ditto.


PT VADS Indonesia: Delivering Next Generation Customer Experience

Posted On 24 Aug 2018


Business continuity in the future highly depends on customer services in this digital era as well as in the future. PT VADS Indonesia provide a solution through experience for the next generation customer.   

Customers' demand on product or services includes means of interaction.In this case, it is a personal contact center. Customers want to be served with their own styles and ways. A more personal contact center will be more interesting for customers. 

With the demand on personalized experience, PT VADS Indonesia held a sharing session entitled: Delivering Next Generation Customer Experience, in the the Hook Resto, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta on 8 August 2018. There are new solutions offered by PT. VADS Indonesia called Omni-Channel, Social Media Analytics and Market Leader CRM. 

“With omni-channel, customers are able to personalize their experience through channels such as email, web chat, instant messenger,or social media,” said President Director PT VADS Indonesia, Aurelius Anthony, at the opening ceremony of the sharing session. 

As a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, PT. VADS Indonesia has made a digital transformation in their business process such as Digital Recruitment (for digital talent recruitment in Social Media, Email and Chat services) as well as E-Learning application and process in knowledge transfer acceleration, anywhere and anytime. Chief Marketing Office, Deddy S Hermansyah, stated that a transformation was taken since all business is heading to a digital era in the future. “Previously, a contact center serves only as a call center (voice).  In digital era, everything transforms into contact center services with digital solutions. This is where PT VADS Indonesia takes the role as One Stop Solution to assist its clients to adapt and to support the clients’ digital transformation in the future in order to provide new seamless customer experiences, “ said Deddy S Hermansyah. 

At the sharing session, PT VADS Indonesia also introduced two new partners which would support PT VADS Indonesia into a contact center service provider with digital solution. They are Berkshire Media and Zendesk. 

Berkshire Media is a partner which provides tools in social analytics. These tools make an accurate analysis on customers’ behavior. Meanwhile Zendesk is a leading SaaS-base customer service and engagement platform. Zendesk's suite of products enables omnichannel customer service that is reliable, flexible and scalable to help businesses provide the seamless support their customers expect. 

Shahid Shaaya, founder & CEO of Berkshire Media, explained that around 80% from 270 million of Indonesia’s population was active in social media. This is important in carrying out the social analytic since the data can be analyzed and formulated into a business strategy. “Furthermore, the data can be used in analyzing customers’ loyalty and satisfaction. This is important for a positive perception of a brand,” said Shahid Shaaya.  

Aside from Berkshire Media having social media analytics solutions, PT VADS Indonesia is in partner with Zendesk to support the acceleration of digital transformation.  

Christopher Chong, Channel Sales Manager of Zendesk Asia Pacific said that today's brands are using Zendesk to help transform customer support from a cost center to a profit center. Zendesk can also be implemented quickly in order to see return on investment faster. "Customer experience is becoming as important as your product or service. In fact, more than 80 percent of your customers are likely to defect to another brand as a result of poor customer service. Brands using Zendesk are able to see a return on their investment in a matter of weeks, which means their business can grow faster," said Chris. 

This is similar to a testimony by Halo BCA as one of their clients. “We, BCA especially Halo BCA, choose VADS due to its high quality of human resources by considering that BCA’s duties are growing. Further more, we have the target to increase the status from a Call Center into a Contact Center. Now, we even want to be a Profit Center,” said Nathalya Wani Sabu,Head of Digital Division Halo BCA. 

“In the future, we hope that VADS is able to give a more customer insight and digitalized value added. We hope VADS could assist us in other fields than human resources, “said Cut Noosy, Country Head of Customer Experience Grab Indonesia 

“VADS has assisted us in transforming from a traditional channel to a digital channel that makes us closer to customer,” said Ranni Santi, Head of Customer Care Department PT Palyja.(adv) 


Developing Customer Experience to Strengthen Public Service Quality

Posted On 03 Oct 2017

The Rapid development of technology and digital world brings a lot of change to human life aspect, including in delivering of contact center services. Regarding to this, PT VADS Indonesia, focusing on the outsourcing contact center service clearly recognized.

In response of situation, PT VADS successfully developed a breakthrough with their Omni-Channel model. With the new system, it’s expected that all stakeholder of PT VADS Indonesia could be satisfied.

To strengthen the campaign and the products, PT VADS Indonesia held one-day seminar entitled: Building Customer Experience in Increasing Public Service Quality, on August 15, 2017, in JW Marriot Hotel, Mega Kuningan Jakarta. This event was specially designed to invite the audience from government and state-owned enterprise.

“By Omni-channel, we can view the profile of the customer in detail. In this digital era, customer was not only voice, but also active in digital channel,”  Deddy Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer of PT VADS Indonesia said.

One of the new system introduced through that event was ‘Crawling’. “The system can provide the customer’s activity in social media in detail. By the innovation, it’s expected to response the complaints very quickly with the right solution,” Deddy Hermansyah added.

Many new innovations developed by PT VADS Indonesia were appreciated by BPJS (social insurance administration organization) Ketenagakerjaan , as one of their clients. With 49,1 million participants, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan was seeking the different service to meet their customer. PT VADS Indonesia delivered the special service named 3C (collection contact center) with three channels: voice, email and SMS.

“It’s impossible to serve one by one. The proper contact center is easy to access, quick response, giving fast solutions. Thank to PT VADS Indonesia, our collection is increasing, especially in micro business sector,” Zainudin, Head of Division Participant Managing of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan said.  

With their topnotch service, PT VADS Indonesia was trusted by many enterprises both private or state-owned. Now, PT VADS Indonesia handled 69 projects with 50 clients.

The compliment is also delivered by Rela Ginting, Deputy Director of Customer Service, Department of Customer Protection of Financial services authority (OJK). “PT VADS Indonesia commits to hand the enterprises in managing contact center properly,” Rela Ginting said.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and information also recognized the achievement of PT VADS Indonesia as the enterprise providing number one contact center. “There are two things to perceive toward the cooperation’s of Ministry Communication and Information Technology with PT VADS Indonesia. First, the minister gives the permit of regulation, and PT VADS Indonesia is the client, after winning the tender,” Iskandar, Head of Sub directorate of call center said. 

Next, PT VADS Indonesia would always deliver their best service to clients and customers. “We are ready to go international. Indonesia resources are qualified as well,” Deddy Hermansyah closed his speech.


PT VADS Indonesia Sharing Session "Develop & Share Your Customer Experience"

Posted On 21 Feb 2017

The business development in Indonesia is closely related with the role of contact center as the vanguard of customer services. Contact Center is considered to be able to bridge and give solution on customer issues. As one of the experienced contact center services providers, PT VADS Indonesia realizes the importance of innovation to survive and grow in the midst of competition.

Not just stop in customer experience, PT VADS Indonesia has also made several breakthroughs and innovations by helping customer to transform into the digital era. One of them is in the form of Omni-channel. It is a support through multi channel in a single platform in which the contact center does not only use voice channel but also non voice channel such as Facebook, Twitter, email, live chat and Instagram. It is aimed to cope with digital shift and to give a fast response to customer needs.

PT VADS Indonesia realizes that customer’s need is a priority. With the experience of serving more than 50 companies in various industries including government, telecommunication, banking, insurance, hospital and e-commerce, PT VADS Indonesia has consistently implemented its motto as well as its strategy entitled “If You shine, I shine too” to each customer. This strategy explains that PT VADS Indonesia definitely puts concern and is responsible to each customer’s business and indirectly contributes to support the business. 

Deddy S. Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer PT VADS Indonesia, in the sharing session“Develop & Share Your Customer Experience” held in JS Luwansa Hotel Kuningan on February 21st 2017 reiterated that PT VADS Indonesia is committed to give the best. In this event, Deddy shared the story on how PT VADS Indonesia was able to manage various industries. “We have the experience in human resources side. We also have a learning center. Thus, it is not an issue to manage any kind of industries,” said Deddy.

PT VADS Indonesia’s customer is growing significantly. In the end of 2016, the number of customer has doubled from the previous year. It is a great achievement which shows that PT VADS Indonesia is able to meet various business demands. With the increasing number of PT VADS Indonesia’s customer, the agents who are usually called Customer Engagement Champion (CEC) are prepared based on customer demand. CEC is trained with various abilities trough training to be part of the company business development.

A number of awards to PT VADS Indonesia have colored its journey. One of the latest awards is “Best for BPO Services – Indonesia” from APAC Maritime & Shipping Awards 2016 for Asia Pacific level. This has definitely triggered PT VADS Indonesia to deliver better services to customer and to indirectly attract other customer candidates to be PT VADS Indonesia’s clients.

One of PT VADS Indonesia’s customers which have joined as a client recently is Grab Indonesia. It is an e-commerce start up which grows fast. As mentioned by Cut Noosy, Country Head of Customer Experience, Grab Indonesia has enjoyed the advantages for being in partner with PT VADS Indonesia. Previously, customer issues are handled internally. After being in cooperation with PT VADS Indonesia, Grab Indonesia has received helps to manage risk issues. “With the presence of VADS, we can stay more focused on strategic issues to accelerate the company’s goals. VADS has done what has become its expertise,” said Cut Noosy.

Call center business requires sufficient handling and ability. Once it is handled wrongly, then the business will collapse. As stated by Benyamin Sura, Director of Telecommunications of Directorate General of Post and Information Technology (PPI) Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo), there were many contact center services providers in Indonesia. However they did not survive in facing the competition.

The government has taken its role as a regulator to manage call center business to grow well and not to be monopolized by certain party. Thus, Directorate General of Post and Information Technology of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (PPI) will reorganize the business to be more efficient and effective.

PT VADS Indonesia is one of contact center services providers which comply and follow the government’s regulations. Therefrom, there is no need for the clients to be worry. With its experience and abilities, PT VADS is ready to answer all challenges. 


Contact Center Business in Digital Transformation Era

Posted On 01 Oct 2016

The current technology transformation in digital era is promoting a new innovation in Contact Center industry from Voice Channel to Multichannel. Today, it is transforming into Omnichannel. PT VADS Indonesia is ready to come up with innovations in transformation era to provide its best services in improving Customer Experience to partners and end users or customer.

Entering its 8th year, PT VADS Indonesia has been educating on the latest development of Contact Center business. In end of August at Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta, executives from various banking industries had the opportunity to hear updates on Contact Center in the digital transformation era from PT VADS Indonesia. Those executives were from Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Citibank, OCBC, DBS, Rabobank, Bank Muamalat, Bank National Nobu, Asuransi Prudential, AXA, and others. The event was also attended by PT VADS Indonesia’s partners such as Bank BCA, Bank KEB Hana Indonesia, Cigna Insurance, Manulife, Commonwealth-Life, Asuransi Raya, Central Asia Raya, and others.

With the tagline of “Make Your Business Easier”, PT VADS Indonesia keeps doing and creating new innovations in Contact Center services. One of them is by developing digital solution along with the development of digital era. In this era, there has been a shift in Contact Center industry from Multichannel into Omnichannel. Omnichannel is the most updated solution from Contact Center since this solution is using one platform (one application) for all communication channels such as email, voice, video call, social media and other non voice channels. Meanwhile, multichannel uses many platforMS (applications). Omnichannel is also a more effective and efficient to respond to customer’s complaint promptly in a single platform (one application).

According to Aulerius Anthony, President Director of PT VADS Indonesia, Omnichannel has enabled all communication channels with customer in social media such as Twitter, Facebook and others to be in one application. In fact, it is more effective. With omnichannel, it is easier for the company’s Customer Service to find out the experience journey from the profile of customer making the complaints through social media and to carry out the solution as well. As the impact, customer’s complaint through voice channel (telephone) is declining since the complaints are sent through the customer’s gadget. “There is a shift from voice to digital. By this, it is more practical,” said Anthony while explaining that this was the first transformation in Contact Center business in the digital era.

With Omnichannel solution, the customer’s complaints can be responded quickly since Customer Service in Contact Center & Walk in Center can interact and conduct escalation process promptly to Subject Matter Expert (SME) or experts in the company. The experts can easily access through Gadget, Smartphone, and Internet even if they are abroad. “Result & Benefit of Omnichannel technology may increase First Contact Resolution (FCR) with the final goal to improve a positive Customer Experience,” said Deddy S. Hermansyah, Chief Marketing Officer PT VADS Indonesia.

The second transformation in Contact Center business is Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to welcome Cloud era. There is an interesting thing in Cloud services. It is B2B application solution with pay-per-use business model namely Marketplace. “We have started this service this year,” explained Anthony.

Despite of the development of Contact Center business, it is no need for PT VADS Indonesia’s partners which are planning to develop Omnichannel or ICT solution to spend capital expenditure to buy new devices.  They only need to use the existing devices and then upgrade the devices. “We have provided all services supported by PT VADS Indonesia’s human resources with the expertise in their fields and also by VADS Group Malaysia,” said Anthony.

Meanwhile, Nathalya Wani Sabu, Head of Halo BCA, confessed her satisfaction on PT VADS Indonesia’s services to BCA. According to Nathalya Wani Sabu, PT VADS Indonesia is managed by experts in Contact Center industry. The experience of PT VADS Indonesia in Inbound and Outbound (Teleservices) is not only locally but regionally and internationally. “We are very happy with PT VADS Indonesia which treats us not only as a partner but also as a best friend. Thus, the relationship is even deeper,” said Wani with a smile.

Besides BCA, other partner which confessed to be satisfied with PT VADS Indonesia is Lee Hwa Soo, CEO Bank KEB Hana Indonesia. According to Lee, KEB Hana Bank has been in partner with PT VADS Indonesia for more than three years. They have enjoyed its direct benefits in developing the business and elevating its rating in banking industry. “PT VADS Indonesia is very quick and sincere in responding our needs. They also have good solution that makes us and our agents feel satisfied,” said Lee.

Indeed, customer satisfaction has become the target of PT VADS Indonesia to support the business of its partners. It is in line with its spirit and motto which says “If you shine, I shine too”. 

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