Healthcare Call Center As Key to Upgrade the Healthcare Industry

Posted On 27 Apr 2021

The Health Industry is an industry that can be the main aspect so that the life of an individual becomes even better, especially for the patients or clients they have. They must be able to provide services that can of course be provided and also be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is known that the already very high demand for health services such as patient care or handling and also hospitals is very worrying because the amount of costs and energy required is very large. This is where the role of the healthcare call center is used as the main weapon in order to meet the lack of resources and certainly meet the needs of diverse patients. That way the role of the healthcare call center here can be the main solution so that the health and care industry becomes more stable and continues to increase.

Why is Healthcare Call Center said to be the main key to Developing the Health Industry?

1. Customer Service and Patient Satisfaction

It is clear that the main purpose and function of any existing call center is to serve customers who in the world of health are patients. The relationship with each existing customer/patient is very important, so the agent from the call center that is owned becomes the main face to start a relationship with these customers so that they form a sense of comfort for the services that have been provided. For this reason, diverting each call center to agents who have been trained and of course trusted is highly recommended because they are the main foundation for achieving things such as customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and also business profit.

2. Support Resources With High-Quality Performance

To make the level of service, especially in the aspect of call services at health institutions, continue to increase, tools and support resources are needed, such as a Cloud-based Call Center which can improve data optimization, Omnichannel Support to communicate through various media such as Email, Website and also Social Media. , Modern IT Support, Chatbot Services, Facilities, and also Trainers who can help agents by providing training and mentoring to help them maximize all the services provided later. Of course, all the resources owned will meet the standards required by the institution. That way, using a healthcare call center itself will maximize the given business performance.

3. Reducing and Saving Cost

With so many costs involved in the aspect of care and also the implementation carried out by a health institution, of course, they have to find a way so that the customer service and customer care provided remains of high quality. Outsourcing itself can help healthcare organizations to save on expenses. Any reduced operating costs themselves do not mean the quality that will be obtained will be lower, because the outsourcing service providers themselves are always trying to improve the services they have.

4. Decrease Business Risk

The Healthcare Call Center will ensure that there will be no more errors such as missed calls so that every incoming call will always be ensured to get a response from every agent on duty. The Healthcare Call Center is also possible to answer calls at any time because many customers or patients have urgent medical needs or questions. By paying attention to each of these customer calls, it is certain that it will not cause loss of business opportunities and can also affect the reputation of the health institution.

By having the right and appropriate Healthcare Call Center service, it is concluded that it is very helpful and provides significant benefits to health institutions/organizations to handle complaints given by customers/patients. The Healthcare Call Center also has an impact on the relationships that will be had with customers which is very necessary to achieve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. VADS Indonesia itself certainly provides Call Center service solutions to help improve and develop your business plan by having satisfactory services. Please contact to find out more information about our Call Center solutions.


The Importance of Call Centers for Health Services

Posted On 22 Apr 2021

Call Centers have changed over the years and continue to be developed to be better at providing customer service and also tailored to the needs of the company. Call Centers today are usually connected in the cloud or via the internet. Today's modern call centers can also be integrated with email, webchat, SMS, and video calls. The goal is for call center agents to engage with new patients as well as existing patients through the channel of their choice. So that there are more channel options that patients can choose from.

For most healthcare organizations, call centers are at the forefront of providing services to patients. It is important for call centers to provide efficient services to assist health organizations in providing the best service to patients. Health care call centers help ensure that patients get the right service. Patients usually have urgent needs such as having to make an appointment on the same day. So that a quality health service call center will make patients receive a positive experience.

The benefits that can be felt by using a health service call center include:

Improve Relationships with Patients

While the internet and social media have emerged as new and popular communication channels for providing healthcare customer service, access to talking directly with call center agents is still the most preferred channel for people seeking help quickly. But over time, the use of email and social media can be adopted to serve the needs of patients so that patients are more satisfied and can also increase the value for health services.

Call Center Increases Patient Satisfaction

Having a telephone number for patients to call is not enough to provide satisfactory patient care. So that it takes a real, reliable, and personalized patient service so that it can make patients get a good patient experience. Thus, healthcare call centers that can provide fast, accurate, and personalized attention not only help reduce call abandonment rates but can also lead to better brand perception and referrals.

Call Center Improves Hospital Management

The expansion of alternative payment models such as integrated payments or value-based care requires hospitals to continue to prioritize follow-up with patients to ensure satisfactory outcomes. The health service call center can be used for post-discharge follow-up, appointment reminders, making appointments with health workers, and also for patient satisfaction surveys.

Call Center Increases Hospital Brand Awareness and Doctor Referrals

Hospitals or healthcare services are unique in that their patients are not “customers” in the traditional sense of business because they are not treating them to be “permanent servants”. However, universal marketing such as word of mouth plays an important role. Nearly three-quarters of patients said they would recommend a hospital with good service to friends and family.

Modernization of health service call centers must be supported by increasing human resources who can provide the best service to patients. Various features and benefits of a modern health service call center are that it can be integrated with online systems and other medical billing so that everything is designed to provide the best service to patients. In addition, the health industry can also save costs, increase agent productivity, provide self-service for patients, and also have better access to patient care.

PT VADS Indonesia can help your health service to be better. Discuss your health service call center needs with PT VADS Indonesia, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the contact center, and customer experience fields with professional call center management services that can improve customer support for your health services. PT VADS Indonesia provides free POC to improve your health service customer experience. Immediately contact and improve your customer experience with PT VADS Indonesia.


Virtual Call Center, Call Center Service in the New Normal Era

Posted On 19 Apr 2021

A virtual call center is a call center that provides customer service without being in one location. They are in various locations, can work from home or work in different offices but remain connected through virtual call center software. Virtual call centers can be used by companies to provide support to their customers in various time zones needed so that they can provide cost-effective solutions for call center solutions.

Various advantages of using a virtual call center include no geographical restrictions so agents can log inflexibly, can be accessed via phone or laptop, can be set up quickly using a virtual phone system, and can be monitored live. In addition, a virtual call center agent does not require a telephone device but can be accessed via a browser using a laptop or mobile phone. The system used by the virtual call center can also be easily integrated with other systems such as helpdesk, CRM, billing software, analytics, and others. Virtual call centers only use IP Networks such as LAN and WAN to ensure data and voice have good quality.

The way a virtual call center works is basically having a call center that can be accessed remotely. The virtual call center platform can be hosted in the cloud or on specific premises depending on the needs of each company. Once the system is complete, the call center virtual agents log into the system from their respective locations and are ready to handle customer calls just like in an office environment.

The job of a virtual call center agent is the same as what a call center agent does in general, namely handling incoming and outgoing phone calls, and usually requires the ability to handle the following tasks:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Reply to emails or online chat messages
  • Handling customer problems
  • Directing customers to resolution when complex resolution is required
  • Doing telemarketing and sales
  • Make a call for data verification

Call center virtual agents need appropriate computer equipment to meet their needs in servicing customer relationships. In addition, experience and training are needed to provide agents with sufficient provisions in managing the company's customer service. Apart from being knowledgeable about the company they work for, they should also be trained on how to handle common customer-related issues. So they must have the following skills:

Interpersonal skills

Communication skills so agents must be smiling, professional, and friendly especially in speaking on the phone in a clear tone. So call center virtual agents must be proficient in responding to calls.


Virtual call center agents must be patient, especially in dealing with frustrated or angry callers related to their complaints. So the virtual call center agent must be able to overcome the situation.

Ability to solve problems

A virtual call center agent must be able to think quickly, assess the situation, and find the best solution to every problem experienced by their respective customers.

Organizational skills

Call center virtual agents need a lot of information and switch from one call to another with different problems, so they need people who can manage and are always ready for each of these different calls.

VADS Indonesia provides virtual call center services that serve customers of various companies on various channels. VADS Indonesia recognizes and ensures that customers have a support experience using a virtual call center that can increase the productivity and efficiency of your company's customer service. Call us, and we'll demonstrate how a virtual call center can enhance your customer service support efforts. Convinced by the various benefits of a virtual call center but confused about where to start? Kindly contact for a consultation regarding a virtual call center to improve your company's customer service.


Call Center Security Tips for Protecting Customer Data

Posted On 15 Apr 2021

Misuse and also data breaches are rife which can happen every day with a number of violations that are certainly not small. Many questions are given to companies about whether they can guarantee that all customer data they have can be maintained very well and ensure that the data is far from being disturbed by pirates out there. It is important for companies to respond to things like this and prove that they are able to ensure the preservation of every consumer data they have. During this period, it was also known that developments and improvements in call centers or industrial contact centers such as the presence of Inbound and Outbound contact center services until the emergence and development of Omnichannel made the processes run more effectively and efficient. But with the development of these things, it is still vulnerable to privacy violations that occur. By understanding how the call center or contact center can protect all customer data, it is certain that this can prevent data breaches and piracy. Here are some ways that you can implement so that your call center/contact center services can protect any customer data that you already have.

Strengthen Security Protocol Security Question

Violations that occur in the leakage of information and also personal data have taken many victims and caused losses to the individual. That way, you must be able to strengthen the security of customer data and on the security protocol security questions that you have. Ask security questions that only your authorized customers can answer. Use specific methods and also questions that are not only in your customer data document such as, how long have they had this account or when did they first create the account, and also when was the last time they used the account.

Apply Extra Security

If you only have one layer of defense against all the customer data you have, it is a very fatal thing because it will be easy to hijack or the data. That way as much as possible more than three layers of defense is used so that it is easier for you to find out all the activities carried out against a profile and can identify if there is an activity in that case.

Education Agency and Upgrade Resources

Each agent and also the resources owned also make an aspect in order to prevent violations of all customer data that you have, of course, you can make the data as safe as possible. You can educate each agent you have by providing training and assistance to ensure that all the agents you have are appropriate and of course can carry out all the rules to maintain any existing data and also prevent customer data security. In addition, resources such as trainers, modules, and development programs are no less important to add customer service skills to each agent owned. improvement of the software system or Software also makes aspects so that every existing customer data is far from viruses that may harm all of that data.

Having a call center service with qualified technology to improve customer experience is indeed important, but apart from that, all systems in place to protect all customer data are also targeted to be obtained. It is hoped that some call center security tips to protect all customer data above can help you to have better service to the customers that have been provided. VADS Indonesia itself certainly provides Call Center solutions to help improve and develop your business plan by having satisfactory data protection. Kindly contact to find out more information about our Call Center solutions.


Reason to Outsource Your IT Support

Posted On 13 Apr 2021

We all know that technology is the key and the first core that makes the main face of whether the business owned is good or not. As this era continues to develop, Technology can show how the company is running well and provide maximum impact. Supporting technology is also a function so that our business can compete with competitors out there and determine whether we will lose to compete or dominate the existing market. This is where the role of IT support becomes the main aspect of whether the company we run has the right to be in a leading position. Self-sufficient IT support can also ensure your company is avoided from problems such as cybercrime or cyber-attacks. We also know that if we want good IT support, a large budget is required. That way, outsourcing IT support itself is the main way because the budget spent will be cheaper and of course a more professional IT system. So, what is the reason why outsourcing IT support is so important? Here's the explanation.

Minimize IT Operational Expenditures

Outsourcing itself really helps you without having to incur additional internal costs which will greatly drain your budget. You no longer need to spend additional internal funds to recruit experienced IT staff and provide them with training because by outsourcing your IT support, of course, you will get a professional IT team that has been equipped with maximum training and of course at a more affordable cost. Of course, outsourcing IT support is very beneficial for your company's budget in the long term because you will only incur costs for existing IT services without having to think about needs in other IT aspects.

Greater Level of Security

Providing extra protection for technology in a company is very time-consuming and certainly requires other additional costs. By outsourcing your own IT support, you don't have to worry about that because the outsourced IT service provider always ensures security and protection against things like hackers or malware. They will always try to improve and also upgrade the protection system they have.

Reducing IT Problem Risk

Risk or turnover of course often arises even though you have always done your best to prevent this from happening. By outsourcing your own IT support, you can minimize these problems because every IT staff owned by the IT support service provider will always monitor your IT system at all times and ensure that there will not be a single error that will occur in the future. If they find a problem in the IT system, they will always be ready to find a solution so that the problem can be resolved in a short time.

IT Technology That Always Improves and Updates

Every time the existing technology is always developing without us knowing and of course, it will take a lot of time and money so that the services we have are always protected and also upgraded every time. It is necessary to have an IT system that can handle various fields ranging from server settings to other IT management. There is also a need for a system that always has the capacity to manage all of these fields and of course the system that is owned must develop so that later it can resolve if it has variants of problems that arise. That way, outsourcing IT support to IT outsourcing service providers themselves is highly recommended because they will always ensure that the technology they have is always adequate and up to date so you don't have to worry about upgrading the existing IT technology system.

Company Stays Focused on Core Business

Questions such as who will manage and also monitor the server when you are outside of working hours or do not have time to do this will always be asked so how can this be overcome. Aspects like this will later make you more overthinking and unable to maximize your existing business core. Don't make IT an obstacle to the development of your business because you often think about how the IT system continues to improve while you carry out the core business which is certainly more fundamental. By outsourcing your own IT support, you don't have to worry about this because outsourcing service providers have staff who always focus on the core of their work, namely providing IT support to their clients.

That's an explanation of the reasons for outsourcing your IT support, it is hoped that the article above can help you to further develop the aspects of your IT support. VADS Indonesia itself certainly provides IT support solutions with satisfactory services to help improve your business plan. Kindly contact to find out more information about our IT Service Management solutions.


What is IT Service Management?

Posted On 08 Apr 2021

Information Technology or what we usually call IT has become a component that can help improve all business needs that companies have. Each company certainly has their own information technology services and of course, they want to always improve these services. It is also known that in an effort to win the competition in the business world, the application of information technology is needed as a tool so that the organization can be more advanced and develop. There is a process or method called Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) which has many benefits when practiced and also developed by companies or organizations that use this process. So, what is meant by ITSM? What are the benefits of using ITSM itself? here is the explanation.

Understanding IT Service Management

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) or IT service management itself in short is an activity that refers to and is involved in the process of creating, designing, supporting, delivering, and managing the information technology service life cycle itself. ITSM can also be interpreted as a process for managing IT systems that are philosophically centered on the perspective of consumers of IT services to the company and also the benefits of ITSM. ITSM can also be interpreted as an ability to provide value to customers in the form of services. In contrast to IT management practices which are usually more focused on technology, such as hardware, networks, or systems.

What are the Benefits of IT Service Management?

1. Improving Quality and Efficiency

Quality and efficiency are things that are always desired in the provision of a service. By using IT Service Management itself, it is certain that it will maximize all existing resources and make the level of efficiency increase which results in perfect quality. IT service management also provides high-quality and technical support services which are processed 24 hours a day.

2. Providing Extra Service in Customer Experience

Of course, customer experience is one of the main aspects in making the development of services provided by a company especially if you have to use IT services to maximize it. It is also known that to align every activity and also business needs for the occurrence of a service strategy process requires a qualified IT system. The IT system can also help to respond to any incident reports or service requests received. That way, having a promising IT Service Management can make a plus point in a business or company being run.

3. Save Time and Business Cost

Of course, having a service that can complete a job in a short time and doesn't cost too much is every company's dream. By using IT Service Management itself you can make that dream come true. ITSM itself has a process called Knowledge Management which can help find information that has been previously owned and reduce the need for business in carrying out that information and will automatically save work time. The Knowledge Management process itself can later be developed to encourage cost savings.

4. Helping to Improve Collaboration Between Business Divisions

By using IT Service Management itself, it will be easier if a department or division wants to help or collaborate with other departments and of course, it will be more effective in the future. ITSM itself can help other departments such as Finance to improve and optimize IT Investments or they can collaborate with the Facility department to improve and ensure the solid security of their information.

That's an explanation of IT Service Management and also the benefits that can be obtained in its use. VADS Indonesia itself certainly provides IT Service Management solutions to help improve and develop your business plan. You can contact to find out more information about our IT Service Management solutions.


Advantages of Using Automated Customer Service

Posted On 05 Apr 2021

The use of automation technology has grown and become very popular with a variety of benefits. Automation can be used for various industries, one of which is customer service.

Based on research conducted by IBM in 2020, 85% of all customer interactions are handled without a human agent. The use of chatbots and artificial intelligence can help contact center agents focus more on more complex tasks so that customer service work can be more effective.

What is Automated Customer Service?

Automated Customer Service is a customer support method provided by automated systems such as chatbots, voice bots, or other artificial intelligence using tools to automate workflows or tasks. Automated customer service can provide 24/7 service and is used to assist contact center agents in receiving calls from customers and also responding to customer needs effectively and efficiently. Customer service means understanding customer needs and providing assistance to meet those customer needs.

By automating customer service, it creates opportunities to move or eliminate points of human-to-human contact when inefficient or unnecessary. Automation is not to replace the need to build relationships with customers, but automation should make it easier to build rapport with customers.

One form of automated customer service is that virtual assistants such as chatbots and voice bots are popularly used and employ predefined rules using artificial intelligence to help customers solve their problems quickly. Automated Customer Service can be used in all communication channels of choice of company customers so that the company can customize the channel according to the needs of its customers.

By using automated customer service, more complex questions can be forwarded to the contact center agent so that the contact center agent can help solve the problems experienced by customers more quickly, and accurately. In addition, companies can focus more on building relationships with corporate customers.

The need to automate the customer service process is the preference and expectation of consumers for faster information and service delivery. In the digital age, customers expect 24/7 assistance with problems and questions but also require a more specific experience as well as personalization. Examples of automated customer service technicians are the use of chatbots for customer service, automation through the CRM process, automated responses via email, social media monitoring, conversations via IVR or voice bot.

The various benefits that can be felt by using automated customer services include:

  • Faster response time
  • Budget efficiency due to lower operating costs
  • Improve the quality of relationships with customers
  • Reducing the occurrence of human error
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Optimizing customer service experience according to needs
  • Increase the productivity of contact center agents

Artificial intelligence is now part of the workforce helping companies create customer satisfaction for fast, high-quality support. Automated customer service that combines artificial intelligence with contact center agents will provide a good customer experience so that it can increase customer satisfaction. Artificial intelligence can be used in simple repetitive scenarios such as live chat so that more complex problems will be assisted by the contact center agent.

Automated customer service is an important step in providing service to customers. VADS Indonesia has automated customer service solutions such as smart chat assistants and voice bots that can perform customer service functions more optimally and productively. Automated customer service makes customer service fast, efficient, and can be integrated with the company's systems. The combination of digital channels, automation, AI, and human involvement makes automated customer service a breakthrough to improve company services in communicating with its customers. VADS Indonesia knows and ensures that customers have a support experience by using automated customer service that can increase the productivity and efficiency of your company's customer service. Contact us, and we will demonstrate how automated customer service can enhance your customer service support efforts. Sure about the various benefits of automated customer service but confused about where to start? Contact for consultations to improve your company's customer service.


How to Increase Customer Satisfaction with a Contact Center

Posted On 02 Apr 2021

In the world of customer service, companies must be able to measure customer satisfaction to determine the extent to which the company's products and services can meet customer expectations so as to create brand and company success. Customer satisfaction focuses on the same thing, namely how companies can measure customer expectations. The higher the level of customer satisfaction, the greater the customer will survive and increase purchases to the company.

Many contact centers use customer satisfaction surveys at the end of the call. Customers are asked to fill out a short survey after each call and rate the level of service they receive and understand how customers feel about your business. Customer satisfaction surveys help companies find problems with their services in a timely manner. They also provide visibility into the performance of each member of your team.

Customer satisfaction is an important metric for companies because it provides insight into things like customer loyalty, the likelihood of churn, and also helps identify problems with a product or service. Companies that provide high levels of customer satisfaction can also use them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The following are some steps that can be used as guidelines for your contact center in creating customer satisfaction:

Understand your company's customer expectations

There are still many customers who are not satisfied with the service of a company, this dissatisfaction must be collected and given feedback so that the company understands what customers expect for your company. Conducting customer satisfaction surveys is one way to find out whether customers are satisfied with the services provided by the company. The survey method can be done by telephone, email, IVR, online, or face to face so that it can provide insights that can develop the company.

Don't keep customers waiting

The company's contact center service can offer callbacks over long queue time periods rather than having customers forced to wait. A good contact center solution can make customers feel satisfied with the services provided to the company. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review mentioned in the Genesys, article says that customers whose complaints are handled in less than five minutes spend more money with your company on future purchases. This proves that the more satisfied customers are with the services provided by the company, the more it will generate profits for the company.

Provide training and professional development to contact center personnel

A trained and professional contact center team makes them more efficient in providing better service and also superior customer service so that it will have the impact of creating the customer satisfaction score that your company wants.

Provide multichannel support

By using contact center services that are more varied in using the media used such as social media, live chat, telephone, and also email, are becoming increasingly important to customers so that the company's contact center services can connect with customers on the channels they use. This multichannel and omnichannel support not only offers many channels but also prevents customers from providing repetitive information to different contact center agents because this can annoy customers and potentially damage the company's reputation due to customer dissatisfaction.

Provide a proactive contact center

Contact customers before they call your company to be more effective, timely, personalized, and also relevant to your company's customers. This proactive strategy can be applied with telesales, telereminder, telecollection, and teleretention, for example as a payment reminder, a personalized customer loyalty scheme, and providing information about the latest products and services from your company. This strategy can reduce incoming calls and also increase the efficiency of the contact center agent. This also proves that offering good customer service is not only good for customers but also good for business continuity in the future so as to generate revenue for the company.

Provides additional benefits

Provide your customers with a free quote or a discount that can help the company to build good customer relationships. Discounts given to products that have been the target of your customers or providing additional accessories as post-purchase support will make customers feel satisfied and cared for with their needs so as to increase customer satisfaction and also build a positive image of your brand and company.

The data you have related to customer satisfaction surveys is a reflection of the actual customer experience with your company. This data can be used by your company to take action. It is important for this data to be processed so that it can be used as an opportunity for your company to increase customer satisfaction, especially by providing services or products according to your company's needs.

Creating good customer satisfaction is one of the keys to the success of a business. VADS Indonesia can help your company to build and improve good customer relationships so as to create good customer satisfaction. The various advantages that you have for handling customers using voice or digital technology can make your company's work easier, especially in building customer relationships. In addition, your company can interact more quickly with consumers so that it can help answer consumer questions with various questions asked and respond quickly so that it can make consumers happy because they get the answers or solutions needed quickly. This technology can also function for 24 hours so that whenever and whatever time the customer asks, it will be quickly and easily answered. This can make consumers happy and satisfied so that it can improve the customer experience for your company. Contact for more information to help your company build and improve customer relationships


Check Out How to Increase Your Customers Through WhatsApp Business

Posted On 30 Mar 2021

In marketing to your prospects, it is important to determine what channels are appropriate to reach your target customers. Is it using social media like Facebook or Twitter or maybe LinkedIn? Or maybe using email and contacting by phone? Now we will discuss one text-based platform that also has many users, namely WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the channels for interesting marketing. WhatsApp is an application that allows users to send messages for free to anyone who wants them. Not only for sending text messages, but WhatsApp can be used to send images, voice messages, locations, videos, documents, and also GIFs. You can even make voice and video calls.

Currently, WhatsApp also provides WhatsApp Business which is specially made with small business owners in mind so that it can help companies to connect with customers and provide personalized customer service. The WhatsApp Business app is available for Android and iOS. Your business can interact with customers efficiently by being able to automate messages, sort, and also how to quickly respond to messages. Some of the features available on WhatsApp Business include:

  • Business Profile: Companies can create a business profile by providing useful information such as address, company name, business description, email, and website.
  • Quick Replies: by using the quick replies feature, companies can save and reuse messages that are frequently asked by customers and which you send frequently so that this way, you can easily answer the most frequently asked questions in no time.
  • Automated Messages: just like chatbots, by using the automated messages feature, you can respond to messages of your customers any time and any time even outside your company operating hours. Or you can create a welcome message to introduce a potential customer to your business at the start of a conversation so that it is personalized and your customers will have a good time communicating with you.
  • Message Statistics: You will get insight into how many messages your customers successfully sent and read.
  • Labels: this feature can make it easier for you to organize contacts or chats with labels so that you can easily find them again based on those labels.
  • Product Catalog: this feature allows customers to view your products on WhatsApp. This feature can sort several products depending on your company's products with a maximum of 500 products or services. Each product or service may include a title, price, description, product code, and a link to your company website.

Once your WhatsApp Business account is ready, the next step is to think about ways to reach your customers. How can your business adjust to using conversations via WhatsApp? Use a more personal conversation so that it gives the impression that the customer is talking and communicating with you. The next stage is to start increasing consumers through WhatsApp Business.

While you may already have a whole list of contacts on the phones of people you've contacted before, you can't send them any messages if they don't have your (new) business number on their phone. One way to start communicating with your company's customers is by placing a WhatsApp button on your company's website so they can quickly start a conversation with you. Apart from putting it on the website, publish your WhatsApp Business number on various social media owned by your company so that more and more people will know that you have WhatsApp to communicate in an easy and fast way. Another great common way is to offer something of value in exchange for their phone number. This can be a promotion one and also provide some valuable information they might want. You can create a compelling promotion that makes it easier for people to share their numbers with you.

Using the automatic message function, you can send them promo offers right away. However, don't forget to offer more than just automated messaging with promo deals, engage them from the start so you can start building a good relationship with your customers.

What can we do using WhatsApp Business? By using the WhatsApp Business service, your company can provide better and faster customer service. In addition, the company also gets feedback from good relationships with customers so that this can be used to find out and dig deeper into the wants and needs of your company's customers. Using WhatsApp Business can also help your company do other work, such as sending information regarding order status, payment reminders, and also send special offers to your company's customers.

With a variety of advantages that WhatsApp Business has that can answer your company's needs, especially in increasing consumers, it's time for your company to use WhatsApp Business to become one of the best solutions to maximize your business. Contact for consultation regarding the WhatsApp Business needs of your company.


How to Increase Company Revenue?

Posted On 26 Mar 2021

Every company certainly wants the services/products they provide to get a good response from customers. They always try their best so that the services/products they provide are the main options of customers. By having an abundance of customer coverage, it is certain that revenue/profit will be obtained very easily. Then, what is meant by revenue itself? Revenue itself is said to be an increase in economic benefits during a predetermined period which can be in the form of additional assets or income. For this reason, companies must be able to maximize all possible performance and resources they have to encourage them to achieve the desired income targets. That way, is there any way to increase company revenue other than having a qualified marketing strategy? Here are some ways that can be used to increase your company's revenue.

Various Ways to Increase Your Company's Revenue

1. Have Bigger Goals

Targets and goals are the most important things if you want to achieve success in the business you are running. By having a target, of course, you already know what you have to do so that the business can be successful and of course it will be liked by customers. If you have achieved this target, you should not just stop there. Set new goals that can certainly provide more value to your company. Reach a wider market to increase profits and profits more than before. Create new service/product innovations and have your own style so that you can include even more potential customers.

2. Build Good Relationships with Customers

The customers you own are an important aspect of increasing revenue from the company. By building a good relationship with them, it is ensured that the level of customer loyalty to the service/product that you provide will continue to increase. Therefore, start building good relationships with the customers you have. Being friendly/polite and always listening to all their complaints is the main key to achieving this success. Do as much interaction as possible with them in order to reach even closer relationships. Later customers will feel that they are treated like "more than a customer" and make them comfortable with what you have provided.

3. Use a variety of media for marketing

The more familiar the service/product you provide, the more potential customers you will get. That way, use as much media as possible so that information about the service/product that you provide can be seen and reached those potential customers. You can use Digital media such as Social Media, Website, or Email and also use Non-Digital media such as brochures, banners, banners, or billboards to do this marketing.

4. Increase Trade Value to Customers

If it is said that you have earned a lot of customers, it is highly recommended that you always expand your service/product for the better in all aspects. Customers who feel that they are loyal to the service will have the feeling that they want to get something more because they are loyal to the company. Therefore, start increasing your trading value to be even better, such as providing attractive offers or simplifying the purchase transaction process. That way customers become more comfortable and of course make your service/product their first choice.

5. Generate Team Motivation

One of the impacts on the success achieved in a company/business, of course, is obtained from building perfect teamwork. Lots of companies feel why they have very little profit and progress from the business they do, but besides that, they also don't care about what happens and is felt by their employees. If you feel this way, start to improve relationships with your employees/team. Interact with them as much as possible so that they become more comfortable working with you. Give motivation and inspiration to your employees/team so that later they will start to grow thirsty to increase the value of your company. By having an environment that shares clear objectives, it is certain that profit and revenue will be easy to increase.

Those are some ways that can be implemented to increase your company's revenue. It is hoped that some of these ways can help you to always develop your company's revenue in the future. VADS Indonesia itself certainly provides a very satisfying service and can help the business you run. Kindly contact to consult your business plan and further information.


How Does Digital Transformation Improve Contact Centers?

Posted On 23 Mar 2021

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of the business, resulting in fundamental changes in the way businesses operate and the value companies provide to customers. The digital transformation is changing the way companies manage their contact centers. Technology provides insights to interact with customers in new ways and also to improve the productivity of contact center operational performance. The main factor companies must take advantage of this digital transformation is because customers are also starting to switch to digital in carrying out their daily activities. Customers are expected to be able to contact the company anytime, anywhere, and by using whatever platform they want. So it is important for companies to determine their contact center strategy to make it more useful for their customers.

The company's contact center must be able to keep up with technological transformation to provide a good customer experience so it must have a customer service-centered strategy. Companies must think about what technology is used by customers for budget efficiency and also time efficiency in providing services, increasing interaction with customers, and increasing customer loyalty. Some of the benefits that have been felt by the existence of digital transformation in the world of contact centers include:

1. The conversation is carried out automatically

Automation is part of the digital transformation process so that contact center automation can be used to increase the productivity of contact center agents and also to reduce costs. In addition, automation can improve the customer experience, one of which is by using a chatbot or voice bot.

2. Make use of omnichannel channels

A good contact center ideally provides 360-degree service from customers so that they can understand customer wants and needs so as to make customers satisfied with the services provided by the company. Digital transformation can be used by contact centers to integrate all channels they have to provide a better customer experience, but of course, the company must be able to identify the channels that the company's customers prefer. Synchronization in each channel must also be considered so that the customer does not complain about something that he has to tell repeatedly.

3. Make use of data

With digital transformation, it allows your company to get the data obtained from your customers. Digital transformation helps companies get valuable data to improve your company's customer experience. These technologies can provide data about your customer behavior, company perceptions, and your company's customer support services. So that by knowing this data, companies can focus on improving customer experience and also improving services, and improving products and services provided to customers. Of course, it will provide a personalized experience according to each customer.

4. Cost savings

By using digital transformation, it is true that your company will invest in some technology to be utilized, but by increasing productivity and reducing other hardware costs, for example by being able to operate anywhere so that it can save your company's operational budget.

Today's customer expectations are getting higher, they need customer service or contact centers that are more personal, timely, and always on all channels, especially in digital channels. That is the importance of digital transformation to be integrated and to provide comprehensive services to customers. In 2021 and beyond, contact center automation is accelerating, making it important for companies to adopt best practices, or risk falling behind the competition. Technological advances in robotic process automation (RPA), AI, and machine learning (ML) are completely changing the face of customer service.

Discuss your digital contact center needs with VADS Indonesia, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the field of contact centers, and customer experience with professional call center management services that can improve your company's customer support. Immediately consult for your company's digital contact center which aims to improve contact center services and optimize your company's contact center services.


Increase Customer Retention with Contact Centers

Posted On 15 Mar 2021

In a business or company that is run, of course, having an abundance of customers is a dream that you want to always be realized. By having a fairly large customer scale, surely the company or business that is being run will find it easier to get partnerships, channels, and of course profit because many individuals have trusted the product or service. However, if this has been realized, how do companies maintain their customers to always use and be loyal to their products or services? The ability to retain these customers is said to be Customer Retention.

What is meant by customer retention? Can Contact Centers Help Increase Customer Retention?

In short, Customer Retention is defined as an action taken by companies to retain their customers in order to keep using the products and services they have provided and prevent customers from switching to other companies/competitors. Then, how do you increase customer retention? Can using a contact center help to increase customer retention? Here are some of the advantages of using a contact center to increase customer retention.

1. Increase Customer Relationship

The relationship we have with our customers is one of the main aspects of our success in selling a service or product. By having a good relationship with your customers, that's where customer retention can be run well again. Contact Center itself is one way that you can improve your relationship with customers. Contact Centers can provide a better and easier interaction or transaction experience so that later customers will be more comfortable with what you have provided. That way they will be more loyal and of course, will always use the products/services you provide.

2. Knowing Customer Needs

Lots of businesses or companies that have high target consumers and want their customers to always use the products/services they provide but don't know what consumers really need. Contact Center itself is known to have many media or ways to find out what customers need. By interacting through Social Media, Email, Chatbot or Call Center Agents themselves, they can get feedback in the form of information on what the customer really needs. The Contact Center itself can also find out information about what they can improve on the services or products that have been provided. Later, the existing information will be used as a reference by the company so that they always develop existing products/services and can always maintain their customers.

3. Customer Data Management

A good interaction experience and ease in carrying out transactions are certainly always desired by every customer if they want to use a product or service. Customers who have already used your product or service certainly don't want to waste time providing more information about their customer profile. Therefore, the existence of a Contact Center that has a system such as a Customer Data Analysis (CDA) can help to make it easier to find out the database about the customers you already have. Things like this are certainly a plus point that makes customers feel more cared for and prioritized so that later they will always make your service/product their first choice.

4. Anticipating Customer Risks with Various Solutions

We cannot avoid losing and also reducing the number of customers you have because all of that is a personal decision of each customer. With the Contact Center itself, you can anticipate these things by always providing solutions such as Call Center Agent services that always listen to complaints from customers and provide solutions instantly. In addition, services such as Chatbot itself are very helpful in providing quick solutions to problems that customers have. You can also provide other possible service options that can help solve the problem. The Contact Center of course also has operations such as Quality Assurance (QA) where companies can guarantee all the quality of the products/services they provide. That way it can be seen that customer risks can come at any time and you must be able to provide optimal solutions and services to prevent this from happening.

Those are some of the benefits that you can get by using a Contact Center to increase Customer Retention. VADS Indonesia certainly offers a Contact Center service that is integrated with various media and agents who always provide satisfying services which of course can help develop your business plan. Please contact to find out more information about our Contact Center solutions.

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