How to Get Customer Feedback?

Posted On 12 Mar 2021

In every service/product that we provide, of course, customer satisfaction is the main target so that the business we do will always grow. From all the experiences that customers have, later they will provide feedback such as providing positive or negative reviews of the services/products we provide. That way we must always provide our best service in order to have a good image in the eyes of customers.

The feedback itself is a form of feedback to measure how good and bad the services/products we provide are based on customer experience. Then, how important is the feedback? Why should we maximize all feedback from customers?

The feedback given by customers can be an aspect for you to know what things need to be improved from the services/products provided, to know the wishes of the customer, and of course to find out the response from the customer regarding the quality of your service/product. Therefore, how do we get feedback from customers? Here are a few methods you can use to get the perfect feedback.

Powerful Methods of Getting Customer Feedback

1) Conducting a survey
The survey itself is one method that has been frequently used to get feedback from customers. There are various kinds of tools or media that you can use to create interesting surveys such as Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Zoho Survey, and many more.

Later, the survey will contain questions which of course can provide information about customer responses to the services/products you provide. That way, ask collective questions in order to allow you to get the information you need. Also make the concept of more interesting and varied questions such as Multiple choice, Short answer, and Linear scale so that customers take more initiative in the process of filling out the survey.

2) Using Social Media
What we all know is that social media is one of the main keys to marketing the services/products we provide. Social media itself can allow you to get feedback from customers about the business we have. There are several methods, such as using polls, via the comment / Reply column of the posts you share, or direct messages.

Platforms like Instagram and Twitter can be the main media for you to get feedback from customers. Instagram itself has a feature called Stories, which later you can add a poll column to each story you create. Twitter allows you to add a poll column to each tweet you want to publish.

Comment / Reply
In every post that you provide on Instagram or Twitter, there will always be a comment column so that your followers/customers can provide reviews or insights on the experiences they have regarding the services/products they receive. That way you can read every existing comment and make it feedback for your service/product.

Direct Message
Not a few customers prefer to interact via direct messages because the information provided is clearer and more detailed. That way you can ask them if the information provided is clear and if they are satisfied with the information. Later, the answers they give can be used as feedback for you. As a result, you can evaluate your service from each answer that has been collected.

3) Provide a Feedback Box
Many of the customers or prospective customers do not use social media very often and of course, they will look for information through the official website. You can provide a feedback box on your websites such as a Suggestion / Comment column or an Emoji column that shows a happy or sad expression for the information you have provided.

4) Contacting by email
Of course, email is one of the main data if customers want to use the services you provide. In addition to informing you about the development of the services you provide, the email itself is a place to get feedback from customers.

You can send an email in the form of asking if the service they received is what they wanted or also asking if they were satisfied with the service they received. Using email allows them to provide feedback in the form of text or attachments in the form of images/videos.

5) Offer and Provide Rewards
Providing rewards or attractive offers such as discounted prices, free shipping, free trials, or giving samples can be one solution for you to get feedback from customers. Give them access to these offers by filling in questions about customer responses regarding the services/products you provide.

These are some of the methods you can practice to get satisfactory feedback from customers. Hopefully, these methods will help you to make the services/products provided even better. VADS Indonesia certainly provides services that can help improve your business. Contact to consult your business plan and further information regarding the needs of your company's customers.


Contact Centers Improve Your Relations with Customers

Posted On 09 Mar 2021

In today's advanced era, technology and services provided by each company are the main "weapons" to be able to compete with competitors. Every company is always competing to provide the best service so that the company that is run always develops and becomes the first choice of customers.

The very rapid development of technology has also made the main factor in making any information can be obtained very easily and also flexibly. The information that can be obtained also becomes the main point so that the services provided by each company can be known quickly and can be selected by potential customers to be their first choice. That way, the Contact Center is the main "bridge" for interactions with prospective customers if they want to inquire about the business provided by the company.

Every prospective customer certainly wants to get a good first impression in getting the service they want. This is where the role of the Contact Center is very important so that every prospective customer gets a perfect customer experience. The contact center must be able to provide satisfying services such as explaining and answering questions about the products & services provided, and of course, listening to all the complaints that these customers have. Companies must be able to provide Contact Center services indefinitely and through various media. By having a good Contact Center service, it will certainly improve all relationships with customers and maybe customers will provide feedback in the form of promoting indirectly to their closest relatives regarding the Contact Center services they have experienced.

Definition of Contact Center
Contact Center is often defined as a "gathering point" where all the interactions that are owned and carried out between companies and customers are managed in a business that is carried out. The Contact Center itself has the authority to always answer calls made by customers and provide solutions to solve problems they have. Contact Center is known to use a service system that allows customers to interact through many channels such as Social Media, Email, Website, and of course by telephone. Within a company, the role of the Contact Center is very important. By having satisfying service and always conveying value or value regularly to customers, it is ensured that customers will feel satisfied with the services provided, and of course, it can increase the loyalty of these customers.

Can Contact Centers Improve Customer Relationships?
In a business that is run, of course, the relationship with customers is one of the main aspects of achieving success and success in the business. With that, the Contact Center becomes the main point to achieve this success.

  • Providing Solutions through Media Variations. The advantage of using a Contact Center is that customers can interact if they want to ask about services provided or ask for solutions through various media. They are given many options, such as sending email, through direct social media messages, or through chatbot services. That way customers can more easily interact anytime and anywhere and the company can communicate directly with its customers or in other words, can create a two-way relationship between the company and the customer.
  • Make it easier to know the history of customer information. The number of media as a place to interact with customers makes it easier for companies to find out more about what customers really want. With a Contact Center that is equipped with a sophisticated system, it is very easy to collect all information about all complaints that customers have and the history of the interactions they have had. As a result, all these complaints will be more easily resolved by the contact center agents who handle them, and the contact center agents will find it easier to offer offers that suit the needs of customers.

From all the benefits of the Contact Center above, it is known that it will make all relationships that customers have better and of course increase. VADS Indonesia itself offers Contact Center services that are integrated with various media and also contact center agents who always provide services that can improve your company's relationship with customers. Kindly contact to find out all information about our Contact Center solutions.


How Important is the Cloud for Your Company?

Posted On 04 Mar 2021

Technology has a huge impact on business today. The rapid development of technology provides many alternative solutions for many companies in running and developing their businesses.

In today's pandemic era, companies must be able to build and maintain their own server environment to be able to host and run applications on their premises. Today, companies must have cloud computing that is revolutionizing the company's business and operations. This technology is the foundation of a company's digital transformation.

Before cloud computing, people would run applications or programs from programs that were downloaded on servers in their buildings. Companies make their own data centers which costs require a lot of allocation like professionals and other resources. However, the more complex the data and the number of professionals needed to manage it are also increasing, it requires a level of productivity and efficiency which is a new challenge.
Currently, more and more companies are using cloud computing to manage their data centers. Cloud computing is a trendy, innovative solution, and can also be used as a back-up for an ongoing system.

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is a development of internet-based data and information storage services. In cloud computing technology, all data is located and stored on internet servers as well as applications that are generally needed by users so that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere provided there is an internet network connection. Cloud computing prioritizes security and convenience for its users. With these advantages, cloud computing can increase productivity as well as company employees.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

1. Cost-Effectiveness
One of the main benefits of cloud computing is cost-effectiveness because cloud computing is a technology that provides services to companies according to demand so that companies only pay according to the criteria and features used. Cloud computing is a business model that only requires a monthly subscription fee for the services used today so that it can save more on budget.

2. Flexibility
Companies must realize how important cloud computing is applied in a corporate environment, especially in this pandemic, which makes work more flexible to be done outside the office such as at home. So that interacting with fellow employees can be done virtually, quickly, and easily whenever employees need it via web-enabled devices.

3. Security
By using cloud computing, all files and programs and company business data are gated safely. The cloud usually requires a strong firewall, access credentials, and security protocols so that it is safe to store important information on the server.

4. Document Control
The more that work together, the faster document control is needed. With cloud computing, employees do not need to send files back and forth as email attachments.

5. Disaster Recovery
Every company should be able to invest in disaster recovery. The cloud can assist more businesses in their disaster recovery as a time-saving cloud-based backup solution.

6. Digital Transformation
It is important for companies today to be able to compete using digital transformation, one of which is to completely migrate to the cloud. Companies can ensure proper cloud enablement so they can ensure a smooth transition to the cloud without any impact. Companies sooner or later have to consider digital transformation because the traditional way of operation will slowly become expensive.

Those are some of the benefits of the cloud that can be used by companies. In Indonesia, there are several cloud providers that provide cloud computing services. You need to consider several factors before choosing a provider such as a cost, service, and security. VADS Indonesia can help you to switch to using the cloud. Consult your business plan via for more information and increase the security and productivity of your company's performance.


Contact Center in Digital Era

Posted On 02 Mar 2021

Digital technology is developing increasingly sophisticated and changing the flow of communication to be faster and more accessible. These technological developments make communication easy to use digital and create innovative solutions. Companies must be able to follow the development of digital technology, especially in terms of customer service so that customers do not leave the company and so that customers are satisfied with the services provided by the company. In this era of openness in terms of information, of course, customers will use various ways to communicate with companies such as using social media, websites, live chat, and also email. Although until now, call centers will still be needed with various advantages such as providing real-time solutions and fast responses.

The contact center is not only a department in the company's business, but also the face of the company itself because it deals directly with customers, so the contact center must be able to adapt and adapt to existing changes, especially adjusting to the needs and channels used by its customers. One of the changes that must be adapted is the presence of a 24/7 contact center so that it can serve its customers anytime and anywhere. Contact centers that are available 24/7 can help customers submit complaints, provide input, and ask questions about a company's products and services without being limited by time. Customers can more easily contact the company comfortably. In addition, the company will get a lot of calls from customers so that they can find out what the customer wants, and then it can be used to create products and services according to customer needs.

Companies must be able to provide support in the form of personalized responses according to the person of their respective customers, be timely in responding to customers, and also provide appropriate and relevant solutions. Companies will get higher customer loyalty and satisfaction to get higher revenue and also get more benefits. The contact center transformation also requires strategic implementation and best practices to increase efficiency and optimize the customer experience.

One of the technological developments, namely automation such as robotic process automation (RPA), the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help customer service. However, the company does not need to automate as a whole, the company must know which parts to submit using Artificial Intelligence and which ones still need a human touch as a response to solving problems experienced by customers.

The use of many channels such as social media, websites, live chat, and the call center itself allows customers to easily contact companies with the media they want and make the company provide its services properly according to the wishes and needs of their customers. Companies must be adaptable and flexible in dealing with existing changes and developments. Consult your company's contact center needs in this digital era with VADS Indonesia.

VADS Indonesia can assist you in building and developing a contact center to provide optimal service to your customers. VADS Indonesia has more than 12 years of experience in the contact center industry and currently serves more than 50 clients, most of whom are market leaders from various existing industries. VADS Indonesia provides a variety of contact center services such as:

• Inbound contact center
• Outbound contact center
• Technical support services
• Omni-channel
• Smart Chat Assistant
• Social Media Care
• Smart Outreach
• Human Augmented Bot
• Blockchain Secure Authentication

And various other services that you can consult with VADS Indonesia. VADS Indonesia has been certified ISO 270001: 2013 so that it has guaranteed data security. For further information, contact for consultation in order to improve your contact center in the digital era.


How To Succeed In Becoming A Quality Contact Center Agent

Posted On 26 Feb 2021

The contact center is a very important function in a company's customer service and is the main communication tool between the company and its customers. An agent contact center is an important asset in customer service. A good contact center agent can commit to improving the customer experience with a company. The contact center agent must be able to work quickly and manage several different responsibilities. Contact center agents need to be flexible with their workflows and able to handle customers even with the most unexpected questions. Some of the duties of a contact center agent are as follows:

- Helping customers in various media contact centers
- Answering customer inquiries and providing appropriate and personalized solutions
- Creating a pleasant customer experience and making customers satisfied so that they can become loyal customers of the company
- Can recognize the different needs of each customer so as to adjust communications to suit each customer so that a good relationship will be created with the customer

To fulfill some of these tasks, contact center agents must be able to work together as a team and create a system that manages customer service requests well. In addition, contact center agents must also have the skills to succeed in becoming a quality contact center agent and make the customer experience better. The following are these skills including:

1. Have good knowledge about products and solutions
Customers need the right solution in a short amount of time regarding their problem so that the customer doesn't want to waste time redesigning their problem and not getting any resolution. A good contact center agent is able to understand and help solve customer problems the first time they hear about them.

2. Flexibility
The duties of contact center agents in everyday life are unpredictable so that contact center agents must be flexible and adapt to unforeseen conditions and situations. The contact center agent is the first person to respond to customer responses to the company so the contact center agent must be ready to act.

3. Good at Organizing
A contact center agent can receive up to 50 more calls a day depending on the volume of customer service. Some calls will require a follow-up which may take several days from the first interaction so the contact center agent must be able to manage the follow-up to solve problems experienced by customers while still receiving calls from other customers.

4. Creativity
A contact center agent must be creative in providing solutions to customer problems such as suggesting alternative ideas that benefit customers and the company.

5. Stay calm under pressure
Quality contact center agents are not easily confused when faced with tough problems from their customers. The contact center agent keeps the customer calm in the situation and doesn't make the customer even angrier.

6. Friendly
The contact center agent is the face of a company so the main attitude that must be had when dealing with customers is to be friendly and warm. Make sure that the customer has a warm and friendly company image that will complement the company's service. The contact center agent must maintain a positive attitude and keep smiling.

Being a contact center agent is not easy and finding a quality contact center agent can be difficult to find. However, this quality can be generated by being taught by experienced trainers to teach skills to your contact center agents to become more qualified.

The good news is that all contact center agents at VADS Indonesia are the best agents. Because agents at VADS Indonesia are required to take part in training from experienced and trusted trainers in the contact center world until they are ready to start working. By using the services of VADS, you will get the best contact center agents for your company and also about how to develop business for your company. Because all of that has been done by VADS Indonesia. Improve your business now with contact center services from VADS Indonesia and achieve success together with VADS Indonesia.



Strategy to Build Customer Relationships

Posted On 23 Feb 2021

One of the most important things in running a business and business is paying attention to customers and building good relationships with customers. A good relationship with customers will make the company know the information needed by customers, complaints experienced by customers, and the level of satisfaction that customers have with the company's products and services. This is important for business owners to find out what customers need so that companies can provide appropriate products and services according to the needs of their customers.

Customers are the main element and also the most valuable assets owned by the company. The more companies have customers, the more the company will grow. So it is important that the company must be able to build good relationships with customers in order to create customer loyalty. It takes the right strategy in building relationships with customers so that the relationship is built to be good. Especially in this digital era, business competition is not only about innovating products and services that are created, but also fighting over the position and hearts of its customers is an important element for the progress of the company. Here are strategies you can use to build customer relationships:

1. Responding to Customers Quickly
In building relationships with customers, of course, good and precise communication is needed. Companies must be able to provide services to their customers with a fast response and whenever customers need assistance 24/7. Customers must get priority to be satisfied with the service from the company. In today's digital era, companies must be able to communicate using various channels. Of course, to make it easier to reach customers on each platform.

2. Informing the Latest Products and Services
Companies must be able to provide information about new and interesting knowledge for customers. In providing the latest product and service information from the company, use a narrative that is well-targeted and also information-intensive. Building relationships with customers, one of which is by providing information about the latest products and services to customers, can be via the telephone, email, or social media so that customers are aware of the latest information.

3. Treat Customers Personally
Loyal customers are one of the company's important assets. Companies must be able to categorize customers appropriately so that the delivery of messages can be more personal so that customers feel cared for. Another way of personalization is to respond to comments submitted by customers on social media or other media so that customers feel heard so that it makes the relationship with customers better.

4. Give something that exceeds expectations
Customers buying a company's product or service certainly have expectations related to that product or service. Here, the company must be able to meet these customer expectations, and also the company needs to raise the standard more than what is offered. For example, by providing offers or promotions more than what is offered so that it can provide satisfaction beyond what customers expect. When a customer has a good impression of the company, the customer will come back to buy the company's products and services.

5. Giving Gifts
One way to build good relationships with customers is by giving gifts. Giving gifts is prioritized for loyal customers, but companies must also be able to give gifts to new customers as an appreciation for using the company's products and services. The prizes offered can be in the form of vouchers, discounts, points, souvenirs, or other special offers as an expression of gratitude to customers and proof of the company's concern for its customers. Giving gifts or rewards can attract the attention of customers so that they will be closer to the company.

6. Maintaining Customer Loyalty
The company must also be able to focus on its loyal customers and must be able to be maintained. Loyal customers will be the main support as a promotional media regarding the company's products and services to their immediate environment. So it is important to maintain customer loyalty.

7. Ask for Customer Feedback or Testimonials
Companies must be able to seek customer feedback in order to improve service so that they will get customer satisfaction in the hope that customers can make repeat purchases and increase sales. There are various ways to get feedback and testimonials such as distributing questionnaires, holding quizzes on social media, and also conducting direct interviews. Customers will usually like to give opinions regarding the products and services they have used so that from this feedback the company can find the latest solutions for the company's products and services so that it will be increasingly liked by customers.

8. Increase Customer Experience
Customers are very concerned about how the company resolves the problems it is experiencing and know about updates to the handling process carried out by the company. It takes good customer service and customer experience and is also easily contacted by customers so that customers can easily connect and communicate with the company regarding the information needed or the perceived obstacles. Companies must be able to improve their customer experience in order to provide a good experience to customers.

Those are the various strategies that companies can implement to improve relationships with their customers. Various benefits will of course be obtained if the company can build good relationships with customers such as increasing business value, sales promotion with word of mouth can be more effective, get business innovation from customer input, and can increase profits in the long term. Always put customers first in the company's business so that it can run smoothly in the long term.

Building good customer relationships is one of the keys to the success of a business. VADS Indonesia can help your company to build and improve good customer relationships. The various advantages you have for handling customers using voice or digital technology can make your company's work easier, especially in building customer relationships. In addition, your company can interact more quickly with consumers so that it can help answer consumer questions with various questions asked and respond quickly so that it can make consumers happy because they get the answers or solutions needed quickly. This technology can also function for 24 hours so that whenever and whatever time the customer asks, it will be quickly and easily answered. This can make consumers happy and satisfied so that it can improve the customer experience for your company. Visit or contact for more information to help your company build and improve customer relationships.


Good Emotional Intelligence Management for Contact Centers

Posted On 19 Feb 2021

Contact center customer service is one of the faces of your company. The contact center is the part that is responsible for maintaining the existing relationship between the company and the customer so that it can influence customer or public perceptions about the company. For example, if the problems experienced by customers are not handled with the advantages possessed by the company, the customer will feel uncomfortable so that his perception of the company will change as a whole and have an impact on their decision to leave the company's products or services. So that a contact center is needed as the face of the company because, in its operational reality, they often handle and also communicate with customers directly.

This pandemic has clearly shown that companies that care about their customers and provide excellence in customer service allow these companies to survive in the midst of this pandemic. Customers expect to get a fast response from the company and not only that, but the company must also find alternative solutions such as arranging calls or providing adequate staff when customers need such support. In this case, it cannot be denied that the role of contact center agents is very important in the company as a strategy to improve customer service to the company's customers. Apart from being at the forefront, contact center agents are also a brand image for the company so that contact center agents must master certain skills in dealing directly with customers, one of which is emotional management. If the contact center agent does not have this capability, it will risk losing customers because the service received by the customer is disappointing.

It takes a professional contact center agent with a good mental attitude, knowledge, and also skills in serving customers, especially by telephone in order to provide satisfactory service. Contact center agents must have good emotional management because, within a day, a contact center agent receives various phone calls from customers that not only need information, but also convey complaints with various emotions such as rushing, screaming, scolding, or even being upset. In this situation, of course, a good contact center agent must remain calm and professional in serving customers. This ability also includes how a contact center officer can still sound friendly in the midst of customers who keep asking to be served quickly so that as a contact center agent, he must be able to keep himself from being provoked too.

It takes a good listener to defuse potential problems so that the problems experienced by customers do not increase. Customers want to be understood and in this case, it takes a real feeling of empathy from the contact center staff to share a good customer experience. For example, when a customer is upset with a company or contact center agent because they made a mistake, it is very important for the contact center agent to patiently relieve the emotional tension of the relationship and of course solve the problems experienced by the customer. The contact center agent must be able to know when to move on to the next topic or when to return to the previous topic. The contact center agent must be able to ensure that the customer understands the information he provides so that the customer feels comfortable with the comments and explanations provided by the contact center agent.

By having good emotional management, contact center agents can provide solutions and provide the right information for customers. Some things that can be considered by contact center agents such as tone of voice, speaking carefully, and also the right speed of speech, and the use of the right language so as not to misunderstand the message received by the customer.

These various things are of course also taken into account by VADS Indonesia. VADS Indonesia provides the best contact center agents because they are experienced and trained. VADS Indonesia also provides training from experienced and certified trainers in the contact center world so that the contact center agents provided by VADS Indonesia are ready to start working. In addition to meeting the skill criteria according to your company's needs, VADS Indonesia's contact center agents also have multi-language expertise according to your company's needs such as English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Tagalog, and other languages. The educational background of contact center agents at VADS Indonesia is also tailored to the needs of your company and company industry.

By using the services of VADS Indonesia, your company will get a quality contact center agent according to the needs of your company and can grow your business. Improve your business now with contact center services, both fully outsourced and managed service. Contact for more complete information.


Know Various Terms in Virtual Assistant

Posted On 16 Feb 2021

Talking with virtual assistants is one of the ways customers communicate with companies. Virtual assistants are also one of the media used by companies to provide the fastest response to customers and also whenever a customer contacts the company. Chatbot and Voicebot are among the trends used by companies, especially in serving customers, and are indeed one of the innovations that both companies and customers are interested in.

The way Chatbot and Voicebot work allow computers or machines to respond to conversations by understanding, learning, and also interacting like a contact center agent. This is thanks to the Chatbot and Voicebot capabilities that have Artificial Intelligence embedded in them so that they can continue to learn and develop in response to customer conversations.

The following are some general terms related to Chatbot and Voicebot that you can understand when dealing with Chatbot and Voicebot:

1. Chatbot
Software that automatically answers questions from customers by using natural language for communication and interaction.
2. Voicebot
Is an advanced chatbot that interacts with customers using voice or speech. But you can also use a combination of voice and written text or sometimes without using any graphics or just sound.
3. Artificial Intelligence
A computer system capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence, such as speech recognition, understanding, language translators, and decision making.
4. Machine Learning
This system is based on an algorithm that makes a computer or machine able to learn independently from the given data. Machine Learning in chatbot and voice bot serves to improve the chatbot's ability to answer complex customer questions from time to time so that it can train machines to recommend and provide correct answers when customers talk to bots.
5. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
In other words, natural language processing is a field in Artificial Intelligence that deals with teaching computers how to understand and produce speech in language naturally so that it is like communicating with humans.
6.Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
NLU is a subfield of NLP that focuses on understanding human speech by analyzing and extracting information from it. It is used on AI-powered chatbots and voice bots to understand customer questions and answer them appropriately.
7. Deep Learning
Algorithms used in machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain insights.
8. Image Recognition
The process of identifying and detecting digital image and video objects or features to perform machine-based visual tasks.
9. Voice Recognition
Development of techniques and systems that allow computers to receive input in the form of spoken words by digitizing words and matching the digital signal with a certain pattern stored in the device. The results of the identification of the pattern will be read by the technology device as an order to do something.
10. Human Takeover
If the chatbot fails, it can be backed up by a human operator who supports and controls the conversation. The fact is that chatbots and voice bots cannot solve all problems, especially those that have not been programmed or are more complex. So that human intervention is very helpful and keeps the customer experience going well (Human Augmented Bot)

The various advances and developments in artificial intelligence that Chatbot and Voicebot have are making their role even more important for the company. Chatbot and Voicebot can also produce real-time information and data needed by companies so that companies can improve their customer service and produce products or services that suit the needs of their customers. The various technologies in Chatbot and Voicebot allow them to respond and respond quickly so that the number of conversations received increases.

VADS Indonesia can help your company to be more optimal in providing services to customers by providing Chatbot and Voicebot solutions, and Human Augmented Bot, chatbots and voice bots which are equipped with contact center agents to complement your company's customer service. Contact for discussion and consultation regarding the right solution to improve your company's customer service to be more optimal and more productive and more efficient.



Human Augmented Bot as a Trend of Customer Service 2021

Posted On 11 Feb 2021

Customer service is a very important aspect of business today, especially in this competitive era. It takes customer service that can respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently. Companies must be able to invest in technology that can support customer service, one of which is Artificial Intelligence technology. With the development of Artificial Intelligence that continues to develop from year to year, the customer service industry also utilizes this Artificial Intelligence to provide maximum service to customers. Although AI is not yet the answer to all the challenges faced by customer service, over time AI continues to be developed such as the insertion of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Speech Recognition. Various developments have been made in processing and identifying the data received by bots.

In this era of Artificial Intelligence, a collaboration between human intelligence and machine learning can provide answers to problems experienced in providing services to customers. Chatbots as well as voice bots that are increasingly being used by companies today for customer service still require human intervention to help provide a human-like context for conversations as well as better understanding in dealing with more complex problems. Bots do provide significant benefits in serving customers such as speed in response, accuracy, and also save company costs. By using humans and bots in providing services to customers, can be a complementary force with better accuracy and provide added value to the customer experience.

Companies can take advantage of this hybrid chatbot or voice bot model to increase the volume of interactions with customers without the need to increase human resources and reduce the average cost per interaction and increase customer satisfaction. The collaboration of bots with humans will indeed improve service and interactions with customers. Good collaboration can be improved in two ways, namely:

  • - Improve human intelligence augmentation
  • - Increase his human capacity itself

The hybrid bot concept will indeed become a trend, especially in customer service. Customers requesting faster access to information and submitting complaints allow bots to solve these problems more quickly. However, customers also want more complex problems to be resolved quickly with the help of customer service agents. Sometimes chatbots can be disappointing because customer requests are not well understood by chatbots so that customers leave the brand or company. Thus, the limitations of chatbots make it very important for humans to take over to solve these problems.

VADS Indonesia has a Human Augmented Bot solution, which is a combination of AI and humans developed to perform customer service functions more optimally and productively. Human augmented bots make customer service fast, efficient, and can be integrated with systems owned by the company. The combination of digital channels, automation, AI, and human engagement makes human augmented bots a breakthrough to improve company services in communicating with customers.

Human augmented bots contribute to improving your company's customer service. The service is able to support 24/7 so that it can respond to customers quickly and whenever customers call. VADS Indonesia presents a human augmented bot service that serves various companies in various channels. VADS Indonesia knows and ensures that customers have a support experience using a human augmented bot that can increase the productivity and efficiency of your company's customer service. Contact us, and we'll demonstrate how a human augmented bot can improve your customer service support efforts. Convinced of the various benefits of a human augmented bot but confused about where to start? Please contact for consultation on human augmented bots to improve your company's customer service.






How Does Voicebot Help Increase Your Sales?

Posted On 09 Feb 2021

More and more companies are outsourcing especially on customer service. One of the factors that companies consider outsourcing is to focus more on their core business, in addition to finding that the costs involved in investing in customer service are getting higher every year. Of course, customer service is a basic requirement in every company.

One of the customer services that companies must have is calls via telemarketing or outbound calls which function to increase company revenue. However, to run an outbound service requires costs per call unit, overhead costs, or the amount of profit earned. For this reason, technology is needed that can simplify the way outbound works and also at an affordable price. One of the technologies used is Artificial Intelligence. One of the ways to use Artificial Intelligence or AI in outbound is the Voicebot solution.

What is Voicebot?
Voicebot is a software service supported by Artificial Intelligence to handle phone calls without humans. The voice bot includes the use of Natural Language Processing so that it produces natural sounds that are similar to humans and also natural language processing. Some calls still sound synthesized which sounds like robots but some companies are already using AI which produces human-like voice or TTS (text-to-speech) technology so that natural, human-like voices help improve the overall voice call quality and provide much better results. 

Benefits of Using Voicebot
Voicebot can be used to make sales calls or outbound contact centers at low costs and can also be available 24/7 in making phone calls which are real benefits and help companies improve your customer service and sales. There is no limit in expanding the line of calls and does not require more human resource costs will be suitable for companies who want to start sales activities in a short time.

In addition, companies do not need to hesitate to worry about voice quality or the inability to answer questions from customers given by voice bot, the AI ​​inserted by NLP will produce human-like voices so that it can help generate better quality sales prospects.

Voicebot does have extraordinary advantages in terms of increasing company revenue and budget efficiency in customer service. However, voice bot cannot completely replace human salespeople. Several industrial sectors still need a human touch in providing a key role in the success of outbound contact centers. Voicebot can help filter data and information related to the needs of its customers. In addition, a voice bot will also save salespeople time and energy so that salespeople can focus on specific clients. This is an opportunity to improve customer service and the company's contact center for the better.

Increase Sales with Smart Outreach
In some cases, a voice bot will be a big thing in customer service because of its easy use, responsiveness, and also personalization. Voicebot will be a customer service support tool that companies are in high demand for. VADS Indonesia can help your company implement a voice bot as a feature to improve your customer service, especially for outbound call centers with Smart Outreach solutions. Smart outreach or voice bot is software that is powered by artificial intelligence that helps callers communicate like an interactive voice system (IVR) that can respond naturally. Some of the benefits that can be considered in choosing a Smart Outreach to increase company sales are:

- Data Collection
Smart Outreach can be used by companies in conducting data collection to update their customer data and can also be used in verifying the data of customers who want to upgrade services.

- Reminder
Smart Outreach can be used by companies to provide reminders to customers related to billing, payments, and other reminders related to bills.

- Sales and Marketing
Smart Outreach can be used to get leads and data that can later be used for sales. In addition, Smart Outreach can also be used to make meeting arrangements with clients.

VADS Indonesia provides smart outreach with only 5 working days setting for basic setup in implementing smart outreach as a feature to improve your customer service with the following benefits:
- Automatically recognizes Indonesian and other local languages ​​through machine learning
- Flexibility in terms of duration
- Quick settings and can be integrated with other systems or your own
- Available for various channels
- Can be integrated with agents with a human augmented bot (hybrid)

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How Does Blockchain Provide Security for Your Business?

Posted On 04 Feb 2021

If you have followed the technology trends of the past few years, especially regarding finance, banking, investment, and cryptocurrency, maybe you have also heard the term Blockchain. Technology experts continue to provide developments in data and information security in today's digital era, one of which is the development of the Blockchain. Blockchain is known as one of the best ways to secure the transactions we make.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is one type of database. A database is a collection of information stored electronically on a computer system. Information or data in databases is usually arranged in a table format to facilitate searching and filtering of certain information. Large databases usually accommodate data on servers that are made of systems and lots of computing power and storage to be accessed simultaneously. Then the difference between a database and a blockchain is in the way the data is structured. Blockchains collect information together in groups and are known as blocks that store various collections of information. The block has a certain storage capacity and when it is filled into a blockchain that has previously been filled and will form a data chain known as the blockchain. So all blockchains are databases but not all databases are blockchains.

Blockchain Security is a comprehensive risk management system for blockchain networks using cybersecurity frameworks, security services, and best practices to reduce the risk of attacks and fraud.

Is Blockchain Secure?

Blockchain technology takes into account security and trust issues in many ways. First, new blocks are always stored linearly and chronologically meaning that once a block has been added, it is very difficult to go back and change the block content. That's because each block has its own code with a math function that converts digital information into a series of numbers and letters. Editing the information will also change the code. So it is important for security. If there were hackers, they would have to change the entire block copy which would require a large amount of money and resources because they would need to repeat all the blocks with different codes.

What are the advantages of blockchain?

1. Accurate
Transactions using the blockchain network can reduce human involvement in the verification process thereby reducing human error and also recording more accurate information. If a computer on the network makes a mistake, then the error will only occur on one copy of the blockchain because the error that spreads across the blockchain has to be done by at least 51% of the network computers and that is impossible.

2. Cost-Effective
The company does not need to pay a third party to verify the transaction so it can save a lot of costs.

3. More Efficient Transactions
Transactions carried out through a central authority can take up to several days and hours to complete, whereas the blockchain works 24/7 so transactions can be completed within a few minutes making transactions much more efficient.

4. Secure Transactions
After the transaction is recorded, its authenticity must be verified by the blockchain network. Thousands of computers on the blockchain rush to confirm that the purchase details are correct. After the computer validates the transaction, it is added to the blockchain. Each block on the blockchain contains its own unique code, along with the unique code from the previous block. When the information in a block is edited in any way, the block code is changed - however, the code in the block that follows is not. This difference makes it very difficult to change information on the blockchain without notification, so the transactions are very secure.

Blockchain-based technology is becoming increasingly popular and is used in solving a wide variety of tasks. Blockchain technology can be leveraged in IoT networks, enterprise workflow management systems, cryptocurrencies, as well as many other fields. One example of using blockchain is being used to authenticate user data. Blockchain authentication allows companies to verify customer identities online. Entire networks supported by blockchain are capable of verifying the integrity of their own data so there is absolutely no need for a third party to authenticate data.

In Indonesia, VADS Indonesia is one of the service providers for authentication using blockchain, namely Blockchain Secure Authentication which is the world's first passwordless authentication using blockchain technology. Blockchain Secure Authentication helps companies prevent fraud in customer data information. This solution provides a strong and trusted authentication service for websites, mobile logins, and secure access to be performed online.

The various advantages of using Blockchain Secure Authentication technology are:

  • Secure authentication with hack prevention
  • Only use One Time Security Key (OTSK) based on some information from the device we are using and then enter without a password
  • There are authentication options such as using an icon and using a fingerprint.
  • Reduce costs by managing security programs
  • Convenience and fast with easy login
  • Optimal reliability for cost savings

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Strengthening Corporate Culture, VADS Indonesia Implementing New Values with MANTAP

Posted On 28 Jan 2021

Value is an important thing that must be owned by a company in order to become an organization that can develop and continue to compete. In addition, by having value, the company has an identity in the eyes of its employees, clients, and competitors. A value must also be a habit, behavior, and company culture in achieving company goals. Value is the basis or footing of a company in shaping systems, processes, policies, and strategies for running the company.

Chief Executive Officer of VADS Indonesia, Saravanan Belusami introduced and inaugurated VADS Indonesia's new values ​​with “MANTAP” at Townhall in early 2021. Activities that took place virtually through the Microsoft Teams Live application were attended by all VADS Indonesia management and also all employees.

In his remarks, Saravanan Belusami said that in 2021 VADS Indonesia will focus on three pillars, namely:

  1. To become a BPO company that is growing and beyond the BPO client base for a healthier Indonesian and regional target market.
  2. Providing operational excellence to create customer and client satisfaction.
  3. Improve the skills possessed by employees.

The new value that is carried is in the form of MANTAP which is a new mantra and will be used to start the year 2021 with full strength and energy. The presence of nicely packaged values ​​aims to make the company have character and be able to demonstrate its existence. MANTAP is not just a word, but provides a strong meaning with the following details:

M - Move from our complacent zone
A - Aim high with greater purpose
N - No Turning Back continue to march forward
T - Target to achieve goals
A - Accelerate in delivering the goals
P - Precise, accurate execution

These values ​​not only provide a strong identity and character but also become a reference for VADS Indonesia in carrying out activities and everything that is done within and related to the company to create a conducive work environment, a solid team, and have a good impact on the company.

With the implementation of these new values, it is hoped that the management and all employees of VADS Indonesia will be prepared to face challenges in the future to continue to work hard, stay enthusiastic, and together become a solid "MANTAP TEAM" and make 2021 an enjoyable year for all VADS Indonesia stakeholders.

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